Tipton Trades

Early Closing - Wednesday. Markets - Tuesday and Saturday

Accountants (Chartered)
Massey, R., 90 Owen Street
Seedhouse, J., High Street, Princes End

Powell & Brown, F.A.I. (F. Jeffrey, F.A.I., C. N. Hickman, A.V.I.), 3 Owen Street; surveyors, estate agents
Tommas & Sons, Five Ways

Carter, J., 284 Dudley Port
Taylor, C., 23 High Street, Princes End
Woodhouse (Dudley), Ltd., 20 Owen Street

Barclays Bank, Ltd., 90 Owen Street
Lloyds Bank, Ltd., 22 Market Place, Great Bridge
Midland Bank, Ltd., 8 Owen Street

Goodman, J., Market Street, Great Bridge
Wycherley, F., Mill Street, Great Bridge

Boiler Composition and Covering Manufacturers
Tranter, W. J., Ltd., High Street, Princes End

Bolt and Nut Manufacturers
Bolt & Nut Co. (Tipton), Ltd., Park Lane East, Dudley Port
Green & Hughes. Ltd., Wolverhampton New Road, Dudley
Steel Parts, Ltd., Spartan Works, Brickhouse Lane

Boot and Shoe Retailers and Repairers
Allen, Ltd., 34 Owen Street
Collins, T. A., Ltd., 72A Market Place, Great Bridge
Smith & Son, 226 Dudley Port
Strathearns, 41 High Street
Woodall, A., 330 Tividale Road

Bottlers (Wholesale)
The G. & S. Bottling Co., Ltd., Park Lane West

Builders’ Merchants
Hadley & Co., Brickhouse Lane, West Bromwich
Hewitt & Co., Market Place, Great Bridge
Merrick & Heath, Ltd., 30 Owen Street
Willner Eng. Supplies Co., High Street

Building Contractors
Austin & Co., Park Lane West
Callaghan, T., 45 Minith Road, Coseley
Cran & McMannon, 19 Woodcroft Avenue
Holloway (Tipton), Ltd., Ocker Hill
Jeavons, E. E., & Co., Ltd., Lower Church Lane
Jones, W., & Co., Horseley Heath
Kirby, J., New Road
Meeson &. Williams, Regent Street
Noott Bros., 65 Great Bridge Street
Perkins (Smethwick) Co., Victoria Road
Richards, D., 30 Keeling Street, Horseley Heath
Sargent, P., Elwell Street

Andrews, A., 140 Horseley Heath
Beebee, R., 60 High Street, Princes End
Devis, W., & Sons, Ltd., 13 Market Place, Great Bridge
Griffiths, J., 110A, Dudley Road, Tividale
Hall, H., 38 Park Lane East
Palethorpes, Ltd., Dudley Port
Ward, H., & Son, 19 Bell Street

Crowther, F., 19A Market Place, Great Bridge
Sherwood Bros., Canal Street

Cafés and Restaurants
The Fountain Café (Proprietor, S. T. Sowry), 6 Horseley Heath; snack bar; ices, confectionery, etc.

Bantock, T. & Co., Factory Basin, Great Bridge
Fellows, Morton & Clayton, Ltd., Dudley Port
Perkes, T., & Son, 10 Tividale Street

Chemists (Pharmaceutical)
Bannister & Thatcher, Ltd., Great Bridge
Winroope, S., 23 Market Place, Great Bridge

Cinemas and Theatres
The Bruce Cinema, Princes End
The Cinema, High Street
New Regal Cinema, Owen Street
Victoria Cinema, Railway Street

Coal Merchants
Castle Coal Co., Ltd., Castle Wharf, Dudley Road
Hickinbottom & Sons, Ltd., Leabrook Road
Kimberley, Beddoes & Co., Ltd., Great Bridge
Reid, E. W., Anchor Wharf, Dudley Port

Billingham, E. A., Dudley Road
Edwards, J., 69 Horseley Heath
Halford, F., 14 Owen Street
Mallin, D., 213 Horseley Heath; also tobacconist
Wood, H., 15 Owen Street

Corn Merchants
Elwells Ltd., 97 Owen Street
Swinnerton., M., 24B High Street, Princes End

Cycle Makers, Dealers and Agents
Davies & Son, 156 High Street, Princes End
Hughes, G., 107 Bloomfield Road, Princes End
Whitehall Cycle, Co., 23 Great Bridge

Bentley, J., 93 High Street, Princes End
Davis, S., 2 Dudley Road
Dunn, E., 184 Horseley Heath
Taylor, E., 76 Tividale Road; general draper
Welch, A. F., Ltd., 2, 3, and 4 New Road, Market Place, Great Bridge
Wynn, F., 9 Market Place, Great Bridge

Egg Packers
Ward, H., & Son, 19 Bell Street

Electrical Engineers and Contractors
Harvey's Electrical Service, 149 Horseley Heath

Contact Plating Co., Bell Street
Threadgill Electro Deposits, Ltd., Reliance Works, Union Street

Bloomfield Steel Construction Co., Ltd., Bloomfield Road
Lockerbie & Wilkinson, Ltd., Municipal Engineering Works
Salter, Ltd., Bloomfield Road, Princes End

Engineers (Constructional)
W. Chattaway Ltd., Mill Street, Great Bridge
Horseley Bridge & Thomas Piggott Ltd., Horseley Road, Dudley Port

Engineers (Telegraphic)
Bullers, Ltd., Tipton

Fireplace Specialists
The Grate Supply, 149 Horseley Heath

Smith, J. F., 61 Great Bridge Street, Great Bridge
The Five Ways Fisheries, Ltd. (Proprietor, T. R. Grimoldby), Dudley Road; wholesale and retail

Fried Fish Shops
The Five Ways Fisheries, Ltd. (Proprietor, T. R. Grimoldby), Dudley Road
Tyler, S., 11 Fields Road

Fruiterers and Greengrocers
Griffiths, E., 63 High Street, Princes End
Holloway & Son, Park Lane East
Kendall. W., 118 New Road, Great Bridge
Robinson, H. & Sons, 14 Union Street
Smith, P. B., 133 Sedgley Road West
Sutton, W. & A., 93 New Road, Great Bridge

Furniture Dealers
Wiltshire, J., 29 and 30 Market Place, Great Bridge

General Dealers
Backhouse, A., 112 Horseley Heath
Genner, W., 94 High Street, Princes End
Potter, S., 5 Hopkin Street
Stanton, A., 52 Bell Street
Taylor, E. H., 1 Dudley Road, Five Ways; also cafe
Wherton, V., 77 Lower Church Lane

Grocers and Provision Merchants
Allbutt, G., 160 Bloomfield Road; also confectioner, tobacconist, and general dealer
Allcock, J., 183 Dudley Port
Batchelor, Philip H., Ltd., 51 Bell Street
Dudley Co-operative Society, Ltd., 203 Dudley Port
Jukes, E. V., 79 Horseley Heath
Lloyd, K, 28 High Street
Popple, D., 94 New Road, Great Bridge
Reynolds, B. M., 74 Bloomfield Road
Taylor, C., 13 Bell Street
Union Supply Co., Ltd., 6 Market Place, Great Bridge

Bernardette, 112 New Road, Great Bridge; ladies' and children's hairdressing and chiropody
Coombs, L., 13 Owen Street; ladies
Johnson, J., 48 High Street, Princes End
Reynolds, W., 33 Market Place, Great Bridge

Hardware Dealers
Baker, G., 26 Owen Street
Westwood, H. & D., Ltd., 55 Owen Street

Haulage Contractors
High Street Garage (Proprietor, W. Law), Princes End
Howell, E., 175A Dudley Port

Doughty Arms, Five Ways
Great Western, 15 Bradley's Lane, Princes End
Star Commercial Hotel, 185 Bloomfield Road. G. J. A. J ones, proprietor

House and Estate Agents
Powell & Brown, F.A.I., 3 Owen Street; also auctioneers and surveyors
Tommas & Sons, 132 Sedgley Road West

Beans Industries, Ltd., Sedgley Road, west
Coneygre Foundry, Ltd., Coneygre Road
Duport Foundries, Ltd., Dudley Port
Guest, J., & Sons, Mill Street, Great Bridge
Hale, T. L., Ltd., Lower Church Lane
Smith, T. H., Ltd., Princes End
Triplex Foundry, Ltd., Upper Church Lane
Whitehouse, J. & J., Phoenix Foundry, Castle Street

Iron and Steel Manufacturers
British Rolling Mills, Ltd., Bloomfield Road
Dudley Port Rolling Mills, Ltd., Lower Church Lane
Gadd, George, & Co., Ltd., Church Lane; rounds, squares, hexagons etc. bright drawn steel bars.
Holden, Ltd., Mill Street, Great Bridge
Iron, Steel and Scrap Metal Merchants
Walters, Levi, 8 Bloomfield Road

Ladies’ and Children’s Outfitters
Gilbert, S. E., 90 Horseley Heath

Machinery Manufacturers
The Denbigh Engineering Co., Ltd., Horseley Heath; machine tools, mill furnishers, iron founders

Metal Manufacturers
Gibbins & Bodenham, Ltd., Dudley Road, Tividale
Midland Expanded Metal Co., Ltd., Dudley Port

Mineral Water Manufacturers
Lewis, E., 34A Burnt Tree
Lissimore & Co., Dudley Road, Tividale
Marsh, K., & Co., Groveland Road, Tividale
Tower Table Water (Tipton) Co., Albert Street, Princes End

Motor Engineers
Barnett, A., Five Ways Garage, Bloomfield Motor Co., Bloomfield Road

Motor Garages
Allen Transport, Ltd., Locarno Road Imperial Garage, Five Ways, Sedgley Road West
Shaw, B., Sedgley Road, West Tividale Garage, Tividale Road

Newspaper Publishers
Tipton Herald, 86A Owen Street

Office and School Furniture Manufacturers
Burndale Office Furniture Co., Ltd., Hainge Road, Tividale

Painters and Decorators
Hadley, R., 146 Dudley Port
Hipkins Bros., 1 Lower Church Lane

Peake, G. S., & Son (Exors. of), 320 Dudley Port
Wiltshire, Joseph, 29 and 30 Market Place, Great Bridge

Perambulator Makers
P. & L. Co., Whitehall Road, Great Bridge
Tan-Sad, Ltd., Toll End Road

Jacob & Sons, High Street; also bookbinders and stationers
20th Century Printing Co., 149 Horseley Heath

Public Houses
Black Cock, 17 Owen Street
Old King's Head, Dudley Road
Old Port, Dudley Port
Red Lion Inn, Tividale
Royal Oak, 7 Dudley Port

Radio and Television
Bradley, B., 115 High Street, Princes End
Clarke's, Union Street; agents for Murphy, Ecko and Pye; records, prams, toys and cycles
Lyons & Sons, 74 Owen Street

Cox, W., 2 Dudley Port
Stockdale & Brown (Ernest E. Brown, clerk to Tipton (County) Justices etc.), 60 High Street

Stationers and Newsagents
Bryan, S., 50 High Street; also tobacconist
Cresswell, J., 35 Upper Church Lane
Furnell, A., 9 Great Bridge Street, Great Bridge
Harwood, H. & M. A., 122 Dudley Road, Five Ways; stationers, newsagents, and tobacconists.

Steel Plate Workers
Bloomfield Steel Construction Co., Ltd., Bloomfield Road

Pearson & Clarke, 12 Horseley Heath

Tailors, Clothiers and Outfitters
Faraday & Co., 47 Hopkins Street, Burnt Tree
Keasey & Sons, 252 Dudley Road, Tividale
Potter's (Outfitters), Ltd., 117 Bloomfield Road

Timber Merchants
Cox, Thomas, & Son, Ltd., Great Bridge Saw Mills
Round, William, & Son, Ltd., Castle Street

Mallin, D., 213 Horseley Heath
Robey, C. G., 42 New Road, Great Bridge; also confectioner and fancy goods dealer
Wood, H., 15 Owen Street

Tube Manufacturers
Frost & Sons, Ltd., Dudley Road, Tividale
The Victoria Tube Co., Ltd., Great Bridge
Wellington Tube Works, Ltd., Great Bridge

Welded Steel Fabrications
Holden, J. B. (Engineers, Great Bridge), Ltd., Great Bridge

Wire Netting Manufacturers
Galvo Co., Ltd., Coneygre Road
Thompson, A., Ltd., Tividale

A wet day in Owen Street. From an old postcard.

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