The 1912 Kelly's Staffordshire Directory includes an interesting section on Darlaston, published at a time of growing prosperity. Local industries were performing well and expanding, large factories dominated the area, and jobs were available for everyone. There were expanding areas of better housing for the growing middle class, better schools and amenities, and improved public transport. More shops than ever opened in the town centre, so that almost everything from everyday commodities to luxury items could be obtained there.

The market, established in 1896 in Church Street between Bilston Street and New Street attracted many shoppers, and in 1904 Bob Smith founded one of Darlaston's great institutions when he built Favourite House on the corner of Church Street and Bilston Street, containing one of the town's favourite shops.

Darlaston's elegant police station in Crescent Road had opened in 1899, as had the isolation hospital in Dangerfield Lane. In the early years of the twentieth century, William Walker Stanbury who became a prominent member of Darlaston Urban District Council, moved to the town and opened his well known shop in King Street.

Victoria Park opened in 1902, and between 1905 and 1907 St.  Lawrence's Church was restored. The work included the rebuilding of the tower in stone, and the addition of a new clock. Darlaston's first purpose-built cinema, the Picturedrome, in Crescent Road, opened in 1911, and was soon followed by the Olympia in Blockall.

Living conditions for many people were still extremely poor, the old houses had not yet been improved or replaced, and the population continued to increase as more people came to look for work.

King Street in the late 1930s.

The town's most famous photographer.

The 1912 Directory

The hospital for infectious diseases, in Dangerfield Lane, erected in 1899, has 20 beds and a medical dispensary, mortuary and ambulance sheds.

The doles in connection with the parish church amount to about £29 yearly and are distributed on St. Thomas's Day in bread and clothing.

The principal landowners are the Misses Mills, Slater & Company, Messrs. Addenbrooke, the South Staffordshire Land & Investment Company Limited, and C.W. D. Joynson Esq.

The area is 890 acres of land and 23 of water; rateable value, £38,175; the population in 1911 was 17,101. The population of the Urban District Wards in 1911 was: All Saints, 3,805; Catherines Cross, 4,317; Central, 4,109; The Green, 4,876. The population of ecclesiastical parishes in 1901 was: St. Lawrence (parish church), 6,104; All Saints’, 5,423; St. George, 4,406.

Sextons (St. George's), William Wassel1, St. Georges Street; (All Saints'), John Ellis, Gladstone Street; Verger (St. Lawrence's), George Simkin, 4 New Road.

Official Establishments, Local Institutions etc.

Post, M. 0. & T. & Telephonic Express Delivery Office. William Robert Woodhead, sub-postmaster, Church Street. Letters arrive from Wednesbury at 7·45 & 11 a.m. & 2.20 & 6.20 p.m.; dispatched at 5·45, 9, 10.15, & 11 a.m. & 1.15, 3.15, 4·45, 6, 7·15, 8.15 & 9-15 p.m.; Sunday 8.15 p.m.

Town, Sub-Post & M. O. Office. William James Jones, sub-postmaster, 73 The Green. Letters dispatched at 8.45, 10, & 10.45 a.m. & 1, 3·15, 5.45, 7, 8, & 9 p.m.

Urban District Council

Offices, Public buildings.
Meetings held the 1st Tuesday in the month at 5-30 p.m. All retire in April, 1913. Chairman, John George Rose. Vice-Chairman, Charles Foster.

All Saints' Ward.
James Bass, Thomas Mayer, J. Paul Price, John George Rose, and R. Astley Tench.

Catherine's Cross Ward.
Alfred Baggott, Ezra Genders, Nathan Horton, Archibald Slater, and Job Wilkes Yardley.

Central Ward.
Job Green, George Griffiths, Henry Hemmings, Alfred Henry Partridge J.P. and Joseph Yardley, J.P.

The Green Ward.
Charles Foster, George Lucas, John Pritchard, John Tunner Rubery J.P. and John Whitehouse, jun.


Clerk, Joseph Corbett, solicitor, Town Hall.
Treasurer, James Alex. Robinson, Lloyds Bank, Darlaston.
Medical Officer of Health, Vincent John Magrane L.R.C.P. & S.Irel. The Leys.
Surveyor, John Cash Joynson, Town Hall.
Sanitary Inspector, B. Austin, Dorsett road.
Collector, Walter James Carter, Town Hall.

County Magistrates for Wednesbury Petty Sessional Division. Petty Sessions are held at the Town Hall on alternate Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Clerk to the Magistrates, John George Thursfield, 53 Lower High Street, Wednesbury.

Public Establishments

Cemetery, James Bridge, Joseph Corbett, Clerk, Town Hall; Coleman Cotterill, Sexton.
County Police Station, Crescent Road; the local force consists of 1 Inspector, 2 Sergeants & 8 Constables.
Fire Brigade, Town Hall, John Cash Joynson, Captain; & 12 men.
Free Library, Public buildings, Miss M. Whitehouse, Librarian.
Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dangerfield lane, Walter Garman M.D.Edin. Medical Officer.
Isolation Hospital, Heath Road, Vincent John Magrane L.R.C.P. & S.I. Medical Officer.
Labour Exchange, Board of Trade, 34 King Street, H. E. W. Church, Manager.
Town Hall, Public buildings.

Territorial Force

6th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment (F Co.), 61 & 62 Church Street; Capt. T. E. Lowe; James Bryan, Sergeant-Instructor.

Public Officers

Certifying Factory Surgeon for Darlaston, Vincent John Magrane L.R.C.P. & S.I. The Leys.
Clerk to the Magistrates for Willenhall Petty Sessional Division, Samuel Mills Slater, Walsall Road.
Collector of Poor Rate & Assistant Overseer, Arthur D. Belcher, Pinfold Street.
Collectors of King's Taxes, Arthur D. & E. V. Belcher, Pinfold Street.
Customs & Excise Officers, Nicholas Millar, 24a Pinfold Street, & Lawrence Morton, 24a Pinfold Street.
Inspector under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878, & Explosives Act, 1875, Frederick Cooper, Police Station, Crescent Road.
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Darlaston District, Walsall Union, Vincent John Magrane L.R.C.P. & S.I. The Leys
Registrar of Births & Deaths & Vaccination Officer, Darlaston sub-district, Walsall District, Miss Anne Wilkes, 25 Church Street; deputy, Cuthbert T. Wilkes, 25 Church Street.
Relieving Officer, Darlaston District, Walsall Union, Enoch Bruerton, 24 Pinfold Street.

Places of Worship, with times of services

St. Lawrence Church, Rev. Thomas Edwin Hamer M.A. rector: Rev. Thomas Smith B.A. curate; 8 & 10.30 a.m. & 3 & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 7.30 p.m.
All Saints' Church, Rev. John Oliver West M.A. vicar; Rev. George Oswald Lund B.A. curate; 8 & 10.45 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Wed. 7.30 p.m.
St. George's Church, Rev. Charles Edward Armitage B.A. vicar; holy communion, 8 a.m.; 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 8 a.m. & 7.30 p.m.
St. Joseph's Catholic Chapel, Church Street, served from St. Mary's, Willenhall; Sunday, 9·15 a.m.; Friday, 7.30 p.m.; Saturday 8.30 a.m.
Primitive Methodist, Slater Street; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Wed. 7 p.m. Rev. Joseph Benjamin Bissell.
Primitive Methodist, Fallings Heath; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Tues. 7 p.m. Rev. Joseph Benjamin Bissell.
United Methodist; Church, Great Croft Street (Wednesbury & Darlaston circuit), Rev. S. Foster Waterhouse; 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Tuesday 7.30 p.m.
Wesleyan Methodist, Pinfold Street; Rev. J. Harding Jackson (supt). & Rev. Fredk. Augustus Smith; (Wednesbury circuit); 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Thurs. 7 p.m.
Wesleyan Methodist, The Green (Wednesbury circuit); 10.30 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Tues. 7 p.m. Rev. J. Harding Jackson (supt). & Rev. Fredk. Augustus Smith.
Salvation Army Hall, High Street.

Public Elementary Schools

A local School Attendance Sub-Committee of 10 members was formed in January, 1904.
Chairman, Archibald Slater B.A., Walsall Road.
Clerk, Joseph Corbett, Town Hall.
Attendance Officer, Percy S. Jones, 41 King Edward Street.

Central, erected in 1885 & enlarged in 1893, for 286 boys & 246 girls; average attendance, 238 boys & 209 girls; J. E. Cherrington, master; Miss L. E. Perks, girls' mistress. The infants' school is now used as a cookery centre.
Dorsett Road, erected in 1906 & enlarged in 1911, for 372 boys, 372 girls & 396 infants; average attendance, 330 boys, 356 girls & 380 infants; Albert D. Fullwood J.P., master; Miss Mary Millner, mistress; Miss Jane Wyatt B.A., infants' mistress.
The Green, erected in 1894, at a cost of £5,550, for 206 boys, 207 girls & 178 infants; average attendance, 200 boys, 201 girls & 178 infants; Harold Percy Fullwood, master; Miss M. Taylor, girls' mistress; Mrs. E. Eustace, infants' mistress.
Salisbury Street (infants), erected 1911, for 304 children; average attendance, 227; Mrs. Louisa J. Charnock, mistress.
Late National Schools, erected in 1872 & enlarged in 1883, take the place of the old schools in the churchyard, built in 1836, & provide for 212 boys, 208 girls & 200 infants; average attendance, 212 boys, 200 girls & 201 infants; Isaac Jones, master; Miss Ball, mistress; Miss Marinda Howl, infants' mistress.
All Saints' (boys), Walsall Road, erected in 1873, for 350 children; average attendance, 310; Harrington Eaton, master.
St. Joseph's Mixed Catholic, Church Street, opened 1875, for 197 children; average attendance, 204; Miss Elizabeth Bennett, mistress.

Early closing day, Thursday.

Railway Stations

London & North Western, James Bridge, John Palmer Rivitt, station master.
Goods Station (London & North Western), Richard Rosewarne, agent, Bentley Road.
Parcels Receiving Office (L. & N. W. Railway), 5 Pinfold Street, John Mason, agent.

Private Residents:

Armitage Rev. Charles Edward B.A. (vicar of St. George), The Green.
Belcher Arthur D., F.A.I. Stanton Lodge, Church Street.
Belcher Edwart Vincent A.A.I. Dolobran, Slater Street.
Bissell Rev. Joseph Benjamin (Primitive Methodists), Fern Bank Villa, Slater Street.
Butler George, 61 Walsall Road.
Canlett Samuel, The Cottage, Church Street.
Cotterill Miss, Bull Piece Villa, Bull Street.
Dodd Thomas Middleton, The Old Bank, Walsall Road.
Etchells David Henry, Aldenham, Avenue Road.
Fellows Ted, Avon Villa, Crescent Road.
Finnegan David Hastings M.B. 107 Walsall Road.
Frost Henry Neale, Poplars, Pinfold Street.
Garrington Bert, Albert House, Willenhall Road.
Golcher Mrs. 59 Walsall Road.
Hamer Rev. Thomas Edwin M.A. (rector), Rectory, Church Street.
Hammonds Samuel, The Glen, Avenue Road.
Harper David, Allenville, Rectory Avenue.
Harper Miss, Pear Tree House, High Street.
Hurbidge John, Bentley Mill.
Joynson John, Hazeldine, Walsall Road.
Lees William Taylor, Belvedere, Crescent Road.
Lowe Lockhart, Croft House, Walsall Road.
Lowe Titus, Florence Villa, Dorsett Road.
Lund Rev. George Oswald B.A. (curate of All Saints'), Crescent Villa, Crescent Road.
Magrane Colonel Vincent Junior, The Leys House.
Partridge Alfred Hy. J.P. The Green.
Smith Rev. Frederick Augustus (Wesleyan Methodist), Wesley Mans, Pinfold Street.
Smith Rev. Thomas B.A. (curate of St. Lawrence), 11 Avenue Road.
Smith Harry W. Blockall.
Tench R. Astley, TheHollies, Walsall Road.
Whitehouse William Corbett, Essington House, Rectory Avenue.
Wiley George, The Green.
Winn William Martin, Ilmington, Crescent Road.


Adams Edward, shopkeeper, 37 Whitton Street.
Allcock John, shopkeeper, 15 Wolverhampton Street.
Alien George Herbert, butcher, 37 Pinfold Street.
Allen John, beer retailer, Dale End.
Allen Thomas, Oak Tree public house, Foster Street.
All Saints' Churchmen's Club (Albert H. Hill, sec.), Bull Street.
Alsop Charles Edward, fried fish dealer, 48 Bilston Street.
Amos William, file cutter, 1 St. George's Street.
Appleyard Archibald Philip, draper, 2 King Street.
Ash Arthur, butcher, 11 Church Street.
Ashley Edwin, shopkeeper, 38 Moxley Road.
Ashton Arthur, boot repairer, 23 King Street.
Askey Eliza (Mrs.), greengrocer, 17 Victoria Road.
Askey Thomas, house furnisher & cabinet maker, 30 Pinfold Street.
Aston Arthur, Queen's Head public house, 44 King Street.
Aston John, photographer, 13 Pinfold Street.
Austin Robert, sanitary inspector to the Urban District Council, Dorsett Road.
Baggott Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 49 Pinfold street
Baggott Samuel, grocer, 1 Cross terrace & 39 Catherine's Cross.
Baggott Thomas, shopkeeper, 103 Walsall Road.
Baggott William Winsper, shopkeeper, 53 Church Street.
Bailey Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 New Street.
Baker J. & Sons Limited, boot makers, 18 King Street.
Baker J. W. & Company Limited, ironmongers, 39a, King Street.
Baker Mary Alice (Mrs.), butcher, 51 Pinfold Street.
Baker Shadrack A. nut & bolt manufacturer, 5 Catherine's Cross.
Baker Thomas, butcher, Catherine's Cross.
Baker William, baker, 51 Walsall Road.
Ball Samuel Hale, pawnbroker, 45 Bull Street .
Ball Thomas, tobacconist & hair dresser, 7a, Pinfold Street.
Barber James, beer retailer, 22 Station Street.
Barber Joseph, draper, 12 High Street.
Barlow William, plumber & gasfitter, 9 Walsall Road.
Bartram Clara. (Mrs.), boot & shoe manufacturer, Moxley Road.
Bartram William, rope & twine manufacturer, Darlaston Rope Works,110 Catherine's Cross.
Bartram William, jun. beer retailer, 102 Catherine's Cross.
Bass James, furniture dealer, 127 Walsall Road.
Baugh Joseph, greengrocer, 119 Catherine's Cross.
Baxter Percy, baker, see Smith & Baxter.
Bayley Ann & Mary (Misses), pork butchers, 15 King Street.
Bayley Edward, house furnisher, 8 King Street.
Bayley Joseph, beer retailer, 1 St. Georges Street.
Bayley Joseph Thomas, pork butcher, 45a, King Street.
Bedworth Samuel, Noah's Ark public house, 55 Pinfold Street.
Belcher & Son F.A.l. auctioneers, valuers, house & estate agents, Pinfold Street. (Telegrams, '' Belchers;" Telephone No. 35 Darlaston) & at Wednesbury.
Belcher Arthur David F.A.I. (firm, Belcher & Son), auctioneer, valuer & collector of King's taxes & poor rates, & assistant overseer, Pinfold Street.
Belcher Joseph, shopkeeper, 65 Foster Street.
Bennett Kate & Edith Mary (Misses)
, pawnbrokers, 21 & 22 Church Street.
Bennett William Arthur, clothier, 10 King Street.
Bentley William, boot maker, 32 Church Street.
Benton John, butcher, 39 Station Street.
Benton John, shopkeeper, Highfields, Walsall Road.
Best Henry, greengrocer, 18 Bell Street.
Bettelley George, greengrocer, 64 Cramp Hill
Bettelley Thomas, baker, 10 Cross Street
Bill Frederick, British Oak public house, 30 Willenhall Road.
Billingsley Richard, tobacconist, 35 King Street.
Bird Mary (Mrs.), baker, 53a, Bell Street.
Bishop Charles & Son, draper & hosiers, 4 & 5 Church Street.
Blackham Frank, grocer, King Street.
Blackham John, grocer, 265 Walsall Road.
Blakemore Fanny (Mrs.), Fountain public house, 153 Walsall Road.
Blakemore Samuel, shopkeeper, 57 New Street.
Boden Harry Boys, timber merchant, see Boys & Boden.
Bodin W. H. & Company Limited. galvanisers, Wolverhampton Street.
Booth Emma (Miss), shopkeeper, 35 Pinfold Street.
Bowker Jonathan, baker, 49 Bilston Street.
Bowler William, shopkeeper, 50 Blockall.
Boys & Bowden, timber merchants, James Bridge sawmills, Station Street.
Bradley T. & I. & Sons Limited, pig iron manufacturers, Darlaston Green Furnaces.
Bradley James, Nag's Head public house, 109 The Green
Bradshaw William, corn dealer, 26 King Street.
Brazier Albert, fancy draper, 19 Church Street.
Brindley John Thomas, beer retailer, Station Street.
Broadhead Joseph Bernard, baker & confectioner, King Street.
Brocklehurst Aaron, New inn, 42 King Street.
Brookes John (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 74 Pinfold Street.
Brown Arthur Richard, general dealer, 10 Pinfold Street.
Brown William Henry, paperhanger & decorator, 60 High Street.
Bruerton Enoch, relieving officer, Darlaston district, Walsall Union, 24 Pinfold Street.
Bryan James, sergeant-instructor F Co. 6th Territorial Force Battalion South Staffs. Regt. 61 & 62 Church Street.
Buckley Frank, greengrocer, 16 New Street.
Budd Sarah Jane (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 12 The Green.
Burford John, fruiterer, 22 & 36a, King Street.
Burns Leonard, fried fish dealer, 6 Bull Street.
Burns Mark, shopkeeper, 30 Blockall.
Butler & Son, screw & bolt manufacturers, 22 High Street.
Butler George, boot maker, 3 King Street.
Butler Job, Nelson inn, 76 Catherine's Cross.
Butler George, shopkeeper, 37 Willenhall Road.
Butler William, tobacconist, 46 High Street.
Caddick Charles John M.B., C.M.Edin., F.R.C.S.Edin., D.P.H.Camb. physician & surgeon, Croft House, Walsall Road.
Carr Reuben, shopkeeper, 38 Great Croft Street.
Carrington Susannah (Mrs.), midwife, Catherine's Cross.
Carter Alfred, latch maker, see Yardley & Carter.
Carter Joseph, beer retailer, 32 Willenhall Street.
Carter Walter James, collector to the Urban District Council, Town Hall.
Cartwright Sarah (Mrs.), fruiterer, 4 King Street.
Causer Samuel, shopkeeper, 59 Catherine's Cross.
Cemetery (Joseph Corbett, clerk to the burial board), James Bridge.
Chains Limited, chain manufacturers, Willenhall Road.
Chapman Samuel Foster, boot & shoe dealer, 27 Bull Street.
Clapp Thomas, greengrocer, 195 Walsall Road.
Clay John Garratt, grocer & provision dealer, 21 Pinfold Street.
Clifford Frances (Miss), pawnbroker, 20 High Street.
Coleman Brothers, painters & decorators, 2 Avenue Road.
Compstou George Harry, insurance agt. 33 Willenhall Road.
Conservative Club (Ernest D. Wright, hon. sec.), 7 Church Street.
Constable Claude Hubert, coal dealer, 72 The Green.
Constable Emma. (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 43 Bilston Street.
Cook William, shopkeeper, 38 The Green.
Cooper Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Horton Street.
Cooper Frederick, inspector under the " Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act'' and under the "Explosives Act," Police station, Crescent Road.
Cooper William, newsagent, 2 The Green.
Cooper William, shopkeeper, 30 Foundry Street.
Cope Henry Wilkes, butcher, 51 Catherine's Cross.
Corbett Job, shopkeeper, 16 The Green.
Corbett Joseph, solicitor, commissioner & clerk to Urban District Council & Council School Managers, clerk to local school attendance sub-committee and to Free Library committee, Town Hall.
Costin John, hairdresser, 2 Jubilee Buildings, The Green.
Cotterell John, bolt & nut manufacturer, see Dangerfield & Cotterell.
Cotterell Joseph, wholesale and retail grocer, 1 The Leys.
Cotterell Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Pinfold Street.
Cotterill F. W. Limited, manufacturers of bolts & nuts, Atlas works, Station Street.
Court Mary Ann (Mrs.), scrap leather dealer, Dangerfield Lane.
Cox General Greaves, beer retailer, Pinfold Street.
Cox William, blacksmith, 95 The Green.
Cresswell Alfred William, general dealer, 1 Whitton Street.
Cresswell Isaac Elihu, shopkeeper, 17 Eldon Street.
Croft Thomas, coal dealer, 17 Foster Street.
Cross John, coal dealer and shopkeeper, 23 Cross Street.
Daffern Joseph, hairdresser, Dovedale, Walsall Road.
Dangerfield & Cotterell, bolt & nut manufacturers, Foster Street.
Dangerfield Edward, grocer & draper, 5 & 6 Albert Street.
Darlaston Brick Company, brick makers, James Bridge.
Darlaston & District Steam Laundry Limited, Factory Street.
Darlaston Galvanised Hollowware Company Limited (The), Booth Street.
Darlaston Liberal Association (William Hunt, sec.), 7 Walsall Road.
Darlaston Permanent Money Society (S. Duffield, sec.), Pinfold Chambers, 8 Pinfold Street.
Darlaston Picturedrome Limited (Arthur Graham Porter, manager), Crescent Road.
Davies Harry, shopkeeper, 48 Pinfold Street.
Davies Joseph, hardware dealer, 33 King Street.
Day John, greengrocer, 54 King Street.
Disturnal George (Mrs.), nut manufacturer, 59 New Street.
Dodd Thomas Middleton, manager of the Metropolitan Bank (of England & Wales) Limited, Walsall Road.
Done John, shopkeeper, 51 King Street.
Dooley Job, shopkeeper, 48 Bush Street.
Doughty Charles, herbalist, 31 Church Street and 138 Walsall Road.
Doughty Jane (Mrs.), Shopkeeper, 31 Catherine's Cross.
Dowen Jemima (Mrs.), beer retailer, 13 Foundry Street.
Dowen Lewis, hairdresser, 14 The Green.
Dower John, shopkeeper, 45 New Street.
Dudley Hugh T., beer retailer, 12 St. John's Road.
Dudley Israel, shopkeeper, 56 Moxley Road.
Duley Isaiah, shopkeeper, 21 Mill Street.
Dumbleton Mary (Miss), coffee house, 2 Pinfold Street.
Duncombe John, hairdresser, 36 Church Street.
Duncombe Mary (Mrs.), draper, 37 Church Street.
Dunning Samuel, shopkeeper, 4 Alma Street.
Dutton William Henry, baker, Wolverhampton Street.
Eaton John, shopkeeper, 62 Catherine's Cross.
Eaton William Leonard, pork butcher, 20 Blockall.
Eccleston Howard, boot & shoe dealer, 2 High Street.
Edginton Samuel, beer retailer, 289 Walsall Road.
Edwards Alfred Gregory, watchmaker, 45 King Street.
Edwards Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Church Street.
Elbro Harry, shopkeeper, 4 Cross Street.
Ensell George, fishmonger, 59 Pinfold Street.
Etchells David, mechanical engineer, Bull Piece.
Evans Isaac, printer, 169 Walsall Road.
Evans Lydia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Bilston Street.
Evans Richard, blacksmith, Moxley Road.
Fardoe Richard, coal dealer, 146 Wolverhampton Street.
Farmer Daniel, news agent and stationer, 59 King Street.
Fieldhouse Arthur, beer retailer, 14 Station Street.
Fildes Leo, Dartmouth Arms public house, 28 High Street.
Finnegan David Hastings M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.R.U.I. physician & surgeon, 107 Walsall Road.
Fire Brigade (John Cash Joynson, Captain), Town Hall.
Fisher Arthur & Horace Causer, pawnbrokers, 11 Foster Street.
Fisher Alfred, beer retailer, Great Croft Street.
Fletcher Mary (Miss), fried fish dealer, 25 The Leys.
Fletcher Samuel, greengrocer, 12 Pinfold Street.
Fortenam Horace, fishmonger and poulterer, 25 King Street.
Foster Alfred, baker and grocer, 60 Pinfold Street.
Foster Charles, general dealer, 12 Church Street.
Foster Daniel, grocer and draper, 50 Eldon Street.
Foster Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 High Street.
Foster James, beer retailer, 9 Smith Street.
Foster John, butcher, 30a, Bull Street.
Foster Joseph, shopkeeper, 79 Pinfold Street.
Foster Martin Perry, beer retailer and file maker, 50 Cramp Hill.
Foster Peter, shopkeeper, 45 Pinfold Street.
Foster Samuel Junior, musical instrument dealer, 88 Pinfold Street.
Foster Thomas, gunlock filer & cowkeeper, 71 Pinfold Street.
Foster William, coal dealer, 7 Cramp Hill.
Foulkes William, Dog & Partridge public house, 29 King Street.
Free Library (Miss M. Whitehouse, librarian), Town Hall.
Freeth Charles, wardrobe dealer 65 & 66 High Street, and greengrocer 69 High Street.
Freeth Henry, beer retailer, 46 Bell Street.
Garratt Edward, leather seller and grindery dealer, 87 Pinfold Street.
Garrington & Sons, stampers, Albert works, Willenhall Road.
Garrington John T. beer retailer, 127 The Green.
Gentle Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Albert Street.
Gibbons Thomas, shopkeeper, 27 New Street.
Gilbert George, shopkeeper, 99 Dorsett Road.
Gilbert Job, boot and shoe dealer, 71 Willenhall Street.
Giles Philemon, earthenware dealer and cab proprietor, 13 King Street.
Girls' Institute (Miss Hammonds, in charge), Rectory Avenue.
Gittings Susannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 86 Pinfold Street.
Gough Israel, blacksmith, 16 Foster Street.
Gough Philip, shopkeeper, 8 Willenhall Street.
Gough James, shopkeeper, Moxley Road.
Gower John, shopkeeper, 10 Booth Street.
Grainger Catherine (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 29 Church Street.
Grainger Clara (Miss), fried fish dealer, 6 Cramp Hill.
Grainger George, beer retailer, 6 The Leys.
Grainger Henry Benjamin, fishmonger, 63 High Street.
Greatrix Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 57a, Pinfold Street.
Green E. (Mrs.), draper, Victoria House, King Street.
Green Leonard, fried fish dealer, 259 Walsall Road.
Gregory John, shopkeeper, 40 Bilston Street.
Griffiths Arthur, greengrocer, 49 The Green.
Griffiths Joseph, Green Dragon public house, 55 Church Street.
Grove William, greengrocer, 106 Catherine's Cross
Groves Arthur, greengrocer, 2 Blockall.
Guest John, shopkeeper, 65 Church Street.
Guest John, shopkeeper, 11 The Leys.
Guest Joseph, newsagent, 45 Walsall Road.
Guttridge William, beer retailer, 5 Bentley Road.
Haden James, boot maker, 9 The Green.
Hadley Eliza (Mrs.), newsagent, 107 Catherine's Cross.
Hakesley William, Scott Arms public house, 29 Blockall.
Hall Robert & Sons, saddlers, 39a, King Street.
Hall Annie (Mrs.), butcher, 28 Church Street.
Hallden George, boot maker, 57 Pinfold Street.
Hammond Brothers, builders & contractors, Garibaldi Street.
Hammond Richard, builder, Chapel Street.
Hampton Moses, greengrocer, 3 Catherine's Cross, and coal dealer, 21 Factory Street.
Hardcastle Brothers, drapers, 14 King Street.
Hare Frank, shopkeeper, Providence House, Wolverhampton Street.
Harper David & Sons (established 1850), manufacturer of best bright & black coach bolts & nuts, machinery and set screws, square & hexagon machine and hand made nuts, coach screws, bright handrail screws, horseshoe frost studs, The Leys Works; telegraphic address, "Harper, Darlaston;" telephone number 40.
Harper Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 38 Smith Street.
Harper John, gunlock maker, 27 Eldon Street.
Harper John Thomas, grocer, 1 Waverley Road.
Harper Joseph, shopkeeper, 49 Foster Street.
Harper William, shoeing smith, Bush Street.
Harper William, shopkeeper, 16 High Street.
Harris Edmund, beer retailer, 6 Moxley Road.
Harris Thomas, manufacturer of blank nuts, 19 The Leys.
Harrison Thomas Samuel, photographer, 137 Walsall Road.
Hartshorn Emmanuel, beer retailer, 83 Walsall Road.
Harvey Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 32 Bull Street.
Haycock James, bolt & nut maker, 24 Smith Street.
Haynes Edwin, carpenter, 16 Pinfold Street.
Haynes William Job, butcher, 9 Church Street.
Heaven William, coffin maker, 2 Wolverhampton Street.
Hemmingsley Jabez, shopkeeper, 13 Eldon Street.
Hickton Frederick, grocer, 2 Church Street.
Hill G. & Company Limited, boot makers, 40 King Street.
Hill Frank, stone mason, 139 Walsall Road.
Hingley Thomas, George Inn, 23 Church Street.
Hirst John, shopkeeper, 103 Walsall Road.
Hitch William, poulterer, 66 Church Street.
Hobson Alfred, ironmonger, 1 Pinfold Street.
Hodgson Robert L.D.S., R.F.P.S.Glas. dentist, Crescent Chambers, Walsall Road.
Hodgson Walter, watch maker, 54 Church Street.
Holden & Company, pawnbrokers, 27 & 28 The Green.
Holmes George, coal dealer, 113 Catherine's Cross.
Holt Sarah (Mrs.), butcher, 161 Walsall Road.
Holt William H. butcher, 7 King Street.
Home & Colonial Stores Limited. (The), tea dealers, 55 King Street.
Horne William, shopkeeper, 21 Catherine's Cross.
Horton & Son Limited, manufacturers of bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, spikes, railway fastenings and all kinds of smiths' work, Alma & New Alma works, Station Street. telegraphic address, "Horton" telephone number 1 Darlaston.
Horton Edward, boot and shoe dealer, 24 Blockall.
Horton Maria (Miss), grocer, 22 Bell Street.
Horton Mary (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 133 The Green.
Horton Samuel, hairdresser, Station Street.
Horton Samuel, shopkeeper, 68 The Green.
Horton William, beer retailer, 39 Blakemore's Lane.
Horton William, shopkeeper, 1 The Green.
Howell Thomas, boot maker, 56 Pinfold Street.
Howells William, beer retailer, 5 Bilston Street.
Howl John, tobacconist, 1a, Pinfold Street.
Hubbard James, shopkeeper, 27 King Street.
Hughes Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 105 Catherine's Cross.
Humpage Joseph, fried fish dealer, 88 Catherine's Cross.
Infectious Diseases Hospital (Walter Garman M.D.Edin. medical officer), Dangerfield Lane.
Isolation Hospital (Vincent John Magrane L.R.C.P. & S.Irel. medical officer), Heath Road.
Jacks Ada (Miss), stationer, Post office, Walsall Road.
Jackson Edward John, shopkeeper, 40a, Pinfold Street.
Jackson Joseph, haberdasher, 24 King Street.
Jeffries George, Duke of York public house, 1 Moxley Road.
Jenkins John, shopkeeper, 33 New Street.
Johnson Arthur H. grocer, 59 Wolverhampton Street.
Johnson Edwin, beer retailer, 61 High Street.
Johnston John George, butcher, 48 King Street.
Jones D. & W. corn chandlers, 93 Pinfold Street.
Jones Thomas & Son, grocers & corn dealers, 54 The Green.
Jones Emily (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 9a, Catherine's Cross.
Jones Percy S. school attendance officer, 41 King Edward Street.
Jones Samuel, pawnbroker, 87 Catherine's Cross.
Jones Thomas, joiner, Willenhall Road.
Jones Thomas Henry, general dealer, 43 Bull Street.
Jones William James, baker and grocer, Post Office, 73 The Green.
Jordan M. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Heathfield Lane.
Jowett William, greengrocer, 27 Church Street.
Joynson Bros. architects & surveyors, Walsall Road.
Joynson John Cash, surveyor to the Urban District Council and Captain of fire brigade, Town Hall.
Keay E. C. & J. Limited, iron and steel bridge and iron church and house builders, James Bridge Works, Darlaston; head office, Prince’s Chambers, Corporation Street, Birmingham.
Keay Elizabeth (Miss), fried fish dealer, 89 Pinfold Street.
Keay William Henry, Green Man inn, Willenhall Road.
Kingston Horace, butcher, 30 Church Street.
Kingston Reginald, butcher, 19 The Green.
Knowles William, bolt & nut maker, Foster Street.
Labour Exchange (H. E. W. Church, manager), 34 King Street.
Lawley Ernest, butcher, 116 The Green.
Lawrence John, butcher, 10 Catherine's Cross.
Lawton Robert Henry, printer & stationer, 8 Church Street & Bull Street.
Lealan Frederick William, greengrocer, 5 The Green, and The Leys.
Lee William H. beer retailer, 12 Cross Street.
Lees Caroline (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter, 16 Pinfold Street.
Lees William Taylor, builder, Slater Street.
Lester Arthur, beer retailer, 19 Bull Street.
Lewis Eliza Ann (Mrs.), pork butcher, 54 Booth Street.
Lewis Joseph, manufacturing confectioner, 46 King Street.
Lewis Norman Henry, pianoforte tuner, 29 Pinfold Street.
Lippitt Henry, butcher, 39 King Street.
Lloyd John Henry, grocer & baker, 109 Dorsett Road.
Lloyds Bank Limited (branch) (J. A. Robinson, manager), 2a Church Street; draw on London Office, 71 Lombard Street, EC
Lodge Holes Colliery Company Limited, colliery owners (B. Parker, certified manager), Dangerfield Lane.
Lovett John, draper, 37 Station Street.
Lowe Lockhart M.R C.S.Eng. L.R.C.P.Lond. physician & surgeon, Croft House, Walsall Road.
Lowe Samuel, butcher, 19 Victoria Road.
Lowe Titus, butcher, 4 & 68 High Street.
Lucas George, beer retailer, 89 The Green.
Ludlow Benjamin, beer retailer, 53 Bell Street.
McCormack Patrick, beer retailer, 42 Horton Street.
MacMillan Donald, draper, 58 King Street.
McNulty Andrew, shopkeeper, 53 High Street.
McNulty Annie Mariah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Park Road.
Madden Louisa (Mrs.), tobacconist, 18 Victoria Road.
Magrane Vincent John L.R.C.P. & S.Irel. medical officer of health to the Urban District Council, medical officer and public vaccinator Darlaston district, Walsall Union and certifying factory surgeon for Darlaston district, The Leys.
Mallett John, shopkeeper, 32 Cramp Hill.
Mansey Eliza (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 62 New Street.
Mansey Thomas Richard, boot dealer, 60 New Street.
Marston Mark, confectioner, 28 King Street.
Martin Frederick Charles, Vine inn, 11 Bell Street.
Martyns Stores Limited, grocers etc. 20 & 21 King Street.
Mason Bros. grocers & provision dealers, 20 Bilston Street and 84 Cramp Hill.
Mason George J. provision dealer, 3 High Street.
Mason John, newsagent, & parcels agent for the L.&N.W. Railway, 5 Pinfold Street.
Mason Lydia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Walsall Road.
Mason Samuel, shopkeeper, 60 Moxley Road.
Mason William & Company Limited, provision merchants, 19 King Street.
May Sarah Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 Moxley Road.
Mayer Thomas & Company Limited, manufacturers of nuts & bolts, coach screws, spikes, rivets, washers & machine & hand made nuts, Crown Bolt Works.
Maypole Dairy Company Limited, tea dealers, 41 King Street.
Meredith John, shopkeeper, 39 Foster Street.
Metropolitan Bank (of England & Wales) Limited, (branch) (Thomas Middleton Dodd, manager), Walsall Road; draw on head office, 60 Gracechurch Street, London EC.
Midland Electric Corporation for Power Distribution Limited, Church Street.
Millar Nicholas, customs & excise officer, 24a Pinfold Street.
Mitchell Thomas, engineer, see Wilkins & Mitchell.
Moreton Ann Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 88 The Green.
Morgan Thomas, shopkeeper, 79 Walsall Road.
Morgan William, decorator, 8 Pinfold Street.
Morris Eli, hairdresser, 90 Pinfold Street.
Morris Thomas, hay & corn dealer, Bush Street.
Morton George Henry, baker & confectioner, 17 King Street.
Morton Lawrence, customs & excise officer, 24a Pinfold Street.
Myatt John, shopkeeper, 33 The Green.
Nash William John, draper, 56 King Street.
Needhams Limited, chemists, 1 Church Street.
Nelson James & Sons Limited, butchers, 72 The Green & 9 King Street.
Newton Thomas, beer retailer, 20 Pinfold Street.
Niblett Frederick, shopkeeper & coal dealer, 47 Bilston Street.
Nicholls John, beer retailer, 11 Bull Street.
Nicholls Thomas, pawnbroker, Church Street.
Nightingale Joseph, The Swan public house, Victoria Road.
Nightingale Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Factory Street.
Nightingale William, beer retailer, 9 Booth Street.
Nurses' Institute (Miss Edith Roberts, matron), Rectory Avenue.
Old Wolverhampton Breweries Limited, maltsters, Willenhall Road & Bentley Road.
Orton John, grocer & provision dealer, 138 The Green.
Orton Thomas, butcher, 94 Pinfold Street.
Owen A. Ernest, iron roof etc. manufacturer, see Rubery Owen & Company.
Paddock William, wardrobe dealer, 53 Blockall.
Paddock William Edward, fishmonger, 53 Perry Street.
Page Brothers, iron founders, Dangerfield Lane.
Page George & Sons, bolt & nut makers & stampers, 22 Foster Street.
Page George Ernest, chimney sweeper, 21 Great Croft Street.
Page John, file cutter, 19 New Street.
Page Thomas, draper, Catherine's Cross.
Pallett Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 121 Walsall Road.
Parbott John William, fried fish dealer, 55 & 56 Blockall.
Parker Hannah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 5 High Street.
Parker John, hairdresser, 1 Blockall & 35 Church Street.
Parker John Garner, beer retailer, Cross Street & nut & bolt manufacturer, Willenhall Street.
Parkes Edward, shopkeeper, 46 Cramp Hill.
Partridge George & Son, gauge makers, 8 Smith Street.
Partridge Alfred Henry, candle maker & tallow chandler, Lower Green.
Partridge Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Dangerfield Lane.
Partridge Mark, shopkeeper, 235 Walsall Road.
Partridge Richard, shopkeeper, 20 Foster Street.
Partridge Samuel, insurance agent, 38 Bull Street.
Partridge Sarah (Mrs.), greengrocer, 75 Pinfold Street.
Payne Ernest, hair dresser, 40a King Street.
Peacock Albert F. shopkeeper, 39 King Street.
Pelham Steam Laundry Limited, 64 Church Street.
Penrice Archibald P. Old Bush inn, Bush Street.
Penrice James, gunlock maker, 16 Smith Street.
Penson Jennie (Mrs.), teacher of pianoforte, 10 Willenhall Street.
Perrins Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 86 Cramp Hill.
Perry David, shopkeeper, 15 Willenhall Road.
Perry Thomas, grocer & dealer in beer, 245 Walsall Road.
Pheasant Violet (Mrs.), general dealer, 22 Blockall.
Phillips Benjamin, hairdresser, 67 High Street.
Phillips Maurice, smith & wheelwright, Willenhall Street.
Phillips William, shopkeeper, 41 Pinfold Street.
Phipps Joseph, baker & confectioner, 6 Pinfold Street.
Phipps Joseph Ernest, beer retailer, 146 The Green.
Plumb Robert Charles, shoeing & general smith, 36 Pinfold Street.
Pomeroy Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 40 Bull Street.
Post Office Telephone (call office), 137 The Green.
Powell George, outfitter, 49 & 50 King Street.
Price Amos, confectioner, 63 Church Street.
Price James (Mrs.), coal dealer, St. John's Road.
Price James, shopkeeper, 2 Heathfield Lane.
Price James Paul, draper, 52 Blockall.
Price Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Church Street.
Pritchard James & Son, brewers, Darlaston brewery, Church street & Bell hotel, 48 & 49 Church Street.
Pritchard Charles, shopkeeper, 13 Station Street.
Pritchard Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 295 Walsall Road.
Pritchard Thomas, butcher, 3 The Green.
Prosser Alfred, brick maker, Baggott's Bridge.
Provident Clothing & Supply Company Limited (The), clothiers, 93a Pinfold Street.
Purcell John, shopkeeper, 47 Pinfold Street.
Radford William, beer retailer, 1 Albert Street.
Ravenscroft Henry (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Foster Street.
Read David Harry, greengrocer, 6 Church Street.
Richards Charles & Sons, manufacturers of all kinds of bright & black coach and engineers' bolts & nuts, wagon bolts etc. Imperial works; Telegrams, "Richards;" Telephone number 32.
Richardson Samuel Thomas, boot maker, 54 Blockall.
Richardson Thomas, boot maker & shopkeeper, 8 High Street.
Risker John, coach builder, 51 Bilston Street.
Risker Maud (Mrs.), draper, 51 Bilston Street.
Rivett John Paling, station master, James Bridge.
Roberts Florence (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 Horton Street.
Robinson J. A. manager of Lloyds Bank Limited & treasurer to the Urban District Council, 28 Church Street.
Robinson Joseph, photographer, 142 The Green.
Robinson Thomas, shopkeeper, 46 Willenhall Road.
Rolison William, shopkeeper, 55 Booth Street.
Rosa Peter, confectioner, 12 King Street.
Rose James & Richard Limited, railway carriage & coach bolt manufacturers, London works, Willenhall Street. telegraphic address, "Rose" telephone number 68
Rose John, shopkeeper, 9 Station Street.
Rose Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Pinfold Street.
Rough Hay Colliery Company Limited, 145 The Green.
Rosewarne Richard, goods agent to the L. & N. W. Railway, Bentley Road.
Rubery Owen & Company (established 1884), manufacturers of iron roofs, buildings, girders & ladders; iron fence, gate, hurdle & palisading manufacturers; iron forgings; bolt & nut manufacturers & motor car frame & aeroplane fittings manufacturers, The Green; telegraphic address, "Roofs, Darlaston"
Rubery Samuel & Son, iron & steel merchants, Blockall.
Russell James & Sons Limited, galvanisers, The Green.
St. George's Working Men's Club (Ernest Wilkins, hon. sec.), The Green.
Sabin Samuel, grocer, 24 Heathfield Lane.
Salisbury A. & C. (Misses), drapers, 39b, King Street.
Salisbury William, greengrocer, 30 New Street.
Salt Thomas & Company Limited (Harry Evans, manager), Dog & Pheasant public house, 13 Blockall.
Seager William A. beer retailer, Eldon Street.
Seaman William
, bolt & nut manufacturer, Addenbrooke Street.
Self E. M. (Miss) L.O.S. midwife, 14 The Leys.
Shaw Jonathan & Company (Darlaston) Limited, steel merchants, Lower Green.
Sheargold Harry, beer retailer, 3 Pinfold Street.
Showells Brewery Company Limited, Waggon & Horses public house, (Thomas Salt, manager), 57 King Street.
Simkin E. & Company, shopkeepers, 28 Station Street.
Simkin Joseph, confectioner, 58 Church Street.
Simmonds Charles, grocer, 17 Station Street.
Simmonds John Thomas, Boat Commercial Inn, Bentley Road.
Simpson James & Sons Bolts & Nuts Limited, nut & bolt manufacturers, Acorn Works, Bills Street.
Simpson Harold J. ironmonger, 1 King Street.
Singer Sewing Machine Company Limited, 9 Pinfold Street.
Sivern Ellen (Miss), draper, 42 Willenhall Street.
Slater & Company, solicitors, Walsall Road; & at Birmingham & Willenhall.
Slater Archibald B.A.Oxon. solicitor, see Slater & Company.
Slater Samuel, tobacconist, 151 Walsall Road.
Slater Samuel Mills M.A., B.C.L.Oxon. (firm, Slater & Company), solicitor & commissioner, clerk to Willenhall justices, Walsall Road.
Sleeth Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 Tilley Street.
Small Alfred, Old Horse & Jockey public house, 33 Walsall Road.
Small Thomas, shopkeeper, 18 The Green.
Small William, grocer, 30 Bull Street.
Small William, shopkeeper, 69 The Green.
Smart William, baker, 9 Catherine's Cross.
Smith & Baxter, bakers, Bull street & 10 Church Street.
Smith J. & Son, well borers, Dorsett Road.
Smith Arthur, Old Castle public house, Pinfold Street.
Smith Betsy (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 51 Blockall.
Smith Elizabeth A. (Mrs.), beer retailer, 251 Walsall Road.
Smith George, manufacturer of blank nuts, Mill Street.
Smith George, tailor, 24a, Pinfold Street.
Smith Harry Wilmot M.B., C.M.Edin. surgeon, Blockall.
Smith John, shopkeeper, 45 Catherine's Cross.
Smith Robert, picture frame maker, Church Street.
Smith Thomas, boot dealer, Catherine's Cross.
Smith William, beer retailer, 82 Catherine's Cross.
Snape Miriam (Mrs.), beer retailer, 131 The Green.
South Staffordshire Land & Investment Company Limited, (A. Slater, sec.), Walsall Road.
Spink Samuel, beer retailer, 17 Willenhall Road.
Sproat William Henry, pawnbroker, 63 New Street.
Stackhouse Jesse, greengrocer, 85 Walsall Road.
Staffordshire Bolt, Nut & Fencing Company Limited, manufacturers of bolts & nuts.
Stambridge William, beer retailer, 46 Bilston Street.
Stanbury William Walker, draper & clothier, 31 King Street.
Standard Bolt & Nut Company Limited (The), bolt & nut manufacturers, Salisbury Street.
Standley Emma (Mrs.), shopkeeper & beer retailer, 38 Dangerfield Lane.
Standley Herbert L. beer retailer, 9 Heathfield Lane.
Stevens John, greengrocer, 10 High Street.
Stevenson Frederick, milliner, 47 King Street.
Stokes Arthur, shopkeeper, 12 Horton Street.
Sykes George, timber merchant, Wolverhampton Road.
Tanner Caroline (Miss), draper, 56 Church Street.
Taylor George William, coal dealer, 8 Foster Street.
Taylor Richard, greengrocer, 18 Slater Street.
Taylor Thomas, greengrocer, 231 Walsall Road.
Taylor William, shopkeeper, 1 Foster Street.
Tench B. Astley, solicitor, The Hollies, Walsall Road.
Territorial Force Battalion (6th) (F Co.) South Staffordshire Regiment (Capt. T. E. Lowe; James Bryan. sergeant-instructor), 61 & 62 Church Street.
Thompson David, beer retailer, 23 Foster Street.
Thornburn John, boot & shoe dealer, 53 King Street.
Thurston Eliza (Mrs.), butcher, 17 Pinfold Street.
Tildesley Jesse Limited, manufacturer of iron & steel bridges, Crescent works, Willenhall Road.
Tipper Emma (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 102a, The Green.
Tolley, Sons & Bostock, iron & steel manufacturers, Lower Green.
Tolley William, Vine public house, 40 Station Street.
Tooley William, pattern maker, 30 New Street.
Town Hall, Public Buildings.
Tranter William, shopkeeper, 91 Catherine's Cross.
Turley Richard, beer retailer, 26 Willenhall Street.
Turner & Sons, gunlock makers, 2 Blakemore's Lane.
Turner Emma (Mrs.), general dealer, 23 Blockall.
Turner William, fried fish dealer, 43 Pinfold Street.
Twigger Samuel, shopkeeper, 4 Great Croft Street.
Walker Ernest, draper, 4 Willenhall Street.
Walker Job, shopkeeper, 24 Walsall Street.
Walters David, shopkeeper, 31 The Green.
Walters Fred, shopkeeper, Blockall.
Ward Abraham, coal dealer, Wolverhampton Street.
Ward Alfred John, beer retailer, 37 High Street.
Wardle John, beer retailer, 21 Walsall Road.
Webb Sidney, undertaker, 41a, King Street.
Wednesbury & District New Co-operative Society Limited, grocers, 257 Walsall Road.
Welch Frances Amelia (Miss), milliner, 59 High Street.
Wells Samuel, New Junction Inn, 15 Forge Road.
West John, dining rooms, 59 Church Street.
Weston George, boot maker, 30 Cramp Hill.
Whitehouse John, jun. grocer & corn dealer, 61 The Green.
Whitehouse Richard, Old Crown Inn, 15 Cramp Hill.
Whitehouse Simeon, beer retailer, 25 The Green.
Whiting Arthur, fried fish dealer, 15 Pinfold Street.
Wiles James, shopkeeper, 47 New Street.
Wiley James & Sons Limited (established 1860), patentees & manufacturers of every description of bolts & nuts (black & bright, hand & machine made in iron & steel), set screws, engineers' studs, coupling boxes & builders’ roof iron work, bed screws, handrail screws, Excelsior spout clips, horse shoe frost studs, also Norfolk, Suffolk & other latches for home & export. Eagle Works, The Green; telegrams, "Wiley, Darlaston;" Telephone number 83.
Wiley Enoch, shopkeeper, 48 & 50 Willenhall Road.
Wilkes Enoch & Company Limited, manufacturers of bolts & nuts, Britannia Works, Station Street.
Wilkes Limited, manufacturers of bolts & nuts, Grand Junction Works, James Bridge.
Wilkes Albert Henry, teacher of music, Rectory Avenue.
Wilkes Annie (Miss), registrar of births & deaths & vaccination officer for Darlaston & sub-district, 25 Church Street.
Wilkes Charles, Red Lion public house, 67 Church Street.
Wilkes Christopher, stationer & printer, 32 King Street.
Wilkes Cuthbert T. deputy registrar of births & deaths for Darlaston, Walsall Union, 25 Church Street.
Wilkes George Henry, teacher of music, Slater Street.
Wilkes John, shopkeeper, 55 Bilston Street.
Wilkes Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Foundry Street.
Wilkins & Mitchell, mechanical engineers, The Green.
Wilkins Metz, draper, 43 King Street.
Williams Herbert, beer retailer, 65 Pinfold Street.
Winn W. Martin & Company, bolt & nut manufacturers, Station Works, James Bridge.
Winn William, pawnbroker, 22 Pinfold Street.
Winsper Thomas, bolt & nut manufacturer, Factory Street.
Winsper William, Crown & Cross Guns public house, 24 New Street.
Winter Frank, boot & shoe dealer, 5 King Street.
Withers Thomas, drug stores, 11 King Street.
Wolverhampton & District Bill Posting & Advertising Company Limited, Pinfold Street.
Wood John, White Lion Hotel, 36 King Street.
Wood Thomas, pawnbroker, 31 & 32 High Street.
Woodall Albert, tobacconist, 3 Church Street.
Woodbine William, fried fish dealer, 50 The Green.
Woodhall Henry, beer retailer, 16 Cross Street.
Woodhouse William & Sons, saddlers, 18 Church Street.
Woodward Alice (Mrs.), hat & coat hook manufacturer, Dangerfield Lane.
Wright A. C. grocer, Walsall Road.
Yardley & Carter, latch manufacturers, 40 Willenhall Street.
Yardley Jabez & Company Limited, bolt & nut makers, Bills Street.
Yardley Job W. beer retailer, 16 Factory Street.
Yates John, beer retailer, 13 New Street.

An advert from the 1920s.

Pinfold Street. From an old postcard.

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