The Darlaston section from Harrison, Harrod, and Company's Directory & Gazetteer of Staffordshire, published in 1861.
Darlaston is a town in the South Offlow hundred, and diocese of Lichfield, distant 1 mile E. from Bilston, 1½ mile N. from Wednesbury, and 3 miles S. W. from Walsall. The manufactures carried on here are in gun locks, iron and wood screws, screw bolts, shoe tips, files, nails, latches, roller buckles, locks, curry-combs, patten rings, carpet bag frames, handrails, bullet moulds. There are iron foundries, steel works, stone quarries and brick fields. Here are also several extensive ironstone and coal pits. The church dedicated to St. Lawrence, is a neat brick building with a spire and belfry, and four clock faces. The living is a rectory. There are chapels for Independents and Wesleyans, also National, Wesleyan, and Sunday schools.

Post Office: Henry Wright, postmaster, Blockall. Letters arrive from London at 7 a.m., and at 2.30 p.m., dispatched at 9.30 a.m and 8.20 p.m. Money orders granted and paid at this office.

Police Station: New Street.
Water Work's Company, offices: Pinfold Street, Mr. William Horton, manager.
Registrar of Births and Deaths: George A. Wilkes, Blockall.


St. Lawrence, Rev. G. White, M.A., rector.
St. George's, Rev. M. Hathaway, B.A., curate.


Independent, Church Street; ministers various.
Primitive Methodist, Bell street; ministers various.
Methodist Free Church, Great Croft Street; ministers various.
Wesleyan, The Green; ministers various.
Wesleyan, Pinfold Street; ministers various.


National (Old Church): William Butler, master; Miss Hardy, mistress.
National (St. George’s): Joshua Vaughan, master; Miss Rodgers, mistress.


To Birmingham: Corns, Thursday and Saturday; Howl Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Shore, Saturday; Taylor, Thursday and Saturday.
To Wolverhampton: Corns, Wednesday and Saturday; Taylor, Wednesday.

Gentry etc.

Bills, Mrs., Church Street
Bridgwater, the Misses, Catherine’s Cross
Green, Charles, Blockall
Griffiths, James, King Street
Grimaldi, Rev. H. B., King's Hill
Hathaway, Rev. M., B.A., The Green
Lay, James, Darlaston House
Marshall, William, Mill House
Meeson, Samuel, New Street
Walton, Charles, Bell Street
White, Rev. G. W., M. A., Rectory
Wilkes, John, Woods Bank

Traders etc.

Adams, John F., solicitor, Pinfold Street
Addenbrooke, Smith, and Pidcock, coal and iron masters and iron founders, Rough Hay Works
Archer, Alfred, tobacco pipe maker, Cross Street
Archer, J. and S., manufacturers of railway bolts and gun locks, Union Nut and Bolt Works, Pinfold Street and Great Croft Street
Baggot, James, Nag's Head, The Green
Baggott, Joseph, shopkeeper, Bilston Street
Baggott, William, carpenter, The Green
Bagnall, John and Sons, coal masters, Blakemore Colliery
Baker, Benjamin, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Baker, Phoebe, beer retailer, Foster Street
Banton, Joseph, beer retailer, Eldon Street
Bates, William, tailor, Pinfold Street
Bayley, Elizabeth, maltster, Bull Stake
Bayley, Henry, pork butcher, King Street
Bayley, John, beer retailer, Bell Street
Bayley, Samuel, shoe maker, Church Street
Bayley, Samuel, gunlock maker, The Green
Bayley, Thomas, gunlock filer, Cramp Hill
Belcher, James, Academy, Willenhall Street
Belcher, Margaret, ladies' school, Willenhall Street
Belcher, William, hairdresser, Blockall
Benton, Joseph, beer retailer, Eldon Street
Bishop, Charles, draper, Church Street
Bird, Thomas, shopkeeper, Catherine's Cross
Bird, Thomas, Fountain, Walsall Road
Blakemore, J. T., plumber, Bell Street
Blakemore, Thomas, tailor, Pardoe's Lane
Bonner, William, British wine dealer, The Green
Booth & Co., furniture dealers, etc., Blockhall
Breverton, A. and E., pawnbrokers, Cock Street
Breverton, Edward, beer retailer, Cock Street
Brevitt, Archibald, butcher, Church Street
Brevitt, Laura, shopkeeper, Bilston Street
Bridgwater, J. and Son, gunlock filers, Walsall Road
Bridgwater, John, shopkeeper, Walsall Road
Bridgwater, Samuel, shoe maker, Church Street
Broadhun, George, butcher, Blockall
Bromley, Samuel, stonemason, Butcroft
Brown, George, Cross Guns, New Street
Bruerton, Enoch, Dartmouth Arms and auctioneer, Cock Street
Burns, Samuel, bolt maker, The Green
Butler, Charles, screw maker, Catherine's Cross
Butler, Ellen, gunlock maker, Catherine's Cross
Butler, Evan, grocer, Cock Street
Butler, James, bedstead screw maker, Blakemore Lane
Butler, Job, gunlock forger, New Street
Butler, John, shopkeeper, Pinfold Street
Butler, John, grocer, New Street
Butler, John, beer retailer, Cock Street
Butler, Jonah, screw bolt maker, Foundry Street
Butler, Joseph, butcher and farmer, King Street
Butler, Joseph, hinge maker, Blakemore Lane
Butler, Joseph, grocer, King Street
Butler, Mary, gunlock forger, Eldon Street
Butler, Moses, gunlock filer, Blockall
Butler, Samuel, screw maker, Catherine's Cross
Butler, Thomas, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Butler, Thomas, farmer, Fallings Heath
Buttress, William, butcher, Catherine's Cross

Canlet, Richard, gunlock filer, Butcroft
Canlet, Samuel, beer retailer, Pardoe's Lane
Cantrell, Samuel, beer retailer, Church Street
Cartell, John, provision dealer, King Street
Carter, Charles, beer retailer, New Street
Carter, Samuel, screw maker, Foster Street
Carter, William and Sons, shoe tip, etc., manufacturers, Foster Street
Clifford, John, linen and woollen draper, King Street
Cockram, Hannah, The Boat, The Green
Cockram, William, butcher, Catherine's Cross
Coleman, William, poultry dealer, New Street
Cooper, Henry, grocer, Blockall
Cooper, John, band screw maker, Walsall Street
Corbett, E. J., beer retailer, Bilston Street
Corbett, John, druggist and grocer, King Street
Corbett, William, Crown and Cross Guns, New Street
Corbett, William, shopkeeper, Blockall
Corbett, William, union and gunlock filer, Pinfold Street
Corns, Davey, carrier, Bell Street
Corns, John, Horse and Jockey and farrier, Butcroft
Corns, Joseph, horse dealer, Pinfold Street
Cotterill, Alex., manufacturer of machines, screws, bolts, etc., Butcroft Works
Cotterill, John, shopkeeper, Cross Street
Cotterill, Joseph, blacksmith, Butcroft
Cressall, Thomas, shopkeeper, Foster Street
Cresswell, James, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Cresswell, Thomas, nail factor, Foster Street
Cresswell and Thould, shoe tip manufacturers, Pinfold Street
Cutler, Joseph, beer retailer, Butcroft
Dack, George, hairdresser, Catherine's Cross
Dangerfield, Ann, beer retailer, The Leys
Dangerfield, Edward, gunlock filer, Wolverhampton Lane
Dangerfield, Rebecca, school, Bull Stake
Dangerfield, Reuben, gunlock filer, The Green
Dicken, Ann and Maria, school, Church Street
Disternal, James, screw bolt maker, New Street
Dolman, Thomas, beer retailer and screw maker, Catherine's Cross
Done, William, tailor, Cramp Hill
Dudgeson, John, blacksmith, Church Street
Dudhill, Adam, gunlock maker, The Green
Dudhill, Ambrose, gunlock maker, The Green
Duffield, James, beer retailer, Bilston Street
Duffield, John, stamper, Bilston Street
Duffield, William, tailor, Pinfold Street
Dumbleton, Samuel, screw forger, Eldon Street
Duncombe, John, gunlock forger, Pinfold Street
Eaton, Job, ironfounder, Willenhall Street
Eaton, John, gunlock filer, Eldon Street
Eaton, Samuel, shopkeeper, Wolverhampton Lane
Edwards, Joseph, watchmaker, The Green
Elmore, William, boot maker, Catherine's Cross
Evans, Simeon, King's Arms, Cross Street
Farmer, Edward, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Firm, Samuel, screw bolt maker, Bilston Street
Firm, William, beer retailer, Cross Street
Foster, Benjamin, nail maker, Cock Street
Foster, Benjamin, screw forger, The Green
Foster, Jacob, farmer, Catherine's Cross
Foster, James, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Foster, John. Screw forger, Bilston Street
Foster, Jonah, file maker, Bilston Street
Foster, Joseph, nail maker, The Green
Foster, Moses, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Foster, Stephen, gun implement forger, Foster Street
Foster, Thomas and Son, screw manufacturers, New Street
Foster, Thomas, beer retailer, Foster Street
Foster, William, gunlock filer, The Green
Foster, William, tobacconist, King Street
Fox, John, beer retailer, Cramp Hill
Fullwood, William, shoemaker, Pinfold Street

Garratt, Edward, shopkeeper, Pinfold Street
Garrington, Benjamin, gun implement maker, The Green
Garrington, John, general stamper, etc., Old Phoenix Works, Catherine's Cross
Genders, John, shoemaker, The Green
Giles, Benjamin, nail maker, Cramp Hill
Giles, George, shopkeeper, Cramp Hill
Giles, Joseph, buckle tongue maker, The Green
Giles, Samuel, shopkeeper, Willenhall Street
Golcher, J. and Son, gunlock manufacturers, King Street
Golcher, George, gunlock maker, Foster Street
Gough, James, Norfolk latch maker, etc., Willenhall Street
Green, Charles, maltster, Church Street
Green, George W., surveyor, Church Street
Griffiths, George, gunlock filer, etc. Falling's Heath
Griffiths, James, beer retailer, Dale End
Griffiths, Joseph, beer retailer, Church Street
Griffiths, Joseph, haberdasher, King Street
Griffiths, Thomas, spring bar maker, Foster Street
Griffiths, Thomas, gunlock filer, Walsall Street
Guest, John, gunlock filer, Great Croft Street
Guest, Joseph, beer retailer, Blakemore Lane
Haden, Benjamin, bolt screw maker, Foster Street
Hammonds, Joseph, beer retailer, Cramp Hill
Hancock, Emanuel, lock manufacturer, Bull Stake
Hancox, James, beer retailer, etc., Pinfold Street
Handy, Charles E., surgeon Catherine's Cross
Harper, David, screw maker, The Leys
Harper, Enoch, screw maker, Pinfold Street
Harper, George, lock filer, Willenhall Street
Harper, John, shopkeeper, Cock Street
Harper, Joseph, pawnbroker, The Leys
Harper, William, saddler, Blockall
Harper, William, beer retailer, Foster Street
Harper, William. gunlock filer, The Leys
Harrison, Job, shoemaker, The Leys
Hartless, James, screw bolt maker, The Leys
Hartstone, Edward, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Hawkins, Sarah, gunlock forger, Foster Street
Hawkins, Thomas, gunlock forger, Falling's Heath
Haycock, Sarah, earthenware dealer, King Street
Haynes, Job, butcher, Bilston Street
Haynes, John, beer retailer, The Green
Haynes, Mary, butcher, The Green
Hemming, Charles, earthenware dealer, King Street
Hemmings, William, tailor, Catherine's Cross
Hemmingsly, David, butcher, King Street
Henn, Silas, watchmaker, King Street
Hitch, William, poulterer, Pinfold Street
Holden, John, gunlock filer, Dale End
Holder, William, gunlock filer, New Road
Horton, Eliza, Dog and Partridge, King Street
Horton, George, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Horton, Thomas, grocer, King Street
Horton, William and Son, manufacturers of railway spikes, etc., Alma Works, The Green
Horton, William, grocer, Bull Stake
How, Obadiah, poulterer, King Street
Howe, Thomas, baker, Pinfold Street
Howell, Joseph, screw maker, Great Croft Street
Howl, Japhet, screw maker, Cramp Hill
Howl, Obadiah, carrier, King Street
Howl, Thomas, stirrup maker, Foster Street
Howle, John, beer retailer, Cross Street
Hubbard, Humphry, beer retailer, Bell Street
Humpage, George, shopkeeper, Catherine's Cross
Humpage, Thomas, gunlock forger, The Green
Huskins, James, provision dealer, King Street
Hyde, James, gunlock filer, The Green
Ison, Richard, butcher, New Street
Ison, William, butcher, Church Street
Jackson, Thomas, Dog and Pheasant, Blockall
Jenkins, George, beer retailer, James Bridge
Jeson, William, butcher, Church Street
Johnson, John, chemist, King Street
Johnson, Joseph, gunlock forger, Bilston Street
Johnson, William, beer retailer, The Green
Jones, Abraham, shoe maker, etc., Pinfold Street
Jones, Charles, Red Lion, Church Street
Jones, Francis, beer retailer, The Green
Jones, David, iron and coal master, Herbert’s Park Colliery
Jones, Job, iron founder, Dangerfield Lane
Jones, Lucy, Duke of York, Catherine's Cross
Jones, Thomas, White Lion, King Street
Jones, Thomas, butcher, Bell Street
Jones, Thomas, shopkeeper, The Green
Knowles, Catherine, shopkeeper, The Green
Lancaster, Edward, boot maker, King Street
Latham, A. W., surgeon, King Street
Lawton, Thomas, shopkeeper, Dangerfield Lane
Lee, John, shopkeeper, Wolverhampton Lane
Lees, James, mould maker, Eldon Street
Longmore, Jabez, patten ring maker, Church Street
Longmore, William, ironmonger, Catherine's Cross
Linch, John, shoemaker, Catherine's Cross
McQued, William, wheelwright, Cramp Hill
Maddock, William, grocer, King Street
Malpas, Daniel, gunlock filer, Blockall
Malpas, John, gunlock filer, The Green
Malpas, William, gunlock filer, The Green
Mark, James, gunlock filer, Cramp Hill
Marriott, Samuel, beer retailer, The Green
Marson, Thomas, file maker, Lower Green
Mason, Edward, gunlock filer, Cramp Hill
Mason, Edwin, gunlock filer, Cramp Hill
Millington, Joseph, baker, Pinfold Gate
Millington, Joseph, beer retailer, Bull Stake
Millington, William, shoemaker, Cramp Hill
Mills, Samuel, coal and iron master, and manufacturer of steel, etc., Darlaston Green Iron and Steel Works
Moore, Charles, grocer, Pinfold Street
Moore, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, New Street
Moore, William, shopkeeper, Pinfold Street
Morris, John, shoe maker, etc., Bell Street
Morris, William, hairdresser, Blockall
Morriss, William, currier, Pinfold Street
New British Iron Company Colliery, Thomas Owen, agent, The Green
Newton, Isaac, band maker, The Green
Nightingale, Edward, beer retailer, Bilston Street
Nightingale, Jones, gunlock filer, King Street
Oates, W. and G., coal masters, The Green
Oliver, John, screw maker, Foster Street
Owen, Henry, coal dealer, The Green
Owen, Hugh, beer retailer, The Green
Page, George, hosier, King Street
Parker William, chemist, King Street
Partridge, Job and Enoch, gunlock makers, Butcroft
Partridge, Daniel, shoe maker, Pardoe’s Lane
Partridge, Ewen, baker, Cramp Hill
Partridge, Evans, beer retailer, Eldon Street
Partridge, George, gauge maker, New Road
Partridge, Grafton, grocer, etc., King Street
Partridge, John, house agent, Cramp Hill
Partridge, Mary, beer retailer, Cramp Hill
Partridge, Samuel, surgeon, Croft House
Partridge, Simeon, corn factor, Pinfold Street
Partridge, Thomas, hosier, King Street
Partridge, Thomas, coach bolt maker, Catherine's Cross
Partridge, William, grocer, Pinfold Street
Pearce, Edward, tailors, Woods Bank
Pearce, Thomas, bookseller, Foster Street
Pedley, John, screw turner, Cross Street
Penrice, George, beer retailer, Great Croft Street
Penrice, Joseph, beer retailer, Cock Street
Penrice, Thomas, gunlock filer, etc., Smith Street
Perry, George, Castle Inn, Pinfold Street
Perry, John, bullet mould maker, Eldon Street
Perry, Joseph, shoemaker, The Green
Pickerhill, Edward, greengrocer, King Street
Plant, John, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Poole, John, roller buckle maker, The Green
Price, James, wheelwright, Butcroft
Pritchard, George, plumber, Pinfold Street
Pritchard, Jones, The Bell, Church Street
Proffitt, Edward, shopkeeper, Bilston Street
Proffitt, John, wrought roller buckle maker, Foster Street
Proffitt, William, stamper, Willenhall Street
Prosett, E. J., grocer, Bilston Street
Rancock, James, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Ramsom, T, W., surgeon, Church Street
Ray, Francis, hairdresser, Cock Street
Read, Mark, beer retailer, Cock Street
Reddall, William, file cutter, Blockall
Reynolds, Edward, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Ridding, Mary, shopkeeper, etc., The Green
Rigby, Daniel, gunlock filer, Butcroft
Riley, Benjamin, gunlock filer, etc., New Street
Riley, Benjamin, gunlock filer, The Leys
Riley, Joseph, gunlock filer, Walsall Road
Riley, Joseph, pistol maker, New Street
Riley, William, screw maker, New Street
Robert, Philemon, grocer, Pinfold Street
Robinson, Daniel, screw manufacturer, Foster Street
Robinson, George, manufacturer of bolts, nuts, etc., London Bolt and Nut Works
Robinson, Isaac, bullet mould maker, The Green
Robinson, J. S., beer retailer, The Green
Rose and Company, screw manufacturers, Lower Green
Rogers, Thomas, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Rubery, Samuel, iron merchant, Blockall
Ryley, John, grocer, etc., King Street

Samson and Griffiths, establishment for young ladies, King Street
Samson, Mary, shoemaker, Pinfold Street
Serdefield, Samuel, boot maker, King Street
Severn, John, beer retailer, Pinfold Street
Shailer, George, draper, Church Street
Shaw, John, gunlock forger, Cramp Hill
Shingleton, John, beer retailer, etc., The Green
Shore, George, screw maker, Church Street
Silvester, John, jun., miller, Catherine's Cross
Simpkin, John, gunlock filer, Falling's Heath
Simkin, Mary, beer retailer, Cock Street
Simkin, Richard, gunlock filer, Falling's Heath
Simkin, William, shoe maker, Pardoe’s Lane
Simpson, Bayliss and Company, manufacturers of screw bolts, railway fastenings, chains, cables, iron hurdles, and iron fencing of every description, Providence screw and bolt works, Catherine's Cross
Simpson, James, machine screws, etc., manufacturer, Smith Street
Skemp, Joseph, hosier, King Street
Slater, James, solicitor, Bull Stake
Slater, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, and printer, King Street
Smith, Alphonso, hairdresser, Church Street
Smith, Thomas, grocer, King Street
Smith, WiIliam, shopkeeper and shoe maker, Bell Street
South Staffordshire Water Works Company, Joseph Horton, agent, Pinfold Street
Spruce, George, beer retailer, Blakemore Lane
Stackhouse, Mary, shopkeeper, Cock Street
Stanway, John, pawnbroker, Bell Street
Stathan, Thomas, gunlock maker, Great Croft Street
Steatham, Samuel, beer retailer, etc., Butcroft
Steward, William, beer retailer, Church Street
Stokes, John, beer retailer and lock maker, Foster Street
Stokes, John, carpenter, Cock Street
Stokes, Samuel, beer retailer, etc., Cock Street
Styler, Joseph, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Sutton, Charles, shoe maker, Pinfold Street
Taylor, John, roller buckle maker, The Green
Taylor, Joseph, buckle maker, The Green
Taylor, Thomas, screw maker, etc., The Green
Taylor, William, beer retailer, New Street
Teece, Thomas, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Thomas, Nathaniel, blacksmith, The Green
Tipper, David, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Lane
Tombys, Disney, draper, Pinfold Street
Tomkys, Thomas, chemist, King Street
Tranter, James, wood turner, Catherine’s Cross
Turner, B., gunlock filer, Cramp Hill
Turner, Daniel, timber merchant, The Green
Turner, Samuel, shopkeeper, Blockall
Tyler, William, earthernware dealer, etc., Great Croft Street
Tysull, Thomas, Norfolk latch maker, Eldon Street
Underwood, James, butcher, Pinfold Street
Walford, George, beer retailer, Catherine's Cross
Warrender, Frederick, shoe maker, King Street
Watkins, Thomas, beer retailer, Walsall Street
Watson, James, Waggon and Horses, King Street
Whistance, John, furniture broker, Cock Street
White, John, pork butcher, King Street
White, William, tailor, King Street
Whitehouse, Henry, engineer, Willenhall Street
Whitehouse, John, gunlock filer, Blockall
Wiles, Samuel, shopkeeper, Eldon Street
Wilkes, Aquila, shopkeeper, The Green
Wilkes, Edward, screw forger, Blakemore Lane
Wilkes, Enoch, screw manufacturer, The Green
Wilkes, George, Green Dragon, and nut and bolt maker, Church Street
Wilkes, George, George Inn, Church Street
Wilkes, George, gunlock filer, New Road
Wilkes, George, Old Bush, The Green
Wilkes, George, shopkeeper, etc., Catherine's Cross
Wilkes, G. A. and J., druggists and grocers, Blockall and Pinfold Street
Wilkes, James, The Vine, and gunlock maker, Bell Street
Wilkes, John, builder, Foster Street
Wilkes, John, bed screw maker, Bell Street
Wilkes, John, screw maker and shopkeeper, Cramp Hill
Wilkes, Mary, beer retailer, Cock Street
Wilkes, Samuel, butcher, King Street
Wilkes, Theophilus, shopkeeper, Catherine's Cross
Wilkes, Thomas, file cutter, Blakemore Lane
Wilkes, Thomas, file maker, Great Croft Street
Wilkes, Thomas, grocer, Church Street
Wilkes, William, general dealer, Cock Street
Wilkes, William, grocer, Bilston Street
Wilkes, William, gunlock forger, Eldon Street
Wilkes, William, gunlock forger, Cramp Hill
Wilkins, John, tailor, The Green
Williams, Charles, beer retailer, The Green
Williams, William, builder, Butcroft
Winsper, Betsy, beer retailer, Great Croft Street
Winsper, William, shopkeeper, etc., The Green
Wood, Joseph, tailor, Church Street
Wood, Thomas, carpenter, Great Croft Street
Wood, Thomas, confectioner, Pinfold Street
Wood, W., painter and beer retailer, The Green
Wood, W., shopkeeper, Catherine's Cross
Woodward, John, beer retailer, etc., Catherine's Cross
Wright, Henry, hosier and post office, Blockall
Wyley, Thomas, cooper, Bell Street
Yardley and Carter, shoe tip and latch manufacturer, The Leys
Yardley, Isaiah, butcher, Pinfold Street
Yates, George, nail maker, The Green
Yates, George, bit maker, The Green
Yates, Joseph, manufacturer of bits, gear buckles, etc., The Green
Yates, Joseph, Scott Arms, and gunlock maker, Blockall
Yates, Moses, iron merchant, Cramp Hill
Young, Joseph, tailor, King Street

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