Reg Davies.

We usually consider the running of a successful company to be a great achievement, and so it is. This however, is the story of a man who did all that, and then went on to even greater things.

His achievements during retirement, a time when most people relax, are legendary. He became the country’s oldest marathon runner and a great inspiration to many aspiring elderly athletes.

He battled many of the rigours of old age and kept on running, nearly to the end. He is an example to us all, and showed what can be done with a lot of courage, grit and determination.

He was a wonderful ambassador for the city, and must be included in any list of great Wulfrunians from modern times.

His story is told in the following parts:

1. The First and Second Age
2. The Third Age
3. The Fourth Age
4. Fund Raising
5. More Marathons and More Fund Raising
6. His Last Years

Never Too Old

I would like to thank Reg's son Vic Davies, without whose help this tribute wouldn't be possible. He has kindly allowed me access to Reg's newspaper cuttings, files, and also the many photographs that are included here.

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