World War 2

1941 saw the installation of a new lectern to commemorate church worshipper, Charles Busby, who was killed in action. The organist, Victor Woolley was called-up and 15 year old Kenneth Greenaway of St. George’s Church acted as a temporary replacement. During the war a lot of much-needed funds for the war effort were raised from national collections, organised by the government. St. Stephen’s actively participated and took out £45 worth of saving certificates for “Salute the Soldier Week”. Wartime restrictions had one unusual effect on the church choir; there were only 18 surpluses available for the 24 choir boys.

One of the many stained glass windows in the church.

Installation of stained glass windows continued during the war years.

In 1944 staff and students at the day school presented the church with the “Jesus in the Temple” window that was installed in the Lady Chapel.

Another of the fine windows.

The following year saw the installation of the “St. Stephen Window” in memory of Lillian Thomas, and windows in memory of Hugh Tunnadine and his wife, who had both died in 1943.

At the end of the war in 1946 a pair of windows depicting “The Marriage of Cana” were installed in the Lady Chapel and were presented by couples who had recently been married at the church.

The view from the nave looking towards the west wall.

From the 1942 Wolverhampton Red Book.

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