The following is from Kelly's 1912 Staffordshire Directory:

Private Residents

Allen Alfred. Lyndhurst, Sedgley Road
Amos Julian. 22 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Andrew Rev. James. Curate of St. Martin's, 8 Horseley Road
Austin Joshua. 78 Castle Road
Barnett Samuel. 1Tividale Road, BurntTree
Barnett Tom. 152 Tividale Road
Barnett William. Ravenscourt, Tividale Road
Barnett William. 154 Tividale Road.
Bate Edwin. 52 Dudley Road
Bates William. 62 Sedgley Road
Bayliss James M. Alresford, Horseley Heath
Bayliss WaIter. 71 Sedgley Road
Beach Mrs. Ty Gwyn, Sedgley Road
Bedworth James. Eversley villa, Horseley Heath
Bedworth Mrs. Prospect house, Horseley Heath
Bodin Arthur. 146 Tividale Road
Bradley Mrs. 153 Tividale Road
Bradshaw Roland. 20 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Brothwood Joseph. Hill Crest, Sedgley Road
Browett Rev. Arthur Ernest. Vicar of St. John's, Vicarage, Upper Church Lane
Brown Arthur. 149 Tividale Road
Brown Harold Corser. 2 Elliott's Road
Brown William. The Grange, Lower Church Lane
Carder William. 158 Tividale Road
Charlesworth Rev. Edward G. Wesleyan Methodist, Westley House, Dudley Road
Chatwin Alfred. 22 Victoria Road
Chatwin Mrs. 78 Dudley Road
Chatwin William H. Silverdale, Sedgley Road
Cherrington Thomas James. 21 Lower Church Lane
Clemment William. 104 Ocker Hill Road
Colville Rev. Charles Asgill. Vicar of St. Mark's, Vicarage, Spring Street, Ocker Hill
Corbett Thomas. 156 Tividale Road
Creasy Rev. J. Edward. Wesleyan Methodist, Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
De Vine Rev. Wilson Thomas. Vicar of St. Martin's, The Vicarage
Dews Mrs. 109 Burnt Tree
Doughty William Woolley, J.P. 57 Horseley Heath
Downes Edward. 46 Dudley Road
Dudley James Willan, J.P. 88 Castle Road
Edwards Rev. John William. Baptist, Princes End
Foster John. 13, Ocker Hill Road
Foster William. 52 Sedgley Road
George Alexander Charles. 4a, Horseley Heath
Gibson George. Burnt Tree Villa, Tividale Road
Gibson George Talbot. 2 Tividale Road
Grafton William Eli. 139 Tividale Road
Granger John Eversley. Sedgley Road
Green Charles C. 143 Tividale Road
Green Charles T. 21 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Griffith Rev. Geoffrey Rowland Wynn. Vicar of St. Michael's, Vicarage, Tividale Road
Grigg Mrs. Brades, Tividale
Guest Edward. 73 Castle Road
Hartland Daniel. Ferndale, Sedgley Road
Hinton Charles. 147 Tividale Road
Hipkins Daniel, J.P. 28 Castle Street
Hipkins Edward Henry. The Shrubbery, Bloomfield Road
Hipkins Miss. Castle View, Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Hudson Thomas S. F. 13 Horseley Heath
Hughes Alfred. 94 Castle Road
James Frederick. Bloomfield house, Bloomfield Road
Keitch Rev. Robert Street. Vicar of St. Matthew's, Vicarage, Dudley Road
Kelly Rev. Thomas Alfred. Primitive Methodist, 23 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Kenton Mrs. Ivydene, Sedgley Road
Kirkham John. 2 Victoria Road
Large John Henry. 40 Burnt Tree
Law George. 159 Tividale Road
Leyton Rev. John Hugh. Wesleyan Methodist, 79 Bloomfield Road
Lindop William. 150 Tividale Road
Lyons Denis. 55 Dudley Road
Lythgoe Rev. George Edward. Vicar of St. Paul's, 3 Canal Street
Mansell Thomas, J.P. Beaconview
Marsh John. 32 Burnt Tree
Marsh Joseph, sen. 42 Burnt Tree
Mason Phillip James. 56 Horseley Road
Meredith Stephen. 38 Tividale Road
Morris Benjamin. 93 Castle Road
Morris George Edward. Ellesmere, Tividale Road
Morris Richard H. 151 Tividale Road
Morton John. 9 Horseley Road
Naylor Joseph. 37 Owen Street
Nicklin John. 137 Bridge Road, Toll End
Norton Alfred Allan. 144 Tividale Road
Norton George. Oakdale, Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Norton Philip Arthur. 157 Tividale Road
Norton Thomas. Ivydale, Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Page Samuel. Grathie, Toll End Road
Parker John. 28 Victoria Road
Parson George. 3 Dudley Port
Parsons Rev. Emmanuel. Primitive Methodist, The Manse, Sedgley Road
Pasfield Mrs. Hazelmere, Sedgley Road
Passfield Herbert. The Maylands, Sedgley Road
Pearson Benjamin. Westlands, Sedgley Road
Perkes Charles. 138 Tividale Road
Price Lawrence. 241 Dudley Port
Price Sydney Edgar. 241 Dudley Port
Raden Fred. 136 Bridge Road, Toll End
Ranft Edward. 148 Tividale Road
Reilly Rev. John Edward. Wesleyan Methodist, Hawthorn house, Allcock Street, Ocker Hill
Richards Mrs. 160 Tividale Road
Robbins Mrs. Sedgley Road
Robinson George. Spring Street, Ocker Hill
Rogers Rev. John. United Methodist, 32 Keelinge Street
Round Thomas Bill. Castle Street
Seedhouse Ernest. Cloy House, Sedgley Road
Seedhouse John. Rothesay, Sedgley Road
Shaw Thomas. Brades, Tividale
Shenton John H. 95 Castle Road
Shephard Joseph Arthur. Dudley Port
Smart George H. 103 Burnt Tree
Smarts Mrs. 104 Burnt Tree
Smith Alfred. 108 Burnt Tree
Smith Edmund. 90 Castle Road
Smith Miss. 105 Burnt Tree
Stockdale John Henry. 215 Horseley Heath
Trevena Arthur. 86 Castle Road
Tyler James. 145 Tividale Road
Vaughan Ernest. 61 Burnt Tree
Walton Thomas. Bedford House, Lower Church Lane
Wassell Arthur. 51 Sedgley Road
Webb John. Thorn Bank, Tividale Road
Whitaker Frank. 142 Tividale Road
Whitehouse James Henry. Ringswood, Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Whitehouse John. 79 Castle Road
Whitehouse Mrs. 26 Bloomfield Road
Wood George, jun. The Dingles, Rounds Green
Wood Barry. Hazlehurst, Dudley Road
Wood Samuel. Woodlands, Dudley Road
Wright Rev. Fred. United Methodist, 15 Canal Street
Wright Rev. Leslie. Curate of St. Michael, 155 Tividale Road


Abbiss Alfred. Coal merchant, Great Bridge Wharf, Great Bridge
Adams Henry Christopher. Fruiterer and greengrocer, 136 Horseley Heath
Adamson John. baker, 60 Lower Church Lane
Alhambra Theatre. Alfred Edward, Manager, Dudley Port
Allard Lizzie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 112 Leabrook Road
Allen O. A. V. Limited. Ironfounders, Upper Church Lane
Allen William Henry. Painter, 119 Dudley Port
Allsopp Joseph. Shopkeeper, 70 Aston Street, Toll End
Allsopp Thomas. Contractor, Groveland Road, Dudley Port
Allsopp Thomas jun. Beer retailer, Groveland Road, Dudley Port
Ames John. Scrap iron merchant, 243 Dudley Port
Andrews Frederick. Hair dresser, 77 Toll End Road
Andrews John. Butcher, 140 Horseley Heath
Andrews Joseph. Shopkeeper, 24 Walton Road
Andrews Joseph. Shopkeeper, 40 Waterloo Street
Arch Thomas. Greengrocer, 160, and Tobacconist, 161, Bloomfield Road
Archer Isaac. Shopkeeper, 335 Dudley Port
Artess Joseph. Fried fish dealer, 233 Dudley Road, Tividale
Ashford George Henry. Beer retailer, 194 Bloomfield Road
Askew Charles. Relieving and Vaccination Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths for Tipton Sub-district, 58 Hurst Lane
Astley Moses. Shopkeeper, 35 Dudley Road
Aston J. and B. Canal boat builders, Toll End
Aston Benjamin. Butcher, 44 Bridge Road, Toll End
Aston Bert. Hairdresser, 225 Dudley Port
Aston Eli. Iron boat builder, Alexandra Road
Aston Stephen. Cab proprietor, 1 Factory Road
Atkin James B. Coal merchant and haulier, Tipton Green Wharf
Atkinson's Brewery Limited. Bell P.H. 54 Bell Street; Cape P.H. 45 Hall Street; Plough P.H. 120 Dudley Port; Star Hotel, 185 Bloomfield Road; Vine Inn, 177 Horseley Heath and Waggon and Horses P.H. 79 Dudley Port
Avern Clement. Cemetery keeper, Horseley Road
Avery Hannah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 220 Horseley Heath
Baggott C. & S. Limited. Saddlers, 126 Horseley Heath
Baggott John and Samuel. Fire brick makers, Sedgley Road
Baggott George. Cowkeeper, Danks Street, Burnt Tree
Baggott Moses. Plumber, 44 Burnt Tree Bagnall John & Sons Limited. Iron manufacturers, Leabrook
Bagnall Arthur. Bricklayers Arms P.H., 28 Ocker Hill Road
Bailey and Freakley. Stone and slag merchants
Baker Abraham. Carpenter, Toll End Road
Baker Benjamin. Grocer, 177a Horseley Heath
Baker Benjamin. Shopkeeper, 18 Aston Street
Baker Joseph. Greengrocer, 49 Bell Street
Baker Joseph J. Hairdresser, 213 Horseley Heath
Baldwin John. Fried fish shop, 244 Toll End Road
Ball George. Secretary to A.O.F., 34 Burnt Tree
Banner Elizabeth Annie Mrs. Provision dealer, 113 Horseley Heath
Bannister Arthur Edward. General draper, 144 Leabrook Road, Ocker Hill
Bannister John. Shopkeeper, 289 Dudley Port
Barker and Wainwright. Colliery proprietors, Coneygre
Barnett Samuel and Sons Limited. Blue and red brick manufacturers, Rattlechain
Barnett Thomas. Estate agent, 121 Tividale Road
Barnsley Alfred. Shopkeeper, 70a Hurst Lane
Barnsley Frank. Beer retailer, 156 Bloomfield Road
Barnsley Mary Mrs. Grocer, 5 Park Lane West
Bassage Emma Mrs. Fancy repos., 103 New Road, Great Bridge
Bate John. Fried fish shop, 74c Park Lane West
Bate John. Shopkeeper, 97 Park Lane West
Bates Benjamin. Shopkeeper, 74 Horseley Heath
Bates Leonard. Durham Ox P.H., 31 Railway Street, Horseley Heath
Batson Joseph and Company Limited. Oil refiners and grease manufacturers, Dudley Road
Bayley Albert Edward Limited. Brewers' chemist, Market Place, Great Bridge
Bayliss William. Chimney sweep, 133 Dudley Port
Beaizley Frederic. Canal toll collector, Factory Locks
Beauchamp Thomas. Greengrocer, 60 Bridge Road, Toll End
Beavon William. Confectioner and draper, 243 and 244 Horseley Heath
Bedworth William and Son. Wholesale grocers, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Beedle E. Mrs. and Son. General dealers, 10 Market Place, Great Bridge
Beesley Edwin. Bush Inn, 91 Leabrook Road
Bell John. Tobacconist and hairdresser, 91 Horseley Heath
Bellamy Albert. Shopkeeper, 203 Bloomfield Road
Bellingham James. Fishmonger, 3 Bloomfield Road
Bennett Edward and William. Builders, 165 Toll End Road
Bennett Henry. Shopkeeper, 155 Leabrook Road
Bentley Samuel. King's Arms Inn, 12 Toll End Road
Billingham Ellis A. Confectioner, 121 Dudley Road
Birch Arthur. Draper, 16 Peel Street
Birchel William. Greengrocer, 10 Bell Street
Bird George. Insurance agent, 27 Bloomfield Road
Birmingham Canal Navigations. Engineering and Stores Department, Harold Hales, Resident Engineer, Ocker Hill Road
Bishop James. Shopkeeper, 11 Wellington Road
Bishop Samuel. Draper, 79 Union Street
Blackham Thomas William. Stationer, 6 Market Place, Great Bridge
Blakerley Nathan. Grocer, 12 Bloomfield Road
Blewett and Company. Coal merchants, Groveland Road, Dudley Port
Blewitt Joseph Henry. Tobacconist, 92 Bloomfield Road
Blick Henry Edward. Rising Sun P.H., 41 Horseley Road
Bloom Smythies Colliery Company Limited. Iron manufacturers, Bloomfield Works, Bloomfield Road
Bloomer Alice Mrs. Beer retailer, 74 Park Lane West
Blundell Albert. Shopkeeper, 91 Toll End Road
Bodin Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 101 Leabrook Road
Bodin Eliza Mrs. Beer retailer, 59 Union Street
Bolton Albert. Vaughan and Bolton, Coneygree Road, Dudley Port
Booker Jane Mrs. Shopkeeper, 37 Wood Street
Bott George. Canal inspector, 12 Factory Locks
Bott Joseph. Boot repairer, 106 Horseley Heath
Boucher George. Boot repairer, 9 Slater Street
Boulter Joseph. Bush Inn, 127 Park Lane West
Bourne Thomas. Draper, 97 Bloomfield Road
Bowater Henry. Boot and shoe maker, 1a Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Bowers Thomas William. Cycle repairer, Toll End Road
Bradley Carrie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 36 Hall Street
Bradley Joseph. Shopkeeper, 43 Burnt Tree
Bradwick Joseph. Shopkeeper, 28 Cleton Street, Dudley Port
Brain Edward. Cabinet maker, 120 Dudley Road
Bray Annie Mrs. Britannia Inn, 90 Leabrook Road
Breatt William. Butcher, 109 Horseley Heath
Brennand Thomas. Limerick Hotel, Market Place, Great Bridge
Brett Arthur Apsley. Royal Oak P.H., 7 Dudley Port
Brevitt Jesse. Greengrocer, 235 Horseley Heath
Brighton Joseph. Blacksmith, Leabrook Road
Brindley Owen. Canal toll collector, 7 Castle Street
Brown Arthur T. Printer etc. Elton and Brown
Brown Frank. Violin Inn, 195 Bloomfield Road
Brown Harold Corser. Physician and surgeon, 2 Elliott’s Road
Brown John. Professor of music, 16c Horseley Heath
Brown Joseph. Farmer, Broad Lane, Tividale
Brown William. Auctioneer. Powell and Brown
Bryan Elizabeth Mrs. General dealer, 105 Toll End Road
Bryant George William. Insurance superintendent, 35 Toll End Road
Bryden Isaac. Waggon and Horses P.H., Dudley Road, Tividale
Buckingham Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 103 Horseley Heath
Buckler John. Wholesale confectioner, 38 New Road, Great Bridge
Bucknall Thomas. Shopkeeper, 84 Tipton Road, Tividale
Bullas Grafton Harthill. Tinplate worker, 76 Owen Street
Bullers Limited. Telegraph patentees and contractors to Government, Post Office, railway and telegraph companies; manufacturers of insulators, telegraph line stores, castings of all kinds, mortar and pestles, all kinds of rim, mortice and latch furniture in china, wood and glass; finger plates; shutter, drawer, commode, cupboard and centre door knobs and every description of china used by tin plate workers, bedstead makers, plumbers etc. and brass founders. Works and Offices, Tipton
Bunting John, plumber, 32a, Waterloo Street
Bunting Thomas, painter, Castle Road
Burgess William G. Beer retailer, 20 Leabrook Road
Burn John William. Grocer, 7 New Road, Great Bridge
Burnt Tree Company. Art metal workers, Burnt Tree Works
Buswell Philip. Lame Dog Inn, 262 Dudley Port
Buswell Sarah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 14 Union Street
Butler William and Company Limited. Old Bush Inn, 22 New Road, Great Bridge; Old King's Head Inn, 50 Dudley Road, and beer retailers, 8 Eagle Road, Great Bridge
Butler John Thomas. Painter, 44 Bridge Road, Toll End
Butler Thomas. Greengrocer, 141a, Horseley Heath
Butler William. Golden Cup P.H. 68 Toll End Road
Cable Accessories Company Limited. Electrical engineers, Britannia Street, Tividale
Cadman Benjamin. Beef and pork butcher, 82 and 83 Owen Street.
Callear Alice Miss. Pawnbroker, 73 Leabrook Road
Callear James. Estate agent, 4 Ocker Hill Road
Campion George. Shopkeeper, 57 Tividale Road
Carter John. Shopkeeper, 284 Dudley Road
Cartwright Albert. Shopkeeper, 143 Leabrook Road
Cartwright John. Beer retailer, 55 Lower Church Lane
Cartwright John. Pawnbroker, 37 Providence Street, Horseley heath
Cashmore Emily Mrs. Shopkeeper, 51 Ball Fields, Horseley Heath
Cashmore John. Scrap iron merchant, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Cemetery. John H. Stockdale, Clerk to the burial committee, Horseley Road
Challinor George. Cottage Spring P.H., 186 Dudley Port
Chalstrey Thomas. Insurance agent, St. Kevins, Dudley Road
Chambers and Company. Coal merchants, Alexandra Road
Chandler Edward Frank. Baker, 24b, Market Place, Great Bridge
Charles Harry. Chemist, 239 Horseley Heath Charles William. Coal merchant, Eagle Road, Great Bridge
Chater Isaac. Beer retailer, 54 Wood Street
Chater Rachael Mrs. Shopkeeper, 7 Lower Green
Chattaway William. Iron merchant, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Chatwin Thomas. Iron founder, Market Foundry, Albion Street
Cheall James. Miners' Arms P.H., 94 Dudley Road, Tividale
Cherrington James Herbert. Grocer, Hopkins Street, Burnt Tree
Churchill William. Printer, 47 Aston Street
Clark Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 7 Hall Street
Clarke Charles. Court House P.H., 57 Lower Church Lane
Clarke Charles Alfred. Colliery proprietor, Horseley Road
Clarke Richard. Coal dealer, Station Street
Clarke William. Shopkeeper, 136 Dudley Port
Claye S. J. Limited. Coke merchants. L. & N.W. Railway Station yard, Eagle Road, Great Bridge
Clee Hezekiah. Draper, 91 Park Lane West
Clee Richard. Shopkeeper, 78 New Road, Great Bridge
Clements Thomas Nathan. Hairdresser, 74 Dudley Road, Tividale
Clifton Charles Henry. Sanitary inspector to the Urban District Council, Public Offices, Owen Street
Clifton Harriett Miss. Shopkeeper, 80 Union Street
Cohen Hymen. Tailor, 15 Market Place, Great Bridge
Colbourn Christopher Howard. Wheelwright, Sedgley Road West
Coneygre Coal & Fire Clay Company. Fire clay makers, Park Lane West
Conservative and Unionist Club. Albert Mason secretary, 42 New Road, Great Bridge
Cooksey Thomas. Solicitor, 223 Dudley Road, Tividale
Coombs Enoch. Pork butcher, 81 Owen Street
Cooper Ebenezer. Iron and steel manufacturer, Roberts and Cooper
Cooper Edward T. Shopkeeper, 138 Toll End Road
Copper John. Beer retailer, 101 Lower Church Lane
Corbett Abraham. Shopkeeper, 14 Tividale Road
Corbett Julia Mrs. Shopkeeper, 1 Hopkins Street, Burnt Tree
Corbett Miss. Milliner, 123 Tividale Road
Corfield Elizabeth Mrs. Post office and shopkeeper, Toll End Road
Corfield Samuel. Crown and Cushion P.H., 1 Leabrook Road
Cotterell Charles. Baker, 19 Owen Street
Cotton Frederick George. Insurance agent, 206 Horseley Heath
Cotton George. Greengrocer, 37 Bell Street
County Police Station. John Hill, inspector, Lower Church Lane
Cox Thomas and Son Limited. Timber, slate and cement merchants and packing case makers, Great Bridge Saw Mills
Cox Charles. Boot repairer, 9 Bell Street
Cox Charles. Shopkeeper, 216 Horseley Heath
Cox Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 228 DudIey Port
Cox James Mrs. Shopkeeper, 17 Hall Street
Cox Joseph Charles. Bloomfield Inn, 54 Bloomfield Road
Cox May Mary Miss. Shopkeeper, 200 Bloomfield Road
Cox Noah. Mining engineer, 195 Horseley Heath
Cox Thomas. Beer retailer, 103 Dudley Road, Tividale
Cox Thomas. Insurance agent, 8 Waterloo Street East
Cox William Henry. Castle Inn, Castle Street
Cresswell Oliver. Hairdresser, 18 Leabrook Road
Cresswell Samuel. Shopkeeper, 166 Toll End Road
Crew Thomas. Brick maker, Tividale Brick Works, Tividale
Crompton Thomas. Shopkeeper, 81 Leabrook Road
Crowther Elizabeth Mrs. Cabinet maker, 19a Market Place, Great Bridge
Dainty Ernest. Confectioner, 44 Park Lane East
Danks Edward. Shopkeeper, Dudley Road, Tividale
Darrall Edward. Milk seller, 15 Owen Street
Davies Lewis and Son. Saddlers and harness makers, Dudley Road
Davies Harry Albert. Pawnbroker, 29 Market Place, Great Bridge
Davies Tom. Farmer, Tividale Hall Farm, Tividale
Davis and Ward. Scrap iron dealers, Toll End Road
Davis Edwin. Beer retailer and shopkeeper, 75 Bridge Road, Toll End
Davis George. Shopkeeper, 3 Dudley Road, Tividale
Davis Harriet Mrs. Shopkeeper, 17 Sedgley Road, Dudley Port
Davis Henry. Hairdresser, 233 Toll End Road
Davis John. Beer retailer, 85 Lower Church Lane
Davis John. Boot maker, 24 Leabrook Road
Davis Thomas. Corn factor, 18 Market Place, Great Bridge
Davis William. Insurance superintendent, 36 Dudley Road
Denbigh Engineering Company. Engineers, 215 Horseley Heath
Dennis Thomas. Beer retailer, 99 New Road, Great Bridge
Devis William. Butcher, 105 New Road and 13 and 19 Market Place, Great Bridge
Dewes Richard. Grocer, 35a Union Street
Dickins Charles. Shopkeeper, 3 Hopkins Street, Burnt Tree
Dickins David. Wardrobe dealer, 16 Burnt Tree
Dickinson William. Photographer, 134 Toll End Road
Dodd John Edward. Wholesale grocer, Bell Street
Doughty William Woolley. Hinge manufacturer, Horseley Heath
Dovey David. Shopkeeper, 74 Bloomfield Road
Downing Thomas. Haulier, Sedgley Road
Dudley Co-operative Society Limited. Alfred Cope, manager, 203 Dudley Port and 158 Horseley Heath
Dudley Tool and Ironworks Company Limited. Edge tool makers, Holcroft Works, DudIey Port
Dudley Earl of. Iron founder, Coneygre Foundry, Dudley Port
Dudley Annie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 13 Martin Road
Dudley Richard. Draper, 107 Bloomfield Road
Duffell David. Shopkeeper, 61 Bridge Road, Toll End
Duffield Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 28 Lower Church Lane
Duffy John. Shopkeeper, 58 Bloomfield Road
Dankley Albert. Beer retailer, 33 Toll End Road
Dunn Charles James. Beer retailer and shopkeeper, 82 Lower Church Lane
Dursley Henry James. Fried fish shop, 81 New Road, Great Bridge
Dursley John Henry. Shopkeeper, 82 New Road, Great Bridge
Dutton Charles, jun. Watch maker, 114 New Road, Great Bridge
Dutton Francis. Fruiterer, 40 Park Lane East
Dutton Thomas. Shopkeeper, 16 Coneygree Road
Dyke Jane Mrs. Wardrobe dealer, 251 Horseley Heath
Dyke William Ernest. General dealer, 241 Horseley Heath
Eades Joseph. Chemist, 21 Owen Street
Eades Thomas. Blacksmith, Brickkiln Street
Eades Walter John. Shoeing smith, Rifle Row
Easthope David. Beer retailer, 22 Horseley Heath
Edge Joseph Henry. Hairdresser, 65 Owen Street
Edward James. Shopkeeper, 160 Horseley Heath
Edwards Job Limited. Tube makers, Leabrook
Edwards Arthur. Boot repairer, 31 Union Street
Edwards Edward. Shopkeeper, 27 Old Cross Street
Edwards John S. Insurance superintendent, 84 Dudley Road
Edwards Samuel. Beer retailer, 5 Lock Side
Edwards William Hugh Wright. Pattern maker, Oak Villa, Burnt Tree
Ellis Thomas. Britannia Inn, 85 Dudley Road, Tividale
Elton and Brown. Stationers, 47 Owen Street
Empire Colliery Company. Colliery proprietors, Upper Church Lane
Etheridge Samuel. Beer retailer, 2 Horseley Heath
Evans David. Star P.H., 176 Horseley Heath
Evans Ernest. Butcher, 47 Park Lane West
Evans Fanny Mrs. Milliner, 106 Bloomfield Road
Evans James. Grocer, 224 Dudley Port
Evans Muriel Mrs. Shopkeeper, 35 Hopkins Street, Burnt Tree
Evans Stephen James. Butcher, 25a Market Place, Great Bridge
Evans William. Shopkeeper, 48 Burnt Tree
Evans William Thomas. Beer retailer, 34 Market Place, Great Bridge
Farmer Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 230 Toll End Road
Farmer John. Outfitter, 119 New Road, Great Bridge
Farmer Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 322 Dudley Port
Fellows, Morton and Clayton Limited. Carriers by water and rail, Grand Junction Wharf, Dudley Port and Albion Wharf, Horseley Fields, Wolverhampton and Lower Fazeley Street, Birmingham
Fellows Albert Ernest. Greengrocer, 118 Bloomfield Road
Fellows H. S. Manager of Lloyds Bank Limited. Market Place, Great Bridge
Fel1ows Henry. Shopkeeper, 76 Hurst Lane
Fellows John. Butcher, 120 Tividale Road
Fellows S. W. Painter, 82 Bloomfield Road
Fellows Thomas. Grocer, 40 Horseley Road
Feltons Limited. Printers, 53 Owen Street
Fenton Charles. Seven Stars P.H., 43 Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Fido Eliza Mrs. Shopkeeper, 20 Upper Church Lane, Summerhill
Fidre Ernest. Shopkeeper, 20 Upper Church Lane
Field Joseph. Shopkeeper 183, and butcher, 184 Dudley Road
Fincher Charles and Son. Corn merchants, 85 New Road, Great Bridge
Fisher Samuel. Boot repairer, 15 Park Lane East
Fitzsimmons Robert Henry. Black Cock .P.H., 17 and The Grapes P.H., 38 Owen Street, and Wine and spirit merchant, Canal Street
Fleming John. Victoria P.H., 40 Dudley Road
Fletcher John. Fruiterer and greengrocer, 247 Horseley Heath
Fletcher Samuel. Boot and shoe maker, 34 Owen Street
Fletcher Thomas. Baker, Five Ways
Flowers Martha Ann Mrs. Newsagent, 17 Burnt Tree
Ford James and Sons Limited. Nut manufacturers, Park Lane Nut Works
Ford Frederick. Hairdresser, 53 High Street
Ford Samuel. Draper, 119 and 120 Horseley Heath
Ford William H. Tobacconist, 220 Toll End Road
Forrest Amelia Mrs. Shopkeeper, 278 Dudley Road, Tividale
Foster Brothers Limited. Tube and steam pipe manufacturers, Lea Brook Tube Works
Foster William and Samuel Limited. Corn merchants, Factory Bridge and Corn chandlers, 97 Owen Street
Foster George Henry. Beer retailer, Tibbington Road, Bloomfield
Foster Humphrey. Tube manufacturer. Foster Brothers Limited
Foster John William. Coal merchant, 59 Queen's Road
Foster Josiah. Shopkeeper, 38 Dudley Port
Foster Leonard. Maltster, Shrubbery Place, Bloomfield
Foster William Arthur. Solicitor, 12 Owen Street
Francis Annie Edith Miss. Confectioner, 106 New Road, Great Bridge
Freakley John and Company Limited. Stone and slag merchants, Dudley Port
Freakley John. Stone and slag merchants, Bailey and Freakley
Freeman George. Shopkeeper, 23a, Union Street
Frost and Sons. Tube makers, Ebro Tube Works, Tividale
Gadd George and Company Limited. Iron manufacturers, Bedford Street, Dudley Port
Ganderton Mary Ann Miss. Draper 45, and sub-post mistress and stationer, 167a Dudley Port
Ganner Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 8 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Ganner James. Tailor, 127 Tividale Road
Garbett Mary Ann Mrs. Fried fish shop, 30 Spring Street, Ocker Hill
Garbett Thomas. Shoeing smith, 45 Horseley Road
Garbett Thomas. Shoeing Smith, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Garlick John Edward. Boot maker, 20 Bridge Road, Toll End
Garner John Thomas. Shopkeeper, 16 Chapel Street
Gas Department, Urban District Council. Sidney O. Stephenson, Manager, Alexandra Road
George Frederick Richard. Draper and hosier, 72 Owen Street
George Roland Edgar. Pawnbroker, 1 Spring Street, Ocker Hill
George William. Jolly Brewer P.H., 46 Burnt Tree
Gilbert Benjamin. Shopkeeper, 41 Park Lane East
Gill M. Miss. Dressmaker, 227 Toll End Road
Gilson William and Son. Boot and shoe makers, 24a and 25 Market Place, Great Bridge
Gittings George. Herbalist, 94 New Road, Great Bridge
Gittins Josiah W. Printer, Ocker Hill
Gittins Silas. News vendor, 132 Toll End Road
Godridge William. Beer retailer, 8 Danks Street, Burnt Tree
Golda B. T. and J. Ironfounders, Upper Church Lane
Goldie John and Son. Fender manufacturers, Albion Street
Goodman Harris. Furniture dealer, 2 Bell Street
Goodman Job. Shopkeeper, 64 Tividale Road
Gordon Walter. Coffee shop, 2 Owen Street
Gough James. Grocer, 18 Hurst Lane
Gould Arthur. Shopkeeper, 81 Queen's Road
Gould Phoebe. Beer retailer, 45 Alexandra Road
Gould Solomon. Coal dealer, Great Bridge Wharf, Great Bridge
Gould Solomon. Swan Tavern, 1 Eagle Road, Great Bridge
Gould Thomas. Dairyman, 8 Dudley Port
Grainger Alice Mrs. Shopkeeper, 35 New Hall Street
Grainger Leonard. Pawnbroker, 154 Dudley Road
Grainger Richard. Grocer, 79 Leabrook Road
Grainger Frederick. Butcher, 52 Bell Street
Greasley George William. Insurance superintendent, 72 Dudley Road
Great Western Railway Company. General carriers, Thomas Bantock and Company, agents, New Road, Great Bridge
Green Benjamin. Painter and decorator, 158 Dudley Port
Green John. Butcher, 73 Owen Street
Greenwood Hartley. Butcher, 130 Tividale Road
Grey Annie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 1 Gilbert Street, Burnt Tree
Griffin William. Boot and shoe maker, Tividale Road
Griffith Matthew Henry. Chemist, 23 Market Place, Great Bridge
Griffiths Edward. Corn chandler, 100 Horsley Heath
Griffiths Emma Mrs. Pawnbroker, 10 Chapel Street
Griffiths George. Beer retailer, 33 High Street
Griffiths Isaac. Baker, Paskin and Griffiths
Grimson Richard. Beer retailer, 31 Toll End Road
Growcott Frederick William. Blue Ball P.H., Brades, Tividale
Guest Josiah and Sons. Iron founders, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Guest Edward. Shopkeeper, 282 Dudley Port
Guy Frederick. Shopkeeper, 8 Hurst Lane
Gwinnett Sarah Jane Mrs. Shopkeeper, 30 Lock Side
Gwinnett Sarah Jane Mrs. Shopkeeper, 74 Union Street
Hadley Annie Miss. Costumier, 25 Toll End Road
Hadley James. Boot repairer, 274 Leabrook Road
Hadley Richard. Decorator, 146 Dudley Port
Hale Albert Sidney. Draper, 34 Park Lane East
Hale Albert Sidney. Tailor, 43 Park Lane East
Hale Harold Edgar. Music teacher, 42 Dudley Road
Hale Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 66 Dudley Port
Hale Thomas. Draper etc., 6 Bell Street
Hales Henry. Fried fish shop, 93 New Road, Great Bridge
Halford James. Shopkeeper, 14 Owen Street
Halford Robert. Shopkeeper, 58 Wood street
Hall Henry. Butcher, 7 Horseley Heath
Hall Henry. Butcher, 38 Park Lane East
Hammond Harry. Beer retailer, 1 Howard Street
Hancox William. Ironmonger, 139 Dudley Road, Tividale
Harper and Screen. Boiler makers, Brades Hall
Harper Richard Arthur. Country Girl P.H., 168 Toll End Road
Harris William. Shopkeeper, 36 Leabrook Road
Harrison Arthur James. Grocer, 34 Dudley Road
Hartill Harry E. Shopkeeper, 60 Railway Street, Horseley Heath
Hartland Arthur William. Teacher of music, 21 Dudley Road
Hartland Daniel Hughes. Secretary, Tipton Conservative and Unionist Club, 64 and 65 Union Street, Offices, 30 Owen Street
Hartland John. Shopkeeper, 25 Union Street
Hartshorne Albert. Boot repairer, 45 Owen Street
Harvey Annie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 62 Tividale Road
Harvey George. Hairdresser, 93 Ocker Hill Road
Haslewood Robert. Shopkeeper, 59 Park Lane West
Hassell Annie Florence Miss. Shopkeeper, 35 Union Street
Hastilow Elizabeth Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 17 Colburn Road
Hawkins and Company. General iron founders, Fisher Street, Dudley Port
Hawkins Edgar. Dining rooms, 26 and baker, 27 Owen Street
Hawthorne Beatrice Mrs. Baker, 69 Union Street
Hayes George. Fried fish shop, 113 Dudley Road, Tividale
Hayward William John and Company. Colliery proprietors, Dixon’s Horseley Collieries, 75 Horseley Road
Head George. Ironworks manager, Tipton Green
Headey Thomas. Hop and Barleycorn P.H., 51 Dudley Port
Heath George. Shopkeeper, 261 Dudley Port
Heath John. Newsagent, 98 Park Lane East
Heath Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 54 Gospel Oak Road
Hedgecox Walter. Tobacconist, 248 Horseley Heath
Heeley Samuel Alfred. Shopkeeper, 49 Horseley Heath
Henn William Bramwell. Watch maker, Market Place, Great Bridge
Heseltine John. Shopkeeper, 7 Aston Street, Toll End
Hessey Alfred Thomas. Collector of assessed taxes and local rates for the Urban District Council, Public offices, Owen Street
Heynes Frank. Butcher, 79 New Road, Great Bridge
Hickin James. Insurance agent, 114 Toll End Road
Hickinbottom Thomas. Coal merchant, Leabrook Road
Hickman Ernest James. Butcher, 35 Waterloo Street
Hickman Frederick Charles. Butcher, 94 Bloomfield Road
Hickman Henry J. Shopkeeper, 48 Horseley Heath
Hickman Joseph. Insurance agent, 29 Dudley Road
Hill George. Ash Tree P.H., 82 Dudley Road, Tividale
Hill Harry. Shopkeeper, 28 Compton Road
Hill John. Fried fish shop, 101 Horseley Heath
Hill Lizzie Mrs. Factory Inn, 13 Hurst Lane
Hill Thomas. Ball Inn, 149 Horseley Heath
Hill Thomas. Draper, 90 Horseley Heath
Hill Thomas. Shoeing smith, Bloomfield Road
Hill Walter. Shopkeeper, 15 Park Lane West
Hill William John. Royal Hotel, 81 Bloomfield Road
Hillman George. Shopkeeper, 15 New Cross Street
Hind Arthur Richard. Newsagent, 124 Tividale Road
Hinds George. Grocer, 57 Bridge Road, Toll End
Hine Edward. Stationer, Post Office, Tividale
Hingely Edward. Shopkeeper, 187 Dudley Port
Hingley Benjamin. Boot repairer, Bloomfield Road
Hinton Atkins and Son. Confectioner and post office, 42 Owen Street
Hipkins Charles. Galvanizer, Coneygree Road, Dudley Port
Hipkins Charles Alfred. Painter, 340 Dudley Port
Hipkins Daniel. Manufacturer of margarine etc., Albion Street
Hipkins Edward. Butcher and tallow chandler, 122 Bloomfield Road
Hipkins Edward Henry. Ham and Bacon curer, 24 and 39 Owen Street and 11 Market Place, Great Bridge
Hipkins George. Butcher, 7 Market Place, Great Bridge
Hipkins Robert. Boat Inn, 114 Dudley Road, Tividale
Hobson Fred. Beer retailer, 11 Union Street
Hobson John Henry. Albion Hotel, 1 Owen Street
Hodgett William. Shopkeeper, 53 and 54 Aston Street, Toll End
Hodgetts William. Shopkeeper, 32 Victoria Road
Hogg Naomi Mrs. Butcher, 42 Horseley Heath
Holcroft J. and C. Limited. Iron manufacturer, Portfield Iron works
Holland Joseph. Shopkeeper, 174 Toll End Road
Hollier William. Firewood dealer, Hill Street
Holloway Thomas. Builder, Toll End Road
Hollyhead Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 125 Dudley Road, Tividale
Holmes Prudence Mrs. Draper, 232 Horseley Heath
Holt Jesse. Ironmonger, 147 Horseley Heath
Home and Colonial Meat Stores. Butchers, 8 Market Place, Great Bridge
Home and Colonial Stores Limited. Tea dealers, T. W. Davidson, secretary, 24 Market Place, Great Bridge
Hooper and Fairbairn. Solicitors, Hill Crest, Sedgley Road
Hopley Edward. Shopkeeper, 33 Canal Street
Horseley Company Limited. Engineers and manufacturers of gas holders, iron bridges, roofs, piers, tanks, valves and lamp pillars etc., Horseley Works
Horton Arthur. Artificial teeth maker, Market Street, Great Bridge
Horton John. Beer retailer, 43 Owen Street
Horton Samuel. Beer retailer, 113 New Road, Great Bridge
Howard Edward. Shopkeeper, 43c Bridge Road, Toll End
Howell Arthur. Butcher, 80 Aston Street, Toll End
Howells Thomas. Cycle agent, 47 Park Lane East
Howes Arthur. Shopkeeper, 4 Toll End Road
Hudson Thomas Stevens Finch. Physician and surgeon, 13 Horseley Heath
Hughes David. Picture frame maker, 6 Owen Street
Hughes John. Boot repairer, 39 Dudley Road
Hughes Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 30 Upper Church Lane
Hughes Sarah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 15 Holland Street, Toll End
Humphries George. Cowkeeper, Moat, Ocker Hill
Humphries William. Shopkeeper, 127 Dudley Road
Hunston Emma Mrs. Shopkeeper, 85 Ocker Hill Road
Hunston William Henry. Grocer, 27 Spring Street, Ocker Hill
Hunstone Emma Miss. Shopkeeper, 85 Gospel Oak
Hurley John. Baker, 35b Union Street
Hurley Maria Mrs. Shopkeeper, 50 High Street
Hutton Charles Henry. Tobacconist, 74 Dudley Port
Hyde Arthur Edwin. Beer retailer and grocer, 192 Horseley Heath
Hyde Isaiah. Registrar of births and deaths for Rowley Regis District, Dudley Road, Tividale
Hyde Thomas. Beer retailer, 42 Hall Street
Imm Elizabeth Mrs. Pawnbroker, 41 New Road, Great Bridge
Inland Revenue Office. Walter Groves and Percival Gabriel Pielou, first class officers, 99 Dudley Road
Jackson Catherine Matilda Mrs. Milliner, 30 Market Place, Great /bridge
Jackson Charles. Beer retailer, 11 Waterloo Street East
Jeavons Esther Mrs. Shopkeeper, 250 Walker Street, Toll End
Jenkins J. and Company. Ice merchants, Lower Church Lane
Jenkins Job. Fishmonger, 12 Aston Street, Toll End
Jenkins John. Pork butcher, 17 Aston Street, Toll End
Jennings James. Grocer, 9 Bloomfield Road
Johnson Daniel. Butcher, 100 Bloomfield Road
Johnson Frederick. Shopkeeper, 27 Waterloo Street East
Johnson Harry. Fruiterer, 25 Owen Street
Johnson John. Boat Inn, 15 Boat Row
Johnson Joseph. Hairdresser, 110 Bloomfield Road
Johnson Joseph. Hairdresser, 77 Park Lane East
Johnson Samuel. Confectioner, 27 Owen Street
Johnson Timothy. Greengrocer, 78 Union Street
Johnson William. Fried fish dealer, 68 Union Street
Johnson William. Shoeing smith, Market Place, Great Bridge
Johnson William. Shopkeeper, 46 Coppice Street
Jones Alfred Henry. Shopkeeper, 112 Dudley Road, Tividale
Jones Ann Mrs. Pawnbroker, 231 Dudley Road, Tividale
Jones Edwin. Shopkeeper, 108 Bloomfield Road
Jones Eli. Coal merchant, 15 Coppice Street
Jones Frank. Draper, 28 Owen Street
Jones George Henry. Grocer, 227 Dudley Port
Jones James. Fried fish dealer, 159 Horseley Heath
Jones John Mrs. Grocer, 65 Leabrook Road
Jones John Edward. Wardrobe dealer, 124 Horseley Heath
Jones Joseph. Grocer, 116 Dudley Road, Tividale
Jones Mary Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, Brades, Tividale
Jones May Mrs. Shopkeeper, 43 Horseley Heath
Jones Phoebe Mrs. Shopkeeper, 101 Bridge Road, Toll End
Jones Robert Henry. Shopkeeper, 99 Horseley Heath
Jones Samuel Garland. Beer retailer, 18 Sedgley Road West
Jones Sarah Miss. Draper, 186 Bloomfield Road
Jones Sarah Mrs. Greengrocer, 267 Dudley Port
Jones Thomas. Baker, 182 Horseley Heath
Jones William. Shopkeeper, 12 Providence Street, Horseley Heath
Jones William. Stationer, 74 Park Lane East
Jones William Glydon. Stone mason, 62 Horseley Heath
Jordan John Bristoe. Stationer, and post office, Park Lane East
Jukes Benjamin. Grocer, 88 Horseley Heath
Jukes John. Draper, 190a Horseley Heath
Jukes Victor. Shopkeeper, 79 Horseley Heath
Jukes William Henry. Surveyor to Tipton Urban District Council, The Hollies, Burnt Tree
Keeling Henry. Red Lion P.H., 1 Fisher Street, Dudley Port
Kendrick Arthur. Butcher, 7 Bell Street
Kendrick Sarah Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 53 Dudley Road
Kendrick William Arthur. Builder, Dudley Road
Kimberley & Company. Coal merchants, Great Bridge Wharf, Great Bridge
King Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 144 Park Lane West
Kirkham and Sons. Coal dealers, Factory Road
Kirkham Mary Mrs. Beer retailer, 87 Park Lane West
Kirkham Samuel. Fried fish dealer, 50 Owen Street
Kite Thomas. Boot repairer, Bradley Street
Knowles John Walter. Metal merchant, Brades, Tividale
Lambert William. Fried fish shop, 196 Dudley Port
Lane Joseph. Shopkeeper, 36 High Street
Lathe Charles and Company Limited. Ironfounders, Upper Church Lane, Summer Hill
Lawton Thomas. Shopkeeper, 81 New Road, Ocker Hill
Leader Press Limited. Newspaper proprietors, 55 Owen Street
Lee, Howl and Company Limited. Pump manufacturers, Tipton Green
Leek Jesse. Herbalist, 46 Park Lane East
Lees Arthur J. Draper, 111 New Road, Great Bridge
Lees Charles M. Ironmonger, 109 and 110 New Road, Great Bridge
Lees Sarah Miss. Newsagent, 333 Dudley Port
Leighton Thomas. Iron merchant, 106 Dudley Port
Lewis Edward and Company. Mineral water manufacturers, 35 Burnt Tree
Lewis Colour Sergeant. Drill instructor, 15 Sedgley Road West
Lewis Ann Mrs. Hosier, 42 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Lewis Osborne Round. Pawnbroker, 85 Union Street
Lewis William. Beer retailer, 20 Burnt Tree
Lewis William. Butcher, 184 Leabrook Road
Liberal Association. John Henry Lewis secretary, High Street
Lilley Joseph. Basket maker, 110 Horseley Heath
Linford John Herbert. Shopkeeper, 90 Park Lane East
Lissimore and Company. Mineral water manufacturers, Dudley Road, Tividale
Lissimore Isaac. Beer retailer, 134 Horseley Heath
Lissimore Isaac. Shopkeeper, 175 Dudley Port
Lissimore Mary A. Mrs. Shopkeeper, 204 Dudley Road, Tividale
Lister James. Ironmonger, 16 Owen Street
Lloyd John. Baker, 84 New Road, Great Bridge
Lloyd Joseph. Grocer, 84 Bloomfield Road
Lloyd Joseph. Grocer, 28 High Street
Lloyd's British Testing Company Limited. Howard Dickinson, secretary, C. E. Perrins, superintendent, Factory Basin
Lloyd's Staffordsbire Proving House Company Limited. C. E. Perrins. superintendent, Factory Basin
Lloyds Bank Limited. H. S. Fellows, manager, Market Place, Great Bridge
Lockerbie and Wilkinson. Acetylene gas engineers, Tipton Green
Lockhart Abraham. General dealer, 141 Horseley Heath
London & North Western Railway Company. General carriers, Benjamin Murray Smith, agent, Eagle Road, Great Bridge
Lucy John. General draper, 76 Tividale Road
Lyndon Harry. Beer retailer, 18 Waterloo Street
McDadd Anthony. Fruiterer, 41 Owen Street
McDadd Emma Mrs. China and glass dealer, 57 Owen Street
McDermott Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 36 Old Cross Street
Male Thomas. Shopkeeper, 4 Tipton Road, Tividale
Malpas William. Lamp oil dealer, 25a, Bridge Road, Toll End
Malugani Samuel. Shopkeeper, 22 Union Street
Manchester Brewery Company Limited. John Lambeth, manager, Moulder's Arms P.H. 113 Bridge Road, Toll End
Mander Alfred. Carpenter, 27 Union Street
Mander James. Furnaces P.H., 8 Furnace Parade
Mangani George Albert. Insurance agent, 4 Park Lane West
Marks Isaac. Beer retailer, 29 Lea Brook Road
Marsh and Company. Colliery proprietors, Leabrook
Marsh Isaac. Draper, 116 New Road, Great Bridge
Martin Bert. Hairdresser, 5 Union Street
Martin Donald. Manufacturing confectioner, Lewis Street, Great Bridge
Martin George. Fruiterer, 118 New Road, Great Bridge
Mason George Limited. Provision merchants, 20a Market Place, Great Bridge
Mason Albert. Secretary, Conservative and Unionist Club, 42 New Road, Great Bridge
Mason Phillip James. Physician and surgeon, Underhill, Morris and Mason, 56 Horseley Road
Mason William. Shopkeeper, 55 Union Street
Masons Limited. Blue and red brick manufacturers, Toll End Road
Massey William Robert. Shopkeeper, 222 Dudley Port
Mathews Benjamin. School Attendance Officer, 100 Ocker Hill Road
Matthews James. Shopkeeper, 30 Chapel Street
Matthews Joseph. Pawnbroker, 31 Aston Street, Toll End
Maypole Dairy Company Limited. Provision merchants, 27 Market Place, Great Bridge
Meese Alfred. Newsagent, 107 New Road, Great Bridge
Meese Fanny. T. Miss. Newsagent, 222 Toll End Road
Mephan Ferguson Lock Bar Pipe Company Limited. Steel tube manufacturers, Adelaide Works
Merrick William Higgins. Oil and colour merchant, 64 Owen Street
Metropolitan Bank of England and Wales Limited. H. Basil Cooke, manager, 8 Owen Street
Middleton Elizabeth Mrs. Beer retailer, 37 Bloomfield Road
Midland Electric Corporation for Power Distribution Limited. Ocker Hill and Owen Street
Millington Daniel. Tailor, Wellington Road
Millington Frank Henry. Pawnbroker, 14 Sedgley Road
Millington John. Confectioner, 85 Owen Street
Mills Charles. Engine fitter, Lewis Street, Great Bridge
Mills James. Beer retailer, 26 Hurst Lane
Mills Joseph. Butcher, 46 High Street
Mills Samuel. Scrap iron dealer, 76 Bridge Road, Toll End
Miners' Hall. Thomas Mansell, secretary, Horseley Heath
Mines Drainage Commissioners Pumping Works. Edmund Howl, engineer, Upper Church Lane
Mitchell Richard. Shopkeeper, 48 Dudley Road
Mitchell’s and Butler's Brewery Limited. Railway Inn, 92 New Road, Great bridge; Park Hotel, Park Lane East, and Wellington Inn, Park Lane East
Mobley Marian Mrs. Shopkeeper, 28 Leabrook Road
Monk Frederick. Farmer, Brades Hall Farm, Tividale
Monk Frederick. Farmer, Cox's Rough, Tividale
Moore George. Shopkeeper, Brades
Moore Samuel Walter. Builder, 167 Leabrook Road
Morgan Edward. Tailor, 52 Horseley Heath
Morgan Joseph. Hairdresser, 233 Dudley Road
Morgan William. Draper, 149a Horseley Heath
Morrall Claude. Grocer, 166, and draper 167 Leabrook Road
Morris Alfred Edward. Dining rooms, 23 Owen Street
Morris Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 13 Bloomfield Road
Morris Charles Augustus. Butcher, 73 and 185 Dudley Port
Morris Henry. Beer retailer, 49 Railway Street, Horseley Heath
Morris Henry Gibbins. Physician and surgeon, Underhill, Morris and Mason, 56 Horseley Road
Morris James. Coal dealer, 8 Coneygree Road
Morris Samuel. Shopkeeper, 110 Dudley Port
Morton Emma Mrs. Shopkeeper, 62 Bridge Road, Toll End
Moss J. T. and Company. Provision dealers, 251 Toll End Road
Moss Joseph. Builder, Sharp Street, Dudley Port
Mould John. Grocer, 178 Bloomfield Road
Mountford Florence Mary Mrs. Grocer and post office, 129 Tividale Road
Moyle Albert and George and Company. Grocers, 31 Owen Street
Mullett Ellen Mrs. Beer retailer, 32 Market Place, Great Bridge
Murrall Ann Mrs. Pawnbroker, 32 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
National Telephone Company Limited. Call office manageress Mrs. E. Teadle, 53 Park Lane West
Naylor John Henry. Shopkeeper, 147 Dudley Road, Tividale
Naylor Joseph. Surgeon, 37 Owen Street and 109 Bloomfield Road
Neal Samuel. Shopkeeper, 76 Upper Church Lane
Neale Frank. Provision dealer, 113, and greengrocer 115, Toll End Road
Newman Harry. Shopkeeper, Roway Lane
Nicholls Caroline Mrs. Shopkeeper, 38 New Hall Street
Nicholls Laura Mrs. Provision dealer, 24 Aston Street, Toll End
Nicholls Ralph. Beer retailer, 182 Dudley Port
Nicholls Thomas. Shopkeeper, 156 Horseley Heath
Nicklin Daniel. Fruiterer, 5 Bell Street
Nicklin Daniel. Greengrocer 86a, and fishmonger, 86 Owen Street
Nicklin Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 7 Furnace Parade
Noad Thomas. Beer retailer, 98 Ocker Hill Road
Nock James. Shopkeeper, 46 Horseley Road
Nock James. Shopkeeper, 237 Toll End Road
Northwood Ernest. Boot repairer, 56a Horseley Heath
Norton Harty Engineering Company. Structural engineers, Central Works, Great Bridge
Norton John. Shopkeeper, 63 Leabrook Road
Nortons (Tividale) Limited. Constructional engineers, Hecla Works, Tividale
Nutting Josiah. Mechanical engineer, 16 Lewis Street, Great Bridge
Oakley Joseph. General dealer, 112 Horseley Heath
Oakley Sarah Mrs. Draper, 29 High Street
Oliver Samuel. Insurance agent, 172 Toll End Road
Onion Elizabeth Ann Mrs. White Swan P.H., 5 Burnt Tree
Onions John Herbert. Iron merchant etc., Tudor & Onions
Padbury Henry. Grocer, 70 Owen Street
Padmore James William. Shopkeeper, 51 Coppice Street
Pagett William. Beer retailer, 2 Tividale Road
Palethorpes Limited. Sausage and sauce makers, Park Lane West
Palfreyman Lewis Henry. Shopkeeper, 78 Leabrook Road
Palmer Thomas. Beer retailer, 40 High Street
Parker Joseph. Beer retailer, 30 Aston Street, Toll End
Parkes H. P. and Company Limited. Chain manufacturers, Tipton Green Works
Parkes John. Assistant overseer and collector of poor rate, Public Offices, Owen Street and Commercial School, Holbeche, Victoria Road
Parkes Joseph. Insurance agent, 77 New Road, Ocker Hill
Parkes William. Vine P.H., Gilbert Street, Burnt Tree
Parry John. Clothier, 112 New Road, Great Bridge
Paskin and Griffiths. Bakers and confectioners, 2 New Road, Great Bridge
Paskin Albert. Royal Exchange P.H., Tipton Road, Tividale
Paskin Joseph. Beer retailer, 69 New Road, Great Bridge
Paskin Richard. Horse dealer, 4 Rounds Square, Hall Street
Patrick Albert. Horse slaughterer, John's Lane, Dudley Port
Patrick Julia Mrs. Fried fish shop, 25 High Street
Payne Albert Arthur. Picture frame maker, 44 New Road, Great Bridge
Payton Patrick. Shopkeeper, 57 Coppice Street
Peacock Frank Walter. Colliery estate office manager, 17 Horseley Heath
Peake Frances Gertrude Mrs. Shopkeeper, 317 Dudley Port
Peake George Samuel. Pawnbroker, 320 Dudley Port
Pearson Frederick. Turf Tavern, 13 Aston Street, Toll End
Pearson Richard. Newsagent, 134 Sedgley Road West
Perkins Florence Edith Mrs. Pawnbroker, 15 Compton Road
Perks George. Tipton Tavern, 57 New Road, Great Bridge
Perks John C. Groveland Brook Inn, 22 Sedgley Road, Dudley Port
Perrins Arthur. Shopkeeper, 29a Walker Street, Toll End
Perry Elizabeth Mrs. Beer retailer, 100 Ocker Hill Road
Perry John. Grocer, 21 Bell Street
Perry Samuel W. Shopkeeper, 43 Dudley Port
Perry Thomas Mrs. Shopkeeper, 40 Factory Road
Perry William Fellows. Painter, 24b Bell Street
Pessoll Jabez. English Oak P.H., 77 Upper Church Lane
Phillips Alfred and Company. Chain manufacturers, Atlas Works, Hurst Lane
Pickerill William. Grocer, 137 Bloomfield Road
Pickering Thomas. Old Port Hotel, 114 Dudley Port
Piddock Eliza Mrs. Grocer, 7 Lower Church Lane
Piggott Albert. Shopkeeper, 129 Dudley Port
Pike Frederick. Apartments, 55 Park Lane East
Pitt Arthur James. Beer retailer, 74a Park Lane West
Plant Edward. Drugstores, 36 Burnt Tree
Plant Rima Mrs. Beer retailer, 34a Upper Church Lane
Plimmer Thomas. Boot maker, 29 Owen Street
Police Station. Thomas Snead, sergeant in charge, 32 High Street
Popple Harry. Fried fish dealer, 120 Bridge Road
Portman J. Thomas. Hairdresser, 89 Park Lane West
Powell and Brown. Auctioneers, 3 Owen Street
Powell John. Shopkeeper, 116 Horseley Heath
Powell Mary Mrs. Midwife, 8 Castle Street
Powell William. Cycle repairer, 123 Horseley Heath
Powell William. Pawnbroker, 15 Waterloo Street
Preece Mary Jane Mrs. Fried fish dealer, 252 Horseley Heath
Price Henry. Oil dealer, 19 Bridge Road, Toll End
Price Sydney Edgar. Physician and surgeon, 241 Dudley Port
Price Thomas Edmund. Tobacconist, 40 Owen Street
Price William. Coal dealer, 106 Bridge Road, Toll End
Priest George. Navigation Inn, 1 Park Lane West
Public Libraries. Abraham Taylor librarian, Victoria Road and Toll End and Enoch Hill, librarian, Dudley Road, Tividale
Pugh Edward James. Stone mason, 62 Horseley Heath
Pugh Enoch. Greengrocer, 162 Horseley Heath
Purchase William. Shopkeeper, 87 Lower Church Lane
Purnell John Henry. Beer retailer, 1 Lower Green
Purnell Samuel. Pawnbroker, 92 Queen's Road
Rabble Chain Colliery Company Limited. Colliery proprietors, Ocker Hill
Ralph Maria Mrs. Shopkeeper, 98 Tipton Road, Tividale
Ratcliffe Thomas Samuel. Tea dealer, 20 Market Place, Great Bridge
Rawlings Frederick. Fishmonger, 20a, Bell Street
Rawlings Thomas. Fruiterer, 26 Castle Street
Rawlings Thomas. Fruiterer, 44 Owen Street
Raybould Joseph. Hairdresser, 16 Bell Street
Raynes and Company. Wholesale and retail grocers, 3 and 4 New Road, Great Bridge
Read Sarah Ann Mrs. Shopkeeper, 30 Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Reading George. Butcher, 8 Toll End Road
Reid Ernest Walter. Coal merchant, Anchor Wharf, Dudley Port
Rew George. Greengrocer, 165 Leabrook Road
Reynolds Elizabeth Mrs. Wardrobe dealer, 135 Horseley Heath
Reynolds Henry. Beer retailer, 122 Leabrook Road
Reynolds William. Newsagent, 33 Market Place, Great Bridge
Rhodes Edward. Grocer, 36 Park Lane East
Rhodes Francis. Cock and Wheatsheaf P.H., 166 Bloomfield Road
Rhodes John. Shopkeeper, 13 Binfield Street
Richard Frederick. Furniture dealer, 35 Horseley Heath
Richards Edward. Clerk to the school board, 22 Castle Road
Richards John. Malleable iron founder, Groveland Road, Dudley Port
Richards S. Miss. Teacher of music, 66 Furnace Parade
Richards Thomas. Tobacconist, 60 Owen Street
Richards William. Beer retailer, 20 Horseley Road
Ridge Harry. Grocer, 145 Park Lane West
Ripping William. Shopkeeper, 184 Bloomfield Road
Roberts and Cooper. Iron and steel manufacturers, Great Bridge
Roberts William (Tipton) Limited. Ironmasters, Tipton Green
Roberts Albert. Greengrocer, 150 Horseley Heath
Roberts Frederick Charles. Sign writer, 9 and 9a Horseley Heath
Roberts Hannah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 14 Waterloo Street
Robinson Ernest. Insurance agent, 38 Bridge Road, Toll End
Rodrick Thomas. Waggon and Horses P.H., 57 Dudley Road
Rogers Emma Miss. Grocer, 235 Dudley Port
Rogers Fanny Mrs. Beer retailer, 40 Bell Street
Rogers John. Blacksmith, Sharp Street, Dudley Port
Rogers John. Globe P.H., 24 Union Street
Rolinson John and Sons. Beer retailers, 49 Burnt Tree
Rollison Harry. Canal boat builder, Brades, Tividale
Rose Thomas. Shopkeeper, 30 Coneygree Road
Roth Nora Miss. Matron the Tipton Nursing Association, 75 Lower Church Lane
Rotton Henry. Tobacconist, 26 Market Place, Great Bridge
Round William and Son. Timber, slate and cement merchants, sawing, planing and moulding mills, and packing case manufacturer, saw mills and offices, Castle Street and High Street
Round Charles. Solicitor and commissioner, 30 Owen Street
Round David. Butcher, 111 Bloomfield Road
Rowland Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 40c Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Ryder and Sons. Drapers, 9 Market Place, Great Bridge
Sadler A. M. Draper, 92 Dudley Port
St. Mark's Church House. Arthur B. Waiter, secretary, 23 Aston Street, Toll End
St. Mark's Workmen's Club. Harry Dodd, secretary, 46 Gospel Oak
Salter Thomas Edward. Engineer, 106 Bloomfield Road
Sargeant Charles. Leather seller, 81 Horseley Heath
Sargeant Sarah Mrs. General dealer, 161 Horseley Heath
Sargent Sarah Mrs. Beer retailer, 5 Horseley Road
Sargent Thomas. Boot maker, 25 Railway Street, Horseley Heath
Saunders William. Shopkeeper, 200 Horseley Heath
Saxon and Company. Fancy stationers, Market Street, Great Bridge
Saxon Samuel. Picture frame maker, Market Place, Great Bridge
Screen and Screen. Mechanical engineers, Meeting Street, Great Bridge
Screen Horace. Tobacconist, 45 Park Lane East
Screen Thomas. Boiler maker, Harper and Screen
Scriven William Henry and Daniel. Tailors, 122 Tividale Road
Scriven Eli. Shopkeeper, 90 Park Lane West
Sedgley John. Baker, 45 Horseley Heath
Shaw Edward. Ash pan maker, 165 Bloomfield Road
Shaw Joseph. Toll collector, Ivydean, Dudley Road, Tividale
Shearwood Jane Mrs. Shopkeeper, 111 Park Lane East
Sheldon John. Grocer, 89 Bloomfield Road
Sheldon John. Grocer and provision dealer, 48 Park Lane East
Sheldon John. House and furnace builder, 200 Horseley Heath
Sheldon Noah. Shopkeeper, 77 Union Street
Sheldon Solomon. Burton Inn, 18 Alexandra Road
Shenton John Henry. Auctioneer, Sedgley Road West
Shephard Mice Mr. Draper, 14 Market Place Great Bridge
Shephard Joseph Arthur. Solicitor, Dudley Port
Sherman George. Beer retailer, 154 Horseley Heath
Sherwood Alfred H. Beehive P.H., 11 Elliott's Road
Sherwood William. Anchor Inn, 223 Dudley Port
Sherwood William. Shopkeeper, 4 Waterloo Street
Sherwood William. Shopkeeper, 58 Waterloo Street
Shinton Frederick. Beer retailer, 74 Leabrook Road
Showell's Brewery Company Limited. Fountain P.H., 51 Owen Street, George and Dragon P.H., 111 Bridge Road, Toll End and Griffin Inn, 90 New Road, Great Bridge
Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Company. Ernest Shinton agent, Dudley Road
Siddall William Thomas. Beer retailer, 2 Sedgley Road
Silcox John Henry. Beer retailer, 40 Tipton Road, Tividale
Sillitoe George. Draper, 61 Leabrook Road
Sisman James. Builder, Barnfield Road
Slim Jane Mrs. Midwife, 58 New Road, Great Bridge
Smalley James. Grocer, 12 Horseley Road
Smallwood William. Beer retailer, 33 Boscobel Street
Smart Annie. Apartments, 72 Park Lane East
Smith Frederick Limited. Crown Inn, 206 Toll End Road
Smith Henry and Son. Wheelwrights, Lower Green
Smith Annie Mrs. White Lion P.H. 24 Upper Church Lane
Smith Beatrice Miss. Newsagent, Post Office, 22 Dudley Road
Smith David. Shopkeeper, 60 Union Street
Smith Edward. Boot and shoe maker, 61 New Road, Great Bridge
Smith Fanny Mrs. Shopkeeper, 23 Dudley Port
Smith Frederick. Rose and Crown P.H., 14 Walton Street
Smith George Henry. Boot repairer, 226 Dudley Port
Smith Hanna Mrs. Scrap iron dealer, 66 Leabrook Road
Smith Henry. Dining rooms, 102 New Road, Great Bridge
Smith Henry. Shopkeeper, 273 Dudley Port
Smith Henry. Wheelwright, 54 Queens Road
Smith James. Hairdresser, 89 New Road, Great Bridge
Smith James Haywood. Pianoforte dealer, 31 and 32 Market Place, Great Bridge
Smith Jane Mrs. Fancy repository, 87 Owen Street
Smith Joe H. Hammer maker, Salop Street, Brades, Tividale
Smith Mary Ethel Mrs. Beer retailer, 129 Bridge Road, Toll End
Smith Mary Helen Mrs. Shopkeeper, 26a Coneygree Road
Smith Naomi Mrs. Draper, 90 Dudley Road
Smith Sarah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 28 Park Lane West
Smith Thomas Edward. Grocer, 233b, Horseley Heath
Smith William. Decorator, 272 Dudley Port
South Staffordshire and East Worcestershire Amalgamated Miners' Association. Thomas Mansell secretary, Miners' Hall, Great Bridge
South Staffordshire Mond Gas (Power and Heating) Company. Edmund Bowl, managing director, Dudley Port
South Staffordshire Water Works Company (stores). William Norman superintendent, Park Lane West; Office, Joseph Whitworth, collecter, 7 Owen Street
Southall Hannah Mrs. Baker, 91 New Road, Great Bridge
Southall John Edward. Beer retailer, 12 Dudley Port
Southall Samuel. Coal merchant, Leabrook Road
Southall William. Baker, 108 Horseley Heath
Southan Brothers. Pawnbrokers, 78 and 79 Owen Street
Sowry and Sons. Boot and shoe makers, 117 New Road, Great Bridge
Sowry Thomas. Confectioner and boot repairer, 6 Horseley Heath
Spare Annie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 18 Bloomfield Road
Sparkes Annie Miss. Fried fish shop, 51 Bell Street
Spittle Benjamin. Shakespeare Inn, 25 Bridge Road, Toll End
Sproat Alick. Pawnhroker, 184 Horseley Heath
Stainton Tamar A. Mrs. Milliner, 46 Owen Street
Stanford Hannah Mrs. Shopkeeper, 45 Bell Street
Stanley Sarah Mrs. Grocer and midwife, 34 Aston Street, Toll End
Stant Thomas. Shopkeeper, 191 Bloomfield Road
Stanton James. Pianoforte and organ dealer, 20 Owen Street
Stanton Samuel. Haulier, 8 Horseley Heath
Stanton Sarah Mrs. Grocer, 41 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Starkey Edward W. Confectioner, 22 Owen Street
Steed William. Shopkeeper, 26 Park Lane West
Stephenson Sidney O. Manager of Tipton Urban District Council's Gas Works, Alexandra Road
Stevens Sarah Jane Miss. Grocer and post office, 31 Bloomfield Road
Stevenson Joseph. Bell Inn, 115 Dudley Port
Stevenson Josiah J. Beer retailer, 21 Horseley Heath
Stinson Thomas James. Corn dealer, 123 Dudley Port
Stockdale John Henry. Solicitor and clerk to Urban District Council, Burial Board & Local Pension Committee, 215 Horseley Heath
Stoke Samuel. Boot and shoe maker, 37 New Road, Great Bridge
Stokes Harry. Grocer, 48 Leabrook Road
Stonehewer Thomas and Sons. Timber merchants, Great Bridge
Stonehewer William. General merchant, Great Bridge
Strathearn William. Boot maker, 41 High Street
Stroyd Charles Henry. Hairdresser, 6 Burnt Tree
Stuart Charles Frederick. Shopkeeper, 176 Dudley Port
Summers William. Beer retailer, 32 Brown Lion Street, Bloomfield
Taft Horace William. Mineral water manufacturer, Dudley Road, Tividale
Tart Enoch. Shopkeeper, Hill Street, Tipton
Tate James Lewis. Draper, 116 Dudley Port
Taylor Abraham. Librarian, Public Library, Victoria Road
Taylor Arthur. Confectioner, 35 Hurst Lane
Taylor Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 78 Upper Church Lane
Taylor Esther Mrs. Grocer, 12 and 13 Bell Street
Taylor John. Britannia P.H., 29 Lower Church Lane
Taylor John Holmes. Grocer, 214 Dudley Road, Tividale
Taylor Maud Mrs. Beer retailer, 2 Dudley Road, Tividale
Taylor Rebecca Mrs. Shopkeeper, 14 Nock Street, Toll End
Taylor Thomas. Beer retailer, 14 Eagle Street, Toll End
Taylor Thomas. Beer retailer, 36 Union Street
Territorial Force 6th Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment. Captain Frederick W. B. Law; Colour-Sergeant-Instructor, Lewis, headquarters, Sedgley Road
Theodore John. Farmer and horse dealer, Brades, Tividale
Thomas Henry. Timber dealer, 28 Upper Church Lane, Summer Hill
Thomas Joseph. Hairdresser, 125 Tividale Road
Thomas William. Toy dealer. 55 Horseley Road
Thompson John Arthur and Alfred. Maltsters, Hipkins Street, Bloomfield and Sedgley Road West
Thompson Elizabeth Mrs. Butcher, 32 Owen Street
Thompson Florence Mrs. Shopkeeper, 4 High Street
Thompson Josiah. Greengrocer, 175 Horseley Heath
Thornton Esther Mrs. Shopkeeper, 23 Waterloo Street
Tibbetts Edith Miss. Dressmaker, 4 Anderson Road
Tibbetts Sarah Mrs. Wardrobe dealer, 51a High Street
Tibbington Steel Sheet Company. Steel sheet manufacturers, Great Bridge Rolling Mills
Timmins Ann Maria Mrs. Confectioner, 45 Union Street
Tipton Conservative and Unionist Club. Daniel Hughes Hartland, secretary, 64 and 65 Union Street, office, 30 Owen Street
Tipton Co-operative Industrial and Provident Society Limited. Charles F. Swift, secretary, grocers etc. 48 and 49 Owen Street
Tipton District Permanent and Benefit Building Society. Alfred H. Hughes, secretary, 30 Owen Street
Tipton Green Public Weighing Machine and Wharf. H. P. Parkes and Company Limited, proprietors, Castle Street
Tipton Herald. Printers and stationers, 13 Owen Street
Tipton Land Company Limited. Land owners, Tipton Green
Tipton Nursing Association. Miss Nora Roth, matron, 75 Lower Church Lane
Tipton Tub and Tube Company. Constructional engineers, Brook Street, Bloomfield
Tipton Urban District Infectious Diseases Hospital. Arthur Stopford Underhill medical officer, Miss S. J. Hartill, matron
Tittley John Henry. Tobacconist, 21 Market Place, Great Bridge
Tivoli. (The) Music Hall. Benjamin Kennedy, proprietor, Owen Street
Tolley Alice Mrs. Shopkeeper, 49 Ocker Hill Road
Tombs Martha Mrs. Shopkeeper, Neptune Street
Tomkins Emma Mrs. Confectioner, 347 Dudley Port
Tommas John Ernest. Certificated bailiff, 156 Dudley Port
Tommas John Henry. Furniture broker and dealer, High Street
Tompkins Jane Mrs. Shopkeeper, 202 Dudley Port
Townsend Edward James. Shopkeeper, 80 New Road, Great Bridge
Townshend Thomas Suffield and Son. Millers (stores), Sedgley Road West
Tranter Benjamin. Shopkeeper, 232 Dudley Road, Tividale
Tranter William. Shopkeeper, 47 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Treadwell John. Shopkeeper, 220 Dudley Port
Trentham Archibald. Mineral water manufacturer, Dale Street
Trust Joseph. Shopkeeper, 19 Hurst Lane
Tudor and Onions. Machinery brokers, Sheepwash Lane, Great Bridge
Turner Albert Edward. Beer and wine retailer, 1 Gate Street, Burnt Tree
Turner Alfred. Hairdresser, 123 Dudley Road, and 62 Owen Street
Turner Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 73 Brickkiln Street
Turner Maria Mrs. Shopkeeper, 36 Park Lane West
Turner Thomas. Coffee house, 12 Market Place, Great Bridge
Turner William. Shopkeeper, 122 Dudley Port
Turton John. Coal merchant, Ocker Hill Road
Turton Joseph. Beer retailer, 56 Gospel Oak Road
Udall Charles James. Five Ways P.H., 42 Hurst Lane
Underhill, Morris and Mason. Physicians and surgeons, 56 Horseley Road and 163 Leabrook Road
Underhill Arthur Stopford. Underhill, Morris and Mason, physian and surgeon, medical officer of health to Urban District Council, medical officer and public vaccinator. Tipton East District, Dudley Union, 56 Horseley Road
Underhill James Edward. Solicitor and clerk to the magistrates, Dudley Port
Union Supply Company. Josiah Yates, manager, grocers, 5 Market Place, Great Bridge
United Counties Bank Limited. H. C. Whitehouse, manager, Owen Street
Vaughan and Bolton. Coal merchants, Coneygree Road, Dudley Port
Vaughan E. and M. Shopkeepers, 63 Horseley Heath
Vaughan George Frederick. Butcher, 3 Dudley Road
Vaughan Mary Miss. Grocer, 72 Dudley Port
Victoria Park. Thomas Severn, keeper, Victoria Road
Vincent Claude. Brown Lion P.H., 145 Dudley Road, Tividale
Vincent Emma Mrs. Draper, 88 Bloomfield Road
Vincent Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 147 Bloomfield Road
Vono Company. Iron founders, Dudley Port
Wainwright John Thomas. Colliery proprietor, Barker and Wainwright
Wakely William. Insurance agent, 20 Canal Street
Walford Ellen Mrs. Beer retailer, 7 Park Lane West
Walker Peter and Son (Warrington and Burton) Limited. James Berney agent, ale and stout brewers, 140 Park Lane West
Walker Abraham Arthur. Confectioner, 33 Park Lane East
Walker Enoch. Shopkeeper, 76 Toll End Road
Walker John Thomas. Beer retailer, 38 Coppice Street
Walker Thomas. Baker, 87 Toll End Road
Wall E1izabeth Mrs. Grocer, 61 Dudley Port
Walters Arthur Alexander. Wheelwright, High Street
Walters John. Cycle repairer, 104 New Road, Great Bridge
Walton Thomas. Britannia P.H, 11 Owen Street
Walton Walter. Barrel Inn, 93 Dudley Port
Ward Alfred. Shopkeeper, 82 Ocker Hill Road
Ward Edith Mrs. Grocer, 32 Chapel Street
Ward Henry. Beer retailer, 56 Owen Street
Ward Herbert. Butcher, 19 Bell Street
Ward James. Scrap iron dealer, Davis and Ward
Ward Joseph. Draper, 63 Owen Street
Warren Joseph. Fancy repository, 3 Market Place, Great Bridge
Wassell Benjamin. Shopkeeper, 20 Dudley Road, Tividale
Wassell David. Fishmonger, 4a, Tividale Road
Waters Arthur. Butcher, 133 Toll End Road
Watkins Leonard. Shopkeeper, 164 Leabrook Road
Weaver James. Carpenter, 178a, Dudley Port
Webb John. Plumber and painter, Bradley Street, Burnt Tree
Webb William. Hardware dealer, 167 Leabrook Road
Webster Matilda Mrs. Shopkeeper, 2 Horseley Road
Webster Walter. Butcher, 5 Horseley Heath
Wednesbury and District Co-operative Society Limited. Grocers, 167 Leabrook Road
Welch Joseph. Pork butcher, 128a, Horseley Heath
Wellings William. Shopkeeper, 9 Wood Street
Wenyon George H. Architect, 9 Owen Street
Wesson Mrs. Hairdresser, 92 Leabrook Road
Westwood Richard. Furniture dealer, 36 Owen Street
Whale George Henry. Draper, 49 Park Lane West
Whale Samuel. Greengrocer, 48 Park Lane West
Whale Thomas. Red Lion P.H., 92 Tipton Road, Tividale
Wharton Enoch. General dealer, 16 Compton Road
Whipp Edith Miss. Draper, 32 Park Lane East
White Eli. Fishmonger, 39 Park Lane East
White Eli. Fishmonger, 42 Park Lane East
White Joseph. Lion Inn, 140a Park Lane West
White William. Shopkeeper, 57 Aston Street, Toll End
Whitehouse Benjamin. Beer retailer, 33 Tividale Road
Whitehouse Benjamin. Boot and Shoe maker, 120 Park Lane West
Whitehouse Daniel. Butcher, 237 Horseley Heath
Whitehouse Edward. Coffee house, 1 Dudley Road
Whitehouse Ellen Mrs. Coal dealer, 180 Horseley Heath
Whitehouse George. Horseley Tavern, 238 Horseley Heath
Whitehouse Harriett Mrs. Coal dealer, 38 Bell Street
Whitehouse Henry & Company.
Iron founders, Sedgley Road West
Whitehouse J. and Sons. Saddlers, 67 Owen Street
Whitehouse Jabez and John. Iron founders, Castle Street
Whitehouse Joseph. Beer retailer, 131 Toll End Road
Whitehouse Joseph. Boot maker, 17 Leabrook Road
Whitehouse Samuel. Fried fish shop, 132 Horseley Heath
Whitehouse Sylvia Miss. Shipping agency, 174 Bloomfield Road
Whitehouse William. Shopkeeper, 31 Howard Street
Whitley Mary Maria Mrs. China and glass dealer, 128 Tividale Road
Whitney Mary Ann Mrs. Beer retailer, 165 Horseley Heath
Whitworth Joseph. Collector of water rates for South Staffordshire Water Works Company, 6 Owen Street
Wicheley James. Shopkeeper, 60 Park Lane West
Wilkes James. Beer retailer, 45 New Road, Ocker Hill
Wilkes William. Shopkeeper, 245 Toll End Road
Wilkinson Albert. Shopkeeper, 1 Colburn Road
Wilkinson John. Shopkeeper, 70 Queen’s Road
Willett Anthony. Greengrocer, 4 Tividale Road
Willetts Maria Mrs. Cottage Spring P.H., Toll End Road
Williams Annie Mrs. Shopkeeper, 6 Bridge Road, Toll End
Williams Charles. Beer retailer, 75 Union Street
Williams Harry. Butcher, 81 Union Street
Williams Joseph. Beer retailer, 118 Horseley Heath
Williams Solomon. Shopkeeper, 71 Dudley Port
Williams Thomas. Beer retailer, 10 Canal Street
Willis Edwin James. Shopkeeper, 34 Factory Road
Willis Herbert. Greengrocer, 112 Bridge Road, Toll End
Willis James. General dealer, 88 Toll End Road
Willis William. Shopkeeper, 36 Queen’s Road
Willmore James. Boot maker, 240 and 250 Horseley Heath
Willmore James. Boot and shoe repairer, 9 Aston Street, Toll End
Willmore James. Boot repairer, Union Street
Wilson Frances Mrs. Prince Regent P.H., 190 Horseley Heath
Wilton Eliza Mrs. Draper, 180 Dudley Port
Wiltshire Joseph. Furniture broker and dealer, 1 New Road, Great Bridge
Wiltshire Joseph. Outfitter, Market Street, Great Bridge
Wingrove Elizabeth Mrs. Pawnbroker, 22 Bloomfield Road
Wise William. Shopkeeper, 275 Dudley Port
Withington William. Greengrocer, 87 New Road, Great Bridge
Withnall Absalom. Hatter, 6 New Road, Great Bridge
Witton Philip James. Chemist, 71 Owen Street
Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries Limited. Bush Inn, 206 Bloomfield Road; Plough Inn, 5 Tividale Road and Wren’s Nest P.H., 140 Dudley Port
Wood George and Sons. Blue brick manufacturers, Brades Blue Brick Works, Oldbury
Wood Henry and Son. Grocers, 58 Owen Street
Wood Maude Mrs. Shopkeeper, 55 Bridge Road, Toll End
Woodall Joseph. Wonder Inn, 44 Dudley Road, Tividale
Woodhall Matthew. Shopkeeper, Brades, Tividale
Woodhall Robert. Boot and shoe maker, 126 Tividale Road
Woodward Matthew. Butcher, Bloomfield Road
Wordsworth Thomas. Fried fish shop, 41 Horseley Heath
Worsey Limited. Canal boat builders, Toll End Dockyard
Worsey Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 14a Nock Street, Toll End
Worthington Albert. Confectioner, 334 Dudley Port
Wright Joseph and Company. Chain manufacturers, Sedgley Road West
Wright John. Shopkeeper, 14 Dudley Port
Wright Joseph Harold. China and glass dealer, 37 Park Lane East
Wright Mary Mrs. Shopkeeper, 19 New Cross Street
Wright Stephen. Cycle repairer, 149 Dudley Road, Tividale
Yates Elizabeth Mrs. Shopkeeper, 82 Union Street
Yates Thomas. Watchmaker, 66 Owen Street
Young Edward. Golden Cup P.H., 76 Leabrook Road
Young Samuel. Beer retailer, 62 Park Lane West
Young Sidney. Beer retailer, 23 Coneygree Road

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