Advertising signs in situ

Here is a collection of enamel advertising signs photographed in the variety of places where they now are.  They are mainly in open air museums, which are a good place to find these sorts of things.  Restored railways are also a good place to look.  There were often many enamelled signs at railway stations.  In later times these included name boards and all sorts of other signs; but in earlier times there were many advertising signs along the platforms.  Restored railways try to reinstate such signs - but these days they are very expensive.

The signs shown here may or may not be by Wolverhampton companies.  Sometimes the makers put their names on them - very often in the bottom right hand corner.  But it seems that very often they did not put their names on them.  If a sign appears in one of the maker's catalogues it is a good indication that they made that sign.  But the advertisers often had their signs made up by different companies and they could even have had the same design made up by two different companies.  

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