A list of schools from the Dudley section in Kelly's 1912 Worcestershire Directory:

Dudley Grammar School, St. James's Road, founded in 1562, reorganized by the Charity Commissioners in 1879, now a secondary school under the Board of Education; a new building with semi-detached chemical laboratory was opened in July, 1899. Attached to the school is a leaving exhibition of from £30 to £50 a year, tenable at any university in the United Kingdom; a gold medal is also presented annually by the Earl of Dudley. There are now (1912) about 130 boys: the school is controlled by a body of governors; Hugh Watson B.A. University of London, Headmaster; H. M. Fraser B.A. University of London, Second Master. Secretary, Fred Honniball, Town Hall.

Dudley Grammar School in St. James's Road. From an old postcard.

Dudley High School for Girls, Priory Road; Miss M. E. Burke B.A. London, Principal. The High School for Girls, in Priory Road, is a building of red brick with stone dressings, erected in 1910 at a cost of about £23,000 by the Staffordshire County and the Dudley County Borough Education Authorities; it is controlled by a board of 15 governors, 8 being nominated by the Staffordshire County Council Education Committee, 6 by the Dudley Education Committee, and 1 by Birmingham University; Miss M. E. Burke B.A. London, head mistress; J. M. Wynne, Education office, Dudley, clerk to the governors.

The Training College, for pupil teachers, is a building of red brick with stone dressings, erected in 1909 at a cost of about £25,000, for 150 day students; the college stands in 8 acres of ground on the outskirts of the town; it is controlled by a council, reporting to the Dudley Borough Education Committee; Ivor B. John M.A., principal; J. M. Wynne, Education offices, secretary.

The Education Committee for the county borough of Dudley was formed July 1st, 1903, and consists of 21 members, partly elected by the Town Council & partly co-opted. The schools under their jurisdiction are the Technical School, in Stafford Street & St. James's Road; the School of Arts & Crafts, in St. James's Road; and 10 council 12 voluntary schools. The Committee meet in the Education office, St. James’s Road, on the second Monday in each month at 5 pm. Chairman, James Smellie; Director, J. M. Wynne; Accountant Clerk, Alfred Beckett; Treasurer, William Greenhill, United Counties Bank Ltd.; Attendance Officer, Samuel Spittle & Benjamin Maurice.

Supervising Medical Officer, James Howard Wilkinson M.RC.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. London, D.P.H. Oxon, Ednam Io; Ophthalmic Surgeon. B. H. St. Clair Roberts M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. London, Oak house, High Street; Divisional Surgeons, William Edward Newey L.S.A., M.R.C.S. Enl, 40 Wellington Road; John Austin O'Dowd M.B. London, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.B.C.P. London, Sweet Turf house, Netherton, Dudley; H. W. Plant R.A. London, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.B.C.P. London, High Oak House, Pensnett, Dudley; & John Dudley Price M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. London, Ambleside, Dixon's Green, Dudley; School Nurse, Miss F. E. Gunning, 52 Wellington Road, Dudley.

Technical Schools, Stafford Street & St. James's Road; Alfred Coulson B.A., M.Sc. Principal; J. M. Wynne, Director of Education.

School of Arts & Crafts, St. James's Road; W. N. Megg, Headmaster; J. M. Wynne, Director of Education.

Council Schools:

Higher Elementary, built for 480 boys & girls; average attendance, 397; James Golding M.A., Headmaster.

Alma Place, (mixed), enlarged in 1894, for 206 boys & girls; average attendance, 255 boys & girls; William Troath, Master.

Hart's Hill, (mixed & infants), for 427 boys & girls & 167 infants; average attendance, 409 boys & girls & 134 infants; George A. Ashton, Master; Miss M. L. Ridgeway, Infants' Mistress.

Holly Hall, (mixed), for 308 boys & girls & 400 infants; average attendance, 385 boys & girls & 211 infants; William G. Cumming, Master; Miss A. M. Woodhouse, Infants' Mistress.

Holly Hall School. From an old postcard.

Kate's Hill, enlarged in 1895, for 150 boys, 228 girls & 228 infants: average attendance, 141 boys, 213 girls & 218 infants; Thomas Barlow, Master; Miss Louise Jane C. Bunden, Mistress; Miss L. Clayton, Infants' Mistress.

Park, Nelson Road, built in 1895, for 340 boys, 326 girls & 294 infants; average attendance, 327 boys, 310 girls & 271 infants; Edward Frost,  Master: Miss A. M. Partridge, Mistress; Miss K. S. Whittaker, Infants' Mistress.

Wolverhampton Street, for 252 boys, 288 girls & 267 infants; average attendance, 255 boys, 278 girls & 224 infants; Alfred Thomas Dawson, Master; Miss M. I. Partridge, Mistress; Mrs. L. M. Napier, Infants' Mistress.

Voluntary Schools:

Baylies' Charity, (boys), Tower Street, founded in 1732, for the instruction & clothing of 75 boys of Dudley parish; accommodation for 177 boys; average attendance, 152; Thomas W. Green, Master.

Blue Coat & Samuel Taylor's Charity, Black Acre, Dixon's Green, founded in 1706, for 50 boys; the present school was built in 1869, for 320 boys; average attendance, 287; Robert H. Morgan, Master.

Blue Coat School, Bean Road. From an old postcard.

Blue Coat, (infants), Stafford Street, enlarged in 1894, for 208 children; average attendance, 210; Miss A. E. Hobday, Mistress.

Jesson’s Charity, Eve Hill, is for the clothing & education of 80 boys: enlarged in 1908, for 100; average attendance, 73; Walter J. Hughes, Master.

St. Edmund's, (girls & infants), Birmingham Road, enlarged in 1894, for 282 girls & 151 infants; average attendance, 219 girls & 140 infants; Miss E. Thompson, Mistress; Miss Ada H. Sendell, Infants' Mistress.

St. John's, Kate's Hill, (boys, girls & infants), for 101 boys, 160 girls & 162 infants; average attendance, 121 boys, 179 girls & 151 infants; W. M. Hamblett, Master; Miss Harriet Smith, Mistress; Miss L. B. Woodhouse, Infants' Mistress.

St. Thomas's, King Street, (mixed), built in 1845, for 452 boys & girls; average attendance, 415 boys & girls; D. V. Sidaway, Master.

St. Thomas's, (infants), King Street, built in 1895, for 178 children; average attendance, 199; Miss Alice S. Payne, Mistress.

St. Thomas's, Tetnall Street, (infants), for 207 children; average attendance, 230; Mrs. E. Franks, Mistress.

St. James's, Salop Street, (infants), for 234 infants; average attendance, 167; Mrs. Thirza Griffiths, Mistress.

St. Joseph's Catholic, Porter's Fields, (mixed & infants), for 230 boys & girls & 175 infants; average attendance, 227 boys & girls & 151 infants; Miss S. J. Brennon, Mistress; Miss. A. Murray, Infants' Mistress.

Parsons' Charity, (boys & girls), Wolverhampton Street, for 132; average attendance, 125; 20 girls receive 2 complete outfits & 20 boys a full suit; Archie Thomas Brown, Master.

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