Appendix 1.  Smalls’ Dairy at 90 The Green

The James Wiley Nut & Bolt factory in The Green where Thomas Small operated an Oliver machine to supplement the dairy business. The shop on the corner of Booth Street is where Thomas Small the baker moved to.
Satellite view of the site of The Royal Exchange and Nos 90, 91 and 92 The Green.

Nos 93 and 94 were where the bank was. No 95 was where the house behind the roadside tree is. This was a blacksmiths forge at the roadside.

The long bungalow is approximately in line with the location of Smalls' cowsheds but on the opposite side of the boundary wall.

The Royal Exchange. No. 89 The Green. The tall building behind the pub in Richards Street was the pub's brewery.

The site of the Royal Exchange in 2019. Richards Street is on the left.

Demolition of the “Khyber Pass” in Rough Hay at end of 19th century. From “Walsall as it was”. Probably the supports for a railway related to Addenbrooke's ironworks. The Smalls used to herd the cows through the remains of this.

Sidney Small in around 1922. The ladder to the animal feed loft is behind.

Kathleen Mary Small in around 1930 at 90 The Green.

Florence, Doris and Sarah Ann Small in the 1930s.

The 1939 Register for 89 – 110 The Green.

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