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In June 1910 the first all-British flying meeting took place at Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton only 4 years after the first ever flight in Europe. Around this time several aircraft were built in the town.

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at Dunstall Park

The aircraft industry in Wolverhampton greatly benefited from the two world wars when large numbers of aircraft were produced. At the onset of the first world war Sunbeam produced over 600 aircraft and very large numbers of engines. Numerous local companies produced all kinds of small components for aircraft, including nuts and bolts. After the war the industry collapsed, and  most of the manufacturers returned to making their pre-war products. The collapse of the industry was felt throughout the country. This eventually led to Norwich based Boulton & Paul Ltd selling off its aircraft department. This came to Wolverhampton in 1934, and Boulton Paul became an important manufacturer of both aircraft and components. It continues to this day as part of the Dowty Group.

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