The trades section from Harrison, Harrod & Company's Directory and Gazetteer published in 1861:
Trades Men and Women and Trades, A to B:

Adshead, Anne, saddler, King Street
Adzead, Benjamin, pork butcher, High Street
Allen, Mark, Plume of Feathers, High Street
Allen, Thomas, law stationer, High Street
Anslow, Miss, corn dealers, King Street
Arrowsmith, Mrs., boot and shoe shop, King Street
Aryers, William, Dragoon Inn, Tower Street
Ashby, Samuel, grocer and pawnbroker, Snow Hill
Ashfield, George, baker, Stafford Street
Astley, James, Miner's Arms, Salop Street
Astley, John, beer retailer, Hall Street
Atkins, W., coach builder and Vine Inn, Wolverhampton Street
Aulton, Isaac, Old Wool Pack, Castle Street
Backhouse, William, beer retailer, Spring Gardens
Badger and Company, nail manufacturers, Eve Hill, Wolverhampton street
Badley, J. P., surgeon, Tower Street
Badley, John, surgeon, Castle Street
Bagott and Son, tailors, High Street
Bagott, George, chemist, Market Place
Bailey, John, fishmonger, Hall Street
Baker, Benjamin, shopkeeper, Stafford Street
Baker, Charles, furniture broker, Flood Street
Baker, Edwin, green grocer, High Street
Baker, John, butcher, Queen's Cross
Baker, Joseph, tailor, New Street
Baker, Thomas, boot maker, High Street
Barker, Mrs, bonnet maker, High Street
Barr, Thomas, Seven Stars, Hall Street
Bate, Ann, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Street
Bate Joseph, beer retailer, Salop Street
Bateman, John, auctioneer, Wolverhampton Street
Bates, Job, baker, Bond Street
Bates, Joseph, baker, Hall Street
Bayley, William, tailor, Queen's Cross
Beardsmore, John, shoe maker, King Street
Beckton, Joseph, beer retailer, Dock Lane
Beddard, Isaiah, poulterer, Market Place
Beddard, John, iron merchant, Priory Street
Beddard, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Beddard, William, grocer, High Street and Market Place
Beddow, William, grocer, Snow Hill
Bedington, George, Crown and Anchor, Hall Street
Beesmore, Joseph, Bull's Head, Stone Street
Bell, E. C., chemist, Hall Street
Bell, Walter, draper, Wellington Road
Bellamy, J., bell hanger, Stafford Street
Bellingham, Charles, pawnbroker, High Street
Bellingham, Joseph, Old Windmill, St. James Terrace
Belton, Edward, Griffin Inn, Stone Street
Belton, William, Castle Hotel, Castle Street
Benjamin, Louis, clothier, Market Place
Bennett, Joseph, baker, Wolverhampton Street
Bennett, William, tailor, Stafford Street
Bent, John, auctioneer, etc., New Street
Bent, John, Wellington Arms, Wellington Road
Bent, William, grocer, Wellington Road
Bentley, George, Miner's Arms, Market Place
Best, Harriett, Coach and Horses, King Street
Bettany, James, earthenware dealer, New Hall Street
Billingham, John, New Inn, Constitution Hill
Birch, Samuel, grocer, Queen's Cross
Birmingham Banking Company, Wolverhampton Street, Mr. R. H. Smith, manager
Blackwell and Company, iron and coal masters, Russell's Hall Furnaces
Blackwell, James, boot maker, New Street
Blackwell, John, Inland Revenue Officer, New Street
Blissett, James, plumber, Queen's Cross
Blunt, Alfred, Highland Laddie, Flood Street
Blunt, George, grocer, King Street
Blunt, John, boot maker, Constitution Hill
Boddington, George, solicitor, Stone Street
Boden, William, shopkeeper, Bond Street
Bodin, H. and G. J., builders, High Street
Bolton and Sanders, solicitors, High Street
Boot, Thomas, beer retailer, King Street
Boughey, Charles, tailor, High Street
Bourne, Charles, corn factor, High Street
Bourne, James, grocer, High Street
Bourne, Richard, Three Swans dining & refreshment rooms, and tripe house, High Street
Bourne, William, architect, Tower Street
Bowen, Edward, draper, High Street
Bowers, Alfred, butcher, Hall Street
Bowers, Alfred, Fox and Dogs, Market Place
Bowers, George, grocer, Queen's Cross
Bradley, Edward, beer retailer, Eve Hill
Bradley, George, accountant, Inhedge
Breese, John, grocer, Bond Street
Breese, Richard, grocer, Dock Lane
Brettell and Cartwright, coal masters, Blower's Green Colliery
Brettell, John Orme, and Sons, mining engineers, Wolverhampton Street
Bromley, John, plumber, Oakeywell Street
Bromwich, John, watch and clock maker, Wolverhampton Street
Brookbank, Mary Ann, draper, High Street
Brooks, Charlotte, confectioner, High Street
Brookes, Edward, butcher, High Street
Brookes, Enoch, currier, Wolverhampton Street
Brookes, Jesse, shopkeeper, Flood Street
Brown, Alexander, watch maker, New Mill Street
Brown, John, shopkeeper, Bond Street
Brown, James, saw filer, Flood Street
Buck, Richard, chemist, High Street
Bull, Zachariah, Duke of York, Snow Hill
Buller, Henry, refreshment room, Market Place
Burrows, William, shade maker, Snow Hill
Burton, Eliza, ironmonger, Castle Street

Trades Men and Women and Trades, C to G:

Caldicott and Canning, solicitors, Castle Street
Campbell, Andrew, draper, (travelling), Salop Street
Carpenter, William, shopkeeper, Oakeywell Street
Carter, Miss, ladies' school, Castle Street
Cartwright, Cornelius, surgeon, High Street
Cartwright, James, and Son, Old Bush Hotel, High Street
Cartwright, John, beer retailer, Queen's Cross
Cartwright, Sarah, King and Queen, Stafford Street
Cash, Edward, bricklayer, Stafford Street
Cash, Joseph, bricklayer, The Dock
Cassera, Sim, cabinet maker, High street
Castree, John, bookseller and parcels office, Wolverhampton Street
Caswell, John, Sir Robert Peel, Salop Street
Caswell, John, tobacconist, High Street
Cautherington, James, botanist, Flood Street
Chalingsworth, William, Bull's Head, Hall Street
Challinor, George, plumber, Wolverhampton Street
Chambers, John, Nag's Head, New Street
Chambers, Joseph, saddler, New Hall Street
Chance, Edward, tobacconist, Castle Street
Charles, Daniel, butcher, Hall Street
Chinner, William and Company, tube makers, Fountain Street
Clark, Charles, chemist, Market Place
Clark, Henry, Unicorn, Salop Street
Clarke, Benjamin, shopkeeper, Birmingham Street
Clarke, Richard, haberdasher, Castle Street
Clarke, Thomas, shopkeeper, Birmingham Street
Clee, George, hairdresser, Hall Street
Clee, John, currier, New Hall Street
Coates, Richard, watch and clock maker, High Street
Cochrane, Thomas, surgeon, Hall Street
Colclough, Thomas, general dealer, King Street
Cole, Benjamin, Alma Inn, car and mourning coach office, Hall Street
Cole, Benjamin, Angel, Castle Street
Coleman, William, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Colley, John, beer retailer, New Street
Colson, Thomas, broker, Snow Hill
Cook and Darby, coopers, Queen's Cross
Cook, George, Vauxhall Inn, Queen's Cross
Cook, Samuel, draper, High Street
Cooke, C. R., grocer, Bath Street
Cooper and Company, wholesale chemists and dry salters, High Street
Cooper, John, draper, High Street
Cooper, William, beer retailer, Salop Street
Corcoran, John, tailor, Wolverhampton Street
Corfield, Thomas, The Vine Eating House, Market Place
Corns, Henry, china dealer, New Street
Corry, Robert, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Corvesor, William, grocer, Market Place
Coulton, William, solicitor, Wolverhampton Street
County Court Office, Priory Street, Thomas Walker, registrar
Cox, John, carpenter, Birmingham Street
Cox, -, key maker, Stafford Street
Crawford, A., fire iron maker
Crew, Thomas, Red Lion, Bath Street
Daniel, John, Old Pack Horse, Birmingham Street
Danks, Samuel, stationer, Wolverhampton Street
Danks, Thomas, printer, auctioneer and stamp office, Castle Street
Darbey, John, boot and shoe maker, Market Place
Darby, Edward, draper, Salop Street
Davenport, Thomas, Albion Inn, Stone Street
Davies, D. and S., fire iron makers, Minories
Davies, John, builder, New Street
Davies, Mrs., ladies school, Victoria Terrace
Davies, Thomas, butcher, Hall Street
Davies, William, Reindeer, Oakeywell Street
Davis, John, hat maker, High Street
Davis, Sarah, tobacconist, Eve Hill
Davis, William, beer retailer, Salop Street
Dawes, James, grocer, Snow Hill
Dawson, John, chemist, High Street
Deeley, George, chain maker, Campbell Street
Deeley, Thomas, Railway Inn, Bond Street
Dennison, Matthew, chemist, Market Place
Devall, John, hat maker, Stafford Street
Dingley, Edward, tax collector and grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Doffy, B., boot maker, Union Street
Doutch, William, hairdresser, Flood Street
Dovey, Thomas, china dealer, Hall Street
Down, George, spirit vaults, High Street
Duffield, Thomas, tailor, High Street
Dudley and West Bromwich Bank, High Street, Mr. John C. Green, manager
Dudley, Joseph, Odd Fellow's Arms, Shavers End
Dudley, J., shoe maker, Tower Street
Dudley, Samuel, confectioner, Wolverhampton Street
Dudley, Samuel, pork butcher, etc., Wellington Road
Dunn, Edward, chemist, High Street
Dunn, James, Old Castle, Wolverhampton Street
Dunn, Stephen, pork butcher, Snow Hill
Dunn, -, pork butcher, Salop Street
Dunning, John, furniture dealer, Castle Street
Edgar, James, draper, (travelling), Cross Street
Edgerley, Charles, Talbot, Hall Street
Edwards, James, watch manufacturer, High Street
Edwards, George, Royal Oak, King Street
Eld, Joseph, tobacconist, Castle Street
Eld, William, Blue Gate, Church Street
Eley, George, butcher, Queen's Cross
Elkins, P. F., solicitor, Priory Street
Elliott, William, draper, (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Ellis, John, shoe maker, King Street
Ellis, William, baker, Hall Street
Empson, William, corn dealer, Bond Street
England, George, brewer, Hall Street Brewery
Evans, James, butcher, Flood Street
Evans, John, hosier, Wolverhampton Street
Evans, William, beer retailer, Stafford Street
Eyland, Henry, grocer, Hall Street
Fellows, George, builder, Stafford Street
Fellows, Mrs., stone mason, Priory Street
Fellows, Richard, grocer, Stafford Street
Fellows, Sarah, beer retailer, New Street
Felton, George, Duke of Wellington, Wolverhampton Street
Fereday, Samuel, surgeon, Wolverhampton Street
Finch, John, iron manufacturer, Priory Street
Fisher, Brothers, oil merchants, Wolverhampton Street
Fisher, Elizabeth, hosier, Wolverhampton Street
Fisher, Elizabeth, beer retailer, New Hall Street
Fisher, James, surgeon, Wolverhampton Street
Fisher, John, watch maker, etc., Castle Street
Fisher, Mrs., boarding and day school, Wellington Road
Fisher, Richard, grocer, Queen's Cross
Fletcher, Miss, ladies school, Queen's Cross
Fletcher, William and Sons, iron steel and nail merchants, King Street
Foster, James, hairdresser, tobacconist, Hall Street
France, Henzey, confectioner, Queen's Cross
France, John, pork butcher, High Street
Frost, Brothers, iron merchants, King Street
Fullard, John, hairdresser, Castle Street
Gally and Company, looking glass and picture frame makers, Market Place
Gare, Charles, chemist, Wolverhampton Street
Garner, Francis, confectioner, High Street
Gill, William, beer retailer, Bond Street
Glaze, William, New Inn, Minories
Golden, Charles, Old Welsh Go-by, Salop Street
Goodwin, Joseph, printer and bookseller, New Street
Gould, Charles, soda water maker, High Street
Gould, Stephen, Druid's Arms, Bond Street
Goule, Stephen, hairdresser, Flood Street
Graham, Robert, beer retailer, Bond Street
Grainger, Benjamin, Barley Mow, Constitution Hill
Grainger, Edward, draper, High Street
Grammar School, King Street (King Edward VI), Rev. Robert Harper, M.A., headmaster
Great Western Railway Company's receiving offices, Castle Street, Thomas Bantock & Co., agents
Greaves, Mary, music seller, Wolverhampton Street
Green, Frederick, music and toy warehouse, Stone Street and Castle Street
Green, John, Swan, Vicarage Prospect
Green, Joseph, herbalist, New Hall Street
Greenfield, John, butcher, Stafford Street
Griffin, John and Company, rope makers, Hall Street
Griffin, Thomas, grocer, High Street
Griffiths, William, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Grigg, Thomas, wheelwright, King Street
Guest and Company, nail manufacturers, New Street
Guest, Benjamin, confectioner, Market Place, bagging and sacking manufacturer
Guest, Elizabeth, grocer, Castle Street
Guest, M., grocer, Wellington Road
Gunter, Harry, mine agent and Talbot Inn, Wolverhampton Street
Gutteridge, Mary, baker, Flood Street
Guy, John, greengrocer, Wolverhampton Street

Trades Men and Women and Trades, H to O:

Hadley, Mrs., butcher, Hall Street
Hales, Robert, chemist, Wolverhampton Street
Hall, John, clogger, Wolverhampton Street
Hall, Joseph, Horsley house, Wolverhampton Street
Hall, Thomas, beer retailer, Campbell Street
Hall, William, boot maker, King Street
Hamblet, Job, grocer, Church Street
Hamblet, Thomas, grocer, Vauxhall Street
Hannay, Hugh, pawnbroker, King Street
Harper, and Sons, iron founders, etc., Waddam's Pool Works
Harper, A., Britannia Inn, Hall Street
Harper, Henry, printer, New Hall Street
Harper, Isaiah, cabinet maker, High Street
Harper, James, ironmonger, Wolverhampton Street
Harper, John, Horse and Jockey, King Street
Harper, John, shopkeeper, New Hall Street
Harper, Richard, tobacconist, Wolverhampton Street
Harper, William, New Cottage Spring, Church Street
Harris, John, hosier, Wolverhampton Street
Harrison, James, wholesale spirit merchant, King Street
Harrison, James, draper, Wellington Road
Harrison, William, wholesale warehouseman, King Street
Harvey, Edward, shoeing smith, Wolverhampton Street
Havey, Thomas, general dealer, Hall Street
Hawtin, Richard, baker, Stone Street
Hayward, Henry, butcher, Hall Street
Haxeltine, James, butcher, Market Place
Herbert, Joseph, painter, Stafford Street
Hewitt, James, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Hewitt, S. A., wine merchant, Upper Tower Street
Hewitt, William, general agent, High Street
Hickman, Daniel, Hearty Good Fellow, Russell's Hall Road
Hickman, Richard, grocer, Wellington Road
Higgins, Thomas, printer, etc., King Street
Higginson, and Perks, shoeing smiths, Castle Street
Hill, Benjamin, hairdresser, New Street
Hill, Robert, shopkeeper, Bond Street
Hill, William, shoe maker, Birmingham Street
Hillman, Elijah, ale and porter dealer, Hall Street
Hillman, Joseph, leather seller, Hall Street
Hillmoth, Brothers, watch makers, Wolverhampton Street
Hinton, Bower, grocer, High Street
Hipkins, Richard, superintendent registrar, births, deaths, etc., King Street
Hipkiss, James, anvil iron manufacturer, Dock Forge
Hipkiss, William, Acorn, John Street
Hirons, George, butcher, High Street
Hobbs, Mark, Vine Inn, Flood Street
Hodgetts, Joseph, grocer, Salop Street
Holland, Henry, plumber, High Street
Holland, Joseph, pork butcher, High Street
Holland, William and Sons, builders, King Street
Holland, Mrs., builder, Wolverhampton Street
Hollbrook, -, bookbinder, Stafford Street
Hollier, Elliott, chemist, Market Place
Hollies, Edward, grocer, Castle Street
Hollies, Mrs., boot and shoe factor, Hall Street
Hooper, William, Hope Tavern, High Street
Houghton, J. H., surgeon, Tower Street
Houghton, Robert, draper, etc., High Street
Houston, Mary, clothier, Wolverhampton Street
Howard, Thomas, solicitor, High Street
Howard, -, fruiterer, Wolverhampton Street
Howitt, David, draper, (travelling), Ivanhoe Place
Howitt, James, draper, (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Huckett, Frederick, butcher, Hall Street
Hughes and Hauson, wine and spirit merchants, New Street
Hughes, Alice, nail maker, Birmingham Street
Hughes, Benjamin, butcher, Salop Street
Hughes, Hannah, Coach and Horses, Wolverhampton Street
Hughes, Moses, Bird in Hand, Snow Hill
Hughes, William, ironmonger, High Street
Hudson, Henry, cork cutter, Stone Street
Humphries, David, beer retailer, King Street
Humphery, William, painter, Hall Street
Hunt, Peter, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Huntriss, John, veterinary surgeon, King Street
Hutchings, Ebenezer, bookseller, High Street
Hyde, John, grocer, Dudley Street
Hyslip, John, maltster, Stafford Street
Insull, Edward, shoe maker, Union Street
Insull, William, bookseller, Stone Street
Jackson, Charles, Elephant and Castle, Bond Street
Jackson, Solomon, beer retailer, High Street
Jackson, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
James, Cornelius, wire worker, High Street
Jeavons, Andrew, beer retailer, Dock Lane
Jiff, James, confectioner, Hall Street
Jenkins, William, King's Head, King Street
Jewkes, John, screw cutter, Campbell Street
Jobson, Robert, engineer, Priory Street
Johnson, Benjamin, Loving Lamb, Oakeywell Street
Johnson, E. and J., iron founders, Oakeywell Street
Johnson, Edward, green grocer, Cross Street
Johnson, Henry, mining engineer, Wolverhampton Street
Johnson, Sarah, dressmaker, Mill Street
Johnson, Sarah, beer retailer, Oakeywell Street
Johnson, William E., surgeon, Castle Street
Jones and Company, soda water manufacturers, Tower Street
Jones, Benjamin, Crown Tavern, Queen's Cross
Jones, R, shoe maker, Snow Hill
Jones, John, boot and shoe maker, Hall Street, High Street and Queen's Cross
Jones, Mrs., shopkeeper, Wolverhampton Street
Jones, William, George and Dragon, Hall Street
Jordan and Son, ironmongers, High Street
Jordan, John, grocer, Market Place
Jordan, Thomas, furniture dealer, New Street
Jukes, James, Dog and Duck, Eve Hill
Jukes, Samuel, grocer, Wellington Road
Kean, M., confectioner, Wolverhampton Street
Kelby, Francis, dyer, Inhedge
Kendrick, Thomas, tailor and pawnbroker, Market Place and King Street
Kendrick, Thomas, chemist, Hall Street and Market Place
Kenedy, David, Wellington Inn, Wellington Road
Ketley, ironfounder, Flood Street
Knowles, Martha, boot and shoe maker, Castle Street
Large, John, glass cutter, Angel Street
Lee, Samuel, baker, High Street
Lee, Thomas, baker, Stafford Street
Leech, Joseph, builder, Rose Hill
Leech, Josiah, chain maker, Cross Street
Leonard, Charles, Round of Beef, High Street
Lester, Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant, Market Place
Light, Richard, wine and spirit merchant, and grocer, Market Place
Lister, Thomas, brush maker, Snow Hill
Littlewood, Henry, chain maker, King Street
Lloyd, David, currier, King Street
Lloyd, Henry, glass and paint warehouse, Snow Hill
Lloyd, Mrs., dyer, King Street
Lloyd, shoe maker, Wolverhampton Street
Local Board of Health and Collectors Office, Castle Street, William Minty, collector
Lowe, George Burn, solicitor, Union Street
Loxton, William, commission agent, Queen's Cross
Lucas, Charles, butcher, High Street
Lukiss, John, printer, New Hall Street
Mackie, A. and W., woollen drapers, Cross Street
Mainwaring, Alexander, surgeon, Victoria Terrace
Mainwaring, William, surgeon, King Street
Mainwaring, W., music warehouse, Dudley Street
Maltby, William Cole, solicitor, Priory Street
Malugani, Mark, umbrella maker, Wolverhampton Street
Manders, John, hairdresser, Bond Street
Manley, Jacob, beer retailer, Dock Lane
Marsh, Edward, architect, etc., Wolverhampton Street
Mason, Edward, shopkeeper, Hall Street
Matthews, T., Black Horse, High Street
Maurice, M. W. and E., printers and booksellers, Market Place
May, Edward, tailor, New Hall Street
McCourt, Peter, clock maker, Flood Street
McDermott, James, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Street
McNaught, Ivay, draper, (travelling) New Street
McNaught, Samuel, Peacock, High Street
McTurk, John, draper, (travelling) Victoria Terrace
Measfield, -, tallow chandler, King Street
Meeking, Mrs., general dealer, King Street
Meikle, James, draper, (travelling) Victoria Terrace
Mence, Henry, boot and shoe dealer, High Street
Meredith, John, builder, Bond Street
Miller, Sigman, and Glaze, clock makers, Oakeywell Street
Miller, W. H., herbalist, New Mill Street
Mills, James, Three Crowns, High Street
Mills, John, baker, High Street
Mills, Mary, clothes dealer, New Hall Street
Mills, Samuel, printer, New Street
Millward, James, grocer, High Street
Millward, J., general dealer, Wolverhampton Street
Millward, William, carpenter, Stafford Street
Mitchell, John, White Hart, New Mill Street
Mooney, James, hosier, etc., Castle Street
Moore and Manby, iron merchants, New Street
Morgan, James, hairdresser, Wolverhampton Street
Morrall, Elizabeth, cabinet maker, etc., High Street
Morris, Alfred, fruit merchant, Hall Street
Morris, Ann, Old Hen and Chickens, Castle Street
Morris, George, car proprietor, Stone Street
Morris, George, Mazeppa, Campbell Street
Morris: Pierce, chemist, High Street.
Morris, Thomas, Waggon and Horses, Hall Street
Morris, Thomas, tailor, draper and general outfitter, Market Place
Morton, Thomas, beer retailer, St. James' Street
Moss, Ruben, hosier, Wolverhampton Street
Muir, William, draper, etc., Wellington Road
Mullins, William, shopkeeper, Oakeywell Street
Navington, Edmund, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Nailor, Samuel, Shaver's End
Neale, John, hatter, Market Place
Neil, John, draper, (travelling) Victoria Terrace
Nelson, William, builder, Wellington Road
Newey, Joseph, boot maker, New Hall Street
Newey, Miss M., postmistress, Wolverhampton Street
Newey, Oliver, stone mason, Queen's Cross
Newey, Sarah, confectioner, Hall Street
Nicholas, Lloyd, shoeing smith, Tower Street
Nicholls, George, coach builder, Tower Street
Nichols, Charles, butcher, Snow Hill
Nock, Edward, Dog and Partridge, High Street
Oakley, Abiathur, beer retailer, Snow Hill
Owen, George, chemist, Market Place
Owen, John, confectioner, Market Place
Owen, Joseph, furniture broker, High Street
Owen, William, tobacconist, High Street

Trades Men and Women and Trades, P to W:

Packwood, Edward, pork butcher, Castle Street
Pagett, Joseph, Dolphin, Stafford Street
Paine, James, draper, Wolverhampton Street
Pardoe, Charles, Junction Inn, Queen's Cross
Pardoe, Elizabeth, beer retailer, High Street
Pardoe, Thomas, furniture shop, Queen's Cross
Parker, B., wheelwright, Wolverhampton Street
Parkin, Alfred, modeller, Queen's Cross
Parkes, Elizabeth, beer retailer, Inhedge
Parkes, Samuel, Harmonic Tavern, King Street
Parsons, Daniel, Bell Inn, High Street
Parsons, Jesse, grocer, Cross Street
Parsons, William, hosier, Bond Street            I
Passmore, Benjamin, Old Fox, Wolverhampton Street
Patterson, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Payne, Samuel, Town Hall Tavern, New Street
Payne, Samuel, general dealer, Queen's Cross
Peacock, Jonas, butcher, Market Place
Pearson, Mary, hosier, Market Place
Pearson, William, Court House Tavern, New Street
Peck, William, agent to Ind, Cope & Co., Burton Ale Brewery Stores, King Street
Peckmore, John, Ground Turk, Queen's Cross
Penn, John, boot maker, High Street
Perkes, Charles, milliner, Hall Street
Perkes, Samuel, grocer, Snow Hill
Perks, James, cooper, Birmingham Street
Perry, Henry, butcher, Flood Street
Phillips, Benjamin, beer retailer, King Street
Pickerill, Benjamin, Old Waggon and Horses, Oakeywell Street
Pickford and Co., carriers, office, Castle Street. Charles Ketley, agent
Piddington, William, tobacconist, High Street
Pigott, William, fender maker, Constitution Hill
Pitchfork, Robert, private school, Hall Street
Pitt and Hartle, curriers, Hall Street
Plant, David, The Five Ails, Queen's Cross
Police Station and Lock-up, Priory Street. Henry Burton, superintendent
Pool, Solomon, agent, Flood Street
Porteous, John, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Porteous, Richard, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Post office, Wolverhampton Street. Miss M. Newey, postmistress
Powell, John, plumber, High Street
Power, Hannah, beer retailer, High Street
Preece, James, tailor, Hall Street
Preece, John, tailor, New Hall Street
Price, James, coal dealer, Price Street
Price, Robert, shopkeeper, Oakeywell Street
Price, Samuel and Thomas, tanners and curriers, High Street
Pugh, Henry, Britannia Inn, Queen's Cross
Randle, Frederick, confectioner, Price Street
Rathbone, John, hairdresser, High Street
Ravenscroft, Isaac, White Swan, Oakeywell Street
Ray, Benjamin, tailor, Stafford Street
Raybould, Jane, shopkeeper, Fountain Street
Ready, Mortimore, shoe maker, King Street
Reid, James, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Reidy, James, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Reynolds, Thomas, confectioner, Castle Street
Richards, William, draper, High Street
Richards, William, grocer, Bath Street
Robbins, Maria, milliner, Wolverhampton Street
Roberts, John, watchmaker, Hall Street
Roberts, Sarah, hairdresser, Castle Street
Roberts, Thomas, draper, High Street
Roberts, Thomas, iron founder, King Street
Robinson, J. F., bagging manufacturer, Wellington Road
Robinson, Thomas, engineer, Wellington Road
Robinson. William and Brook, solicitors, Wolverhampton Street
Robinson, William, draper, Salop Street
Rogers, Ellen, beer retailer, Snow Hill
Rogers, Richard, watchmaker, etc., Wolverhampton Street
Roper, Henry, engineer and surveyor, Wellington Road
Round, Edward, agent, High Street
Round, William, carpenter, Hall Street
Rowlands, Eleanor, hosier, King Street
Roxbourgh, A., draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Royal, Mary, beer retailer, New Hall Street
Rudd, Thomas, watch and clock maker, Market Place
Rudge and Griffith, drapers, Market Place
Rudge, Samuel, currier, saddler, and saddler's ironmonger, ale and porter merchant, High Street
Rushton, Edward, carpenter, Oakeywell Street
Russell, John, draper, Market place
Rutland, Frederick, clothier, High Street
Rutland, J. and E., wine, spirit, and corn merchants, Snow Hill
Rutland, John, ale and porter agent, Wellington Road
Sadler, James, printer, Bond Street
St. Paul, Sir Horace, mine and estate office, Priory Street. N. Fellows, clerk
Seal, Robert, Castle and Falcon, Wolverhampton Street
Seckerson, M. A., dyer, King Street
Self, William, butcher, King Street
Shakespeare, Benjamin, grocer, Dock Lane
Shaw, Charles, Shakespeare, Stafford Street
Shaw, Gilbert, Barrel, High Street
Sheddon, Robert, tailor, Wolverhampton Street
Sheldon, Edward, Cross Keys, Constitution Hill
Sheldon, Joseph, milliner, High Street
Sheppard, Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, cutler, etc., High Street
Sheppard, William, wine and spirit merchant, Market Place
Ship, Robert, tailor, King Street
Short, Alwell, butcher, Snow Hill
Short, Joseph, general dealer, Snow Hill
Shorthouse, Thomas, clerk to the Guardians, office, King Street
Shuttleworth, James, wood turner, New Mill Street
Skidmore, John, Masons' Arms, Salop Street
Skidmore, Joseph, Shakespeare, Mill Street
Skidmore, William, shopkeeper, Constitution Hill
Slater, James, clogger, Oakeywell Street
Sloman, Robert, chair maker, Slone Street
Smart, John, fishmonger, Wolverhampton Street
Smart, John, beer retailer, Stafford Street
Smart, Thomas, pork butcher, Stone Street
Smith, Alice, Dudley Arms Hotel, Market Place
Smith Ann haberdasher, Castle Street
Smith, Benjamin, Hare and Hounds, Birmingham Street
Smith, Edward, grocer, Market Place
Smith, George, engineer, Wellington Road
Smith, James, maltster, Priory Street
Smith, Jane and Lucy, hosiers, High Street
Smith, John, hairdresser, Eve Hill
Smith, Joseph and Stephen, drapers, High Street
Smith, Mathew, Lamp Tavern, Queen's Cross
Smith, Thomas, grocer, Cross Street
Smith, William, maltster, Birmingham Street and Wolverhampton Street
Smith, William, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Smith, William, Windmill, Stafford Street
Smitheman, James, Rose and Crown, Wolverhampton Street
Southall, John, butcher, Salop Street
Southall, Joseph, White Rose, King Street
Southall, William, Pig Inn, Stone Street
Southall, William, grocer, Hall Street
Southwell, Daniel, confectioner, High Street
Spear, George, beer retailer, Stafford Street
Spencer, John, basket maker, New Street
Spittle and Brecknell, brokers and ironmongers, High Street
Spittal, Tobias, Old Inn, Eve Hill
Squires, William, twine maker, Salop Street
Standish, Harriett, milliner, High Street
Stanniforth, William, cutler, Stone Street
Steele, William, print seller, etc., Castle Street
Stephen, B., and Son, ironmongers, Stone Street
Stern, John, outfitter, Market Place
Stern, Samuel, ironmonger, Market Place
Stevens, Thomas, looking-glass maker, New Street
Stevenson, David, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Stevenson, George, tailor, New Street
Stevenson, James, draper (travelling), Victoria Terrace
Stevenson, Thomas, draper (travelling), Wellington Road
Stevenson, Thomas, draper (travelling), Ivanhoe Place
Stevenson, Thomas, clothier, Market Place
Stokes, James, cutler, Hall Street
Stokes, Joshua, solicitor, Wellington Road
Stokes, Thomas, auctioneer and appraiser, Priory Street
Stokes, William, saddler, King Street
Stringer Brothers, oil, tallow, and iron merchants, Bond Street
Stringer, E. and A., pawnbrokers, Price Street
Stubbs, Samuel, tailor, New Street
Summerland, William, milliner, High Street
Sutton, Harriet, Welsh Go-By, Salop Street
Sutton, Mark, beer retailer, Snow Hill
Talbot, Phoebe, beer retailer, Castle Street
Terry and Son, tea dealers, Market Place
Terry, John, fruiterer, Stone Street
The People's Family Life Assurance & Sick Benefit Soc., Castle Street. William Heath, secretary
Tharme, George, car proprietor, Butchers Arms, Hall Street
Thomas, Joseph, brass cock founder, Flood Street
Thomas, Thomas, boot maker, Hall Street
Thompson and Sons, corn factors, Castle Street
Thompson, Charles, surgeon, King Street
Thompson, George, maltster, King Street
Thompson, Joseph, plumber, etc., High Street
Tilley, John, currier, Hall Street
Timmins & Son, fender makers, Campbell Street
Timmins, Arthur, cabinet maker, Stone Street
Timmins, Daniel, hairdresser, Hall Street
Timmins, Edward, plumber, King Street
Timmins, Hannah, eating house, High Street
Timmins, Job, Old Cottage Spring, Fountain Street
Timmins, Joseph, shoeing smith, New Street
Timmins, Samuel R., beer retailer, King Street
Timmins, Thomas, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Timmins, William, lead and glass merchant, Hall Street
Tinsley, J., nail manufacturer, merchant, etc., Wolverhampton Street
Tolley, John, grocer, Oxford Street
Tompson, George, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Tracy, Mary, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Street
Tranter, Sarah, beer retailer, Stafford Street
Trouth, William, tailor and corn dealer, agent to Bilston Mill, flour and bread, Hall Street
Turbeyfield, Charles, general dealer, Hall Street
Turley, Edward, painter, Bond Street
Turner, John, grocer, Salop Street
Turner, S. F., fender and bedstead manufacturer, Wellington Road
Underhill, John, Green Man, Castle Street
Unwin, Reginald, hosier, etc., Market Place
Vicars, Richard, beer retailer, Dock Lane
Walker, James, draper, King Street
Walker, James, confectioner, Stafford Street
Wallors, Benjamin, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Wallwork, Daniel, locksmith, Flood Street
Walmsley, John, Green Dragon, King Street
Walters, John, builder, Inhedge
Ward, Francis, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Waring, W. and S., tailors, Wolverhampton Street
Waring, Samuel, tailor, Ivanhoe place
Waring, Thomas, pork butcher, Hall Street
Waring, William, Smith's Arms, Hall Street
Warmington and Stokes, solicitors, Castle Street
Water Works Company's offices, Wolverhampton Street. M. W. Dickins, manager
Waterson, Joseph, cabinet maker, Wolverhampton Street
Waterson, Susannah, General Registry Office, Wolverhampton Street
Watkins and Russell, auctioneers, High Street
Watkins, William, surgeon, High Street
Watson, John, grocer, New Hall Street
Watson, Robert, cooper, Flood Street
Webb, Charles, photographer, Smith's Entry, Castle Street
Webb, William, Bee Hive, Stafford Street
Weobley, Silas, saddler, Wolverhampton Street
Westley, William and Sons, mill brass founders, Queen's Cross
Wheeler, James, shopkeeper, Flood Street
White, George, chemist, Hall Street
White, James, butcher, Bond Street
Whitehall, Charles, shoeing smith, Wellington Road
Whitehouse, Charles, Bird in Hand, New Street
Whitehouse, George, Red Cow, Rose Hill
Whitehouse, James, newsagent, Flood Street
Whitehouse, Joseph, The Malt Shovel, Tower Street
Whitehouse, William, furniture dealer, Flood Street
Whitford, George, bookseller, etc., High Street
Whitman, David, draper, Salop Street
Whitmore, T. and W., poulterers and fruiterers, High Street
Whitmore, Thomas, egg and butter dealer, New Hall Street
Whitmore, William, fruit dealer, Hall Street
Whitmore, William, jun., fruit dealer, Hall Street
Wight, Thomas, solicitor, High Street
Wilcox, Barnabas, currier, High Street
Wilkins, James, hairdresser, Wolverhampton Street
Wilkinson, George and Henry, wine and spirit merchants, Market Place
Wilkinson, Joshua and Sons, vice and anvil makers, Queen's Cross
Wilkinson, Mary, Old Inn, Eve Hill
Wilkinson, Richard, White Horse, New Mill Street
Wilkinson, William, Swan, Castle Street
Wilks, Richard, pork butcher, Stone Street
Williams, David, shopkeeper, Oakeywell Street
Williams, James, shopkeeper, Bond Street
Williams, Richard, boot and shoe maker, High Street
Willett, Benjamin, pork butcher, Salop Street
Willett, William, pork butcher, Snow Hill
Willey, Mrs., butcher, Hall Street
Willis, Thomas, grocer, Market Place
Williscroft, John, hat manufacturer, High Street
Williscroft, Sarah, hat manufacturer, High Street
Wilson, Joseph, bedding warehouse, Market Place
Wilson, Samuel, baby linen warehouse, High Street
Wood and Sons, grocers, High Street
Wood, Edward, pawnbroker, New Street
Wood, George, wine and spirit vaults, Hall Street
Wood, George, maltster and pawnbroker, Salop Street
Wood, Mary Ann, New Inn, Salop Street
Wood, Philip, solicitor, New Street
Wood, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, High Street
Woodall, Daniel, shopkeeper, Oakeywell Street
Woodall, J., carpenter, King Street
Woodall, William, nail, iron, and steel merchant, Hall Street
Woodcock, John, grocer, Cross Street
Woodhouse, Henry, Museum Inn, High Street
Woodhouse, Rebecca, baker, Castle Street
Woodman, Mary, straw bonnet maker, Castle Street
Woodward, Maria, shopkeeper, Salop Street
Worrall, Arthur, architect, Castle Street
Wright, H. & J., & Co., manufacturers of steam engines, etc., Dudley Foundry, Duck Lane
Wright, James, beer retailer, Birmingham Street
Wright, John, surveyor and auctioneer, King Street
Wright, Peter, anvil and vice maker, Constitution Hill
Wright, Samuel, beer retailer, Snow Hill
Wright, Thomas, engineer, Wellington Road
Wright, Thomas, grocer, Wellington Street
Wright, William, beer retailer, Constitution Hill
Wytesh, Henry, painter, etc., High Street

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