The following Darlaston directory is from the 'Midland Counties of England Trades Directory' published in 1918 by Trades Directories Limited. It was published at an interesting time, a transition from wartime austerity to post-war recession.

During the war, the larger factories, and specialised manufacturers were extremely busy fulfilling government contracts for war work. Labour was at a premium because many skilled young men had gone to war, and so there were more factory jobs than ever, for women.

During the war there had been food shortages due to the German submarine blockade, which resulted in the sinking of many ships and their cargoes. Food prices greatly increased, and rationing was introduced early in 1918. Rationed food included bacon, butter, lard, margarine, meat, sugar, and tea. Rationing of butter and meat would continue until the end of November 1920.

The war had a great impact on most of the local population. Almost everyone would have known, or known of someone who died in the fighting abroad. When the war ended, so did any outstanding government contracts, which were cancelled. Many local businesses greatly suffered from a lack of orders, due to the recession which immediately followed the war. Around 2,000 Darlaston people were soon out of work, some businesses disappeared, others were taken-over. The war, and its after effects restructured much of the town's industry.


Joynson Bros.
Morgan, Wm.

Walsall Road
Pinfold Street Chambers

Adey, J. W.
Belcher & Son. F.A.I.
Minerva House, 318 James Bridge, Walsall Road
Pinfold Street
Axle Pulley Manufacturers

Pace Bros.

Dangerfield Lane
Bacon Curers

Hubbard, J.

27 King Street


Broadhead, J. B.
Duley, I.
Foster, A.
Johnson, F.
Phipps, L.
Whithouse, J., jun.

King Street
Garibaldi Street
60 Pinfold Street
Bell Street
6 Pinfold Street
The Green


Lloyds Bank, Ltd.
London City and Midland Bank Ltd.

Walsall Road
Church Street


Cox, W.
Evans, Richard

95 The Green
Moxley Road

Bolt and Nut Manufacturers

Cotterill, F. W., Ltd.
Dangerfield & Cotterell
Every description of bright and black engineers’ bolts and nuts, coach bolts and set screws etc.
Harper, D., & Sons
Haycock, James
Also drop forgings.
Horton & Son, Ltd.
Telephone No.1, Darlaston.
Mayer, Thos., & Co., Ltd.
Coach screws, spikes, rivets, washers, machine and hand made nuts, etc. Phone No.77, Darlaston.
Rose, James & R.
Seaman, W.
Staffordshire Bolt and Nut Co.
Winn. W. Martin, & Co.
Drawers of bright hexagon, square, and round steel bars for automatic machines. Tel. add. "Accuracy, Darlaston." Phone No. 73, Darlaston.
Yardley, Jabez, &; Co., Ltd.

Atlas Works
Lion Works, Foster Street


The Leys
Falcon Work, 24 Smith Street

Alma and New Alma Works, James Bridge
Crown Bolt and Nut Works, The Green
Willenhall Street, The leys
Addenbrooke Street
Providence Works
Station Works;
Vulcan Works


Aston. A.
Baker, J., & Sons, Ltd.

Griffiths, William
Agent for moccasin boots for gentlemen, and the best brands; repairs neatly executed.
Hill & Co.
Jinks, Thos.
Myatt, J.

23 King Street
King Street
Bull Stake

King Street
176 Walsall Road
33 The Green


Pritchard, Jas., & Sons
Telephone No. 80

Church Street

Brick Manufacturers

Darlaston Brick Co.

Lower Green

Builders and Contractors

Lees, W. T.

Rosebank Villa, Slater Street


Ash, A.
Bayley, A. & M.
Bayley, Joseph
Down & Sons
Holt, W. H.
Lippitt & Co.
Orton, T.
Pritchard, T.

Church Street
15 King Street
45A King Street
48 King Street
7 King Street
39 King Street
94 Bull Stake
3 The Green

Candle Manufacturers

Partridge, Alfred H.
Telephone No. 27

City Candle Works, The Green

Chemists and Pharmacists

Martyn Stores, Ltd.
Needham’s, Ltd.
Withers, T.

20 King Street
1 Church Street
King Street Drug Stores

Coach and Carriage Builders

Risker, John

Bilston Street

Coach Bolt Manufacturers

Foster, Jos.
Horton & Son, Ltd.

3 Dale End
James Bridge


Constable, J.
Corbett, J.

Griffiths, Miss
Also baker; afternoon teas and luncheons provided at moderate charges.
Horton, William
Lewis, J.
Moreton, G. H.
Price, A.
Roberts, F.
Walters, D.

131 Walsall Road
15 The Green
10 Church Street
1 The Green
46 King Street
17 King Street
68 Church Street
Darlaston Road
31 The Green

Cycle Agents

Darlaston Garage 
Lewis Poultney, proprietor.

30 Walsall Road

Cycle Fittings Makers

Haycock, James

Falcon Works, 24 Smith Street


Brown, Mr.

Crescent Chambers, Walsall Road


Duncombe, M. J.
Gibbons, Thomas
Gower, Mrs A.
Hardcastle Bros.
Harper, Joseph
Harrison, F.
Hill, Mrs M.
Jackson, Joseph
Myatt, John

Also fancy repository
Page, Thos.
Paulprice, J.
Salisbury, A. & C.
Stanbury, W. W.
Taylor, William
Warehouse Drapery Co.

37 Church Street
45 New Street
10 Booth Street
14 King Street
50 Foster Street
2 Blockall
2 Dangerfield Lane
24 King Street
King Street
33 The Green

Catherine's Cross
26 Church Street
39 King Street
31 King Street
1 Foster Street
56 King Street

Drop Stampers and Forgers

Haycock, James

Falcon Works, 24 Smith Street


Barlow & Son
Etchells, D.
Horton & Son, Ltd.
Telephone No. 1. Darlaston
Rubery, Owen, & Co.
Wilkins & Mitchell

9 Walsall Road
Bull Piece Works
Alma and New Alma Works, James Bridge
Victoria Works, Booth Street

File Cutters

Foster & Son

Cramp Hill


Fortnam, H.

25 King Street

Fried Fish Dealers

Keay, E.

Pinfold Street

Fruiterers and Greengrocers

Askew, E.
Cartwright, George
Clapp, Thomas
Day, John
Fletcher, Samuel
Griffiths, A.
Groves, Arthur
Jinks, E. H.
Jowett, S.
Nash, T.
Partridge, S.
Salisbury, W.
Taylor, Richard
Thomas, L. A.

17 Victoria Road
4 King Street
195 Walsall Road
54 King Street
12 Pinfold Street
49 The Green
17 Pinfold Street
22 King Street
26 Walsall Road
75 Pinfold Street
30 New Street
18 Slater Street
1 King Edward Street

Furniture Dealers

Askey, Thos.
Barber, James
Bass, James
Bayley, Edward

Wholesale and retail.
Ward, A. J.

30 Pinfold Street
12 Cock Street
Springfield House, 127 Walsall Road
8 and 16 King Street
Wolverhampton Street

General Dealers

Brown, A. R.
Buckley, George
Chapman, Daniel
Done, J.
Dunning, S.
Fieldhouse, S.
Foster, Charles
Foster, M.
Harris, Wm.
Horton, S.
Partridge, R.
Purcell, H.
Simmonds, C.

10 Pinfold Street
Willenhall Road
12 Whitton Street
51 King Street
Alma Street
28 Walsall Road
12 Church Street
79 Pinfold Street
23 Great Croft Street
66 The Green
20 Foster Street
36 The Green
Station Street


Blackham, J.
Carr, Reuben
Clay, E.
Fisher, D.
Harvey, Mary
Home and Colonial Stores
Jones, Thomas
Mason, William, & Co. Ltd.
Rolison, William
Sabin, S.
Simkin, J.
Smith, J.
Stanley, Mrs J.

King Street
38 Great Croft Street
Pinfold Street
Darlaston Road
32 Bull Street
King Street
54 The Green
19 King Street
55 Booth Street
Heathfield Lane
28 Station Street
45 Catherine’s Cross
Dangerfield Lane


Morris, E.

90 Pinfold Street

Hardware Dealers

Myatt, John
Also china, glass, and earthenware goods

33 The Green

Inns and Public Houses

Bird In Hand
Black Horse
Boat Inn
British Queen
Bull's Head
Castle Inn
Cottage of Content
Cottage of Content
Crown and Cross Guns Inn
Dartmouth Arms
Dog and Partridge
Dog and Pheasant
Duke of Wellington
Duke of York Inn
Engine Inn
Fallings Heath Tavern
Forge Inn
Fortune of War
Green Dragon
Horse and Jockey
Mine Borers' Arms
Nag's Head
Nelson Tavern
New Inns
New Inn
Oak Tree
Prince of Wales
Queen's Head
Red Lion
Royal Exchange
Royal George
Royal Oak
Scott's Arms
Seven Stars
Sir Robert Peel
Spread Eagle
Spring Head
Star Music Hall
Three Horse Shoes
Harry Sheargold, proprietor.
Victoria Inn
Waggon and Horses
White, George, The Forge
White Lion

Church Street
Pinfold Street
Pinfold Street
Bentley Road
Station Street
Cock Street
Foster Street
Walsall Road
Bull Street
The Green
New Street
Cock Street
King Street
13 Blockall
The Leys
Moxley Road
18 Bull Street
Walsall Road
Willenhall Road
Smith Street
153 Walsall Road
Church Street
Church Street
33 Walsall Road
82 Catherine’s Cross
The Green
Catherine's Cross
131 The Green
King Street
Foster Street
74 Walsall Road
King Street
Church Street
The Green
James Bridge
9 Booth Street
Cock Street
13 New Street
Cramp Hill
Walsall Road
Walsall Road
Victoria Road
Bull Stake
Walsall Road
40 Station Street
King Street
Willenhall Road
King Street

Iron and Steel Manufacturers

Bradley, T. & I., & Sons, Ltd.
Lloyd. F. H., & Co., Ltd.
Tolley, Son, & Bostock

The Green
James Bridge Steel Works
The Green


Baker, J. W. & Co., Ltd.
Davies, Joseph
Hobson, A.

39A King Street
Whitton Street
1 Pinfold Street, Bull Stake

Latch Manufacturers

Yardley & Carter

Willenhall Street

Livery Stables

Anderson, Albert & Wm.

The Leys


Horton & Son, Ltd.

Alma and New Alma Works, James Bridge

Merchants (Coal)

Charles, Wm.
Also coke merchant and cartage contractor. Telephone No. 43.
Constable. C. H.

Charles' Sidings; and at Bridge Wharf, Wednesbury, and Oldbury
The Green

Merchants (Corn)

Bradshaw, W.
Jones, T., & Son
Whitehouse, J.

26 King Street
54 The Green
The Green

Merchants (Iron and Steel)

Rubery, S., & Son


Merchants (Leather)

Garrett, E.

87 Pinfold Street

Merchants (Timber and Slate)

Boys & Boden

James Bridge Sawmills

Mill Band Screw Makers

Newton, Thomas

20 Pinfold Street

Milliners and Dressmakers

Appleyard, A. P.
Stevenson, Frederick

2 King Street
47 King Street

Motor Engineers

Darlaston Garage
Lewis Poultney, proprietor.

30 Walsall Road

Motor Fittings Makers

Haycock, James

Falcon Works, 24 Smith Street

Motor Garages

Darlaston Motor Garage
Tyre stockist; accessories; oils, petrol, greases, etc. L. Poultney proprietor.

30 Walsall Road

Music and Musical Instrument Dealers

Farmer, D.
Ward, A. J.

King Street
Wolverhampton Street


Brown, W. H.
Coleman, A., A.

60 Cock Street
Avenue Road


Fisher, A. & H. C.
Holden & Co.
Winn, W.
Wood, Thomas

11 Foster Street
27 The Green
22 Pinfold Street
Cock Street

Picture Frame Makers

Ebery, G. H.
Harper, D.
Robinson, Joseph
Smith, Bob., & Co.

Darlaston Road
Darlaston Road
142 The Green
Church Street

Plumbers and Gas Fitters

Darlaston Plumbing & Sanitary Depot
Morgan, William

9 Walsall Road
8 Pinfold Street


Evans, Isaac
Lawton, R. H.
Wilkes, C.

169 Walsall Road
8 Church Street
32 King Street


Darlaston Coffee House Co.

3 Pinfold Street


Hall, Robert, & Son
Woodhouse, W., & Sons

King Street
Church Street

Shoeing and General Smiths

Plumb, J. A.

Pinfold Street


Corbett, Joseph
Slater & Co.

Walsall Road


Butler, Aaron
Duffield, Silas

Garrington, John, & Sons,
Haycock, James
Stamper and forger of gun lock forgings, and every description of iron work; also bolt and nut maker.
Page, George, & Sons

Walsall Road
Crown Patent Stamping Works
A1bert Works, The Green
Falcon Works, 24 Smith Street
23 Foster Street

Stationers and Newsagents

Cooper, W.
Farmer, D.
Giles, P.

2 The Green
59 King Street
13 King Street

Tailors and Clothiers

Bennett, J.
Bennett, W. A.
Blakemore, H.
Dixon, E.
Smith, Geo.

28 King Street
10 King Street
38 Pinfold Street
5 King Street
25 Pinfold Street


Billingsley, R.
Cotterell, Thomas
Davies, C.
Foster, James
Howl, J.
Howl, J. W.
Reed, E.
Slater, S.

35 King Street
4 Pinfold Street
Bull Stake
46 Cock Street
Bull Stake
1A Pinfold Street
Darlaston Road
151 Walsall Road

Wardrobe Dealers

Brookes, Mrs J.

74 Pinfold Street

Watch and Clock Makers

Edward., A. G.
Hodgson, W.

45 King Street
54 Church Street


Amos, Wm.  file manufacturer
Aston, J.   photographer
Bartram, W.   rope manufacturer
Bould, A.   carrier
Doughty. C.   herbalist
Jeavons, John M. chain iron manufacturer
Keay, E. C. & J. constructional engineers
Parkinson & Goyder   incorporated accountants
Ross, P.  ice cream vendor
Shakespeare, G., & Co.  tank makers
Tanner, C.  fancy goods dealer
Tooley, Wm.  pattern maker
Wilkes, G. H.  music teacher

St George's Street
13 Pinfold Street
Catherine's Cross
96 Catherine’s Cross
138 Walsall Road

James Bridge Works
22 Walsall Road
12 King Street
Walsall Road
56 Church Street
30 New Street
Slater Street

King Street. From an old postcard.

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