Memories of Stafford Street

Memories of Stafford Street

Memories of Stafford Street

George Peck, who was 100 years old in 2010, grew up in Stafford Street, and  remembered a world that is long gone and has changed beyond recognition.

Sadly George died in March 2012, and will be greatly missed..

That part of the town has been extensively redeveloped, most of the buildings that were there when George was young, have disappeared.

None of the original houses remain and the two principal churches were demolished when the ring road was built.

George Peck

This is a fascinating account of how life used to be, and much of what George remembered will seem strange to younger generations. This is George's second article on the website. George Peck's Memories of Sunbeamland is also in the Articles section.

A map of the area.



George's story is contained in the following sections:



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