The Staffordshire General & Commercial Directory for 1818

This is a copy of the Darlaston entry in the Staffordshire General & Commercial Directory for 1818. Although brief, it does list most of the more prominent businesses in the town, and gives a good impression of the town's commercial life in the early part of the nineteenth century. This was a time before the appearance of large factories. Most of the metal workers would have had a small workshop, often in a yard behind their house. They might have employed a few people, or have been helped by their immediate family. Although the Napoleonic wars had ended three years before this directory was published, and the demand for gunlocks had fallen, the directory lists twenty two businesses associated with them.

Transport relied upon the horse. The list includes fourteen stirrup, bridleware and saddle makers, two blacksmiths, and two coach harness buckle tongue makers. Roads were slowly beginning to improve. There were two sett makers. The infant screw making industry included four screw makers.

King Street was still a mixture of shops and workshops, and a good variety of shops were to be found in the town. The main shopping areas were in Church Street, Cock Street (later High Street), King Street, and Pinfold Street, much as in recent times. There were fourteen public houses, and two doctors. Although two schoolmasters are included, the list does not include the day schools and Sunday schools which existed at the time. The day schools catered for 365 boys and girls, and the Sunday schools catered for 180 boys and girls.

A busy shopping day in King Street in the early years of the 20th century. From an old postcard.

Adams, Charles  solicitor, Darlaston
Allen, Joseph  butcher, Pinfold Street
Bailey, Thomas  baker and flour dealer, Pinfold Street
Bailey, William  stirrup, bridle bits, sets, etc. manufacturer, The Green
Bailey, Matthew  victualler, Nag's Head, The Green
Bailey, Nancy  victualler and maltster, Waggon and Horses, King Street
Bailey, George  carrier, The Green
Bailey, James  bricklayer, New Street
Bailey, John  locksmith, Pinfold Street
Baker, Richard  bricklayer, New Street
Banks, George  watch and clock maker, Church Street
Barnes, David
  bridle bit maker and plater, near Bilston Street
Bayley, Thomas  linen draper, Pinfold Street
Bayley, George  baker and maltster, King Street
Bayley, William  locksmith, Church Street
Bayliss, Thomas  shopkeeper, King Street
Best, Joseph  file cutter, Bilston Street
Bills, Richard  iron master, Church Street
Bills, Samuel  shopkeeper and lock forger, Church Street
Blakemore, Joseph  sett maker, Blockall
Botteridge, Thomas  lock filer, Great Croft Street
Bowen, David  gunlock filer, Hampton Street
Bowen, David  bridle bit and stirrup maker, Hampton Lane, Catherines Cross
Brevitt, James  shoemaker and shopkeeper, Bilston Street
Brevitt, Thomas  butcher, Church Street
Brevitt, William  butcher, Pinfold Street
Brewerton, William  hasp lock, dog collar, handcuffs, etc. maker, Darlaston
Brewerton, John  joiner and shopkeeper, New Street
Brewerton, John  shopkeeper, Cock Street
Brewerton, Abel  bed screw maker, New Street
Brewerton, William  clerk of the parish, Darlaston
Bridgewater, William  whip thong manufacturer, Blockall
Bridgewater, Job  boot and shoemaker, Blockall
Bunch, Joseph  coal agent, New Street
Butler, Richard  governor the house of industry, The Green
Butler, James  gunlock forger, Cramp Hill Bank
Butler, Joseph  butcher, Cock Street
Butler, Samuel  stirrup and bridle bit maker, Catherines Cross
Butler, Simeon  collier, Great Croft Street
Carter, William  stirrup, snaffle, and girth buckle maker, Great Croft Street
Carter, James  stirrup and bridle bit maker, Great Croft Street
Carter, William  roller buckle manufacturer, Croft Street
Cartwright Abel  hinge manufacturer, King Street
Cockran, Joseph  butcher, Catherines Cross
Colman, Thomas  saddle spring bar manufacturer, & nail ironmonger, Church Street
Cooper Thomas  farmer, Cramp Hill Bank
Cottrell, Alexander  sett maker, Burr Croft, King Street
Cresswell, Joseph  roller buckle maker, New Street
Curtis, John  gunlock maker, Pinfold Street
Dangerfield, Edward  gunlock filer, Hampton Lane, Catherines Cross
Davies, John  gentleman, Darlaston
Davies, William  tailor, Pinfold Street
Devis, Jonathan  flour dealer, Pardoe's Lane
Dickenson, William  surgeon, New Street
Dixon, Joseph  plumber and glazier, Darlaston
Dorsett, James  smith and nail ironmonger, Darlaston
Duffield, William  baker and flour dealer, Bilston Street
Duffield, William  nail ironmonger, and gunlock manufacturer, Bilston Street
Duncomb, John  gun locksmith, Pinfold Street
Elwell, Samuel  iron master, Priory
Elwell, Maria  gentlewoman, Park Street
Elwell, William  saddlers ironmonger, Park Street
Foster, Fielding  stirrup and bridle bit manufacturer, New Street
Foster, William  victualler, Blue Bell, Church Street
Foster, John  fire iron manufacturer, Pinfold Street
Foster, George  butcher and farmer, Church Street
Foster, Elizabeth
  victualler, Old Bush, The Green
Foster, Benjamin  screw manufacturer, The Green
Foster, Moses  lock forger, Bilston Street
Garratt, Anne  victualler, Boat, The Green
Gibbons, Thomas  collier, King Street
Golcher, William  gunlock filer, King Street
Grainger, Joseph  shoemaker, Catherines Cross
Green, George  victualler and maltster, White Lion, King Street
Greensell, John  wheelwright, Bull Stake
Gresty, Elizabeth  tailor, Church Street
Griffith, John  gunlock manufacturer, King Street
Griffiths, John  snuffer maker, Pinfold Street
Guest, John  gunlock maker, Pinfold Street
Harper, Elizabeth  shopkeeper, Bilston Street
Harper, Joseph  lock filer, Bilston Street
Hatton, Sarah
  victualler, Britannia, Bilston Road
Hemmingsley, John  buckle maker, New Street
Hemmingsley, John  inlet and roller buckle maker, Pinfold Street
Hitch, William  coach harness, buckle tongue maker, King Street
Horton, Thomas  boot and shoemaker, Pinfold Street
Horton, Walter  joiner and builder, Darlaston
Howell, John  tin saddlery manufacturer, Blockall
Howell, William  ground wood screw maker, New Street
Hubbard, William  carrier to Birmingham and Wolverhampton, Darlaston
Hughes, John  file manufacturer, Pinfold Street
Hughes, John  plumber, glazier, and painter, Pinfold Street
Humpage, William  baker and flour dealer, Church Street
Humpage, Ephraim  lock filer, Croft Street
Jackson, Thomas  gentleman, Pinfold Street
Jones, John  shopkeeper, Woods Bank
Jones, William  schoolmaster, Pinfold Street
Jones, James  victualler and carpenters tool maker, Red Lion, Church Street
Lingard, Thomas  gunlock filer, New Street
Longmore, Ralph  victualler, Nelson Tavern, Catherines Cross
Longmore, James  gunlock forger, Catherines Cross
Lort, Henry  tailor, Pinfold Street
Lowe, Revd. Samuel  Rector of Darlaston, Rectory
Martin, Richard  gunlock filer Cramp Hill Bank
Meek, Richard  boot and shoemaker, and shopkeeper Bilston Street
Meek, Samuel  baker, Cock Street
Meek, John  butcher, King Street
Mills, Mrs. Mary  Bilston Street
Minchin, Joseph  saddler and coach proprietor, King Street
Navy, Richard  warehouseman, King Street
Orton, William  file cutter, Great Croft Street
Page, Thomas  victualler, Swan, Bilston Road
Partridge, Thomas  shoe dealer, King Street
Partridge, Thomas  victualler, Dog and Partridge, King Street
Pedley, Stephen  victualler and padlock manufacturer, Crown, Cramp Hill Bank
Pedley, Mary  shopkeeper, King Street
Perrins, Thomas
  corn miller and baker, The Green
Perry, William  stirrup & bullet mould manufacturer, The Green
Perry, Henry  baker and flour dealer, Pinfold Street
Prince, Thomas  blacksmith, Pardoes Lane
Proffit, John  buckle maker, Bilson Street
Proud, Thomas  linen and woollen draper, King Street
Riley, Ezekiel  shopkeeper, Catherines Cross
Robinson, Joseph  stirrup maker, Stafford Road
Robinson, William  lock forger, King Street
Rooker, Abel  surgeon, King Street
Rubery, Thomas  trunk lock maker, Cross Street
Rubery, William  gunlock filer, Croft Street
Shaw, Zachariah  mercer and draper, The Green
Sheldon, Henry  keeper of the toll gate
Shore, Mary  shopkeeper, King Street
Skidmore, Benjamin  victualler and miner, Duke of York, Catherines Cross
Slater, Thomas  schoolmaster, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, and vender of patent medicines, New Street
Small, Mark  bricklayer and builder, Pinfold Street
Smith, George  corn miller, Darlaston Windmill
Spittle, Joseph  butcher, King Street
Taylor, Richard  joiner and builder, auctioneer and land surveyor, Great Croft Street
Thornhill, Charles  gunlock manufacturer and linen draper, Cock Street
Turner, Mrs. Hannah  Bird Croft
Turner, Emanuel  gunlock forger, Bird Croft
Twigg, Jacob  land surveyor, Bar Croft
Unitt, James  druggist, grocer, and tallow chandler, Bilston Street
Wardell, William  cooper, Bilston Street
Warrender, Thomas  boot and shoemaker, Croft Street
Watson William  gunlock manufacturer, King Street
Weaver William  screw maker, The Green
Wilkes, Thomas  stirrup and bit maker, Blakemore Lane
Wilkes, John  coach harness buckle tongue maker, Bank
Wilkes, Job  gunlock manufacturer, Bilston Street
Wilkes, Job  gentleman, Bilston Street
Wilkes, Josiah  file cutter, Great Croft Street
Wilkes, John  iron and brass founder, Catherines Cross
Wilkes, George  file cutter, Church Street
Wilson, Edward  victualler and locksmith, King’s Head Inn, King Street
Wood, Abraham  brick maker, Catherines Cross
Wood, Thomas  baker and flour dealer, Church Street
Yardley, Joseph  wrought thumb latch maker, Blakemores Lane
Yates, Mrs. Mary  Church Street
Yates, William  grocer, draper, and maltster, Church Street

A Coach from the White Lion

To Birmingham every morning at nine o'clock; returns at seven in the evening.


George Bailey to Birmingham every  Thursday and Saturday
William Hubbard from Darlaston Green to Birmingham every Tuesday and Saturday, to Wolverhampton every Wednesday.

King Street in the early 20th century. From an old postcard.

A break-down of the occupations and trades in the list

10 Bakers and Flour Dealers
Bailey, Thomas; Bayley, George; Devis, Jonathan; Duffield, William; Humpage, William; Meek, Samuel;
Perrins, Thomas; Perry, Henry; Smith, George; Wood, Thomas

2 Blacksmiths
Dorsett, James; Prince, Thomas

1 Brick Maker
Wood, Abraham

5 Boot and Shoe Makers
Bridgewater, Job; Grainger, Joseph; Horton, Thomas; Meek, Richard; Warrender, Thomas

5 Bricklayers and Builders
Bailey, James; Baker, Richard; Horton, Walter; Small, Mark; Taylor, Richard

5 Buckle Makers
Carter, William; Cresswell, Joseph; Hemmingsley, John; Hemmingsley, John; Proffit, John

7 Butchers
Allen, Joseph; Brevitt, Thomas; Brevitt, William; Butler, Joseph; Cockran, Joseph; Foster, George;
Meek, John; Spittle, Joseph

2 Carriers
Bailey, George; Hubbard, William

2 Coach Harness Buckle Tongue Makers
Hitch, William; Wilkes, John

1 Coal Agent
Bunch, Joseph

2 Colliers
Butler, Simeon; Gibbons, Thomas

1 Cooper
Wardell, William

3 Drapers
Bayley, Thomas; Proud, Thomas; Shaw, Zachariah

2 Farmers
Cooper Thomas; Foster, George

5 File Makers
Best, Joseph; Hughes, John; Orton, William; Wilkes, Josiah; Wilkes, George

1 Fire Iron Maker
Foster, John

2 Grocers
Unitt, James; Yates, William

9 Gunlock Filers
Botteridge, Thomas; Bowen, David; Dangerfield, Edward; Golcher, William; Harper, Joseph; Humpage, Ephraim; Lingard, Thomas; Martin, Richard; Rubery, William

5 Gunlock Forgers
Butler, James; Foster, Moses; Longmore, James; Robinson, William; Turner, Emanuel

8 Gunlock Makers
Curtis, John; Duffield, William; Duncomb, John; Griffith, John; Guest, John; Thornhill, Charles; Watson William; Wilkes, Job

1 Hinge Maker
Cartwright Abel

1 Iron and Brass Founder
Wilkes, John

2 Ironmasters
Bills, Richard; Elwell, Samuel

1 Latch Maker
Yardley, Joseph

4 Locksmiths
Bailey, John; Bayley, William; Brewerton, William; Rubery, Thomas

2 Plumbers and Glaziers
Dixon, Joseph; Hughes, John

14 Public Houses
Bailey, Matthew. The Nag's Head; Bailey, Nancy. The Waggon and Horses; Foster, William. The Blue Bell; Foster, Elizabeth. The Old Bush; Garratt, Anne. The Boat; Green, George. The White Lion; Hatton, Sarah. The Britannia; Jones, James. The Red Lion; Longmore, Ralph. The Nelson Tavern; Page, Thomas. The Swan; Partridge, Thomas. The Dog and Partridge; Pedley, Stephen. The Crown; Skidmore, Benjamin. The Duke of York; Wilson, Edward. The King’s Head

2 Schoolmasters
Jones, William; Slater, Thomas

4 Screw Makers
Brewerton, Abel; Foster, Benjamin; Howell, William; Weaver William

2 Sett Makers
Blakemore, Joseph; Cottrell, Alexander

1 Shoe Dealer
Partridge, Thomas

10 Shopkeepers
Bayliss, Thomas; Bills, Samuel; Brevitt, James; Brewerton, John; Brewerton, John; Harper, Elizabeth;
Jones, John; Pedley, Mary; Riley, Ezekiel; Shore, Mary

1 Snuffer Maker
Griffiths, John

1 Solicitor
Adams, Charles

14 Stirrup, Bridleware and Saddle makers
Bailey, William; Barnes, David; Bowen, David; Butler, Samuel; Carter, William; Carter, James; Colman, Thomas; Elwell, William; Foster, Fielding; Howell, John; Minchin, Joseph; Perry, William; Robinson, Joseph; Wilkes, Thomas

2 Surgeons
Dickenson, William; Rooker, Abel

1 Surveyor
Twigg, Jacob

3 Tailors
Davies, William; Gresty, Elizabeth; Lort, Henry

1 Warehouseman
Navy, Richard

1 Watch and Clock Maker
Banks, George

1 Wheelwright
Greensell, John

1 Whip Thong Maker
Bridgewater, William

King's Hill in the early years of the 20th century. From an old postcard.

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