The Commercial Directory, A to G, from the Dudley section in Kelly's 1912 Worcestershire Directory:

Commercial A and B:

Abbiss Gladys (Miss), teacher of music, 7 Ivanhoe Street.
Abbiss Ralph William
, baker, 3 New Hall Street.
Adams John, Cross Guns P.H. Cross Guns, Kate's Hill.
Addis Eli, grocer, 35 High Street & 24 Hall Street, Holly Hall.
Adshead Thomas & Sons Limited, bedstead & fender makers, Angel Street.
Adshead Willetts Limited, manufacturers or artistic hearth suites, grates, fenders, curbs etc. Falcon Works, New Mill Street.
Aingworth Elizabeth (Mrs.), haberdasher, 41 New Street.
Ainsbury & Sadler, fruiterers & greengrocers, 210 Wolverhampton Street.
Ainsbury Jesse, outfitter, 66 High Street.
Ainsbury Mary Alice (Mrs), shopkeeper, 7 Peel Street off Salop Street.
Alderson John, draper, 128 Stafford Street.
Allcock Alice Minnie (Miss), professor of music, 68 Dibdale Street.
Allen Ernest, clerk to the board of guardians & Assessment Committee & Deputy Superintendent Registrar, Union Offices, St. James's Road.
Allen John Thomas, printer, see Bishop & Allen.
Allen Luke Booker, vaccination officer for Dudley, Rowley Regis & Netherton sub-districts, 57 Wellington Road.
Allen Mark, soda water manufacturer, 67 & 68 King Street.
Allen Ruth, (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 6 King Street.
Allsopp Samuel & Sons Limited, (E. A. Davison, agent), brewers stores, Tipton Road.
Amalgamated Nut & Bolt Makers' Association, (John Taylor, sec.), 63 Vicar Street.
Amison Phoebe, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Swan Street.
Amos Richard, Red Lion P.H. 22 Bath Street.
Andrews John E., beer retailer, 52 Church Street.
Angle & Parkes, pawnbrokers, 85 Hall Street.
Anglo-American Oil Co. Limited, Shaw Road.
Angus John, dentist, 188 High Street.
Appleton & Co., who. tailors, 4 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Armishaw Robert, confectioner, 218 Wolverhampton Street.
Armistead Emily, (Miss), private school for girls, 190 Wolverhampton Street.
Armstrong Arthur, draper, 112 High Street.
Ashman John, baker, 51 Angel Street.
Ashman John, White Rose P.H., 18 King Street.
Astley Arthur, shopkeeper, 54 Occupation Street.
Astley Joseph, grocer, Buffery Road.
Aston Alice, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 High Street, Kate’s Hill.
Aston Charles, shopkeeper, 45 Stafford Street.
Aston Frederick, shopkeeper, 114 Stafford Street.
Aston Harold, tobacconist, 168 High Street.
Aston Harry, Coach Makers Arms, P.H. 46 Stafford Street.
Aston Isaiah, Leopard P.H. 23 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Atkinson Fred, Sanitary Inspector & Inspector of Common Lodging Houses, Town Hall.
Attwood Matilda, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 205 Prospect Row.
Avery W. & T. Limited, scale makers, 127 Stafford Street,.
Babb Ralph, pawnbroker, 25 Bond Street.
Badley Memorial Home, (Miss Mary Mann, matron), Bourne Street.
Badley George, chimney sweeper, 18 Fisher Street.
Badley Joseph, chimney sweeper, 37 Wolverhampton Street.
Badley Priscilla, (Mrs), china & glass dealer, 37 Wolverhampton Street.
Badley William, chimney sweeper, 79 Hall Street.
Bagott & Co., solicitors, 188 High Street.
Bagott Henry Pearman, solicitor & commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, (firm, Bagott & Co.), 188 High Street.
Bailey Brothers, tailors, 28 New Street.
Bailey Harry, oyster merchant, 195 High Street.
Bailey Hy., fishmonger & poulterer, 224 Wolverhampton Street.
Bailey John, fishmonger, 3 Hall Street.
Bailey Joseph William, tailor, 214 Wolverhampton Street.
Baker Alfred & Son, furniture dealers, 99 Salop Street.
Baker J. & Sons Limited, boot makers, 44 High Street.
Baker John (Dudley) Limited, wholesale fruiterers, 10 & 11 Stone Street.
Baker T. & Co. Limited, motor garage, Castle Street.
Baker David, Vine Inn, 71 King Edmund Street.
Baker Elizabeth, (Mrs.), Greengrocer, 18 Bond Street.
Baker Emily Gertrude, (Mrs.), fruiterer, 86 Hall Street.
Baker Hannah, (Mrs), shopkeeper, 47 Vicar Street.
Baker John, wheelwright, Wellington Road.
Baker John, wheelwright, 111 Queen's Cross.
Baker Joseph, shopkeeper, 10 Cross Street, Woodside.
Ball Chas, greengrocer & dairyman, 16 Wolverhampton Street.
Ballard James, station master, London & North Western Railway Company.
Banks John, billiard saloon, 184 High Street.
Bantock Thomas & Co., railway agent, (Benj. Edwards, agent), 249 Castle Street.
Barlow Louisa Gwen, (Mrs.), draper, 10 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Barlow Robert, (Mrs.), pianoforte tuner, 57 King Street.
Barnett Thomas, estate agent, 121 Tividale Road.
Barnett Fred, Freebodies P.H. 69 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Barrington Richard, window cleaner, 125 Himley Road.
Bartlett John Henry, superintendent, Pearl Life Assurance Co. Limited, 186 Wolverhampton Street.
Barton Harry, boot repairer, 51 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Bate Joseph, china & glass dealer, 87 High Street.
Bate Mark, Loving Lamb P. H. 76 Oakeywell Street.
Bateman & Son, estate agents, 197 Wolverhampton Street.
Bates Frederick, shopkeeper, 580 Stourbridge Road, Scott’s Green.
Baugh Charlotte Jane, (Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer, Queen's Cross.
Bayes Herbert, mineral water manufacturer, 55 Wolverhampton Street.
Bayliss Ada, (Mrs.), Malt Shovel P.H., 46 Tower Street.
Bealey Ernest, Station Inn, 58 Shaw Road.
Beardsmore Caroline, (Miss), shopkeeper, 587 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Beardsmore Enoch, Unicorn P.H. 124 Salop Street.
Beardsmore John, shopkeeper, 4 King Street.
Beckett Alfred, Accountant Clerk to the Dudley Education Committee, St. James's Road.
Beddoe Herbert, Nags Head P.H. 104 King Street.
Beedle Joseph, coal dealer, 24 Southalls Lane.
Bellingham Joseph M.B.C.S. Eng., surg., 94 Queen's Cross.
Bent Enoch, carpenter, Wellington Road.
Bent Sarah Louisa, (Miss), Earl of Dudley's Arms P.H., 3 Wellington Road.
Bent Tryphena, (Mrs.), grocer, 9 Wellington Road.
Berry Lizzie Cicely, (Miss), teacher of dancing. 20 Wolverhampton Street.
Betteridge Julia, (Mrs), pawnbroker, 4, 34, 35, 36 and 37 New Street.
Bill J. & Son, builders, Vicarage Prospect.
Bill Alfred E., builder, Vicarage Prospect.
Bill Lavinia, (Mrs.), grocer, 135 Stafford Street.
Bill Lavinia Harper, (Mrs.), grocer, 9 Queen's Cross.
Bill William Harper, solicitor & commissioner to administer oaths, 202 Wolverhampton Street.
Birchall Reuben, shopkeeper, 115 Wolverhampton Street.
Bird Herbert & Co., coal merchants, 53 Wellington Road, & L.&N.W. coal wharf, Tipton Road.
Bird Arthur, secretary to the Guest Hospital, Tipton Road.
Bishop & Allen, printers, 157 High Street.
Bissell Samuel, insurance agent, 4 Victoria Terrace.
Blackham Joseph, optician, 216 Wolverhampton Street.
Blackmore Martha, (Mrs.), grocer, 63 High Street, Kate’s Hill.
Blakemore Martha Ann, (Mrs.), haulier, 64 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Blissett Elizabeth, (Miss), paint dealer, 159 Wolverhampton Street.
Blocksidge E., law stationer, printer & lithographer, 20 Stone Street & Upper Tower Street.
Bloom Henry, watch maker, 32 New Street.
Bloomer Mary Ann, (Mrs), shopkeeper, 89 Stafford Street.
Blunt Hannah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12 Hall Street, Holly Hall.
Blurton E., watchmaker & jeweller, 25 Market Place.
Board of Trade Labour Exchange, (Basil Lawrence Ward, manager), Holloway Chambers, Priory Street.
Bodin Robert Charles, tax collector, Manhattan Villa, Brooke Street.
Bodin Samuel, plumber & painter, 103 Hall Street.
Bonser Thomas, china glass & earthenware dealer, 137 Wellington Road.
Booth Frank, smallware dealer, 177, 178 & 179 Wolverhampton Street.
Boots Cash Chemist, (Western) Limited, chemists & druggists, 26 Market Place.
Boughey Percy E., Red Lion P.H. 86 High Street.
Bowler Elizabeth, (Mrs.), photographer, 5 Castle Street.
Boydall Bert., fried fish dealer, 103a, High Street.
Bradley Brothers, manufacturers of spades & shovels, Dixon's Green.
Bradley Herbert, district superintendent Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd., 220 Wolverhampton Street.
Bradley John Thomas, general dealer, 4 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Bradley Thomas, boot repairer, Prospect Row.
Bradney Emily, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 Waverley Street.
Branston Richard, grocer, 46 Bond Street.
Bray T. & Son, cab proprietors & undertakers, Union Street.
Bray Clifford, Talbot P.H., 2 Wolverhampton Street.
Bray James, Green Dragon Inn, 7 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Brazenell Thomas A., boot repairer, 6 Wellington Road.
Brettell Henry Cartwright, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & perpetual commissioner, clerk of the peace. Town Clerk, Clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority, Sec. to the Association of Midland Local Authorities, Clerk to Local Authorities Joint Tramways, Hon. Sec. to Dudley Eye Infirmary & to the Badley Memorial Home, & Hon. Sec. to the Dudley dispensary, Birmingham Road.
Bridgen Soloman, greengrocer, 120 Stafford Street.
Bridges Emanuel, butcher, 44 Flood Street.
Bridges George, greengrocer, 107 Salop Street.
Bridgwater W. J. & Co., iron & metal merchants.
Bridgwater Henry, iron merchant, 32 Priory Street.
Bridgwater Joseph, carpenter, 5 Hall Street, Holly Hall.
Briscoe Elizabeth, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 37 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Britannic Assurance & Co. Limited, (Herbert Bradley, district superintendent), 220 Wolverhampton Street.
British Workman's Coffee Tavern & Refreshment Rooms, (Daniel Davis, proprietor), 34 Wolverhampton Street.
Britten & Hill, stationers, 70 High Street.
Brooker Sarah Hannah, (Mrs), draper, 58 Flood Street.
Brookes & Co., wholesale druggists, Wolverhampton Street.
Brookes Alfred James, greengrocer, 72 High Street, Kate’s Hill.
Brookes Edwin Chas, haberdasher, 26a Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Brookes James, coal dealer, 16 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Brookes William Hy., shopkeeper, 25a Pitfield Street, Kate's Hill.
Brooks Brothers, wholesale fruiterers, 10 Priory Street.
Brooks Henley, (Mrs.), boot maker, 114 Salop Street.
Brooks James, fried fish dealer and greengrocer, 16 and 17 Southalls Lane.
Brooks John, shopkeeper, 44 Cross Street.
Broom Louisa, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5 Dunn Street.
Brown & Gittins, who, confectioners, Pitfield Street, Dock Lane.
Brown Eleanor, (Miss), aparts., 27 North Street, Kate's Hill.
Brown Frederick Charles, beer retailer, 145 Salop Street.
Brown Frederick Charles, shopkeeper, 41 King Edmund Street.
Brown Harry, Castle & Falcon P.H., 207 Wolverhampton Street.
Brown John Richard, confectioner, 31 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Brown Thomas C., inspector of weights & measures, Weights & Measures Office, Stone Street.
Bruntnell Lizzie, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 102 King Street.
Bruton Fred, (Mrs.), fishmonger, 11 Stafford Street.
Bruton Henry, plumber, 9 Tinchbourne Street.
Bruton Thomas, fish dealer, 34 Brown Street, Kate’s Hill.
Bryce Ernest Albert, pawnbroker, 169 High Street, Holly Hall.
Buckley John Limited, fender makers, Alma Place, King Street.
Buckley John, malleable iron founder, Church Street.
Buckley John, Royal Exchange P.H., 13 Church Street.
Buckley Sarah, (Mrs.), greengrocer, 16 Tower Street.
Builder & Son, woollen merchants, 200 Wolverhampton Street.
Bullock Harriet, (Mrs.), beer retailer, 56 Stafford Street.
Bullock James, milliner, 215 Wolverhampton Street.
Bunce Joseph, draper, 203 High Street.
Bunch Hugh, shopkeeper, 9 Tower Street.
Bunney Hannah, (Mrs.), fancy goods dealer, 204 High Street.
Buott Stanley Dunbar, refreshment rooms, Great Western Railway Station.
Burchall Jenny, (Miss), milliner, 24 Wellington Road.
Burchell Edward, Vauxhall Inn, 13 Vauxhall Street.
Burchell Joseph, boot maker, 15 Hall Street.
Burchell Naomi, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Swan Street.
Burford George, Inspector of County Police, Police Station, Priory Street.
Burgin Mary Jane, (Mrs.), stationer, 167 Wolverhampton Street.
Burnet Edwin John, tea merchant, 60 Wellington Road.
Burnt Tree Company, castor manufacturers, Burnt Tree Works.
Burton Edgar, hairdresser, 165 Wolverhampton Street.
Burton Henry, newsagent, 252 Castle Street.
Butchers' Hide, Skin, Fat & Wool Co. Limited, (Edward Talby, managing director), Russell Street.
Butler Albert Thomas, F.R.I.B.A., architect & surveyor, 31 Priory Street.
Butler Henry John, tobacconist, 94 Hall Street.
Butler John, shopkeeper, 142 Salop Street.
Butler Thomas, (Mrs.), confectioner, 18 Hall Street.
Bytheway George Samuel Overton, hairdresser, 150 Wolverhampton Street.

The Priory Estate in 1912. From an old postcard.

Commercial C and D:

Caddick Henry, butcher, 60 Wolverhampton Street.
Cadman James, shopkeeper, 9 Grove Street, Kate's Hill.
Cadman William, shopkeeper, 71 Stepping Stone Street.
Cambridge Thomas, fried fish shop, 76 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Camm William Charles, (firm, Jones Stanier), Slater & Camm), solicitor, 198 Wolverhampton Street.
Cannon William, shopkeeper, 11 Dudley Street.
Capes Henry Harling, L.D.S.Edin., surgeon-dentist, 269 Castle Street.
Cardo Richard, Hilly House Inn, Corser Street.
Carpenter Thomas Edward, shopkeeper, 180 Wolverhampton Street.
Carrington William, Coach & Horses P.H., 560 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Carroll William Henry, draper, 175 Wolverhampton Street.
Carter Reuben, haberdasher, 139 Salop Street.
Carter Sarah Jane, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5 Old Street, Kate's Hill.
Cartwright William Henry, butcher, 99 Hall Street.
Cash Alice Maud, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Brooke Street.
Cash Edwin J., boot maker, 45 Swan Street.
Cash Susan, (Mrs.), confectioner, 173 Wolverhampton Street.
Cassell Louis, loan office, 4 Priory Street.
Caster Charles Leonard, shopkeeper, 7 Maughan Street.
Castle Drug Co. Ltd., chemist, 16 Castle Street.
Caswell George, tobacconist, & post office, 22 Market Place.
Cave William Lashford, laundry, 65 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Cemetery, (George Dean, registrar), Stourbridge Road, Spring Mire.
Cetti Charles, cabinet maker, 60 High Street.
Cetti Harold Howard, architect, 60 Himley Road.
Chambers J. & Son
, harness makers, 21 Hall Street.
Chambers John William, fried fish dealer, 7 New Street.
Chambers Thomas, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 41 Wolverhampton Street.
Cherrington & Stainton, architects, 6 Priory Street.
Chilton Brothers, wholesale clothiers, 30 & 31 Queen's Cross.
Chilton Joseph, tailor, & post office, 94 High Street.
Chowen Arthur, confectioner, 49 High Street.
City Life Assurance Co. Limited
, (Thomas William Goldie, district inspector), 194 Wolverhampton Street.
Clark Annie, (Mrs.), apartments, 33 Bourne Street.
Clark George, paper bag maker, 111 Salop Street.
Clark Janet, (Mrs.), teacher of music, 42 Park Road.
Clarke J. & Sons, machinery dealers, Birmingham Road.
Clarke & Co. house furnishers, 146 Wolverhampton Street.
Clarke Arthur, shopkeeper, 17 Porter's Field.
Clarke George Heaton, smallware dealer, 105 Salop Street.
Clarke John Edwin, greengrocer, 19 Queen's Cross.
Clement Harriet A.
, (Miss), music seller, 64 High Street.
Clements Bros., engineers & millwrights, Red Hill Works.
Clements George, draper, 30 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Cliff Hannah, (Mrs.), apartments, 130 Queen's Cross.
Cliff Hannah, (Mrs.), draper, 103 Wolverhampton Street.
Coates William, shopkeeper, 89 Stepping Stone Street.
Coborn Harriet, (Mrs.), second hand clothes dealer, 61 Stafford Street.
Cochrane & Co. (Woodside) Limited, engineers, iron founders & iron masters, Woodside Iron Works.
Cohen Hyman, tailor, 236a, Market Place.
Cohen John, penny bazaar, 234 Market Place.
Cole Brothers, hairdressers, 245 Castle Street.
Collins Annie, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 50 Brettell Street.
Collins Laura, (Miss), dress maker, 46 Vicarage Prospect.
Collins Thomas Alfred, boot & shoe factor, 192 Wolverhampton Street & boot & shoe warehouse, 219 & 239 Market Place.
Collison Arthur, plumber, 19 Pitfield Street.
Colosseum Picture Palace, (J. Maurice Clement, proprietor & manager), Birmingham Road.
Conner Edwin, glass & china repairer, 7 Queen's Cross.
Conservative Club, (Arnold T. Stevenson, hon. sec.), Dudley House, Birmingham Road.
Conservative Working Men's Club, (David Dunn, sec.), 60 Tower Street.
Cook F. W. Limited, wholesale & retail drapers, mantle, millinery, mourning warehouses & dress makers, 75, 76, 78, 79 & 80 High Street, offices, factory & warehouse, 78 to 81 King Street, carpet warehouse, Imperial Buildings, High Street. (& branches).
Cook Thomas P. & Co., fender makers, Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Cooling George, beer retailer, 36 Salop Street.
Cooper Arthur, curator Dudley Training College, 5 Castle View
Cooper George, furniture dealer, 79 Oakeywell Street.
Cooper Hyman, tailor, 11 Caroline Street, Kate's Hill.
Cooper Joseph, butcher, 122 Salop Street.
Co-operative Wholesale Society Limited, (John Round, manager), fender makers, Charlotte Street.
Corbett Charles, butcher, 33 Flood Street.
Corbett Clara
, (Miss), milliner, 123 Tividale Road.
Cornfield William, beer retailer, 78 Stafford Street.
Cornish Eliza, (Mrs.), Peacock P.H., 6 High Street.
Coslett Edward George
, architect & surveyor, 193 Wolverhampton Street.
Cottam James, junior, pork butcher, 12 Hall Street.
Cottam Jas., pork butcher, 123 & 124 Wolverhampton Street.
Cotton Enoch, shopkeeper, 106 Salop Street.
Coulson Charles, builder, see Oakley & Coulson.
Coulson Joseph, hairdresser, 107 Wolverhampton Street.
County Court, (His Honour R. W. Ingham, judge; Cyril Young, registrar), Priory Street.
County Herald for Staffordshire & Worcestershire, (Dudley Herald Limited, proprietors; published Friday for Saturday), Priory Street.
Cox & Smart, fire iron makers, 6 Minories.
Cox Herbert Edward, Inspector of County Police, Police Station, Priory Street.
Cox John Wilfred, chemist, 55 High Street.
Cox Samuel, carpenter, 4 Dudley Row.
Cranage William, confectioner, 69 High Street.
Crannage & Dentith, fine art dealers, 11 Hall Street.
Crewe & Company, art metal workers, 56 Junction Street.
Crewe Fanny, (Mrs.), milliner, 172 High Street.
Criterion Electric Theatre, (The Criterion Syndicate Limited, proprietors), Market Place.
Crook T. W. & Sons Limited, provision merchants, Abberley Street.
Crump Arthur James, builder, Aston Road.
Crump Jane, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 116 High Street, Holly Hall.
Crumpton Alice, (Mrs.), hardware dealer, 10 Southalls Lane.
Cumming Samuel William, L.B.C.P. & S.Irel. physician & surgeon, 194 High Street.
Customs & Excise District Valuers' Office, Valuation Department (Albert Grove, district valuer), 189 Wolverhampton Street.
Customs & Excise Office, (W. H. Wright & J. W. Ellis, supervisors: James Eccles & E. Turnbull, officers), 20 Priory Street.
Daffy Alfred Joseph, shopkeeper, 42 Birmingham Street.
Daintry Arthur, herbalist, 175 High Street.
Dando Alfred W. & Co., auctioneers, valuers, surveyors & house, estate & insurance agents, 193 Wolverhampton Street.
Dando Edwin Arthur, L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., surgeon, Dixon's Green.
Dandy William, shopkeeper, 209 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Dangerfield George, shopkeeper 16 & 17, & boot repairer, 12 Queen's Cross.
Danks John, boot repairer, 80 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Danks John, hairdresser, 423 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Darbey William, Three Crowns P.H., 166 High Street.
Darby Edward, cooper, Junction Street & 16 Queen's Cross.
Darby James, pork butcher, 120 Salop Street.
Darby Joseph, Albion Inn, 15 Stone Street.
Darby Joseph Daniel, shopkeeper, 591 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Davenport Thomas, fried fish dealer, 44Wolverhampton Street.
Davenports (C. B.) Limited, (J. B. Keeley, manager),  wine & spirit merchant, branch, 118 Wolverhampton Street.
Davey William Thomas Edwin, hairdresser, 9b, Queen's Cross.
Davies L. & N., grocers, 59 Flood Street.
Davies & Company, brass casters, 30 Southalls Lane.
Davies Adelaide, (Miss), milliner, 42 New Street.
Davies Arthur, baker, 46 Wellington Road.
Davies Ernest, land, house & estate agent, auctioneer, brewery & hotel valuer, 188 High Street.
Davies Gertrude H., (Mrs.), fancy draper, 161 Wolverhampton Street.
Davies Horace George, butcher, 20 Queen's Cross.
Davies John, beer retailer, Peel Street off Salop Street.
Davies John, fender manufacturer, see Smith & Davies.
Davies John, shopkeeper, 38 Constitution Hill.
Davies John Joseph, butcher, 10 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Davies Joshua, draper, 202 High Street.
Davies Lewis Austin, plasterer, 39 Bath Street.
Davies Moses, lodging house, 51 Birmingham Street.
Davies Samuel, chemist, Scotch chambers, Market Place.
Davies Samuel, Golden Cross P.H., 71 King Street.
Davies Thomas, furniture dealer, 107 High Street.
Davies Thomas C., grocer, 113 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Davies William, grocer, 12 & 14 Wolverhampton Street.
Davies William Henry, shopkeeper, 20 Bath Street.
Davis Edward & Sons, wheelwrights, Wolverhampton Street.
Davis Daniel, parcels receiving office, Midland Tramways Co. Limited, 34 Wolverhampton Street.
Davis Frederick William, shopkeeper, 24 St. James' Terrace.
Davis Edward, West End P.H., 64 Wolverhampton Street.
Davis John William, Three Swans P.H., 177 High Street.
Davis Robert William, tobacconist, 11 Wolverhampton Street.
Dean Emma, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 The Square, Woodside.
Dean George C., tailor, 46a, High Street.
Deeley Frank, solicitor & commissioner for oaths. 5 Priory Street.
Deeley Stephen, Bush Inn, Dixon's Green.
Deeley William Henry, Barrel Inn, 173 High Street.
Denning Frederick William, baker, 26 Bond Street.
Dentith Leonard, fine art dealer, see Crannage & Dentith.
Desmond Daniel G., Malt Shovel P.H., 101 High Street.
Devis William, butcher, 23 Market Place, 17 Castle Street, & 5 Hall Street.
Dews Cecilia, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 123 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Dickins Ernest, grocer, 109 Wolverhampton Street.
Dickinson Robert & Son, timber & slate merchants, saw mills, Stepping Stone Street & Stafford Street.
Dickinson Arthur H., architect, see Gammage & Dickinson.
Dispensary, (T. P. Higgs M.D., M. A. Messiter M.B.C.S.,  J. Howard Wilkinson M.R.O.S., L.R.C.P. & W. E. Newey, visiting surgeons, Harold Arthur Whitcombe Y.B., Ch.B.Birm. resident medical officer, J. E. Doo, dispenser, B. C. Brettell, hon. sec.), Priory Road.
District Registry of Supreme Court of Judicature, (Cyril Young, registrar), Priory Street.
Doughty William, lodging house, 59 Birmingham Street.
Dovey William, cart, van & Wagon builder, 28 Southalls Lane.
Downing John, Black Horse P.H., 147 High Street.
Dowson George, hairdresser, 6 Stone Street.
Dowson Sidney J., artificial teeth manufacturer, see Kent & Dowson.
Doyle James, shopkeeper, 14 Pitfield Row.
Dudley Arms Hotel, (The Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Limited, proprietors), Market Place.
Dudley Bowling Green Club, (Arnold Stevenson, hon. sec.), Conservative Club, Birmingham Road.
Dudley (The) Cafe Co. Limited, dining rooms, Temperance buildings, High Street.
Dudley Chamber of Commerce
, (F. W. Cook, president; Thomas H. Gough, sec.; Arthur F. Prince, agent), 267 Castle Street.
Dudley Chronicle, (Ford & Addison Limited, publishers; published Friday for Saturday), 263 Castle Street.
Dudley Co-operative Society Limited, (Henry E. Crew, manager; Benjamin Pearson, sec.); registered office & central stores, Waddams Pool.
Dudley Corporation Electrical Power Station, (Charles E. Savage, engineer), Stourbridge Road, Springsmire.
Dudley Cricket Club Limited, (F. W. Green, sec.), 6 Priory Street.
Dudley District Benefit Building Society, (Thomas William Tanfield, sec.), Fountain Chambers, Market Place.
Dudley District Laundry Company, 99 High Street, & 41 Hall Street.
Dudley & District Liberal Association, (John Dodson, agent & sec.), Liberal club, New Street.
Dudley & District Licensed Victuallers & Beer Retailers Benevolent & Protection Association, (G. H. Pearson, sec.), The Windmill Inn, St. James' Terrace.
Dudley Electrical Company, electrical engineers, 53 High Street.
Dudley (The Right Hon. Earl of), Estate Offices, (William F. Taylor esq. B.A. agent), Downing Street.
Dudley Eye Infirmary, (B. H. St. Clair Roberts, hon. ophthalmic surgeon; B. C. Brettell, hon. sec. & treasurer), Guest hospital, Tipton Road.
Dudley Football Club, (A. J. Lane, hon. sec.), Tipton Road.
Dudley Gas Light Company, (Thomas Edward Stillard. sec., George White, collector), Spring Gardens.
Dudley Golf Club, (J. Nicholls & F. Gordon Smith, hon. sec.), Himley Lane
Dudley Guest Hospital Charity Football Association, (John A. Robinson, hon. sec.), Old Bush Hotel, High Street.
Dudley Guild of Help, (Miss A. H. Cole, sec.), Charlton House, Priory Street.
Dudley Hame, Chain & Ironwork Co., saddlers' ironmongery manufacturers, 31 Hall Street.
Dudley Herald, (Dudley Herald Limited, publishers, published Friday for Saturday), Priory Street.
Dudley Herald Limited, (Robert Hudson, managing director), printers & publisher of the Dudley Herald, Priory Street.
Dudley High School for Girls, (Miss W. E. Burke B.A. Lond. principal). Priory Road.
Dudley Institute Litrary Society, (E. J. Gammage, hon. sec.), The Dudley Institute, Wolverhampton Street.
Dudley Institute & Public Hall, (E. J. Gammage, hon. sec., Miss M. Gunning, librarian), Wolverhampton Street.
Dudley & Midland Geological Society & Field Club, (Hy. Johnson, hon. sec.). The Art School, St. James's Road.
Dudley (The Right Hon. Earl of), Mines & Iron Department (Claude Tryon, agent). The Priory Offices.
Dudley Opera House, (J. Maurice Clement, proprietor & manager), Birmingham Road.
Dudley & Price, costumiers, 62, 63 & 64 Birmingham Street.
Dudley Public Library, (Miss E. J. Southall, librarian, J. F. Timmins, sec.), St. James's Road.
Dudley & Stourbridge & District Electric Traction Co. Limited, Birmingham Road.
Dudley Swimming Club, (D. Caddick, hon. sec.), The Baths, Queen's Cross.
Dudley Syphon Co., mineral water manufacturers, 55 High Street.
Dudley Technical Schools, (Alfred Coulson B.A., M.Sc. principal, J. M. Wynne, director of education), Stafford Street & St. James's Road.
Dudley Temperance Institute, (Thomas Knott. hon. sec.), Public Hall, High Street.
Dudley Temperance Society, (Thomas Knott, hon. sec.), Temperance Institute, High Street.
Dudley Training College for Pupil Teachers, (Ivor B. John M.A., principal, J. M. Wynne, sec.), Castle View.
Dudley Unionist Association, (F. B. McDowell, registration agent & sec.), Tower Street.
Dudley Young Men's Christian Association, (J. Edgar Davies & Ernest J. Davies, hon. secs.), 24 New Street.
Dudley Alex Milton, wholesale saddler &; harness manufacturer & coach builder, Tower Street & jobmaster, Dudley Arms, Station Hotel Mews.
Dudley Elizabeth, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Bath Street.
Dudley Frances Mary, (Mrs.), costumier, see Dudley & Price.
Dudley Henry, tailor, 145 High Street.
Dudley John, sec. to the Priory offices, Castle Foot.
Dudley Thomas, builder, 19 Prince Albert Street.
Dudley William L., grindery dealer, 6 Castle Street.
Duff Annie, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 12 Shaw Road.
Dugmore Arthur, Hen & Chickens P.H., 244 Castle Street.
Dunn Brothers, boot repairers, 106 High Street.
Dunn Elizabeth, (Mrs.), pork butcher, 153 Wolverhampton Street.
Dunn James William, teacher of music, 22 Buffery Road.
Dunn William, pork butcher, 1 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Dyke William & Son, fishing tackle dealers, 121 Wolverhampton Street.
Dyke Simon, ironmonger, 164 Wolverhampton Street.
Dyke William, umbrella repairer, 56 Wolverhampton Street.

Part of the Priory Estate in the 1920s before the houses were built. In the background is the lodge at the entrance to Castle Woods. From an old postcard.
Commercial E to G:

Earl of Dudley's Baggeridge Colliery Limited, (Claude Tryon, managing director), Priory Offices.
Eastmans Limited, butchers, 2 New Hall Street & 4 Wolverhampton Street.
Eccles Patricia, (Miss), dressmaker, 12 Castle Street.
Edwards Alfred Walter, Bird In Hand P.H., 6 New Street.
Edwards Alice, (Mrs.), confectioner, 113 High Street.
Edwards Frederick Barton, watchmaker, 190 High Street.
Edwards Isaac, builder, 51 Constitution Hill.
Edwards James, beer retailer, 6 Spring Gardens.
Edwards James, watchmaker, 160 Wolverhampton Street.
Edwards James H., shopkeeper, 115 Salop Street.
Edwards Joseph, builder, 3 Oxford Street.
Edwards Sarah, (Mrs.), Duke of York P.H., 128 Wolverhampton Street.
Edwards Sophia, (Miss), dressmaker, 4 Buffery Road.
Edwards Thomas Fletcher, cycle dealer, 93 High Street.
Edwards Walter, coal dealer, 11 Swan Street.
Elcock Edwin, newsagent, 97 Stafford Street.
Eld Agnes D., (Miss), tobacconist, 246 Castle Street.
Ellis J. W., Supervisor of Customs & Excise, Customs & Excise Office, Priory Street.
Elston Edith M., (Mrs.), grocer, 96 Wolverhampton Street.
Elwell William, colliery proprietor, Bunn's Lane, Kate's Hill.
Emery Elizabeth, (Miss), second hand clothes dealer, 112 Stafford Street.
Emery Louis J., provision dealer, 32 Vauxhall Street & beer retailer, 33 Vauxhall Street.
Empire Picture Palace, (Bernard Walker, manager), Hall Street.
Engelrest Joseph, shopkeeper, 4 Potter Street.
Evans & Maiden, butchers, 171 High Street & 108 Hall Street.
Evans Edward, wheelwright, 49 & 50 Stepping Stone Street.
Evans Esther Lucy, (Mrs.), Fountain P.H., 3 Dixon's Green.
Evans John, china & glass dealer, 151 High Street.
Evans Joseph, hairdresser, 81 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Evans Walter, tool maker, Bath Street.
Evening Express & Star, (Midland News Association Limited, publishers), 13 Wolverhampton Street.
Eves Albert, R.M.L.I. (Colour Sergeant), naval recruiting sergeant, 23 New Street.
Fairbairn Andrew Martin, M.A. solicitor & notary public & official receiver in bankruptcy, (firm, Hooper & Fairbairn), 1 Priory Street.
Farmer Smith, draper, 41 Market Place.
Fellows Benjamin, hairdresser, 6 Ivanhoe Street.
Fellows Isaac, deputy registrar of births & deaths, 25 Bean Road & 97 King Street.
Fellows John, pork butcher, 120 Tividale Road.
Fellows John, shopkeeper, 23 Pensnett Road, Holly Hall.
Fellows Joseph, fishmonger, 3 King Street.
Fellows Keturah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 High Street, Holly Hall.
Fellows William, shopkeeper, 106 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Fire Brigade, (Supt. Richard Speke, Chief Officer), Priory Street.
Fisher F., (Mrs.), loan office, 32 Wolverhampton Street.
Fisher Thomas Norman, solicitor, 7 Priory Street.
Flanagan Sarah, (Mrs.), bedding maker, 29 Stone Street.
Flavell Joseph, caretaker, Dudley Castle, Castle Grounds.
Fleming, Reid & Co. Limited, hosiers, 215 High Street.
Fleming Frederick, shopkeeper. 11 Peel Street, off Salop Street.
Fleming Frederick, shopkeeper, 116 Wolverhampton Street.
Fleming James, dining rooms. 87 Hall Street.
Fletcher W. & R. Limited, butchers, 237 Market Place & 151 Wolverhampton Street.
Fletcher Alice, (Mrs.), Duke of Wellington P.H., 46 Wolverhampton Street.
Flewett Edward James, grocer, 29 New Street.
Flewitt Edward W., confectioner. Opera House Buildings, Birmingham Road.
Flint William Samuel, builder. see Love & Flint.
Fones James Hy., Plume of Feathers P.H., 148 High Street.
Ford & Addison Limited, publishers of the Dudley Chronicle, 263 Castle Street.
Forrest Joseph, hairdresser, 82 Hall Street.
Foster Brothers Clothing Co. Limited, (Lewis Charles Honey, local manager), clothiers, 220 Market Place.
Foster Francis E., district manager, Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 268 Castle Street.
Foster George, grocer, 40 Market Place.
Foster George, rag merchants, 63 Wolverhampton Street.
Fountain Stationery Co. Limited, stationer, l24 Market Place.
Fountain Herbert, boot & shoe dealer, 34 Buffery Road.
Fox Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 Earl Street, Kate's Hill.
Foxall William, boot maker, 7 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Fradgley Sarah, (Mrs.), draper, 4 Wellington Road.
Frahm Ernest, watch maker, 13 Castle Street.
France William, chimney sweep, 26 Oakeywell Street.
Frearson Alfred, butcher, 101 Hall Street.
Freedman Reuben, draper, 4 New Hall Street.
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Limited, boot & shoe makers, 208 High Street.
Freeman J. & Company, electrical engineers, 179 High Street.
Freeman Louie, (Miss), nurse, 130 Queen's Cross.
Freeman Walter, cowkeeper, Spring Mire Farm, Scott's Green.
Frost Edward, hairdresser, 30 New Street.
Fryer Herbert, gasfitter, 7 New Hall Street.
Fullwood Samuel, shopkeeper, 50 Cross Street.
Fulwood Thomas, boot repairer, 32 Prince Albert Street.
Furnival Charles, confectioner, 1 Castle Street.
Gammage & Dickinson, architects & surveyors, 7 Priory Street.
Gammage John, surveyor to the Corporation, Town Hall, Priory Street & 46 Park Road.
Ganner James, tailor, 127 Tividale Road.
Garbett George, coal dealer & shopkeeper, 231 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Garbett Luke, beer retailer, 2 Fisher Street.
Gardiner-Ball & Troman, estate agents, 6 Priory Street.
Gardner Charles, shopkeeper, 14 Vauxhall Street.
Garland Carolina, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Prince Albert Street.
Garner George Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 40 King Street.
Garratts Limited, colliery owners, Park head, Holly Hall.
Gates John, Horse & Jockey P.H., 10 King Street.
Gerrard Peter, Horse Shoe P.H., 93 Hall Street.
Gilding William, second hand furniture dealer, 41 Stafford Street.
Gillman Arthur H., Woolpack P.H., 15 Castle Street
Gittins John, wholesale confectioner, see Brown & Gittins.
Globe Parcels Express Office, (Britten & Hill, agents), 70 High Street.
Goldie Thomas William, district inspector, City Life Assurance Co. Limited, 194 Wolverhampton Street.
Goodman William, hairdresser, 106 King Street.
Goodreds Ellen, (Mrs.), seed dealer, 15 Wolverhampton Street.
Goodridge William, pawnbroker, 17 Shaw Road.
Goodwin D. W. & Co., millers, 37 Bourne Street.
Goodwin, Foster, Brown Limited, who, grocers, Parsons Street.
Goodyear Motor Wheel Co., manufacturers of motor wheels (steel, wood & wire), Churchfield Street.
Goodyear W. & Sons, file & tool makers, Churchfield Street & Shaw Road.
Goodyear James, butcher, 102 High Street.
Gordon Laura, (Mrs.), Crown P.H., 201 Wolverhampton Street.
Gorton W. S. & Son, manufacturers of hemp ropes, twines & cordage, rick covers, cart, wagon & truck sheets, dealers in cotton waste & sponge cloths; tent makers & marquees for hire; Eve Hill Ropery.
Goss James B., boot & shoe maker, 57 High Street.
Gough & Wright, chartered accountants, 267 Castle Street.
Gould Thomas, dairyman, 7a New Street.
Grainger & Smith Limited, wholesale woollen merchants & manufacturing clothiers, 65 High Street, 87 King Street & New Mill Street.
Grainger Frederick, butcher, 9 Queen's Cross.
Grainger John, bootmaker, 9a, Queen's Cross.
Grainger John Thomas, house decorator, 29 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Grainger Joseph S., Old Bush Inn, 223 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Grainger Thomas, King William P.H. 22 Pensnett Road, Holly Hall.
Grainger William, grocer, 107 Ivanhoe Street.
Grammar School, (Hugh Watson B.A., head master, H. M. Fraser B.A., second master), St. James's Road.
Gray Agnes, (Miss), confectioner, 182 Wolverhampton Street.
Gray Clara, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 47 Wolverhampton Street.
Gray Elizabeth, (Mrs.), confectioner, 90 Hall Street.
Gray John Charles, travelling draper, Edmund House, King Edmund Street.
Grazebrook Tom, architect & surveyor, 23 Wolverhampton Street.
Green Annie Jane Lloyd, Sarah Ann & Kate, (Misses), private school, 92 High Street.
Green & Son, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeons, 44 & 45 King Street & New Mill Street.
Green Abraham, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon & veterinary inspector, 44 & 45 King
Street & New Mill Street.
Green Florence, (Miss), dress maker, 46 North Street, Kate's Hill.
Green Frederick William, solicitor, commissioner for oaths & deputy coroner for the borough of Dudley, 6 Priory Street.
Green Jemima, (Mrs.), girls' school, 13 Terry Street, Kate's Hill.
Green William, tailor, 41 King Street.
Greenhill William, manager of United Counties Bank Limited, treasurer to the Coseley & Sedgley Urban District Councils, the Dudley Chamber of Commerce, the Dudley & Coseley Educational Committees, the Dudley Dispensary & the Dudley Conservative Club, 1 Vicar Street.
Grey Edward, draper, 61, 205 & 206 High Street.
Griffin James, shopkeeper, 2 New Street.
Griffin John, boot repairer, 40 Constitution Hill.
Griffin William, sheet iron worker, 10 Wellington Road.
Griffith Harry D., L.D.S. dentist, 82 Upper High Street.
Griffiths Esther, (Mrs.), draper, 150 High Street.
Griffiths Evan, herbalist, 23 King Street.
Griffiths John, cutler, 13 Stone Street.
Grosvenor George Fred., boot dealer, 25 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Grove Albert, district valuer Inland Revenue Valuation Department, 189 Wolverhampton Street.
Grove Ann, (Miss), shopkeeper, 18 Holland Street.
Grove Thomas, shopkeeper & post office, 33 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Groves George Henry, fire iron maker, St. Thomas' Street.
Guest Hospital, (Alfred Henry Carter M.D., P.B.C.P. Lond., consulting physician, Thomas Underhill M.D., A. S. Underhill M.D. & Bennett May M.D. consulting surgeons; Thomas Wilson M.D., F.R.C.S.Eng. consulting gynaecologist; Henry Eales M.R.C.S.Eng. hon. consulting ophthalmic surgeon; Matthew Arden Messiter M.R.C.S. James Howard Wilkinson M.R.C.S., L.B.C.P.Lond. & Harold C. Brown M.B. hon. Surgeon, B. H. St. Clair Boberts M.R.C.S., L.B.C.P. Lond. hon. ophthalmic surgeon; Henry L. Paddon M.A.Oxon., M.B.C.S., L.B C.P. & Anan Watson M.B., B.Ch.Edin. resident medical officers; Arthur Bird, sec.; Miss Jessie F. Parsons, matron), Tipton Road.
Guest Edward Thomas
, shopkeeper, 36 Ivanhoe Street.
Guest Walter, shopkeeper, 39 Brettell Street.
Gunning James, travelling draper, 52 Wellington Road.
Guy Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10 Cross Street.
Guy William Frederick, coal merchant, Church Street & office, London & North Western coal wharf, Tipton Road.
Gwilliams Hannah, (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 42 Bond Street.

The Worcestershire Furnishing Company's Shop in Wolverhampton Street, as seen in 1903. On the left is Mr. J. Ashley, the manager, who later started his own furnishing business. From an old postcard.

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