The New Meadows Engine

Machined Combustion Spaces and a Stiff Crankshaft, Features of an Overhead Valve Four-Cylinder Design

An article from 'The Autocar', 4th March, 1922. Courtesy of Brendan Kinsella. 

By reason of the total capacity of its cylinders, 1795 cc., the new Meadows engine should have a useful field of application. In size it is not too large to be economical, nor yet too small to be capable of pulling a four-seater small car with considerable liveliness without the need of undue exertion.

Cast monobloc, the four cylinders have a bore and stroke of 59 x 120 mm., and are, of course; water-cooled. A detachable cylinder head is used, and in it overhead valves, operated by rockers, and enclosed push rods are situated, the camshaft being within the crankcase.

Overhead valves operated by enclosed push rods are employed in the new four-cylinder Meadows engine. A cross-shaft drive renders the magneto, contact breaker, and rocker arm assembly.

Two excellent features in the design of the engine should ensure smooth running. The first is that the combustion chambers are completely machined so as to ensure equal capacity, and the second is that the crankshaft is carried in three bearings. In respect of the capacity of the latter important member to perform its work, it is enough to say that the shaft has been designed by Mr. A. A. Remington, who, for the last two years, has been engaged on research work dealing with crankshaft deflection. The shaft of the Meadows engine is of large dimensions and has stiff webs, and the claim is made that it will not show appreciable vibration or whip up to 3,000 revolutions per minute.

Lubrication has been well attended to, and oil is forced to the main and connecting rod bearings and to the rocker shaft of the overhead valve gear. Die cast white metal bearings are used for the crankshaft and brass shells lined with white metal for the connecting rods. The gudgeon pins are clamped in the connecting rod small ends.

In order to ensure accessibility for the magneto a cross-shaft drive at the front of the engine is provided, and there is also an enclosed gear drive for the lighting dynamo. This engine, with either three or four-point attachment, makes a very attractive unit with a four-speed gearbox and a leather-faced cone clutch, the unit carrying also the pedals. The makers are Henry Meadows, Limited, Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.

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