The building on the corner of Cleveland Road and Hospital Street, Wolverhampton, now occupied by S. J. Dixon & Son Limited, was previously occupied by A. Bellamy & Company Limited, a manufacturer of food products.

The experimental bakery.

The company, founded in the early years of the 20th century, produced high quality prepared materials for use in the bakery trade, all sold at a competitive price.

The founder, A. J. Bellamy, had previously worked as a chemist, so unsurprisingly the company’s first product was baking powder. Sales were good, and other products soon followed.

The most well known product was Mello-Mallo, a delicious cream filling, often regarded as the best available. A self-whipping version followed which required no additional albumen or egg whites.

Preparation was simplicity itself. Four ounces of water was added to each pound of Mello-Mallo to produce the excellent cream, which bulked at six times its volume.

The resulting cream was ideal for piping, sandwiching, and spreading. It became popular with the baking trade, and the general public.

The warehouse.

An advert from 1953.

Other products included Abcol lemon curd, Abcol Bakewell tart mixture, Abcol baker’s couverture, Abcol marzipan, Chocolate Seft, Vera-Choc, Abcol flavouring essences, and Krevol synthetic cream.

The company’s building included a spacious factory, a laboratory, and offices.

Bellamys also had a London office, and distribution centres in Cardiff and Manchester. The products were distributed throughout the country and abroad.


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