The Commercial Directory, H to Q, from the Dudley section in Kelly's 1912 Worcestershire Directory:
Commercial H and I:

Haden W. & T., fishmongers, 166 Wolverhampton Street.
Haden Arthur, greengrocer, 24 Dock Lane.
Haden Jonathan, shopkeeper, 97 Dock Lane.
Haden Thomas, Golden Fleece P.H., 2 Oakeywell Street.
Haden Thomas, shopkeeper, 48 Vauxhall Street.
Hadley James, greengrocer, 147 Salop Street.
Hadley John, Grand Turk P.H., 126 Queen's Cross.
Hadley John Charles, fender maker, Alma Place, King Street.
Hadley Joseph, shopkeeper, 2 St. James' Terrace.
Hadley Thomas, crate maker, 32 Alms Place, King Street.
Hadley William, shopkeeper, 35 Greystone Street.
Halford Albert Henry, shopkeeper, 15 Brown Street, Kate’s Hill.
Halford Jessie, (Mrs.), draper, 19 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Hall Frances Elizabeth, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 80 Hall Street.
Hall John, shopkeeper, 51b, High Street, Kate's Hill.
Hall Thomas, shopkeeper, 1 Pitfield Street, Kate's Hill.
Hall William, tailor, 260 Castle Street.
Hamblett Albert, hairdresser, 98 Hall street
Hamblett John, Salutation P.B. 2U High street
Hamblett Mary, (Mrs.), Hearty. Good Fellow P.H., 8 Flood Street.
Hamblett William, Royal Oak P.H., 26 Martin's Hill.
Handley & Walter, shopkeepers, 13 New Mill Street.
Hanson Julia & Sons Limited, brewers & wine & spirit merchants, 4 Tower Street. & T. A. Hanson, Dudley, sole proprietors of Anti-Gout & Rheumatic Whisky.
Hardwick Harry, Hare & Hounds P.H., 12 Birmingham Street.
Harley Brothers, pork butchers, 32 Market Place.
Harley Albert William, borough treasurer, Town Hall.
Harley Henry, Brickmakers Arms P.H., 206 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Harley John William, fruiterer, 34 Bath Street.
Harper A. Sons & Bean Limited, iron founders, Waddams Pool.
Harper, Jackson & Son, fire iron makers, Tetnall Street.
Harper Arthur, grocer, 102 Salop Street.
Harper Charles Grainger, cabinet maker, 75 Ball Street.
Harper Ernest A., auctioneer, valuer & insurance broker, The Auction mart & Insurance bureau, 30 Hall Street.
Harper James A., teacher of music, 10 St. James' Terrace.
Harper Jesse, Loving Lamb P.H., 2 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Harper Joseph, dining rooms, 33 New Street.
Harper Samuel, shopkeeper, 18 Prospect Row.
Harper Sarah Ann, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Cross Guns, Kate's Hill.
Harries, Harrison & Company, wholesale clothiers, Hall Street.
Harris Joseph & Sons, dyers, 261 Castle Street.
Harris Elizabeth, (Mrs.), dressmaker, 22 Alexandra Street.
Harris Frederick William, Coach & Horses P.H., 42 King Street.
Harris Herbert Jas., beer retailer, 19 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Harris William, hairdresser, 89 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Harrison Lizzie Maria, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 King Street.
Harrison Thomas, confectioner. 1 Queen’s Cross.
Hartill Albert, cycle agent, see Whorton & Hartill.
Hartill Josiah, Shakespeare P.H., 74 Stafford Street.
Hartill Walter, boot maker, 8 Dixon's Green.
Hartland Brothers, painters, 35 Wolverhampton Street.
Hartland George Hy., plumber, 85 St. John's Road, Kate’s Hill.
Hartland Sarah, (Mrs.), picture framer, 88a, High Street.
Harvey Frank Gripton, tobacconist, 38 Hall Street.
Harvey Lucy, (Mrs.), tobacconist, 11 New Street.
Harvey Thomas, cabinet maker, 18 Pitfield Street & 51 Stepping Stone Street.
Hawkins Arthur William, Blue Boar P.H., 27 Stone Street.
Hawkins Samuel, nail manufacturer, 42 Salop Street.
Hawthorne James, shopkeeper, 41 Lawley Street.
Hay John, milliner, 73 High Street.
Haycock John, shopkeeper, 62 Stafford Street.
Haylock L. W. Limited, boot & shoe dealer, 232 & 233 Market Place.
Haynes E. & Co., makers & patentees of "The Trouser Crease Clip", 8 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Haynes, William Albert Edgar, news agent, 8 Brown Street, Kate’s Hill.
Heath Frederick William, The Beehive P.H., 3 Tinchbourne Street.
Helliwell's Limited, manufacturer of fenders, Fountain Street.
Hemming Alice, (Mrs.), china & glass dealer, 8 Wellington Road.
Hemmins William, fried fish dealer, 108 Salop Street.
Henn William Bramwell, watch maker etc., 257 Castle Street.
Henry Thomas, corn merchant, 4 New Mill Street.
Hickinbottom Jeremiah, baker, 19 Bond Street.
Hicklin Alfred, Three Furnaces P.H., 57 Lawley Street.
Hickman David, shopkeeper, 57 Stafford Street.
Hickman Thomas, coal dealer, Crown Street.
Higgins Charles W., artist's colour man, 208 Wolverhampton Street.
Higgins Ethel M., (Miss), fancy repository, 8 Wolverhampton Street.
Higgins Howard, house decorator, 115 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Higgins James, confectioner, 122a, Salop Street.
Higgins John Bennett, plumber & glazier, 205 Wolverhampton Street.
Higgs Benjamin, grocer, 125 Queen's Cross & 23 Maughan Street.
Higgs Thomas Frederic, M.D., physician & surgeon, senior hon. surgeon Dudley dispensary, surgeon Dudley Borough Police, medical officer Dudley union workhouse & public vaccinator Dudley town district, Beaconsfield House, High Street.
Hill Arthur, Railway Tavern, The Croft, Holly Hall.
Hill Charles W., beer retailer, 264 Castle Street.
Hill Ernest, stationer, see Britten & Hill.
Hill Samuel, cabinet maker, house furnisher, carpet factor etc., 98 Upper High Street.
Hill William Hy., stationer & post office, 12 Himley Road.
Hillman J. & A. Limited, leather belting makers, Porters Fields.
Hiltons & Sons, boot & shoe makers, (W. Hardy, manager), 216 High Street.
Hinds Arthur, newsagent, 124 Tividale Road.
Hingley Noah, Bull's Head P.H., 12 Stone Street.
Hingley Percival James, outfitter 3a & 4, & draper 115 & 116 Hall Street.
Hinton Mary Maria, (Mrs.), tobacconist, 51 High Street.
Hipkins Bros., drug stores, 101 & 102 Wolverhampton Street.
Hipkins Edward & Company, safe manufacturers, High Street, Kate's Hill.
Hiscox Caleb, boot repairer, 10 Maughan Street & 54 Stafford Street.
Histon Harry, collector of poor & district rates, Town District, Town Hall.
Hobbs George, boot repairer, 2 Himley Street.
Hobbs Joseph, fruiterer, 32 Hall Street.
Hodgetts Charles, Griffin Inn, Stone Street.
Holder David, grocer, Dixon's Green.
Holland John & Son, dyers, 27 New Street.
Holland John, builder, 28 Brooke Street.
Hollies John Henry, draper, 33 Hall Street, Holly Hall.
Hollins Charles, pawnbroker, 184 Wolverhampton Street.
Hollins John, jeweller, 1 Wolverhampton Street & pawn broker 27 & 28, & clothier 29, King Street.
Hollis Samuel, beer retailer, St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Holloway Hall, (R. Tanner, sec.), Court Passage, Priory Street.
Hollows John Edwin, Malt Shovel P.H., 60 St. John's Street.
Holly Hall Brick & Tile Works Limited, brick manufacturers, Holly Hall.
Holtom Joseph, beer retailer & shopkeeper, 20 Vicar Street.
Home & Colonia1 Stores Limited, 14 Hall Street.
Homer Charity, (Mrs.), fire iron maker, Tetnall Street.
Homer Elijah James, photographer, 164 High Street.
Homer James, insurance agent, 27 Prince Albert Street.
Hooper & Fairbairn, solicitors & notaries public, 1 Priory Street.
Hooper & Taylor, solicitors, Union Chambers, High Street.
Hooper Alice, (Mrs.), poulterer, 174 Wolverhampton Street.
Hooper Sydney Guest, solicitor, (firm, Hooper & Taylor), Union Chambers, High Street.
Hope Works Company, file and rasp manufacturers, Shaw Road.
Horton Noah, shopkeeper, 23 Campbell Street.
Horton William, boot & shoe maker, 58 Bond Street.
Horwood & Company, ironmongers, 33 Hall Street.
Hospital for Infectious Diseases, (Mrs. Kate Webb, matron), Blowers Green.
Hough Alfred S., supt. Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, 28 Wolverhampton Street.
Houlston Amelia, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 108 Wolverhampton Street.
Houlston John, saddler, 26 King Street.
Household Stores (Wolverhampton) Limited, china dealers, 6 Wolverhampton Street.
Howen William, shopkeeper, 44 Birmingham Street.
Howkins Cyril, dental surgeon, see Knott & Howkins.
Hubbard Sidney, Windmill P.H., 10 Stafford Street.
Hubbold Hubert, insurance agent, 60 High Street, Holly Hall.
Hughes Annie, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 67 Stafford Street.
Hughes Enoch, upholsterer, 53 King Street.
Hughes Frank, commercial traveller, 87 Blowers Green Road.
Hughes Hezekiah, hairdresser, 1 Salop Street.
Hughes Isaac, Swan P.H., 48 High Street.
Hughes John, french polisher, 71 Hall Street.
Hughes John, mining engineer, Priory Farm House.
Hughes Joseph, beer retailer, 12 Bath Street.
Hughes Joseph, hairdresser, 103 Salop Street.
Hughes Samuel, boot retailer, 36 Stepping Stone Street.
Hughes Sarah, (Mrs.), lodging house, 17 King Street.
Hughes Walter James, master of Jesson's charity, 88 Wolverhampton Street.
Hughes William, grocer, 9 Lloyd Street.
Hulbert George, King & Queen P.H., 73 Stafford Street.
Hulbert Horace, New Inn, 37 Constitution Hill.
Hulson Daniel, insurance agent, 16 Park Road.
Humphrey Walter, cycle agent, 176 High Street.
Humphreys Walter, beer retailer, 14 Dock Lane.
Hunt Edwin & Walter, drapers, 27 Market Place.
Hunt Eliza, (Mrs.), apartments, 21 Stone Street.
Hyde Mary & Alice, (misses), confectioners, 5 Wolverhampton Street.
Hyde Herbert John, New Cottage Spring P.H., 45 Church Street.
Income & Property Tax Office, (Dudley County district), (R. C. Bodin, collector), Manhattan Villa, Brooke Street.
Ind, Coope & Co. Limited, (Albert Samuel Poxon, agent), brewers, 7 Castle Street.
Inland Revenue District Valuers Office, (Valuation Department), (Albert Grove, district valuer), 189 Wolverhampton Street.

Shavers End in the late 1920s. From an old postcard.

Commercial J to L:

Jackson Fred, tailor, 257 High Street.
Jackson James Horton, shopkeeper, 52 Flood Street.
Jackson's Limited, hatters, 221 Market Place.
Jacques Joseph, wardrobe dealer, 5 New Mill Street.
Jakeman & Round, builders, 1 Hellier Street.
James Beatrice, (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 31 King Street.
James Maria, (Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer, 30 Church Street.
James Sarah Elizabeth, (Mrs.), haberdasher, 24 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Jap Company, house furnishers (Dennis Elliott, manager), 20 Hall Street.
Jeavons John, insurance agent, 71 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Jeavons Joseph, White Swan P.H. 22 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Jevons Joseph, bird dealer, 159 High Street.
Jewess Thomas Frederick, beer retailer, 220 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Jewkes Benjamin O., ironmonger, 223 Wolverhampton Street.
Jewkes Charles, shopkeeper, 50 The Croft, Woodside.
Jewkes Edward, clogger, 61 Wolverhampton Street.
Jewkes Harry, shopkeeper, 110 Salop Street.
Jewkes John, greengrocer. 123 Salop Street.
Jewkes Samuel J., Old Coach & Horses P.H., Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Jewkes Simeon, fried fish shop, 127 Salop Street.
Jewkes Simeon, grocer, 42 Stafford Street.
Jewkes Walter, market toll collector, Market Place.
Jobson & Marshall, solicitors, 199 Wolverhampton Street.
Johnson Bros., (Dyers) Limited, dyers & cleaners, 245 Castle Street.
Johnson (Henry), Son & Bloomer, mining engineers, estate agents & valuer, 19 Priory Street.
Johnson Elizabeth, (Mrs.), provision dealer. 9 Fisher Street.
Johnson Harry, greengrocer, 3 New Street.
Johnson James O., shopkeeper, 29, & beer retailer, 30 Crown Street.
Johnson John Hughes, professor of music. 57 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Jones Bros., builders, 79 St. John’s Road, Kate's Hill.
Jones F. & Son, tinplate workers, 86 Wolverhampton Street.
Jones (Stanier), Slater & Camm, solicitors, 198 Wolverhampton Street.
Jones Alice, (Miss), dressmaker, 23 Buffery Road.
Jones Caleb, grocer, 16 Hall Street.
Jones Chas Hy., cowkeeper, 3 Watson's Green, Kate's Hill.
Jones Edward, hairdresser, 7 Union Street.
Jones Frank., shopkeeper, 13 King Edmund Street.
Jones Frank, White Swan P.H., 3 Castle Street.
Jones James, superintendent, registrar, Dudley Union, Union Offices.
Jones Joseph, iron merchant, 96 Salop Street.
Jones Louisa, (Mrs.), draper, 32 Southalls Lane.
Jones Richard, Law & Sons, stone masons, Queen's Cross.
Jones Samuel Hy. Ignatius, provision dealer, 64 Oakeywell Street.
Jones Thomas, Highland Laddie P.H., 41 Flood Street.
Jones William Charles, Mazeppa Inn, 11 Campbell Street.
Jones William Hy., Lester's Vaults P.H. 228 Market Place.
Juckes W. E., (Mrs.), teacher of music, 3 Victoria Terrace.
Jukes George, Whimsey Inn, Cross Street, Woodside.
Jukes Henrietta, (Mrs.), Smiling Man P.H., 1 Porter's field.
Jukes James Hy., shopkeeper, 6 Newey Street, London Fields.
Jukes Sarah, (Miss), draper, 24 King Street
Jupp Samuel Ivey, confectioner, 130 Wolverhampton Street.
Kear Oscar Vernon, The Fiveways Inn, 119 Stafford Street.
Keathery William & Son, slaters, 128 High Street.
Keeling Sarah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Fountain Street.
Kendall Henry, fishmonger, 19 Hall Street.
Kendall John, fishmonger, 154 Wolverhampton Street.
Kendall Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 155 Wolverhampton Street.
Kendall Thomas William, fishmonger, 113 Salop Street.
Kendrick Joseph, grocer, 14 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Kenny Patrick, New Inn, 12 Flood Street.
Kent & Dowson, artificial teeth manufacturers, Scotch Chambers, Market Place.
Kimberley & Company, coal merchants, L. & N. W. coal wharf, Tipton Road.
Kings Thomas, haulier, Rowley Road.
Kneale William Robert, tailor, 251 Castle Street.
Knight Henry, coal dealer 11 Prince Albert Street.
Knight Oliver Claude, electrical engineer, 128 Wolverhampton Street.
Knott & Howkins, dental surgeons, 20 Wolverhampton Street.
Knott Malcolm, L.D.S.Edin., dental surgeon, see Knott & Howkins.
Knowles Ellen, (Mrs.), grocer, 2 Buffery Road.
Knowles Hilda Gertrude, (Miss), milliner, 6 Peel Street, Kate's Hill.
Lacey James Thomas, draper, 95 & 97 Hall Street.
Laing & Hughes Limited, wine & spirit merchants, 68 High Street.
Lambeth John, Seven Stars P.H. 20 & 21 Market Place.
Lamsdale & Lewis, wholesale clothiers, Wolverhampton Street.
Lane Josiah & Sons Limited, glass manufacturers, Park Road.
Langman James Limited, pawnbrokers, 8, 9 & 10 New Street.
Langstone Florence, (Miss), pawnbroker, 85 Stafford Street.
Latham James Frederick Harper, joiner, 5 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Law Benjamin, beer retailer, 201 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Law Bertha, (Miss), confectioner, 4 Castle Street.
Lawley Brothers, cowkeepers, Rowley Road.
Lawley Mercy, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 81 Hall Street.
Lawley Sarah Elizabeth, (Miss), dressmaker, 18 Terry Street, Kate's Hill.
Lawrence William, shopkeeper, 24 Old Street, Kate's Hill.
Lee Edwin, shopkeeper, 23 Vauxhall Street.
Lee Mark, plumber & glazier, 11 Southalls Lane.
Lee Samuel, tailor, 178b High Street.
Lee William, boot & shoe maker, 18 Ludgate Street.
Leech Josiah George, (Mrs.), bird dealer, 67 King Street.
Leech William J., photographer, 134 Wellington Road.
Leek Leonard, maltster, Burnt Tree.
Lees Charles H., auctioneer, 62 High Street.
Lees Samuel F., boot repairer, 12 Southalls Lane.
Lees William, solicitor, 31 Priory Street.
Lees William Joseph, horse slaughterer, 1 New Mill Street.
Lesters Limited, wine & spirit merchants, 228 Market Place.
Lewis Ebenezer Charles, grocer, 46 & 47 Church Street.
Lewis Herbert, who., clothier, see Lamsdale & Lewis.
Lewis John, coal dealer, 67 Cross Street.
Liberal Club, (John Dodson & Thomas Ross, hon. secs.), New Street.
Lipton Limited, grocers & provision dealers, 29 & 30 Market Place.
Littler Samuel, district manager, Royal Liver Friendly Society, 1 & 2 Stone Street.
Littlewood Lucy, (Mrs.), fried fish dealer. 44 Flood Street.
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, (Francis E. Foster, district manager), 268 Castle Street.
Lloyd Alfred, Bird in Hand P.H., 1 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd Charles, shopkeeper, 13 Campbell Street.
Lloyd Charles H., joiner, St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd George, file maker, Dixon's Green.
Lloyd George, Four Ways P.H., 27 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd Herbert, boot maker, 132 Himley Road.
Lloyd Joseph, draper, 10a, Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd Joseph, grocer, 28 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd Joseph, shopkeeper, Low Town, Holly Hall.
Lloyd Joseph, shopkeeper, 72 Salop Street.
Lloyd Joseph, H., travelling draper, 10 Hill Street, Kate’s Hill.
Lloyd Myra, (Miss). dress maker, 3 Bennett's Hill, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd Paul, shopkeeper, 82 Salop Street.
Lloyd Rhoda, (Mrs.), second hand clothes dealer, 100 Salop Street.
Lloyd Samuel Cook, draper, 33 Market Place & 113 Hall Street,
Lloyd William, builder, St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Lloyd William, shopkeeper, 256 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Lloyds Bank Limited, (Josh. Nichols, manager), 25 Wolverhampton Street.
London & North Western Railway Company’s Parcel & Enquiry Office, (John Webb Lazenby, agent), 192 High Street.
Longmore Albert Edward, hosier, 45 High Street.
Loxton Emma Louisa, (Mrs.), hosier, 199 High Street.
Loxton Martha H., (Mrs.), newsagent, 196 High Street.
Love & Flint, builders, contractors & coffin makers, Chapel Street.
Love Charles, builder, see Love & Flint.
Lovell John, boot repairer, 101 Stafford Street.
Lovell John, (Mrs.), licensed lodging house, 78 Wolverhampton Street.
Lowe Joseph, Junction P.H., Watson's Green, Kate's Hill.
Lucy Jane, (Mrs.), confectioner, 8 Union Street.
Lunn John, draper, 45 Ivanhoe Street.
Lunn Mary, (Mrs.), greengrocer, 77 Hall Street.
Lunn Samuel, Grange Inn, 90 Wolverhampton Street.
Lunn Thomas, shopkeeper, 5 Castle View.
Lyons James Isidore, confectioner, 231 Market Place.

Union Street in about 1930. From an old postcard.

Commercial M and N:

Mc'Cann James, Beehive P.H., 88 Stafford Street.
Macdonald & Co. Limited, artificial teeth makers, 222 Wolverhampton Street.
Macharg Helen S., (Miss), pawnbroker, 109 King Street.
McDowell Frederick R., registration agent & sec., Dudley Unionist Association, Tower Street.
McNaney Peter, coal dealer, 17a, Abberley Street.
Madeley W. & Son Limited, fender manufacturers, Oakeywell Street.
Mahler Brothers, motor garage, Birmingham Road.
Maiden William, butcher, see Evans & Maiden.
Maiden William, jun., tripe dresser, 174 High Street.
Maitland John, Old Cottage Spring P.H., Fountain Street.
Major Hubert Richard, supt. Prudential Assurance Co. Limited, 94 Blower's Green Road.
Mallin Isaac, butcher, 74 St. John's Road & 13 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Malpass & Company, fishmongers, 219 Wolverhampton Street.
Malpass Richard, greengrocer, 3a, Wolverhampton street.
Malpass William, fruiterer, 6 Hall Street.
Marks & Spencer Limited, bazaar, 9 & 10 Hall Street.
Marlow Henry, iron & brass bedstead manufacturer, Vicarage Prospect, Wellington Road.
Marsh T.G. & F.J., colliery factors, 206 Wolverhampton Street.
Marsh Alfred, pork butcher, 236 Market Place.
Marsh Benjamin, general dealer, 7 Wellington Road.
Marsh Benjamin, hardware dealer, 230 Market Place.
Marsh Frederick, baker, 49 King Edmund Street.
Marsh George, pork butcher, 118 Stafford Street.
Marsh James, baker, Himley Road.
Marsh John, fruiterer, 2 Ivanhoe Street.
Marsh Mary A., (Mrs.), Crown & Anchor P.H., 104 Hall Street.
Marsh William, shopkeeper, 4 Peel Street off Salop Street.
Marshall Robert, solicitor & commissioner for oaths & coroner for the county borough of Dudley,
(firm, Jobson & Marshall), 199 Wolverhampton Street.
Martin A. B., collector of poor & district rates, County District, Town Hall.
Martin Benjamin, charter master, Holly Hall House, Holly Hall.
Martin Joseph, tailor, see Silverman & Martin.
Mason D. & Co. Limited, manufacturers of dry soaps, Lawley Street.
Mason George Limited, provision dealers, 38 Market Place.
Mason John & Company, iron merchants, Shaw Road.
Mason, Williams & Co. Limited, provision dealers, 111 & 112 Hall Street.
Mason Annie Louisa, (Mrs.), milliner, 114 High Street.
Mason Arthur E., accountant, 193 Wolverhampton Street.
Mason John G., coffee tavern, 248 Castle Street.
Masters C., (Mrs.), dress maker, 128 Queen's Cross.
Masters Charles, horse dealer, 6 Buffery Road.
Mayer Harry, insurance agent, 13 Turner Street.
Mayer Walter, hairdresser, 1 Southalls Lane.
Mayer William, tailor, 1 Southalls Lane.
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, butter factors, 35 Market Place.
Meller Charles, White Horse P.H., 5 New Mill Street.
Meredith John Young, builder, 12 Bond Street.
Messiter Matthew Arden, M.R.C.S.Eng., surgeon, Cappoly, Priory Road.
Metcalfe's (Manchester) Limited, mantle warehouse, 198 High Street.
Metropolitan Bank (of England & Wales) Limited, (Frank Morley Baker, manager), Market Place.
Midland Counties Express, branch, Wolverhampton Street.
Midland Counties Mutual Benefit Society, (R. Tanner, sec.), Holloway chambers, Priory Street.
Midland Counties Trades Federation, (John Taylor, see.), 63 Vicar Street.
Midland Manufacturing Company, outfitters, Alma Place, King Street.
Midland Mutual Plate Glass Insurance Company, (John H. Rann, sec.), 7 Priory Street.
Midland Tramways Co. Limited, (Daniel Davis, receiver), parcels office, 34 Wolverhampton Street.
Midwinter Frank, beer & wine retailer, 64 Salop Street.
Miles Harry A., inspector of county police, Police Station, Priory Street.
Millard Harriett, (Mrs.), beer retailer, 12 Stafford Street.
Millington Arthur, builder, 53 North Street, Kate's Hill.
Millington David, canal carrier, Blackbrook Road, Holly Hall.
Millington Thomas, beer retailer, & post office, 101 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Mills Mary, (Mrs.), butcher, 118 Hall Street.
Mills Mary Ann, (Mrs.), grocer, 141 Salop Street.
Mills Matilda, (Mrs.), beer retailer, 18 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Mills Richard, Field House Cottage P.H., 43 Oxford Street.
Mills Sarah, (Miss), wardrobe dealer, 25 New Hall Street.
Millward William John, brick maker, Bunn's Lane, Kate's Hill.
Mitchell W. B. & T., hosiers & glovers, 43 High Street.
Mitchell Ernest, baker, 20 Peel Street, Kate's Hill.
Mitchell Frederick Charles, saddler, 4 & 21 Stone Street.
Mitchell Thomas, watch maker, 100 Wolverhampton Street.
Mitchell William, greengrocer, 157 Wolverhampton Street.
Moore Benjamin, coal dealer, 105 Dock Lane.
Moore Charles, pork butcher, 37 Bond Street.
Moreton David, second hand clothes dealer, 128 Salop Street.
Morris Daniel, butcher, 111 Stafford Street.
Morris Frank, L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng., dentist, 204 Wolverhampton Street.
Morris George, dairyman, Oakham Road.
Morris George E., Railway Vaults P.H., 37 Market Place.
Morris Harry, shopkeeper, 25 Dibdale Street.
Morris Joseph S., deputy town clerk, Town Hall.
Morris Thomas, furniture dealer, 12 & 13 Fisher Street.
Morton Albert, solicitor, clerk to Dudley Grammar School & deputy steward of the manor of Sedgley, Kingswinford & Rowley Regis & steward of Church Clent, Birmingham Road.
Moseley David, shopkeeper, 43 Church Street & coal dealer, Prospect Row.
Moss Florence, (Miss), smallware dealer, 30 Bond Street.
Moule Thomas, Hope Inn, 169 High Street.
Mountford F. M., (Mrs.), grocer & post office, 129 Tividale Road.
Moyle & Company, grocers, 105 Hall Street.
Mullins A., hide & skin merchant & broker, Dudley Row.
Mullins Isaac, butcher, 13 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Mundon Samuel, shopkeeper, 242 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Musty John Thomas, shopkeeper, & post office, Dixon's Green.
Myers Agnes, (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 178 High Street.
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, (John Henry Bowden, 18 North Street, Kate's Hill, inspector), 125 Wellington Road.
Nayler John & Son Limited, leather merchants & curriers & manufacturers of india rubber washers, sheets, belting, hose, mitts, waterproof coats, leggings, air proof goods & leather driving bands; samples & prices on application. Castle Belting works. Dudley.
Nayler William Limited, iron merchants, Bond Street.
Naylor Edward, coal dealer, Himley Road.
Naylor Harriet, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Dock Lane.
Naylor William, coal dealer etc., Stepping Stone Street.
Neales' Tea Stores, grocers, 18 & 19 Market Place.
Neath Harriet, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 108 High Street.
Neath John, shopkeeper, 79 Stepping Stone Street.
Needhams Limited, chemists, 218 Market Place.
Nelson J. & Sons Limited, butchers, 2 Hall Street.
Newey & Homer, mfrs. of bronze, steel & brass fenders, kerbs, fire dogs, brasses etc., quotations on application, London Fields Works, Dudley.
Newey William Edward, L.S.A.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, Dudley North district, Dudley Union, 40 Wellington Road.
Newton Samuel, shopkeeper, 17 Waterloo Street.
Nicholls Frances May, (Miss), dressmaker, 30 Bath Street.
Nicholls Harry, tailor, 50 Wellington Road.
Nichols Joseph, manager to Lloyds Bank Limited, 25 Wolverhampton Street.
Nichols Sydney C., seedsman, 180 High Street.
Nicholson H., oil merchant, Great Western Goods Yard.
Nicklin lsaac, boot repairer, 92 Hall Street.
Nicklin James William, fried fish dealer, 140 Salop Street.
Nicklin Thomas, boot repairer, 82 Grange Road.
Noade Henry, shopkeeper, 1 Grainger Street.
Nock Harry Arthur, maltster, corn merchant & seedsman, 11 Castle Street, Dudley & corn mills, The Delph, Brierley Hill.
Norris Albert E., butcher, 21 Dock Lane.
Northwood James, Hearty Good Fellow P.H., 3 Maughan Street.
Nott Thomas, hairdresser, 29 Flood Street.

Wolverhampton Street in 1902 or 1903. From an old postcard.

Commercial O to Q:

Oakes Joseph, grocer, 3 Martins Hill Street.
Oakley & Coulson, builders, Stafford Street.
Oakley Benjamin, beer retailer & draper, 104 Salop Street.
Oakley Richard, Welch-Go-By P.H., 24 Salop Street.
Oakley William, confectioner, 3 Union Street.
O'Dowd James Joseph, Locomotive Inn, Trindle Road.
Old Bush Hotel, (Thomas Short), High Street.
Ollis Thomas, brass designer, 1 Victoria Terrace.
O'Neill Patrick, confectioner, 37 Ball Street.
Ordish Edmund, confectioner, 149 Wolverhampton Street.
Orford Richard, fried fish dealer, 100 Hall Street.
Overfield Levi, shopkeeper, 65 St. James' Terrace.
Owen George Thomas, wholesale druggist, 101 High Street.
Owen James, shopkeeper, 93 Stafford Street.
Owen Mary, (Miss), haberdasher, 89 Hall Street.
Pagett Levi Thomas, confectioner, 8 Castle Street.
Pallett & Company Limited, coach builders, Birmingham Road.
Palmer Alexander, shopkeeper, 115 Stafford Street.
Pargeter John, currier & leather seller, 111 King Street.
Pargeter John William, hairdresser, 6 Cromwell Street, Kate’s Hill.
Pargeter Thomas, Hope & Anchor P.H., 23 Bond Street.
Parkes James & Son, cycle agents, 7 King Street.
Parkes Bertram Leonard, shopkeeper, 11 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Parkes John, shopkeeper, 56 Oakeywell Street.
Parkes Joseph, iron founder, Abberley Street.
Parkes Mary, (Mrs.), baker, 10 Earl Street, Kate's HiIl.
Parkes Mary, (Mrs.), midwife, 30 Pitfield Street, Kate's Hill.
Parkes Thomas, Brewer's Arms P.H., 10 Fisher Street.
Parkes Thomas, shopkeeper. 22 Church Street.
Parkes Walter, greengrocer, 5 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Parkes William Henry, hardware dealer, 28 Bond Street.
Parks Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 67 Salop Street.
Parsons Ann, (Mrs.), stay maker, 115 Inhedge.
Parsons Elizabeth, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 58 Vicarage Prospect.
Parsons Matthew, Saracens Head P.H., 18 Stone Street.
Parsons Reuben, phonograph dealer, 26 New Street.
Partridge George S., draper, 132, 133 & 134 Wolverhampton Street.
Pasfield James, coal merchant, 1 Dixon's Green.
Peacock Emma, B. M., (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 37 King Street.
Peake Joseph James, pawnbroker, 153 Salop Street.
Pearcey Edward, boot dealer, 73 High Street, Holly Hall.
Pearcey Enoch, boot repairer, 101 King Street.
Pearl Life Assurance Co. Limited, (John Henry Bartlett, supt.), district office, 186 Wolverhampton Street.
Pearsall Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 3 Cross Street, Woodside.
Pearson David, boot & shoe maker, 111 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Pearson George Henry, Windmill Inn, St. James Terrace.
Pearson John, draper, 26 Hall Street, Holly Hall.
Pearson John, greengrocer, 23 Cross Street, Woodside.
Pearson Phares, boot maker, 12 Martins Hill Street.
Pemberton Joseph, coal merchant, 92 Dixon's Green & L. & N. W. coal wharf, Tipton Road.
Penn John, insurance agent, 37 Wellington Road.
Percy Albert Ernest, A.C.A., accountant, Charlton House, Priory Street.
Percy Henry Charles, travelling draper, 8 Vicar Street.
Percy Martha, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 Edward Street.
Percy William James, travelling draper, 4 Vicar Street.
Perkes & Company, carters, 27 Hall Street.
Perkins Albert, butcher, 86 Stafford Street.
Perkins Richard, insurance agent, 9 New Bond Street.
Perks Frances Kate, (Mrs.), tobacconist, 112 Wolverhampton Street.
Perks Joseph, mattress manufacturer, 17 West Street & 16 Salop Street.
Perks William, Board P.H., 223 Market Place.
Perks William, seedsman, 19 Wolverhampton Street.
Perry Alfred, tobacconist, 164 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Perry James A., butcher, 46 High Street, Holly Hall.
Peters James, marine store dealer, 52a Himley Street.
Phillips Abrabam, shopkeeper, 36 High Street, Holly Hall.
Phillips William, boot repairer, 101 Salop Street.
Phipps Rose, (Mrs.), apartments, 6 Bourne Street.
Picton & Company, carriers, Castle Hotel yard, Castle Street.
Pictureland Picture Palace, (Bishop & Hollis, proprietors) Temperance Hall, High Street.
Piggott J. & C., fender makers, 9 Maughan Street.
Pittaway Henry, builder, 96 Himley Road.
Plant Daniel, fishmonger, 36 Church Street.
Plant Elizabeth, (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 116 Stafford Street.
Plant George Thomas Sheridan, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 187 Wolverhampton Street.
Plant Martha, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Fountain Street.
Plant Richard, shopkeeper, 38 Swan Street.
Plevey Edward, insurance agent, 14 Vicar Street.
Pleydon John, cattle dealer, Blackacre Road.
Pool George, shopkeeper, Price Street, Kate's Hill.
Poole George, shopkeeper, 23 Crown Street.
Poole Thomas, Shoulder of Mutton P.H., 29 Dixon's Green
Porter Joseph, collector to South Staffordshire Water Works Co., 202 Wolverhampton Street.
Post Office Telephone Service, 64 Tower Street.
Potter Alfred, furniture dealer, 43 Wolverhampton Street.
Potter George Hy., general dealer, 28 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Potter John, vice maker, New Mill Street.
Poulson John D., Vine Inn, 23 Flood Street.
Poultney Charles, printer, 5 New Hall Street.
Poultney Mary Rebecca, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5 Bond Street.
Powell Alfred Thomas
, commercial traveller, 216 Burnt Tree.
Powell Martha, (Mrs.), coal dealer, 35 Fisher Street.
Powell William, marine store dealer, 44 Stafford Street.
Powell William, pawnbroker, 18 West Street & 103 High Street.
Power Thomas, blacksmith, Court Passage.
Pratt Elizabeth, (Mrs.), milk seller, 4 Queen's Cross.
Pratt Sarah Jane, (Mrs.), Court House Inn, 25 New Street.
Pratt Thomas Plimmer, jeweller, 52 High Street.
Prattley George Henry, milk dealer, 29 Bond Street.
Preece & Company Limited
, wholesale grocers, 96 High Street.
Preece Albert, shopkeeper, 54 Wolverhampton Street.
Preedy Alfred & Sons
, wholesale tobacconists, 84 High Street & retail, 36 Market Place.
Price Brothers, bakers, Brewery Street, Kate's Hill.
Price Enoch, haulier, 85 St. James' Terrace.
Price Enoch, White Swan P.H., 6 Swan Street.
Price Frederick William, commercial traveller, Quarry House, Bennett's Hill, Kate's Hill.
Price Harry, training school for clerks, 202 Wolverhampton Street.
Price John Dudley, L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, Dudley South district, Dudley Union, Waddam's Pool.
Price Matilda, (Mrs.), coal dealer, 2 Constitution Hill.
Price Thomas, toy dealer, 162 Wolverhampton Street.
Prince Silas, builder, 113 Queen's Cross.
Priory Clothing Company, who, clothiers, 49 Tower Street.
Priory Motor Engineering Company, motor garage, New Street.
Pritchard Thomas, shopkeeper, 14 Paradise.
Provident Clothing Supply Company Limited, (Thomas Wilcox, manager), 5 Priory Street.
Prudential Assurance Company Limited, (Hubert Richard Major, superintendent), 94 Blower's Green Road.
Public Baths, (John Thomas Smith, manager), Queen's Cross.
Public Benefit Boot Company Limited, boot dealers, branch, 31 Market Place.
Purnell Joseph Lewis
, tailor, 91 High Street.
Purnell Samuel, pawnbroker, 154 Upper High Street.
Purslow William, secretary & accountant to the South Staffordshire Mines Drainage Commissioners, Trindle House.
Quinton Mary
, (Miss), boot & shoe dealer, 220 Wolverhampton Street.

Stone Street in the 1930s. From an old postcard.

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