Appendix 3.  Ordnance Survey Maps


On the 1885 OS Map above: Addenbrooke Street did not exist, Church View Cottages did not exist. No.1 Bush Street present with a second house behind Green Cottage not present as not built until 1892. No. 1 Court in Bush Street had 7 houses of which 4 were behind Nos. 2 and 3. Nos. 2,3, and 4 Bush Street present, built in 1851. No.90 The Green and The Royal Exchange pub with its brewery behind present. No. 90 had wide access, yard and buildings to the rear which may have been stables.
On the 1902 OS Map above: Addenbrooke Street present, but not Holland's house. Jubilee Buildings present, so built between 1897 and 1901. Prospect Place not present- built around 1904. Green Cottage present – built 1892. Two houses in court 1 demolished leaving a small field, 3 houses behind Green Cottage, and 2 houses behind 2 &3 Bush Street. Royal Exchange with brewery, and 90 The Green with wide gate, yard and sheds.
On 1918 OS Map of Darlaston Green above, Hollands Dairy in place pre 1911. Prospect Place operational - built circa 1904. Green dairy fully developed – built 1904. 2 houses left behind Nos.2 & 3 Bush Street. Small's dairy fully operational since 1903.

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