Ford Electronics Limited

For around 40 years, a two storey building stood at the corner of Corn Hill, next to the Old Steam Mill. It was occupied by Ford Electronics, which was set up in Wolverhampton in 1966. The firm specialises in consultancy and the design of data and voice communications and industrial automation. Projects include the production of custom systems for use in engineering, steelmaking and car manufacturing; for monitoring, control, materials handling and automated warehousing.

The firm has also produced equipment for railway telecommunications systems, for railways in the UK and overseas, including British Rail, London Underground, and railways in Brazil, Taiwan, Thailand, and India, etc.

Corn Hill in 2004.

The Ford Electronics building is to the left of the Old Steam Mill, which was run by Joseph Norton Miller.

It was built on the site of the Miller family's home and garden.

Another view of Corn Hill from 2004. The Ford Electronics building is on the left.
Ford Electronics also has premises at Brewood. The Corn Hill factory closed at the end of 2003 and since the 10th January, 2004, the firm has been based at Brewood.

From an advertising leaflet.

The other side of the leaflet.

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