Darlaston Trades

Early Closing-Thursday.

Hampton, S., 22 Avenue Road
Joynson Bros., Butcroft.

Art Needlework Depots
Clamp, E. & M., 128 Walsall Road

Baby Linen Specialists
Day, A. & E., 79 Pinfold Street
The Baby Shop, Darlaston Road

Lloyds Bank, Ltd., Church Street
Midland Bank, Ltd., Walsall Road

Bolt, Nut and Screw Manufacturers
Etchells & Son, Ltd., Bull Piece Works
Hampton & Dean, Ltd., Edward Street
Mayer, T., & Co., Ltd., The Green
Midland Bolt, Nut, and Rivet Co., Ltd., Midland Works
Normalized Bolts, Ltd., Beard Street
Nuts & Bolts (Darlaston), Ltd., Foster Street
Richards & Sons, Ltd., Imperial Works
Rose, J. & R., Ltd., Willenhall Street
Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Eagle Works
Wilkes, Ltd., Grand Junction Works
Winn, W. Martin, Ltd., Station Works

Boot and Shoe Retailers and Repairers
Baker, J., & Sons, Ltd., 18 King Street.
Jones, E. H., 25 The Green
Underwood, J., 40 King Street
Ward, A., 10 The Green; specialist in boot and shoe repairs

Brick and Tile Makers
Rough Hay Brick & Colliery Co. Ltd.

Builders’ Merchants
Bartlett, W., 23 St John's Road

Building Contractors
Dallow, J., & Sons, Addenbrooke Street
Jones, T., 59 Walsall Road
Perrins, E., 7 King Edward Street
Stone, H., 22 Partridge Avenue

Baker, T. W., Pinfold Street
Bayley, A. & M., 15 King Street
Eaton & Son, 20 Blockall
Groves, Ltd., 2 Church Street
Hadley, H., 195 Walsall Road
Hollingsworth Bros., 12 King Street
Kingston, D., 52 King Street
Lowe, T., 4 High Street
Pritchard, F., 3 The Green
Winkle, F., Bush Street

Candle Manufacturers
Partridge, A. H., Ltd., City Candle Works, The Green

Chemists, pharmaceutical
Jackson & Sons, 86 Pinfold Street
Moore, H., 8 The Green
Taylor. British Chemists, 20 King Street

Cinemas and Theatres
Olympia, Blockall
Picturedrome, Ltd., Crescent Road
Regal Cinema, Pinfold Street

Foster, Mrs M., 38-39 Bull Street; tobacconist
Pittam, A., 1 The Green
Topper's Snack Bar, 14 Pinfold Street

Corn Merchants
Dunn, W. H., 83 Moxley Road
Lewis, F., 26 King Street.

Dental Surgeons
Bradley, J., 61 Walsall Road
Browne, H., 11 Walsall Road

Bradshaw, A., 114 Darlaston Road, King Hill
Clamp, E. & M., 128 Walsall Road; general drapers
Day, A., 79 Pinfold Street
Fletcher, Mrs, Wood Street
McDougall, J., 62 High Street
Marston, H., 3 Church Street
Pawson (Darlaston), Ltd., 54 King Street
Povey, Mrs, 7 Willenhall Street; also general dealer
Small, A., 6 The Green

Clayton, Son, & Co., Ltd., Gasholder Site, Darlaston Road
Eccleston, H., 28 Dorsett Road
Fortley Repetition, Pinfold Street
Horn & Sons, Ltd., Foster Road
Keay, Ltd., Green Wharf
Mace, Ltd., 3 Birmingham Street

File Manufacturers
Amos, William, & Son; Head Office, St George's Street; speciality re-cutting of files to customers' own specificaton. Estd. 1890

Fireplace Specialists
Bartlett, W., 23 St John's Road; also builders' merchants.

Poole, W., 12 The Green
Tedd, E., & Sons, Union Street

Fruiterers and Greengrocers
Bedworth, G., 39B King Street
Dangerfield, J. T., 12 Alfred Street: wholesale and retail
Jackson, A., 24A Pinfold Street
Jowett & Sons, 65 High Street
Moses, J., 8 King Street

Funeral Directors
Collins, F., 139 Walsall Road
Webb, S., & Son, Ltd., 90 Pinfold Street

General Dealers
Carless, A., 49 Pinfold Street
Mason, J. H., 142 The Green
Pittam, Mrs, The Green
Shaw, Mrs M., 127 Wolverhampton Street

Baggott, S., 39 Catherine's Cross
Cresswell, S., 23 Mill Street, Kings Hill
Foster, Mrs M., 38-39 Bull Street
Hartshorne, C., 23 Cross Street
Jones, W. J., 73 The Green
Mason, C., 58 Hcathfield Lane
Onions, B., 137 Wolverhampton Street
Sawbridge, J., 131 Walsall Road
Smith, S. A., 21 Bell Street
Taylor's Stores, 11 Addenbrooke Street
Walsall Co-op. Society, Ltd., 257 Walsall Road

Thompson, Mrs C., 109 Walsall Road; ladies' hairdresser; Teeda permanent waving specialist; tinting, etc.
Warner, E., 84 Pinfold Street

Hardware Dealers
Bartlett, W., 23 St John's Road; also builders' merchants and fireplace specialists.
Norris (Hardware), Ltd., Beard Street

Holloware Manufacturers
Darlaston Galvanized Holloware Co., Ltd., Booth Street
Yardley & Garter, Ltd., Willenhall Street
Whitehouse & Sons, Willenhall Street

Edmunds, Ltd., Darlaston Road
Keay, E. C. & J., Ltd., James Bridge Works
Tildesley, J., Ltd., Willenhall Road

Iron and Steel Manufacturers
Bloomer, N., Gladstone Street
Bradley & Foster, Ltd., The Green
Shaw & Smith, 123 Wolverhampton Street

J. W. Baker & Co., Ltd., 39a King Street
Burton, E. H., & Son, Ltd., 51 King Street; and at Darlaston Road, Bull Stake; also tool dealers and mill furnishers.

Leather and Grindery Dealers
Smith, E. V. & I. B., Catherine's Cross; dealers in all kinds of army surplus clothing; watch repairs.

Motor Car Dealers
Central Motors (A. E. Salter), High Street, Moxley; cars bought, sold, and exchanged.
Regal Motors, Pinfold Street

Opticians (ophthalmic)
Robbins, J. H., 45B King Street (Phone James Bridge, 2984); and 26 Union Street

Shaw, H., New Street
Tipper, W. T., 102a The Green

Bayley, L., Aston Studios, Pinfold Street; picture framing; commercial, wedding, and portrait photographer.

Polishing and Plating Specialists
Supreme Polishing & Plating Co., Ltd., Dorsett Road

Blundell, Edgar, Walsall Road

Public Houses
Duke of York, Moxley Road
Engine Inn, Bell Street
George, Church Street
The Green Man Inn, Willenhall Road
Old Bush Inn, Bush Street
Royal Exchange, Catherine's Cross
Swan, Victoria Road
The Vine, 40 Station Street
Wagon and Horses, 57 King Street
White Lion, King Street
Ye Olde Crowne Inn, 15 Cramp Hill

Restaurants and Cafés
Topper's Snack Bar, 14 Pinfold Street

Cottrell, A., 1 Church Street
Slater & Co., Walsall Road

Spring Manufacturers
Springs & Pressings (Darlaston), Ltd., Foster Street
Spring Washer Manufacturers
The Perfect Lock Washer Co., Westmorland Works

Darlaston Stamping Co. Ltd., Cross Stamping Works. Small and medium precision drop fittings, general machining, suppliers to motor car, building and agricultural industries.
Haycock Bros., 36 Smith Street

Stationers and Newsagents
Cooper, E., 24 Blockall, also tobacconist

Taxi Cab Proprietors
Eagle Crest Garage, Wolverhampton Street.
Salisbury Bros., 5 Slater Street

Adams, E., 134 Franchise Street
Russell, S., 18 Victoria Road
Tomlinson, H., Blockall

Used Car Dealers
Central Motors (A. E. Salter), High Street, Moxley

Watchmakers and Jewellers
Hancox & McCarthy, 41A King Street

Wool Shops
Clamp, E. & M., 128 Walsall Road
Day, A. & E., 79 Pinfold Street

From the 1930s.

From the 1930s.

From an old postcard.

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