Sharman and Co., Ltd., Complete House, Hotel, Office, Church and School Furnishers, "Atlas House", Dudley Street.

Commercial success built up by sound trading and steady effort could find no better exemplification than in the great furnishing establishment of Messrs. Sharman and Company, Limited, which has been carried on in Wolverhampton for the past thirty years, and at the present day unquestionably stands in the front rank of the trading concerns of the town. It was made a limited company about three years back, and Mr. James Thom, a gentleman of wide experience and with a complete knowledge of his trade, holds the position of Managing Director.

This firm's premises are in Dudley Street, and are known as "Atlas House"; while the extent of the trade done may be realised when we state that, in addition to the spacious two-windowed shop, there are no less than a dozen showrooms, all literally filled with goods. The great stock comprises suites of furniture of all kinds, carpets, linoleums, bedsteads and bedding, tables, and occasional furniture and furnishings of every description, Messrs. Sharman and Company being complete furnishers of houses, hotels, offices, churches, schools, and other buildings, supplying every article necessary for the interior.

The goods are sold at the lowest possible prices for cash; they are well and carefully made, and in so far as getting value for money is concerned no better source of supply could be found than the one now under notice. Many important public and private establishments have been furnished by this firm, whose stock is so exceptionally varied that it meets the require1nents of all classes. Illustrated and well compiled catalogues and also estimates are supplied free on application, and customers needs are expeditiously attended to. The shop is efficiently staffed by experienced assistants, and the capital organization of the concern calls for notice. The liberal custom received comes from a wide radius, and has attained remarkable dimensions.

W. Shepherd & Co., "Regal" Cycle Works, Sedgeley Street.

The manufacture of cycles is carried on very extensively in Wolverhampton, and the town has a high reputation both at home and abroad for the high grade quality of its productions. Among the numerous firms engaged in this flourishing branch of industry, we must mention Messrs. W. Shepherd & Co., makers of the "Regal" machines, whose works are situated in Sedgley Street, off Dudley Road. Though of but recent origin, this business promises to assume a very successful career.

Being assisted by a skilled staff of hands, under the personal direction and supervision of Mr. George Wale, a gentleman of large experience gained with celebrated makers of Coventry. Messrs. Shepherd & Co. have no fear of being able to place upon the market machines that will occupy a very front rank for beauty of design and finish, speed and light running, combined with great durability. The special makes are The "Regal" Model A, Lady's Safety; the "Regal" Model B, Lady's Safety; the "Regal" Model C, Light Roadster; the "Regal" Model D, Full Roadster; and the "Regal" Model E, Full Roadster. These are fitted with joint-less hollow rims or Fairbank's wood rims, and with the most celebrated makes of tyres, gear cases, etc., as desired.

Every care is taken to ensure that none, but the most perfectly constructed machines leave the premises, while as regards price it will be found on reference to the firm's handsome catalogue that no better machines are placed on the market at more advantageous terms. With the excellent manufacturing facilities at command, no difficulty is experienced in meeting all demands promptly. Knowing the resources and enterprising spirit of this firm, we can safely predict a substantial and gratifying measure of success for the coming season.

W. Shepherd, Coal Merchant and Brick Manufacturer, Union Wharf, Bilston Road, and Phoenix Brick Works, Dudley Road; and Elm Farm Brick Works, Dudley Road, and Green Lanes.

About thirty years ago Mr. W. Shepherd commenced in business as a coal merchant at Union Wharf, Bilston Road, corner of Commercial Road, and he has ever since occupied a high, honourable, and influential position in the commercial life of Wolverhampton. Having made his coal business one of the largest in the town, he, three years ago, started brick manufacturing at Elm Farm Brick Works, Dudley Road and Green Lanes, and about 12 months back he opened the Phoenix Brick Works, in Dudley Road.

Mr. Shepherd has long been engaged in extensive building operations in various parts of the town, having erected 500 or more houses. He has certainly done much to improve the dwellings of the working classes. This is by no means the extent of commercial speculation which Mr. Shepherd has on hand for with characteristic enterprise he has embarked in cycle manufacturing in the town, but of this business we shall write fully in a separate article. It will be seen from what we have already indicated that Mr, Shepherd is a notable figure in Wolverhampton business circles, hence the prominence accorded his doings in these pages.

Every facility is possessed at Union Wharf in the way of horses and carts to ensure the speedy delivery of all orders to any part of the town or district. The two brick works are large and equipped with the most modern machinery plant. The bricks produced are unsurpassed for durability; and best terms are offered for any quantity. Mr. Shepherd gives both businesses close personal attention, and employs many hands. For the past 15 years he has most ably represented St. Matthew's Ward on the Town Council of Wolverhampton, and whilst directing his energies to the welfare of this particular ward, he has ever shown a desire to advance the interests of the town as a whole.

W. G. Sherwood, Boot Manufacturer, 65 and 66 Darlington Street.

An exceptionally high reputation attaches to the establishment owned by Mr. W. G. Sherwood boot manufacturer, of 65 and 66 Darlington Street, Wolverhampton. It has long been recognised that Mr. Sherwood supplies the best quality in boots and shoes for ladies', gents', or children's wear. He guarantees both his workmanship and materials to be of the soundest nature, and for easiness, durability, and cheapness, consistent with quality, his productions are unsurpassed.

The premises occupied are admirably adapted for the business in hand, and the shop, which is elegantly equipped is heavily stocked with a choice selection of goods. Skilled hands are employed on repairs, which forms an important branch of the business. The bespoke department is extensively patronised, in fact, the connections of the house in each branch are very valuable. The concern is conducted upon admirable lines, and its consequent success, no matter for surprise.

W. J. C. Showell, Bellows Manufacturer, 5 Stewart Street, Church Lane.

In a manufacturing town of such vast importance as Wolverhampton, the incalculable advantages resulting from a capable bellows factory in its midst must be obvious to the least informed. The establishment owned by Mr. W. J. C. Showell is unique, as being conducted by the same family for four generations.

Mr. Showell is extensively engaged as a manufacturer of smith's bellows, portable forges, reversible and removable pipe bellows, double blast and house bellows, water tuyeres and boshes, etc., etc. A distinguished position has been attained in his connection by Mr. Showell as only the best of work and material is turned out, and every article is thoroughly reliable.

The works are situated at 5 Stewart Street, the premises occupied being commodious and every facility exists for the effectual carrying on of the business. An adequate staff of trained workers find regular occupation in manufacturing and repairing. The most complete personal attention is given to the business by the proprietor who leaves nothing untried to serve the interests of his many patrons.

Tom H. Sawyers, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Art Tailor, 8 Snow Hill.

Among the many important shops located in Snow Hill, which is one of the principal streets of Wolverhampton, is the high-class tailoring establishment of Mr. Tom H. Sawyers, which will be found at No. 8. This business is the oldest of its kind in the town. It was originated in 1832 by the grandfather of the present proprietor, and has been in the family ever since.

Tom H. Sawyers.

Its long sustained popularity with an influential circle has never been greater than at the present day, thanks to Mr. Sawyers' ability and the methods on which he conducts his concern.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Sawyers holds the position of Lecturer to the National Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, and was late staff writer to the "Tailor and Cutter", the "Ladies' Tailor", the "Master Tailor" etc. He has gained a first prize in coat cutting, second prize for best fitting trousers, first prize in essay competition, etc., etc.

Mr. Sawyers has had the shop for the last half dozen years, and during this time his record has been a gratifyingly progressive one. Possessing excellent facilities for the business, and a well appointed shop, carefully selected and elegant stock of the season's goods, and a competent and personally supervised staff.

Mr. Sawyers has the further advantage of possessing also a complete mastery of his trade as a ladies' and gentlemen's art tailor, and military, clerical, hunt and livery tailor.

The garments sent out from this establishment are equal in fit, style and finish to the productions of the best London firms, which statement is confirmed by the published opinion of an expert, who having examined several garments made by Mr. Sawyers, wrote that they "were well up to the standard set by the best of the London houses."

A thoroughly choice and representative array of fashionable and durable materials can always be inspected here, ample variety in suitings, trouserings, coatings, etc., being placed before the customer. Mr. Sawyers caters for the requirements of a high-class trade, and he certainly spares no trouble in order to give satisfaction. As we have said, he is doing a large and increasing trade, which he conducts on sound lines.

Taking a keen interest in public affairs, Mr. Sawyers is well known to a wide circle, by whom he is held in much esteem. In connection with the large extension of the above business, which under its present proprietorship, has sprung from one of the smallest to one of the largest tailoring firms in the district. We think it only fair to state, that the name of Tom H. Sawyers is a household word in the trade throughout the country.

Prior to succeeding to the business, Mr. Sawyers was foreman, cutter and manager for 17 years, for a number of the largest firms in the country, and considered one of the lending cutters in the trade -  “A deep student upon the art of cutting." The Master Tailor of October last says - "As an advocate of the advanced school in the trade he is a conspicuous example"; in this capacity he has been invited, and lectured upon modern tailoring, garment making, style and fit, etc., before the members of the trade in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Sheffield, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bolton, Hull, Leicester, Exeter, and Liverpool, and as a trade writer has had a share in the great improvements which characterise modern tailoring from that of twenty years ago.

One who has done so much for his trade, and to improve the status of his fellow worker, deserves to share its success himself, and we are pleased to know that by his large and extending business, Mr. Sawyers now reaps the reward of his own perseverance. Long may he flourish.

C. and J. Sidney (late Sidney and Son) General Drapers, 36 Queen Square.

The general drapery trade of Wolverhampton could not be better represented than by calling attention to the old and well-known business of Messrs. C. and J. Sidney, at 36 Queen Square, a concern that certainly occupies a front rank among similar houses both for extent of trade done, and the value of its connections. Eighty-four years ago the business was founded by the grandfather of the present proprietor, and it has ever remained in the possession of the one family, hence the name of Sidney has been longest associated with the drapery trade in the town.

The premises utilised possess a three-storied frontage and are exceptionally commodious, they comprise a capital double fronted shop, show and stock rooms, and warehouses, and both in arrangement and equipment afford every facility for carrying on a busy and first-class trade. The stock maintained includes every description of fancy and general drapery, mantles, jackets, furs, dresses, shawls, hosiery, gloves, etc., etc., and in each department Messrs. Sidney always show the best made and most fashionable goods. Their trade is distinctly first-class and embraces the patronage of many of the leading families in the town and district.

We should mention that this firm is specially noted for supplying linen goods of all kinds, being able to offer the very best Irish and other productions at most reasonable prices. At this establishment customers can always depend upon receiving prompt and polite attention from the assistants engaged and it is very evident no effort is spared by the proprietor to serve the best interest of patrons and ensure a continuance of that gratifying support the house so long received.

Thomas Skett, Builder and Contractor, Castle Street and Piper's Row.

Mr. Thomas Skett's business of a builder and contractor was established in Wolverhampton very many years ago, Mr. Robinson being the immediate predecessor of the present proprietor. It can fairly claim to be the oldest business of its kind in the town, and being conducted on sound principles from the first, it has had a most satisfactory and progressive career.

The premises occupied by Mr. Skett are in Castle Street and Piper's Row, the buildings including carpenters' and other shopping. The all-round equipment of the concern is good, and shows that Mr. Skett carries on the different branches of his trade under the best of conditions. As a builder and contractor, he is constantly entrusted with important jobs, his trade being indeed of a high-class character, and all his work is thoroughly satisfactory. General repairs and jobbing work generally are carefully executed by him, his men working under his own practical and experienced supervision.

The important departments of industry named could not be better represented than they are by Mr, Skett, whose busy and influential trade shows the high reputation that he has acquired, not in Wolverhampton alone, but in all the surrounding districts.

T. Smith, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Penn Road.

Part of one of T. Smith's bottles. Courtesy of Paul Robinson.

We may say at the onset that this is the oldest established concern of its character in Wolverhampton, and its reputation for high-class productions is likewise one of the best.

The premises utilised are located in Penn Road, and are supplied with machinery and appliances of the most modern type.

The water supply is of excellent quality, and the cleanliness observed in every department is admirable.

Among the Iterated and other waters made here may be mentioned, soda, potash, seltzer, lemonade, ginger ale, etc., and of tonic beverages, quinine water, acid water, etc.

The extensive trade done necessitates the employment of numerous hands in the various departments, and the arrangements for daily deliveries to all parts are excellent.

The connection has shown a steady expansion from the commencement, this fact proving that customers are served well in every particular.

Stokes and Bradley, General Engravers, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

The well known engraving business belonging to Messrs. Stokes and Bradley is carried on in premises which are most exceptionally suitable and commodious, and close to the New General Post Office in Princess Street.

Their work, being of a very superior kind, has gained for them a position of considerable distinction in Wolverhampton and district.

The firm was originally established at Birmingham in the year 1865.

In that city they are at the present time doing a large and increasing trade.

During the 82 years that have elapsed since their establishment, they have made a good, sound, steady progress; and can now boast of a widespread connection for the many different classes of work which they produce. The excellence of their work has connected them with some of the biggest firms in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham (at which town they have a branch office), Coventry, Berwick-on-Tweed, and many other large manufacturing centres.

The business is divided into departments; engravers, artists, photographers, and electrotypers; the whole staff being thoroughly competent and experienced. The departments are all under the personal supervision of Messrs. Stokes and Bradley. During the last six months the firm has even improved the work they turn out, by the use of a machine which they procured direct from the States. It is one of the largest and latest improved American machines for ruling on wood, copper, steel, etc., and with the assistance of this, they are enabled to produce the very finest, most artistic, and strikingly effective illustrations of every description.

Messrs. Stokes and Bradley also make a speciality of pictorial work, either on wood, copper, steel, or any of the processes used in this artistic branch. As we have already said, this establishment enjoys an extensive and influential connection for the different classes of work they send out, comprising the following: engraving on wood, copper, and steel for the illustrations in manufacturers' catalogues, advertisements, etc.; half-tone blocks and zincographs, illuminated addresses, votes of thanks, etc. Specially designed letter headings, bill headings, business cards, book plates, wedding cards, visiting cards, etc. manufacturers' show cards and posters are produced in every variety of style and colour; all the different photo and mechanical processes receive special attention.

In many different churches they have some of the most beautiful specimens of memorial brasses. Brass and zinc door and window plates are supplied, engineers' plates, steel punches, India rubber and composition stamps, etc., etc. Messrs. Stokes and Bradley, we know, have had a wide experience in each branch of their business, of which we have every confidence in saying they are complete masters, and the efforts they put forth to please their customers are crowned with highly merited success. This can be seen by the continuing increase and extension of their business.

Robert Stroud and Co" Manufacturers of Tinplate and Japanned Wares, etc., Wholesale Cabinet Manufacturers, Niphon Works, Lower Villiers Street.

One of the largest and busiest industrial establishments in Wolverhampton is that known as the "Niphon Works," of Messrs. Robert Stroud and Co., the well-known manufacturers of tin plate and japanned wares, etc., whose business was established a quarter of a century ago; and has a, record of exceptional progress. The works named are in Lower Villiers Street, to which they present a long four-storied frontage; there are three extensive ranges of buildings running from the front block, the accommodation for workshops, warehouses, offices, etc., being remarkably extensive.

About six months ago the firm built a large block of buildings at the rear, three storeys in height, for the purposes of cabinet manufacturing, and this is most admirably arranged and equipped for all purposes. Messrs. Stroud and Co.'s machinery, plant, and appliances are excellent in every respect, and no doubt the all round superiority of the facilities that they possess accounts in no small degree for the eminence they have attained in their lines of trade. Tinplate and japanned ware, japanned stationery goods, and all classes of stamped goods, trunks, baths, deed and cash boxes, wash stands, toilet sets, coal vases, dish covers, trays and waiters, fire screens, and every description of wares for art decoration are produced in great quantities at these works, the demand for them being an extraordinary one.

The sound workmanship and finish and general excellence of all the articles enumerated are admitted, and the goods of this firm are thus able to withstand any competition. Patent improved railway milk cans are a speciality of Messrs. Stroud and Co.'s, and they were awarded a First Prize at the London Dairy Show, 1884 and a Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exlibition, 1885.

From two to three hundred hands find employment at the "Niphon Works", from which fact alone the extent of the output may be gauged. As cabinet manufacturers, Messrs. Stroud and Co. turn out the highest class work only; beautiful bedroom suites being their chief speciality in this branch. The new workshops for this department are particularly light and lofty, and excellent provision has been made for drying and seasoning the timber before use.   

The trade done is both home and export, the quality of Messrs. Stroud and Co.'s productions being known and appreciated in all markets. Mr. Stroud, the owner of the business, is a well-known public man in Wolverhampton, where he is highly respected as a large employer of labour, and as one who has done much to further the interests of the town in many ways,

The Midland Clothing Co., Ltd., 34 Dudley Street. Manager - Mr. T. Tatem. Registered Offices - Midland Chambers, Princes Street.

The Midland Clothing Company, Limited, is an enterprise of recent founding in Wolverhampton, but already gives promise of obtaining wide celebrity and proving eminently prosperous. The directors are gentlemen of high business qualifications, and the active management of the Wolverhampton depot is in the hands of Mr. T. Tatem, a gentleman well known for his ability and energy, and who has had fifteen years' experience in the trade in Wolverhampton.

The company have prosperous branch establishments at Wednesbury and Ludlow, and at the present time are in negotiation for businesses in Glasgow and Ireland. The shop at 34 Dudley Street is commodious and attractively appointed, one large window serving to take a very effective display, Here can be seen a splendid stock of fashionable ready-made clothing of every description, together with gentlemen's outfitting goods of all kinds, and the prices in each department are as low (quality considered) as can be obtained at any similar establishment in or out of the town.

Bespoke tailoring is an important feature of the business, and mourning orders are executed with the utmost promptitude. The business throughout is conducted on the cash system-hence the best advantages are offered to all patrons. For a business so admirably managed as this, continued prosperity can be safely predicted.

The Wolverhampton Steam Laundry, Sweetman Street.

The business under notice had its origin a bout 5 years back. It was started as a Limited Company, but not proving so successful as was anticipated, it was sold to the present proprietor, Mr. Frederick Carr, two years ago, and has since become a most prosperous and popular concern.

The laundry is a building of substantial construction, and has been arranged and equipped on the most approved lines to meet all requirements.

The machinery and appliances in use are of the best type, and with the aid of a large staff of experienced hands it follows that the best results are obtained.

Special arrangements are made with families sending a large quality of work to the laundry, also with hotels, clubs, schools, etc., and an excellent system is in vogue to ensure the punctual collection and delivery of all parcels.

Each department is under competent and trustworthy supervision. A special feature here is the carpet-beating and cleaning departments, where the patent safety machine is in use (as per illustration), and the public have not been slow to recognize the advantages with this process of carpet cleaning over the old. Taken on the whole the establishment is without doubt one of the most complete of its character in the kingdom, and the influence already attained certainly augurs well for the future.

The Wolverhampton Spinning Company, Cleveland Rope and Twine Works, Great Brickkiln Street.

A rare instance of a successful business undertaking is furnished by the firm at the head of this notice, The Wolverhampton Spinning Company. The works known as Cleveland Rope and Twine works, are situate in Great Brickkiln Street, and comprise a shop with a frontage to Great Brickkiln Street, while at the rear are huge yards and rope walk. It is very evident that every facility exists at these works for the manufacture of ropes, cordage, engine packing, twines, sash lines, etc., under the best advantages.

Mr. William Orme has been associated in the proprietorship of this concern for about twenty-five years, and it is to his unremitting energy, coupled with a desire to give entire satisfaction in all his business transactions, that the present successful issue is due.

Besides being patentees and manufacturers of the before-mentioned articles, this firm manufactures sacks, waterproof waggon, truck, and rick covers, etc., etc., and are also dealers in hemp, flax, tow, cotton waste, torch, wick, mops, matting, linoleum, etc. In each of these articles there is a firm, reliable custom, which is constantly on the increase, a fact which proves the favour the endeavours of the firm have gained at the hands of the public.

This is a most reliable house for any of the manufactures mentioned, and is justly regarded as holding a position of the first rank among the representatives of this particular line. Large stocks are held of all the various articles dealt in, and orders can always be supplied from stock. Mr. Orme is most genial in his business transactions, and fully deserves the success gained.

The Star Cycle Company, Limited (Managing Director, Mr. E. Lisle), Stewart Street Telegraphic Address, "Lisle, Wolverhampton". Telephone No. 7079.

The history of the cycle trade in Wolverhampton is one of remarkable development, and constitutes one of the most interesting chapters in the industrial life of the premier manufacturing town of Staffordshire.

Among the concerns most prominently identified with this branch of industry is the Star Cycle Company, Limited, late the Star Cycle Company (Sharratt and Lisle), Limited, and formerly Messrs. Sharratt and Lisle. Founded many years ago, this business has made wonderful progress, consequent upon the initiative always taken by the proprietors in the introduction of new and improved machines of the highest grade quality.

At the present time there is no more popular machine on the market than the "Star", for it combines in the highest degree all the most desirable qualities of grace, speed, and durability, coupled with first-class workmanship and finish. The works of this Company are one of the largest in the district, giving employment to upwards of four hundred hands. They cover a large area of ground fronting to two sides of Stewart Street and extending back to Thomas Street, and have been recently enlarged to cope with the increased demands. They are very substantial in construction, comprising extensive building shops, fitting, blacksmiths', turning, plating and enamelling shops, large warehouses.

The various manufacturing departments have been equipped with machinery and appliances of the most modern type, hence the company are enabled to compete in accuracy and economy and speed of production with any firm in the United Kingdom. It is evident that no expense or effort has been spared to constitute the works one of the most complete and best equipped in the trade. The chief machines built by this Company are the "Star" path racer, "Star" road racer, "Star" light roadster, popular "Star" single and double steering tandems, the lady's "Star" the lady's popular "Star" and youth's "Star". These are fitted with Dunlop, Clincher, Warwick, or Beeston tyres; saddles of standard make, and "Presto" gearcases. All are unsurpassed for elegance of design, easy running, and thoroughly reliable manufacture, whilst as regards price, there is certainly no cheaper machines made, quality considered.

We can safely predict that the "Star" machines will easily keep in the front rank during 1897, and will continue to grow in favour with cyclists of both sexes who know and appreciate a first-class mount. The Star company publish a beautifully illustrated catalogue, giving full particulars of prices, etc., which can be obtained on application, and intending purchasers will do well to look over one of these before deciding to purchase elsewhere.

The managing director, Mr. E. Lisle, has been associated with the business since its founding, and it is to his great ability and administrative capabilities that its success is mainly due. That the business will, under its present able, and enterprising management, retain its lead among rival concerns is certain.

S. H. Trusselle, Coach Builder.

Mr. Trusselle is regarded as one of the best exponents of the coach building industry. The premises occupied by him have a frontage to George Street, Snow Hill, and Church Lane, and comprise works, show rooms, and offices. Mr. Trusselle manufactures every description of fashionable vehicles, including broughams, Victorias, landaus, phaetons, dog carts, tradesmen's carts, etc., and all his productions are remarkable for elegance of design, durability, superior finish, and light running. In the showrooms can always be seen a handsome display of carriages, etc., and it is obvious from every standpoint that no effort is spared to ensure that all work turned out shall be worthy of the high reputation of the house.

Alfred Tustin, Tailor and Habit Maker, 3 Princess Street.

One of the best known tailoring businesses in Wolverhampton is that conducted at 3 Princess Street, by Mr. Alfred Tustin (late Mr. John D. Tustin). This establishment caters for the support of a superior class of custom, the patronage accorded to it being of an influential nature, Mr Tustin's handsome shop has a large plate-glass front, and is appointed in the best style. The widely-varied and choice stock comprising all the novelties of the season in suitings, trousering, coatings, etc., the leading fashionable shades and patterns being represented, and gentlemen cannot fail to be pleased at the selection of goods placed before them here.

The cutting department is in skilled hands, and experienced tailors are employed, all working under Mr. Tustin's competent and experienced supervision, so that the fit and good workmanship of every garment sent out is fully assured. No delay takes place in the completion of orders, and the business is conducted with ability and energy. Gentlemen who appreciate the importance of being well-dressed should make a note of this establishment, where their requirements would receive every attention at Mr. Tustin's hands.

The Highmoor Cycle Co. Manufacturers of High-Grade Cycles, Church Street.

One of the most prosperous of the recently-established concerns in connection with the cycle manufacturing industry in Wolverhampton, is that known as The Highmoor Cycle Co., whose works, now in course of huge extension, are situated in Church Street.

This business has rapidly assumed an important position in the trade, a result that establishes convincing proof of the first-class character of the cycles produced. In the works now being erected, employment will be afforded for nearly 100 hands, and it is evident that the Company intend to spare no expense in the equipment of the same to ensure the very best manufacturing facilities.

The gentlemen at the head of affairs are Mr. S. T. Thomas and Mr. I. Elliott, and up to now they have every reason to be proud of the success that has attended their able and enterprising administration. The Highmoor cycles for ladies and gentlemen combine all the latest improvements and are absolutely unsurpassed for speed, strength, light running, and uniformly high-class workmanship and finish. This company aims to place only the most reliable mounts on the market, and to this fact they undoubtedly owe their rapidly widening connection.

Repairs are speedily executed, and all the latest pattern component parts are supplied at lowest prices. There is no doubt that the "Highmoor" machines will continue to advance in popularity amongst all riders who value quality before cheapness, hence we can safely predict a large expansion of trade for a business so ably and enterprisingly conducted.

George E. Tustin, Confectioner, etc., 43 Dudley Street.

A well-known establishment in Wolverhampton is the one conducted at 43 Dudley Street, by Mr. George E. Tustin, confectioner. The concern was established nearly a century ago, and has always maintained a capital reputation. It came into its present hands about twelve months back, and has certainly not lost in prestige since Mr. Tustin became its proprietor. In the first place we must mention that the shop and premises are admirably adapted to the business in hand, the former is elegantly appointed in every particular, and the same remarks apply to the tea and refreshment rooms whilst the window display is specially attractive.

Mr. Tustin is celebrated for supplying first-chass confectionery of every description, the stock of cakes, fancy bread, biscuits, pork pies, etc., being very select. He caters for parties on the shortest notice, and orders by post receive the most prompt attention. Mr. Tustin is noted for his consistently low prices, he devotes all his attention to secure the approbation of his patrons, and it will readily be conceded that he is eminently successful.

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