The Commercial Directory, R to Y, from the Dudley section in Kelly's 1912 Worcestershire Directory:
Commercial R and S:

Ramsell Thomas, draper, 127 Wolverhampton Street.
Randle Walter, insurance agent, 5 Smith Street.
Rann Joseph, shopkeeper, 125 High Street, Holly Hall.
Ray John, insurance agent, 37 Caroline Street, Kate’s Hill.
Raybould, Whitehouse & Co. Limited, wholesale & manufacturing chemists & druggists’ sundries men, Reform Works, Wellington Road.
Raybould David, Crown Inn, High Street, Woodside.
Raybould Esther Ann, (Miss), haberdasher, 121 Salop Street.
Raybould Walter Edward, travelling draper, 92 Oakham Road.
Rea John Thomas, druggist, 75 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Redfern Emily, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 88 High Street.
Refuge Assurance Co. Limited, (J. H. Dudley, district manager), Union Chambers, High Street.
Reed William, shopkeeper, 13 Cross Street, Woodside.
Reid Ernest Walter, pawnbroker, 4 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Reidy Elizabeth, (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 54 High Street.
Reynolds Arthur, smith, Dudley Row.
Rhodes George, horse clipper, 21 Southalls Lane.
Rhodes Job, fruiterer, 197 High Street.
Rhodes Major, grocer, 9 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Rhodes Solomon, grocer, 144 & 145 Wolverhampton Street.
Rhodes Thomas, M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Edin., surgeon & physician, 188 Wolverhampton Street.
Rhodes Wilfred, fruiterer & greengrocer, 14 Castle Street, & 131 Tividale Road.
Rhodes William, coal dealer, Birmingham Street.
Rhodes William, fried fish dealer, 165 High Street.
Richards John, basket maker, 83 King Street.
Richards Joseph T., beer retailer, 20 Dock Lane.
Richards Samuel, bird dealer, 7 Bath Street.
Richardson Harold, clothier, 229 & 242 Market Place.
Richardson's Central Drug Stores, pharmaceutical chemist, 222 Market Place.
Ridgway Annie, (Miss), Old Waggon & Horses P.H., Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Riley Annette, (Miss), shopkeeper, 43 Flood Street.
Riley Thomas James, greengrocer, 40 Stafford Street.
Rissbrook William, milliner, 6 Hall Street.
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. Limited, butchers, 119 Hall Street.
Robbins & Co. Limited, iron founders, Fountain Street.
Robbins James, Miners Arms P.H., 98 Salop Street.
Roberts Bernard Hamilton St. Clair
, M.RC.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., surgeon, 97 High Street.
Roberts Harry Brown, indoor collector of poor & district rates, Town Hall.
Roberts John William, Ph.D., L.D.S.F.P.S.Glas., dental surgeon, 97 High Street.
Robey Peter John, solicitor, Oakham Road.
Robinson Christopher, bird dealer, 73 Wolverhampton Street.
Robinson George Thomas, watch & clock maker, 181 High Street.
Robinson John, fancy repository, 2 Castle Street.
Robinson Joseph, Britannia P.H., 18 Queen’s Cross.
Robinson Martha Jane, (Mrs.), servants' registry office, 2 Castle Street.
Robinson William, boot repairer, 1 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Robson Ernest, butcher, 17 Hall Street.
Rogers Thomas, coal merchant, L. & N.W. Railway Co.'s goads yard, Tipton Road & 18 Peel Street.
Rohrer Anselm, watch maker, 2 Flood Street.
Rolinson Maria, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 82 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Rollason Alice, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 53 High Street, Holly Hall.
Rollason Arthur Adolphus, solicitor, 13 Dixon's Green.
Rollason Mary Ann, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 48 Salop Street.
Rollason Samuel, greengrocer, 32 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Rollinson Benjamin, coal dealer, Red Hill.
Rollinson John, Acorn P.H., 31 John Street.
Rollinson Joseph, boot maker, 30 Abberley Street.
Rollinson Randolph, Green Dragon P.H., 20 King Street.
Round Mark & Sons, builders, contractors, undertakers & masons in granite, marble or stone, New Street; showrooms, Wellington Road.
Round Arthur, boot repairer, 4 St. James' Road.
Round Benjamin, boot maker, 18 Abberley Street.
Round Bert, grocer, 416 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Round Ellen, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 254 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Round Harry, boot repairer, 125 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Round James, news agent & post office, 29 Wellington Road.
Round Jeremiah, shopkeeper, 26 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Round Jeremiah W., coal dealer, 47 Blackacre Road.
Round Jesse, milk seller, 239 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Round Martha, (Mrs.), marine store dealer, 124 Himley Road.
Round Martha, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 85 Oakeywell Street.
Round Mary Jane, (Mrs.), Rose & Crown P.H., 577 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Round Thomas, builder, see Jakeman & Round.
Round Wilfred, draper, 42 Salop Street.
Round William, haulier, Greystone Passage.
Round William Henry, bricklayer, 12 Castle View.
Rowe John, Reindeer P.H., 21 Oakeywell Street.
Rowlands Adam, grocer, 41 Vicarage Prospect.
Rowley Alfred, shopkeeper, 2 Paradise.
Rowton Henry, chemist & dentist, 109 Hall Street.
Roxburgh & Rushworth, milliners, 82 High Street.
Roxburgh Ellen, (Mrs.), dressmaker, 20 Inhedge.
Royal Liver Friendly Society, (Samuel Littler, district manager), 1 & 2 Stone Street.
Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, (George Henry Dolby, district supt.), 10 Queen's Cross.
Royster Charles, Angel P.H., 9 Castle Street.
Ruck Mary, (Mrs.), Castle Hotel, Castle Street.
Rudd Adeline, (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 107 Wolverhampton Street.
Rudd George, wardrobe dealer, 9 Peel Street, Kate's Hill.
Rudd William, wardrobe dealer, 76 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Rudge Fanny, (Mrs.), basket maker, 85 King Street.
Rudge William Edward, cooper, 81 High Street.
Rushforth Arthur, art metal worker, Churchfield Street.
Rushworth Lily, (Miss), milliner, see Roxburgh & Rushworth.
Russ Fred, Cross Keys P.H., 39 Oakeywell Street.
Russell Edward, colliery agent, Shaw Road.
Russon Florence Matilda, (Miss), apartments, 136 Holly Hall.
Russon William, boot & shoe dealer, 32 Ivanhoe Street.
Ruston Fred, greengrocer, 126 Wolverhampton Street.
Rutland & Lett Limited, importers & bonders of & dealers in foreign wines & spirits, agents for Worthington & Co. Burton-on-Trent & Guinness & Co. Dublin, 63 High Street.
Rutter Edward John, yeast merchant, 90 High Street.
Sadler Lucy, (Mrs.), fruiterer & greengrocer, see Ainsbury & Sadler.
St. Catherine's Servants' Training Home, (Miss C. Raybould matron, Miss Elizabeth Ann Jones, sec.), 6 Inhedge.
St. John Ambulance Brigade, (Dudley Centre), (William E. Hartland, supt., Joseph Henry Whorton, hon. sec., Himley Road), head quarters, Stone Street.
Sammons William, smith, Owen Street, Kate's Hill.
Sandford Thomas, fried fish dealer, 33 Bath Street.
Saunders & Company, domestic machinery agents, 107 Wellington Road.
Saunders Ernest T., machinist, 108 Wellington Road.
Scarr A. W. & Sons Limited, fancy goods dealers, 201 High Street.
School of Arts & Crafts, (W. H. Meggs, principal, J. M. Wynne, director of education), St. James' Road.
School of Cookery, (Miss Elizabeth Halsall, teacher), Ragged Schools, Fisher Street, & Harts Hill, Holly Hall.
Scriven Daniel & William Hy., tailors, 122 Tividale Road.
Seckerson Alice, (Miss), shopkeeper, 8 Abberley Street.
Seckerson Edmund, builder, 56 Ivanhoe Street.
Shakespeare Brothers, stationers, 56 Wolverhampton Street.
Shakespeare Charles, greengrocer, 9 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Shakespeare Elizabeth, (Miss), shopkeeper, 5 Cross Street, Woodside.
Shakespeare John, lodging house, 7 Birmingham Street.
Shakespeare Sarah, (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 131 Wolverhampton Street.
Shakespeare William, fruiterer, 120 Wolverhampton Street & Opera House Buildings, Birmingham Road.
Shaw Alfred, shopkeeper, 9 Junction Street.
Shaw Thomas, shopkeeper, 20 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Shaw William, greengrocer, 43 Stafford Street.
Shedden Dunean Jones, auctioneer, surveyor, machinery, general valuer, 2 Priory Street.
Sheldon Alfred, grocer, 3 Wolverhampton Street.
Sheldon Francis, beer retailer, 33 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Sheldon William, greengrocer, 106 Queen's Cross.
Shephard Joseph Arthur, solicitor; see Ward & Shephard.
Sherratt Thomas Young, lamp manufacturer, 158 Wolverhampton Street.
Sherwood Samuel, fried fish dealer, 89 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Shore Harold, undertaker, 3 Peel Street, Kate's Hill.
Short William, commission agent, certified bailiff & sheriff's officer, 21a, Stone Street.
Shorter Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper 32 & glass & china dealer 33, Wellington Road.
Shrimpton Robert, confectioner & tobacconist, 31 Flood Street.
Shutt Caroline, (Miss), shopkeeper, 26 Southalls Lane.
Shuttleworth C. & Son, wood turners, 146 High Street & King Street.
Silbers Sarah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 44 Cross Street.
Silverman & Martin, tailors, Tower Street.
Silvers George Henry, pawnbrokers Swan Street.
Simmons Charles, beer retailer, The Square, Woodside, Holly Hall.
Simmons Joseph, ticket writer, 84 King Street.
Sims Harriet E., (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 99 Wolverhampton Street.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. Limited, (John Corbett, branch manager), 217 Wolverhampton Street.
Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, (Mother Aloysius, matron), 31 & 32 Bourne Street.
Skidmore James, shopkeeper, 11 Vauxhall Street.
Skidmore Thomas, shopkeeper, 6 Crown Street.
Skinner Herbert, station master, Great Western Railway Company.
Slater Gilbert, solicitor, (firm, Jones (Stanier), Slater & Camm), 198 Wolverhampton Street.
Slater Robert, apartments, 57 Tower Street.
Smart Thomas & Sons Limited, brass founders, 38 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Smart Daniel, beer retailer, 35 Prospect Row.
Smart Joseph, fire iron maker, see Cox & Smart.
Smart Samuel, boot repairer, 29 Stafford Street.
Smart Samuel, mineral water manufacturer, Lawley Street.
Smart Samuel H., boot & shoe dealer, 156 Wolverhampton Street.
Smart Thomas, boot repairer, 125 Wolverhampton Street.
Smart Thomas, shopkeeper, 8 Himley Street.
Smellie James Limited, fender makers, Oxford Street.
Smith & Davies, fender makers, 110 King Street.
Smith E. & Son
, art metal workers, Red Hill.
Smith Harry & Thomas, weighing machine manufacturers, 163 High Street.
Smith J. & F., safe makers, 27 Shedden Street.
Smith Edward, wholesale woollen draper, see Grainger & Smith Limited.
Smith Elizabeth, (Mrs.), apartments, furnished, 127 Queen's Cross.
Smith Ephraim, Fir Tree P.H., 6 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Smith Ernest, chemist, 83 Upper High Street.
Smith Frederic Gordon, solicitor, 183 High street.
Smith Henry Percy, draper, 109 Stafford Street.
Smith Hugh, L.R.C.S.Edia., L.S.A., surgeon, 13 North Street.
Smith James, beer retailer, 29 Birmingham Street.
Smith James, boot & shoe maker, 5 Porter Street.
Smith James, general dealer, 20 Dock Lane.
Smith Joseph, beer retailer, 422 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
Smith Joseph, fancy draper, 105a Hall Street.
Smith Joseph, ironmonger, 28 Market Place.
Smith Joseph, potato dealer, 13 Little Street.
Smith Joseph, shopkeeper, 21 Queen's Cross.
Smith Joseph, solicitor & clerk to the borough magistrates, Town Hall.
Smith Maria, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Vicarage Prospect.
Smith Mary Ann, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 38 Flood Street.
Smith Matthew, Lamp P.H., & brewer, Queen's Cross.
Smith Richard, hairdresser, 185 High Street.
Smith Samuel, haberdasher, 2a Maughan Street.
Smith Sarah Jane, (Mrs.), Brown Lion P.H., 241 Market Place.
Smith Stanley, solicitor, 182 High Street.
Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, 15 Vicarage Prospect.
Smith Thomas Naylor, house furnisher, 7 Wolverhampton Street.
Smith Walter, shopkeeper, 1 Edward Street.
Smith William, coal dealer, 27 Grove Street, Kate's Hill.
Smith William Henry, house decorator, 108 Stourbridge Road, Holly Hall.
South Staffordshire & East Worcestershire Coal Masters' Association, (John Dudley, sec.), Castle Foot.
South Staffordshire & East Worcestershire Coal Trade Wages & Conciliation Board, (John Dudley, employers’ sec.), Castle Foot.
South Staffordshire Mines Drainage Commissioners, (Edmund Howl, general manager, William. Purslow, sec.), Trindle House.
South Staffordshire Water Works Company, (Joseph Porter, collector), 202 Wolverhampton Street.
Southall Annie, (Mrs.), apartments, 33 King Street.
Southall Enoch B., tailor, 27 Highland Road.
Southall Jack, cycle agent, 108 Stafford Street.
Southall Maria, (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 113 Wolverhampton Street.
Southall Matthew, fruit & potato salesman, 25 Stone Street.
Southan Brothers, clothiers, 34 Market Place.
Speke Richard, chief Inspector of county police & Explosives Act inspector, Police Station, Priory Street.
Spibey James Russel, assistant overseer, Town Hall.
Spratt Alfred, insurance agent, 88 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Staffordshire Edge Tool Company, tool manufacturers, Alma Place, King Street.
Staffordshire Iron & Steel Institute, (W. H. Carder, sec. Burnt Tree, Tipton), The Dudley Institute, Wolverhampton Street.
Stainton L. & P., (Misses), milliners, 17 & 203 Wolverhampton Street.
Stainton Samuel J., architects, see Cherrington & Stainton.
Stansbie George Henry, insurance agent, 71 Wolverhampton Street.
Stanson Elizabeth, (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Trindle Road.
Stanton James, pianoforte dealer, 10 Castle Street.
Station Hotel, (Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Limited, proprietors), Birmingham Road.
Stephens Thomas, fried fish dealer, 13 Queen's Cross.
Stevens Florence, (Mrs.), milliner, 105 High Street.
Stevens Harry, Dog & Partridge P.H., 81 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Stevens William Thomas, greengrocer, 152 High Street.
Stevens Arnold Turner, incorporated accountant, & hon. sec. Dudley Conservative Club, 262 Castle Street.
Stewart's Clothiers Limited, clothiers, 212 High Street.
Stirling & Company, art metal workers, 7 Hope Street.
Stockley George, Oddfellows Arms P.H., 26 Stepping Stone Street.
Stone Street Home Brewing Society Limited, (Benjamin, Pearson, sec.), 12 Stone Street.
Stone Charles, Struggling Man P.H., 37 Salop Street.
Stone Joseph, Ye Old Struggling Man P.H., 95 Wolverhampton Street.
Stone Thomas, shopkeeper, 68 Salop Street.
Stourbridge Glazed Brick & Fire Clay Co. Limited, Thornleigh Works, Holly Hall.
Street Lillian, (Miss), dressmaker, 10 Gammage Street.
Stroyd Maud Mabel, (Miss), costumier, 211 Birmingham Road.
Sunshine Laundry, (Mrs. M. Jones, manageress), 50 High Street.
Sutton George, chimney sweep, 74 Wolverhampton Street.
Sutton Luke, shopkeeper, 13 Ivanhoe Street.
Sutton Sarah A., (Mrs.), midwife, 18 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Sutton William, chimney sweeper, 104 Queen's Cross.
Swingler William, grocer, 137 Salop Street.

Hall Street in the 1900s. From an old postcard.

Commercial T, U and V:

Tanfield Doylah, accountant, see Wall & Tanfield.
Tanfield Thomas William, manager of Market Place branch of United Counties Bank Limited, & sec. to the Dudley & District Benefit Building Society, Fountain Chambers, Market Place.
Tarpaulin & Roofing Felt Company, waterproof oil sheet, roofing felt, rope, twine etc. manufacturers, Shaver's End.
Taylor H. R. & Company, wholesale newsagents, 5 Stone Street.
Taylor Annie, (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 30 Flood Street.
Taylor Fanny Beatrice, (Mrs.), nurse, 79 Ivanhoe Street.
Taylor George, cowkeeper, 10 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Taylor George John, hairdresser, 167 High Street.
Taylor John, secretary to the Amalgamated Nut & Bolt Makers Association, & the Midland Counties Trades
Federation to the Anvil & Vice Trades Association, 63 Vicar Street.
Taylor Joseph, turncock, 22 Hill Street, Kate's Hill.
Taylor William P., solicitor, & agent for the Earl of Dudley’s estates, Estates office, Downing Street.
Teague Mary, (Mrs.), California P.H., 13 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Teague William, hairdresser, 31 Bond Street.
Territorial Force Battalion (7th) Worcestershire Regiment, (G & H Companies.), (Capt. W. J. Thompson G Company), (Capt. O. S. Hooper (H. Company), (Sergeant Instructor, J. C. Jones), Wolverhampton Street.
Theedam E. C. Limited, ironmongers, 53 High Street.
Thomas George, Locomotive P.H., 21 Vicar Street.
Thomas John, Star Inn, 92 Wolverhampton Street.
Thomas Joseph, tobacconist, 125 Tividale Road.
Thomas Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 29 Buffery Road.
Thompson & Warmington, solicitors, 265 Castle Street.
Thompson Edward, shopkeeper, 29 St. John's Street, Kate’s Hill.
Thompson George Frederick, confectioner, 10 Wolverhampton Street.
Thompson H. E., house painter & plumber, 74 Hall Street.
Thompson Hannah, (Mrs.), floorcloth dealer, 66 High street, Kate's Hill.
Thompson John, bridge & girder manufacturer, Windmill Works.
Thompson Lee, fender maker, Dock Lane.
Thompson William Henry, (firm, Thompson & Warmington), solicitor & commissioner for oaths & secretary of Baylis's Trust, Castle Street.
Thornsbury Mark, shopkeeper, 136 Wolverhampton Street.
Thurman James, shopkeeper, 158 High Street.
Timmington May, (Miss), dressmaker, 49 Constitution Hill.
Timmins Abraham, baker, 2 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Timmins Arthur, Royal Oak P.H., 136 Salop Street.
Timmins David, shopkeeper, 5 Clifford Street.
Timmins James, fender manufacturer, King Edmund Street.
Timmins Samuel Edwin, haberdasher, 104 High Street.
Timmins Thomas, shopkeeper, 16 Crown Street.
Timmins Thomas Joseph, shopkeeper, 16 Oakeywell Street.
Timmins William, oil & colour merchant etc. 28 & 29 Hall Street.
Timmins William Frederick, apartments, 59 Tower Street.
Timmins William M., Barley Mow P.H., 37 Constitution Hill.
Tinsley Emily M., (Miss), nurse, 8 Buffery Road.
Tinsley William Henry, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, 19 Stone Street.
Tipton Herald, (Dudley Herald Ltd. Proprietors, pub. sat).
Todd Mary Ann, (Mrs.), Miners Arms P.H., 236b, Market Place.
Tombs Reuben, shopkeeper, 53 Birmingham Street.
Tonks Albert, greengrocer, 143 Wolverhampton Street.
Tonks Ernest, confectioner, 170 High Street.
Toole James, army recruiting officer, 51 Tower Street.
Tordoff Eliza, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 8 Constitution Hill.
Town Hall, (J. Jones, keeper), Priory Street.
Tracy James, licensed lodging house, 77 Wolverhampton Street,
Tranter Benjamin, Vine Inn, 42 Wolverhampton Street.
Trevor John, house & estate agent, 37 Vicar Street.
Troath Sidney, tailor, 112 King Street.
Troman Harry, estate agent, see Gardiner, Ball & Troman.
Tromans George, shopkeeper, 56 Hall Street.
Trow William, confectioner, 256 Castle Street.
Trudell Minnie Helens, (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 70 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Tryon Claude, agent to the Earl of Dudley's mines & iron department, The Priory Offices.
Tucker John Samuel, turncock, 39 Abberley Street.
Turley George Archer, tailor, 15 Grainger Street.
Turner S. F. Limited, bedstead manufacturers. Dock Lane.
Turner Benjamin, butcher, 138 Salop Street.
Turner Edwin, beer retailer, 19 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill,
Turner Harriet, (Mrs.), butcher, 14 Salop Street.
Turner John, jun. butcher, 100 Dock Lane.
Turner John, butcher, 147 Wolverhampton Street.
Turner John Edward, butcher, 135 Wolverhampton Street.
Turner John H., Vine Inn, 243 Market Place.
Turner Mark Round, shopkeeper, 18 Churchfield Street.
Turner Richard, butcher, 20 Bond Street.
Turner Richard, Ernest, butcher, 3 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Turner Thomas, cattle dealer, 4 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Turner Thomas, farmer, Watson's Green, Kate's Hill.
Turner Thomas, Jolly Collier P.H., 5 The Square, Woodside, Holly Hall.
Turnley William H., hosier & glover, 222 Wolverhampton Street.
Underwood Walter J
. shopkeeper, 11 Himley Road.
United Counties Bank Limited, (William Greenhill, manager), 1 Vicar Street & Market place (Thomas W. Tanfield, manager).
Universal Tea Company, tea dealers, 235 Market Place.
Vallett Thomas L., news agent, 111 High Street.
Vanes Cephas, beer retailer, 58 Constitution Hill.
Vaughan Edwin, file & rasp manufacturer, Shaw Road.
Vert & Company, photographers, 67 High Street.
Vickers Jessie Mona, (Miss), shopkeeper, 53 Grove Street, Kate's Hill.
Vickers William, Waggon & Horses P.H., 586 Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Vince George A., sign writer, 42 Prince Albert Street.
Viner George Henry & Son, painters & plumbers, 63 Wellington Road.
Voce Ivy Helena, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Bond Street.

Dudley Road, Brierley Hill, in the 1930s. From an old postcard.

Commercial W and Y:

Wade Helen, (Miss), teacher of languages, 67 Wellington Road.
Wade Joseph William, Fox P.H., 152 Wolverhampton Street.
Wakeman Alice, (Mrs.), apartments, 58 Tower Street.
Walker Brothers Limited, iron merchants, Hall Street.
Walker James, hairdresser, 25 Holland Street.
Walker John, ironmonger, 95 High Street.
Walker John, travelling draper, 2 Victoria Terrace.
Wall & Tanfield, accountants, 19 Priory Street.
Wall William, shopkeeper, 56 Lawley Street.
Walshe Patrick John, Britannia P.H., 96 Hall Street.
Walter Ellen, (Miss), shopkeeper, see Handley & Walter.
Walters James, Sir Robert Peel P.H., 35 Salop Street.
Walters John, beer retailer, 28 Stafford Street.
Ward & Shephard, solicitors, 23 Wolverhampton Street.
Ward Basil Lawrence, manager Board of Trade Labour Exchange, Holloway Chambers, Priory Street.
Ward Catherine Sarah, (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 189 High Street.
Ward Joseph, grocer, 17 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Ward Samuel, dining rooms, 183 High Street.
Ware William Charles, dining rooms, 108 King Street.
Waring George William, mining engineer, 44 Wellington Road.
Waring William H., tailor, 34 Tower Street.
Warmington Harold Henry, solicitor (firm, Thompson & Warmington), Castle Street.
Wassell Harry Percy, artificial teeth manufacturer, 19 Wellington Road.
Wastall Ada, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Southalls Lane.
Wastie Frank, shopkeeper, 77 Flood Street.
Watchorn John, fried fish dealer, 109, & 110 High Street.
Watkins Emanuel, Ivy House P.H., 1 Brewery Street, Kate's Hill.
Watton Benjamin, Old Castle P.H., 40 Wolverhampton Street.
Webb Doris Evelyn, (Miss), teacher of pianoforte, 59 St. John's Street, Kate's Hill.
Webb Eliza, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 102 Stafford Street.
Webb Richard Wilkinson, tailor, 255 Castle Street.
Webb Rosanna, (Mrs.), coal dealer, 55 Tower Street.
Webb Samuel, butcher, 28 Buffery Road.
Webb Sidney Albert, builder, Porter Street & 6 Caroline Street.
Webb Simeon, cab proprietor, 10 Tower Street.
Webb Wm. Edward, fried fish shop, 39 Constitution Hill.
Webberley Frank, draper, 13 Hall Street.
Wedgberrow Thomas C., Green Man Inn, 270 Castle Street.
Wednesbury Borough News & Darlaston Chronicle, (Dudley Herald Limited, proprietors, published Saturday).
Wellings Joseph & Son, wheelwrights, Grange Road.
Wellings Ernest, butcher, 139 Ivanhoe Street.
Wellington Coal Wharf, (The Earl of Dudley's, William Henry Witton, agent), Wellington Road.
Wenyon George H., architect & surveyor, Birmingham Road,
Werner Florence A., (Mrs.), milliner, 247 Castle Street.
Wesleyan & General Assurance Society, (Alfred S. Hough, superintendent), 28 Wolverhampton Street.
West William, shopkeeper, 78 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Westley William & Son, brass founders, Shaw Road.
Westley A. Edgar, brass founder, 10 Price Street, Kate's Hill.
Weston Mary, (Mrs.), George Inn, 74 High Street.
Westwood R. J. & Company, iron bucket makers, 61 Wellington Road.
Westwood & Wrights, boiler makers & founders, Stourbridge Road, Scott's Green.
Westwood Benjamin, fishmonger 142, & fried fish dealer 140 Wolverhampton Street.
Westwood John, picture frame maker, 137 Wolverhampton Street.
Westwood John Thomas, picture frame maker, 10 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Westwood Ralph Julius, registrar of marriages for Dudley Union, 61 Wellington Road
Westwood Thomas, beer retai1er, 30 King Street.
Westwood Thomas, coal merchant, Oakeywell Street & Minories.
Westwood William, grocer, 162 High Street, Holly Hall.
Whale Arthur, boot repairer, 37 Edward Street.
Whale Joseph, shopkeeper, 10 Brewery Street, Kate's Hill.
Whale William, boot maker, 5 Buffery Road.
Whatmore J., house decorator, 42 Blackacre Road.
Whatmore Thomas, grocer, 80 Stafford Street.
Whitcombe Harold Arthur, M.B., Ch.B.Birm. resident: medical officer, The Dispensary, Priory Road.
White Alfred Henry, printer & stationer, 34 King Street.
White Edward, butcher, 45 Wolverhampton Street.
White George, gas collector, 140 High Street.
Whitehead Samuel, shopkeeper, 69 Stafford Street.
Whitehouse C. & Sons, bill posters, 36 King Street.
Whitehouse Albert Bernard, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, clerk to commissioners of taxes for Dudley, Halesowen & Oldbury districts, & agent & referee for Guarantee Society & Union Fire & Life Insurance Societies, 262 Castle Street, & at Kingswinford.
Whitehouse Alfred, draper, 214 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Whitehouse Benjamin, rope & twine maker, 134 High Street, Holly Hall.
Whitehouse Frank, tobacconist, 213 High Street.
Whitehouse Isaac, boot & shoe maker, 148 Wolverhampton Street.
Whitehouse John, town crier & sergeant at mace, 12 Brook Street.
Whitehouse John, Waggon & Horses P.H., 22 Hall Street.
Whitehouse William, Black Swan P.H., 76 King Street.
Whitehouse William, butcher, 138 Wolverhampton Street.
Whitfield George, costumier, 71 High Street.
Whitford Herbert, stationer & newsagent, 77 High Street.
Whitley Mary Maria, (Miss), fancy repos. 128 Tividale Road.
Whitmore Joseph, fruiterer, 106 & 107 Hall Street.
Whitmore Joseph Elton, poulterer, 7 Hall Street.
Whittaker Brothers Limited, electrical engineers, 204aWolverhampton Street.
Whittaker J. P. & Son, saddlers, 214 High Street.
Whitwell James, cabinet maker, 42 Hall Street.
Whitworth William E., surveyor of taxes, Priory Street.
Whorton & Hartill, cycle agents, 220 & 221 Wolverhampton Street.
Whorton Alice, (Miss), shopkeeper, 97 Salop Street.
Wilden Walter, greengrocer, 163 Wolverhampton Street.
Wilding Henry C., British Oak P.H., 9 Cross Street.
Wilkes Arthur, pork butcher, 56 High Street.
Wilkes James, shopkeeper, 3 Porter's Field.
Wilkes John, shopkeeper, 39 Vicar Street.
Wilkes Richard, glass manufacturer, 27 Campbell Street.
Wilkes Samuel, Good Fellows Arms P.H., 57 Flood Street.
Wilkinson Joshua, jun. (Dudley) Limited, manufacturers of anvils & vices, Freebodies Works, St. John's Road,
Kate's Hill & Dock Forge.
Wilkinson Joshua & Sons, vice & anvil manufacturers, Churchfield Street.
Wilkinson & Company, vice & anvil makers, 8 Spring Gardens.
Wilkinson Frederick, boot dealer, 9 Cross Street, Woodside.
Wilkinson George Herbert, baker, 24 Price Street, Kate's Hill.
Wilkinson James Howard, M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond., D.P.H.Oxon., surgeon & physician, & medical officer of health to the borough, Ednam Lodge, St. James' Road.
Wilkinson William, jun., Old Priory Inn, 15 New Street.
Willcox Alex James, hairdresser, 9 Wolverhampton Street.
Willetts John, fruiterer, 104 Wolverhampton Street.
Willetts Joseph, general dealer, 15 New Hall Street.
Williams Bros., printers & bookbinders, 38 King Street.
Williams S. D. & Company, lime merchants, Castle Mill.
Williams & Son, furniture dealers, 112 Salop Street.
Williams Alfred Ernest, clothier, 38, 39 & 40 New Street.
Williams Arthur H., grocer, 176 Wolverhampton Street.
Williams Benjamin, wholesale clothier, Stone Street.
Williams Benjamin F., hardware dealer, 6 Wolverhampton Street.
Williams George, hairdresser & newsagent, 102 Hall Streeet.
Williams Harry, glass & china dealer, 38 Church Street.
Williams Martha, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Fisher Street.
Williams Mary, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 43 High Street, Holly Hall.
Williams Thomas, outfitter, 209 & 210 High Street.
Williams William, dairy, 153 Upper High Street.
Willimott Wm. Harvey, umbrella maker, 209 Wolverhampton Street.
Willis William, shopkeeper, Pitfield Street, & 11a, Cross Guns, Kate's Hill.
Wills William George, apartments, 1 Inhedge.
Wilsh Annie, (Miss), shopkeeper, 42 Constitution Hill.
Wilshire Henry, painter, 142 High Street.
Wilson & Company, carriage builders, Himley Street.
Wilson George Charles, wallpaper dealer, 39 King Street.
Wilson Hannah M., (Mrs.), milliner, 156 High Street.
Wilson James, shopkeeper, 33 Brewery Street, Kate's Hill.
Wimlett Arthur Henry, beer retailer, 23 Abberley Street.
Winbow Stephen Edwin, shopkeeper, 41 Bond Street.
Wiseman Albert, designer, 220 Wolverhampton Street.
Witton Wm. Vinn, drug stores, 172 Wolverhampton Street.
Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Limited, Hall Street.
Wood Henry & Son, wholesale & family grocers, tea, coffee, provision & hop merchants & wine & spirit merchants, 46 High Street & 58 Owen Street, Tipton.
Wood Benjamin Francis, money lender. 10 New Hall Street.
Wood Elizabeth, (Mrs.), nurse, 16 St. John's Road, Kate's Hill.
Wood Frank, photographer, 12 Castle Street.
Wood George Thomas, wholesale grocer, St. Thomas' Street.
Wood John, hairdresser, 104 High Street, Holly Hall.
Wood John Vincent, maltster, Himley Road.
Wood Joseph Lawrence, coal dealer, 152 Salop Street.
Wood William B., Junction P.H., 11 Queen's Cross.
Wood William M., beer retailer, 226 Pedmore Road, Holly Hall.
Woodall Alfred, boot dealer, 88 Hall Street.
Woodall Alfred, boot maker, 126 Tividale Road.
Woodall Daniel, milk dealer. 18 Earl Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall Frederick, boot maker, 5 Union Street.
Woodall George, shopkeeper, 62 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall Isaiah, fender maker, Town Works, Porter's Fields.
Woodall James, coal dealer, 15 Owen Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall James, shopkeeper, 16 Cromwell Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall James, shopkeeper, 55 Grove Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall John Thomas, insurance agent, 19a Owen Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall Joseph, boot & shoe dealer, 97 & 98 Wolverhampton Street.
Woodall Mary Ann, (Miss), shopkeeper, 74 King Street.
Woodall Sarah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 21 George Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodall Sarah, (Mrs.), upholsterer, 5 Southalls Lane.
Woodall William, bird dealer, 25 King Street.
Woodall Wm. Henry, shopkeeper, & beer retailer, 10 Dock Lane.
Woodhouse Brothers, clothiers, 24 Market Place & 8 Hall Street.
Woodhouse Benjamin, Alma P.H., 91 Hall Street.
Woodhouse Jenny, (Miss), shopkeeper, 15 Maughan Street.
Woodhouse John, grocer, 114 Hall Street.
Woodhouse Sarah, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 23 Hill Street, Kate's Hill.
Woodhouse Thomas, baker & flour dealer, 110 & 117 Hall Street & (office), 259 Castle Street.
Wooldridge Mary Ann, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Tetnall Street.
Wooldridge Thomas, cowkeeper, Redhill.
Woolley William & Son, engineers, 6 & 7 North Street.
Woolley Frederick E., tailor, 38 Bond Street.
Woolridge John, hatter, 240 Market Place.
Worcestershire Furnishing Company, (George Nicholls, manager), house furnishers. 211 & 212 Wolverhampton Street.
Worcestershire Yeomanry, (Queen's Own Worcestershire Hassars) Territorial Force (A Squadron), (Major The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Dudley, commander; Major H. J. Selwyn, commanding, Capt. the Hon. J. C. Lyttelton M.P. second in command; Squad. Sergt. Major J. W. Stevens, instructor), Saracen's Head Hotel, Stone Street.
Wright Henry & Company, anvil & vice makers, 49 Shaw Road.
Wright J. & Company, solicitors, 21 Wolverhampton Street.
Wright John Green & Son, auctioneers, 28 Wolverhampton Street.
Wright Albert, pattern maker, 1 Terry Street, Kate's Hill.
Wright Ebenezer, grocer, 43 New Street.
Wright Edward, Round House P.H., 11 Dock Lane.
Wright Elijah, teacher of shorthand, 34 North Street, Kate's Hill.
Wright John, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, (firm J. Wright & Co.), 21 Wolverhampton Street.
Wright John George, boot factor, 50 King Street.
Wright John Thomas, coal dealer, 58 & 59 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Wright Samuel, shopkeeper, 16 High Street, Kate's Hill.
Wright W. H., supervisor of customs & excise, Customs & Excise Office, Priory Street.
Wright William, carpenter, New Road.
Wright's Dining Rooms, 250 Castle Street.
Wyman & Sons Limited, booksellers & newsagents, Railway Station.
Wynne James M., director of Education Committee, St. James' Road.
Wythes Hy. & Son, plumbers & decorators, 58 & 59 High Street.
Yale Mildred M., (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 119 Wolverhampton Street.
Yardsley Joseph, paperhanger, 10 Brown Street, Kate's Hill.
Yates John Walter, Blue Gate P.H., 58 Church Street.
Young Alex & Son, tailors, 22 Wolverhampton Street.
Young Men's Christian Association, (J. Edgar Davies & Ernest J. Davies, hon. secs.), 24 New Street.
Young Clement A., architect, 19 Priory Street.
Young Cyril, solicitor, registrar of county court, district registrar of the supreme court of judicature & (acting) high bailiff; offices, Priory Street.
Young Lucy, (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 56 Himley Street.
Young Noah, beer retailer, Low Town, Holly Hall.

Dixons Green in the early 1900s. From an old postcard.

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