Harrison, Harrod & Company's Directory and Gazetteer of Staffordshire, published in 1861

Post Office: Bridge Street. John Smith, postmaster. Letters arrive from London, Birmingham, etc., 3.15 a.m., dispatched at 10.20 a.m. Letters also from same places arrive at 1.30 p.m., and are dispatched at 9.38 p.m. Money orders are granted and paid at this office.

Receiving house, King's Hill. Alexander Hill, receiver. Letters arrive at 6 a.m. and 2.20 p.m.; dispatched at 9.25 a.m. and 8.35 p.m. Receiving house, Wood Green. William Roberts, receiver. Letters are dispatched at 8.10 p.m.



Philip and Henry Williams, Market Place. Mr. William Wood, manager. Draw on Sir John Lubbock and Co.



Wednesbury Advertiser, published on Saturday, price 1d. Southern, publisher, High street.



James Bagnall, Esq. Job Haines, Esq.

Thomas Jesson, Esq.

D. G. Round, Esq. James Solly, Esq. Phillip Williams, Esq.


Public Establishments etc.

Benefit Building Society, High Street. A. W. Whitehouse, secretary.

Depository for British and Foreign Bible Society, Mechanics'. Institute, High Street.

Inland Revenue Office, Dartmouth Arms. William E. Morris, supervisor.

Mechanics' Institute, Library, and Reading Room, High Street. Charles F. Mallebor, librarian.

Police Station, Holyhead Road. Robert Blaney, inspector.

Stamp Office, Bridge Street. John Smith, distributor.


Public Officers:

Magistrates’ Clerk, J. H. Thursfield, Esq. Petty Sessions every Tuesday.

Chief Officer of Police, Inspector Robert Blaney.

Clerk to Local Board of Health, John Tandy Bayley, Esq., solicitor. Medical Officer, Mr. Proctor.

Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances, Mr. W. Fereday.

Registrar of Births, Deaths. etc., Mr. Thomas Parkes.

Postmaster, Mr. John Smith.

Relieving Officer, Mr. Gittoes.

Constable, Mr. J. Dawes, auctioneer.



St. Bartholomew's, Church Hill. Rev. John Loyns, Vicar; Rev. Richard Garland.

St. John's, High Street. Rev. James Winter, Curate;  Rev. Richard Newman Assistant Curate.      

St. James'; Holyhead Road. Rev. Richard Twigg, Curate; Rev Patrick Wilson.



Baptist, Dudley Street. Ministers various.

Congregational, Russell Street. Rev. J. Dixon, Minister.

Methodist New Connexion, Holyhead Road. Ministers various.

Primitive Methodist, Camp Street. Ministers various.

Primitive Methodist, Leabrook. Ministers various.

Methodist Free Church, Holyhead Road. Ministers various.

Methodist Free Church, King's Hill. Ministers various.

Roman Catholic, Church Hill. Rev. G. Montgomery, priest.

Wesleyan, Old Park Road. Ministers various.

Wesleyan, Holyhead Road. Ministers various.

Wesleyan, Spring Head. Ministers various.



British (for Girls), High Street. Miss Martha Williamson, mistress.

Old Park Iron Works British (for Boys), King's Hill. William Job, master.

Roman Catholic, Church Hill. John Fleming, master; Miss Ellen Taylor, mistress.

National, Church Hill. William Quelch, master; Miss Mary Jane Rogers, mistress.

National, King's Hill. Miss Sarah Coomes, mistress.

National, St. James' Street. Benjamin Johnson, master; Miss Mary Ann Marshall, mistress.

National, Russell Street. William Miles; master; Miss Martha Cotterill, mistress.

Wesleyan, Spring Head. Thomas Wilson, master; Miss Wilson, mistress.


Railway Stations:

Great Western, Dudley street. John Bailey, station master.

South Staffordshire, Bridge street. Joseph Bartley, station master.


Railway Carriers:

Crowley and Company, Bridge Street and Dudley Street stations.


Gentry etc.

Ashmore, Mrs., Bridge Street

Bailey, William; High Bullen

Bill, Thomas, Bridge Street

Dixon, Rev. John, Independent, New Town

Druce, Mrs., Bridge Street

Formby, Rev. Henry, Catholic, Church Hill

Garland, Rev. Richard, L.L.B., Old Park Road

Haughton William, Windmill Street

Howitt George E., Trouse Lane

Hyder, Rev. William H., Oakeswell Terrace

Kendrick, Mrs, Oakeswell Terrace

Laughton, Mrs., Church Hill

Lees, Mrs., Bridge Street

Lowe, Mrs., Holyhead Road

Lynes, William, Church Hill









Lyons, Rev. John, M.A., Springhead House

Millington, Richard, Walsall Street

Montgomery, Rev, George, Catholic, Church Hill

Nayler, William F., Brunswick Terrace

Newman, Rev. Frederick, Terrace Street

Richards, Richard, Mesty Croft

Rooth, William, Wood Green

Round, Benjamin, Bridge Street

Stone, Mrs., Bridge Street

Stubbs, William James. Brunswick Terrace

Twigg, Rev. Richard, St. James' parsonage

William, Richard, Church Hill

Winter, Rev. John, M. A., Brunswick Terrace

Wood, Mrs. Oakeswell Road

Wood, William, Church Hill House


Traders etc.

Adams, George, manufacturer of boiler plates, etc., Camp Hill

Adams, John, tailor, Bridge Street

Adams, William, patent axle manufacturer, Potter's Lane

Aldridge, James, wheelwright, Holyhead Road

Andrews, Thomas, carpenter and beer retailer, Camp Street

Arthurs, Robert, grocer, High Street

Aston, William, hosier, Trouse Lane

Atkins, Joseph, butcher, High Street

Bagnall, David, provision dealer, Dudley Street

Bagnall, John and Sons, iron masters and iron manufacturers, Leabrook Iron Works
Baker, Francis, draper, Market Place

Baker, Joseph, beer retailer, Portway Road

Ball, William, hinge tiver, and gas nipper manufacturer, Dale Street

Bamfield, Samuel, agent for clocks, etc., Dale Street

Banks, Henry, iron and steel merchant, Bridge Street

Banks, Joseph, tea dealer, Holyhead Road

Banks, Richard, greengrocer, Market Place

Barker, William, tailor, Dale Street

Barnes, Deborah, clothier, High Street

Barnett, John, butcher, Holyhead Road

Barrett, William, White Horse, Bridge Street

Bayley, Alfred, provision dealer, King's Hill

Bayley, James, coal master, Willingsworth Colliery

Bayley, J. T., solicitor, Bridge Street

Bayley, Samuel, maltster, The Bridge

Bayley, Thomas, gunlock maker, High Street

Bayley, Thomas, tea dealer, King's Hill

Baylis, Benjamin, draper, Market Place

Bayliss, Joseph, provision dealer, High Street

Bayliss, Thomas, provision dealer, Market Place

Beardmore, Mrs., boot and shoe warehouse, High Street

Beardmore, Joseph, shopkeeper, Leabrook

Beech, Thomas, shoe maker, Bridge Street

Bennett, Joseph, grocer, Leabrook

Bennett, William, grocer, Dudley Street

Best, Son and Lynes, surgeons, Church Hill

Biddle, Charles, provision dealer, Market Place

Bill, Charles, Dartmouth Hotel, licensed to let horses, Holyhead Road

Bill, Charles, pawnbroker, Dudley Street

Bilson, John, pipe manufacturer, King’s Hill

Billingsby William, shoe maker, Union Street

Birch, William, builder, Walsall Street

Bird, Aris, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Bird, Mary Ann, Railway Inn, Holyhead Road

Blakemore, Edward, iron founder, Union Street

Blakemore, Joseph, butcher, Windmill Street

Booth, John, file maker, Dudley Street

Booth, John, boot maker, Camp Hill

Booth, William, greengrocer, High Street

Borrill, Joshua R., linen draper, Market Place

Bourne, William, beer retailer, Old Park Road

Brant, Thomas, Rose Hill Tavern, Church Hill

Brassington, John, saddler, High Street

Brazier, William, provision dealer, High Street

Brevett, John, butcher, Holyhead Road

Brevet, Thomas, butcher, Bridge Street

Brewer, John, builder, etc., Portway Road

Brigstocke, W. Phelps and Co., grocers, Union Street

Brittain, Thomas, Cross Guns, Bilston Road

Brittain, William, beer retailer, Meeting Street

Britten, Charles, printer, bookbinder and stationer, stamp office, etc., Market Place

Britten, James, bookseller and printer, High Street

Britten, Thomas, chemist, etc., Market Place

Broadhouse, Thomas, cabinet maker, High Street

Broadhouse, William, hosier, Market Place

Broadhouse, William, upholsterer, Market Place

Bromly, Samuel, stone mason, King's Hill

Brown, Timothy, beer retailer, High Street

Bullock, Sarah, Nag's Head, High Street

Butler, John, tailor, Union Street

Butler, Simeon, bolts, nuts, screw manufacturer, King's Hill

Butler, William, coal master, King's Hill Colliery

Byrne, John, tailor, High Street

Carter, Samuel and Reuben, contractors and manufacturers of iron bridges, grinders, tanks, boilers, wrought
            iron roofs, fastenings, and every description of railway ironwork, King's Hill Works

Carmon, W. C., surgeon, High Street

Chambers, Ellen, shopkeeper, King Street

Child, Miss, milliner, etc., Holyhead Road

Chumbley, William, shopkeeper, Holyhead Road

Clark, Ann, milliner and dressmaker, Market Place

Clark, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, Trouse Lane

Clews, William, baker, Union Street

Cliff, T. and R., drapers, High Street

Cliff, William, farmer, Delves Green

Coleman, John, boot and shoe maker, Dudley Street

Coleman, William, inland revenue officer Bridge Street

Coley, Richard, file cutter, Holyhead Road

Coley, Richard, tinman, etc., Russell Street

Coley, William, builder, High Bullen

Collins, Noah, Ancient Britons, Potter's Lane

Comins, Edward, greengrocer, Market Place

Cook, Sarah, Queen's Head, Trouse Lane

Cooper, George, farmer, Forge Road

Corbett, Edward, grocer, Meeting Street

Corns, John, Horse and Jockey King's Hill

Cotterhill, John, draper, High Street

Cowle, Philip, carpenter, etc., Union Street

Crowley, Hicklin, and Co., railway carriers, Railway Station

Curtis, Michael, shopkeeper, Meeting Street

Cutler, Joseph, beer retailer, King's Hill

Daniels, John, tailor, Market Place

Danks, Samuel and Co., screw manufacturers, Bridge Street

Danks, William, butcher, Market Place

Danks, William, Golden Cross, Market Place

Davis, John, hairdresser, Holyhead Road

Davies, J. and T., engineers and machinists, Meeting Street Works

Dawes, Andrew, chemist, High Street

Dawes, Benton, architect and surveyor, Raglan Place

Dawes, John, draper, Market Place

Dawes, Son, and Atterbury, auctioneers, etc., Raglan Place

Dee, John, shoemaker, Bridge Street

Dimmack and Thompson, iron merchants, Trouse Lane

Disternal, John, grocer, High Street

Disternal, Richard, coach spring maker, The Bridge

Disturnal, John, grocer, High Street

Disturnal, Thomas, corn dealer, High Bullen

Drew, Joshua, butcher, High Street

Duce, John T., gunlock manufacturer, Church Hill

Duce, John T., wine merchant, Bridge Street

Dudley, Joseph, Royal Exchange, High Street

Duignan, and Ebsworth, solicitors, High Street

Dunton, James, tailor, King Street

Eardley, William, Queen's Arms, Holyhead Road

Earp, John, grocer, Church Street

Edge, Samuel, screw maker, Dudley Street

Edmonds, James, tailor, Church Street

Ellcock, and Lowe, patent tube manufacturers, Holyhead Road

Ellis, Edward and Co., booksellers and stationers, High Street

Ellis, Abner, beer retailer, New Street

Elwell, Edward, edge tool manufacturer, Wednesbury Works

Enson, Joseph, mine agent and provision dealer, King's Hill

Entwistle, William, Spread Eagle, Portway Road

Evans, Arthur, currier, Union Street

Evans, Job, beer retailer, Portway Road

Evans, Ralph, charter master, Cobden Street

Evans, Susannah, stoneware manufacturer, Leabrook

Falton, John, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Farley, James, Nelson, Portway Road

Farley, William, King's Arms, Holyhead Road

Faulkes, John, Plough and Harrow, Leabrook

Felton, Joseph, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Fereday, John W., land surveyor, Russell Street

Fields, William, tailor, High Street

Fieldhouse, William, butcher, Bridge Street

Finch, Thomas, beer retailer, Dale Street

Foley, John, boiler maker, Camp Street

Fordham, George, boot and shoe maker, High Street           

Foster, Arthur, gunlock maker, Cobden Street

Foster, John, carpenter, Union Street

France, John, tailor, Holyhead Road

Franks, James, ink manufacturer, High Bullen

Frewer, John, saddler, Market Place

Frost, James, farmer and surveyor, Wood Green

Fuldhouse, William, beer retailer, Bridge Street

Fullwood, William, boot and shoe maker, King's Hill

Furley, James, Nelson Inn, Portway Road

Garmon, William C., surgeon, Bridge Street

Garnett, Edward, provision dealer, King's Hill

Gething, John, charter master, Old Park Road

Gething, William, Old Park Road

Gibbons, James, provision dealer, Dudley Street

Gill, Elizabeth, Elephant and Castle, High Bullen

Gittoes, Edward, relieving officer, Mesty Croft

Glover, Edward, charter master, Alma House

Goodwin, Elizabeth, farmer, The Delves

Greaves, John, bolt maker, Portway Road

Greaves, James, bolt maker, Portway Road

Green, Edward, grocer, High Street

Griffiths and Billingsley, patent tube manufacturers, Victoria Tube Works, Mesty Croft

Griffiths, David, beer retailer, King's Hill

Griffiths, Isaiah, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Griffiths, John butcher, Trouse Lane

Griffiths, John; butcher, King's Hill

Griffiths, John, collector and assistant overseer, Terrace Street

Griffiths, Josiah, Green Dragon, Market Place

Griffiths, William, grocer, Bridge Street

Griffiths, William, corn dealer, Bridge Street

Grove, Charles, grocer, Market Place

Grove, William, mine agent, Old Park Road

Growcott, Samuel and Sons, iron and coal masters, Broadwaters Furnaces

Guest, Edward, tailor, Trouse Lane

Guest, Joseph, Talbot Inn, Market Place

Hackwood, Enoch, tailor, Union Street

Hackwood, William, cooper, High Street

Hadley, Benjamin, coach smith, Camp Street

Hadley, Mary, gunlock filer, Church Street

Hall, Robert, saddler, Market Place

Hale, Edward, beer retailer, Dudley Street

Hampson, Edward, bolt maker, Portway Road

Hampson, Ellen, Castle Inn, Oakeswell End

Hampson, Thomas, provision dealer, Bridge Street

Handley, George, draper, Holyhead Road

Handley, John, butcher, Holyhead Road

Hangley, Edward, shoe maker, King's Hill

Hanley, Sophia, grocer, Camp Hill

Hanley, William, butcher, King Street

Harper, Henry, clothier, High Street

Harper, Joseph, beer retailer, Camp Street

Harris, Edward, dealer in British wines, Meeting Street

Harris, William, butcher, High Street

Harrison, Thomas, beer retailer, Dudley Street

Harvey, Edward, chemist and druggist, Market Place

Hatton, Brother and Caddick, millers, Wednesbury Mill

Hawkins, Matthew, beer retailer, High Bullen

Hayes, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, Union Street

Haynes, Joseph, medical botanist, High Street

Henry, Edwin, chemist and druggist, Market Place

Herdman, William, beer retailer, Trouse Lane

Hewett, George E., surgeon, Trouse Lane

Hickins, James, grocer, Dudley Street

Hickman, William, boot and shoe maker, High Street

Higgins, William, shopkeeper, Bilston Road

Hickwood, Samuel, grocer, High Street

Hill, John, bricklayer, Bilston Road

Hinton, George, baker and confectioner, High Street

Hitchin, Samuel, watch maker, Church Street

Hitchin, Thomas, grocer, Union Street

Hockley, Joseph, poulterer, Bridge Street

Holland, John, tea dealer, Holyhead Road

Holland, Mary Ann, beer retailer, High Bullen

Hollis, George, grocer, Dudley Street

Holloway, Jeremiah, butcher, Trouse Lane

Holroyd, Albert, stone mason, Bridge Street

Holroyd, Sarah, Red Lion, Bridge Street

Holroyd, Marcus, Ye Old Leathern Bottel, Vicarage Road

Hopewood, George, corn dealer, High Street

Horton and Millington, coal masters, Oakeswell Colliery

Horton, W. and S., architects and surveyors, Spring Head

Horton, Thomas, chemist, High Street

Horton, Walter, timber merchant, Bridge Street

Horton, William, chemist, Holyhead Road

Howle, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Dudley Street

Howle, Mary, Pack Horse, Dudley Street

Icke, John, carrier, Union Street

Jacks, Thomas, shoe maker, Portway Road

Jackson, George, beer retailer, Portway Road

Jackson, Thomas, beer retailer, Portway Road

James, Thomas, King's Arms, High Bullen

Jellyman, Jeffery, builder, Spring Head

Jenks, Benjamin, charter master, Franchise Street

Jevons, Thomas, Three Swans, Holyhead Road

Johnson, David, shopkeeper, Meeting Street

Jones, Alexander, corn dealer, Bridge Street

Jones, David, tailor, Trouse Lane

Jones, David, provision dealer, Meeting Street

Jones, Henry, upholsterer, Holyhead Road

Jones, John, draper, High street

Jones, John, Globe Inn, The Bridge

Jones, Robert, draper, Market Place

Jones, Samuel, hosier, High Street

Jones, Thomas, King's Arms, High Bullen

Jones, Thomas, provision dealer, Holyhead Road

Jones, William, clothier, Market Place

Jones, William, coach smith, Church Street

Judd, H. F., chemist, High Street

Keay, Mary, poulterer, High Street

Keay, Martha, hairdresser, High Street

Keay, Edward, shopkeeper, Holyhead Road

Keep, Thomas, hatter, High Street

Kemp, John, hatter, Market Place

Kendrick, Benjamin, provision dealer, High Street

Kendrick, B., lock manufacturer, High Street

Kendrick, Isaiah, coal master, Springhead Colliery

Kendrick, Phineas, blacksmith, Trouse Lane

Kendrick, Phillip, shoeing smith, Trouse Lane

Kendrick, Samuel, blacksmith, Holyhead Road

Knight, William, Church Hill Inn, Church Hill

Lambert, Robert, hosier, Holyhead Road

Langman, James, and Sons, bolt manufacturers, King's Hill

Latham. James, beer retailer, King's Hill

Lawrence, George, cabinet maker, High Street

Lawton, Thomas, shoemaker, High Street

Lawton, William, beer retailer, Mesty Croft

Laxton, Samuel, architect and surveyor, Church Street

Lees and Taylor, iron and steel merchants, High street

Lees, Enoch, boot maker, Trouse Lane

Lewis, Benjamin, provision dealer, Holyhead Road

Lillis, Michael, hosier, High Street

Lloyd and Foster, iron masters, manufacturers of all kinds of patent axles, etc., King's Hill

Lloyds, Fosters and Co., engineers and ironfounders, Old Park Iron Works

Lloyd, John, beer retailer, Portway Road

Longmore, James, contractor and manufacturer of all kinds of waggon ironwork, Darlaston Road

Longmore, William, tallow chandler, Ledbury Lane

Lort, Samuel, tailor and hairdresser, Walsall Street

Loxton, Charles, wine and spirit merchant, Market Place

Loxton, Charles jun., agent for the Burton Brewery Company, Limited, High Street

Lucas, John, beer retailer, Bilston Road

Lyndon, John, grocer, Dale Street

Madley, Henry, Old Royal Exchange, High Street

M'Gill, Elizabeth, Elephant and Castle, High Bullen

Mansfield, William, gunlock maker, King's Hill

Marshall, Amelia, George Inn, Five Ways

Marshall, John, manufacturer of gun barrel iron, etc., Monway Fields Iron Works

Martin, John, tea dealer, Holyhead Road

Martin, Thomas, tea dealer, Holyhead Road

Martin, William, boot and shoe maker, Holyhead Road

Matthews, William, plumber, etc., Spring Head

Maybury, John, iron master and manufacturer, Melbourne Forge

Mayes, Thomas, butcher, High Street

Merrick, John, plumber and painter, High Street

Miller, William, tailor, King Street

Millington, John, beer retailer, King's Hill

Millington, Joseph, provision dealer, King's Hill

Millington, Thomas, mine agent, Lloyd Street

Milner, James, grocer and baker, Trouse Lane

Mincher, Joseph, corn dealer, High Street

Moore Abraham, chemist, High Street

Moreton, William, grocer, Franchise Street

Morgan Richard, charter master, Franchise Street

Morgan, Stephen, tobacco pipe maker, King's Hill

Morris, George, poulterer, High Street

Morris, William, E., pork butcher, High Street

Mountford, William, provision dealer, Portway Road

Nash, Isaiah, beer retailer, Portway Road

Newman, Richard, confectioner, Market Place

Nichols, Richard, mine agent, Forge Road

Nowell, John and Son, coal masters, King's Hill Colliery

Oakley, James, shopkeeper, High Bullen

Oldacre, William, hatter, Market Place

Oldbury, Ezra, gunlock forger, Russell Street

Oldbury, Joseph, gunlock filer, Union Street

Onions, William, grocer, Portway Road

Oreditch, John, ironmonger, Trouse Lane

Paddock, Thomas, beer retailer, Queen Street

Palmer, J. G., architect, Holyhead Road

Palmer, Joseph R. and Son, gun implement manufacturers, James Street

Palmer, Joseph, pawnbroker, Holyhead Road

Palmer, Joseph, Hare and Hounds Inn, Bridge Street

Panton, Simeon, beer retailer, King's Hill

Parkes, Lucy and Company, grocers, etc., Market Place

Parker, Elizabeth, beer retailer, Meeting Street

Parkes, Sarah and Elizabeth, ironmongers, High Street

Parkes, Thomas, registrar of births and deaths for Wednesbury, Bridge Street
Parsonage, Thomas, shoe maker, High Street

Partridge, J. and E., gunlock manufacturers, King's Hill

Partridge, John, beer retailer, King's Hill

Partridge, William, boot and shoe maker, Holyhead Road

Patent Shaft and Axletree Company, ironmasters, Brunswick works

Pearce, George, engineer, High Street

Perks, John, clock and watch maker, Market Place

Perry, Samuel, roll turner and contractor, Malbury Place

Perry, William, boot and shoe maker, King's Hill

Phillips, William, shopkeeper, High Street

Platt, Samuel, brass foundry, King's Hill

Potter, William, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Powell, John, shopkeeper, New Street

Powell, Thomas, coach smith, Bridge Street

Poynton, John, shopkeeper, Holyhead Road

Pratt, William, grocer, High Street

Price, Thomas, ironmonger, High Street

Price, Edward, beer retailer, Dudley Street

Price, George, broker, High Street

Price, James, wheelwright, King's Hill

Pritchard and Danks, manufacturers of patent tubes, Wellington Tube Works, Mesty Croft

Pritchard, James, plumber and glazier, King's Hill

Pritchard, Thomas, Junction, Trouse Lane

Pritchard, John, grocer, Dudley Street

Proctor, Herbert E., surgeon, Spring Head

Richards, Edwin, spring manufacturer, Portway Works

Richards, James, pawnbroker, Market Place

Richards, Silas, butcher, Meeting Street

Rigley, and Co., manufacturers of patent axles and coach iron work in general, Coach Iron Works,
           Queen Street

Roach, James, tin plate worker, Dudley Street

Robinson, John, beer retailer, High Street

Robinson, Thomas, bricklayer, Dudley Street

Rock, William, builder, etc., Union Street

Roden, William, fishmonger, Union Street

Rogers, William, beer retailer, King's Hill

Rollason, Ann, beer retailer, Dudley Street

Roper, Abraham, Britannia Inn, Leabrook

Rowley, George, Horse and Jockey, High Bullen

Russell and Knowles, wrought iron gas fitting manufacturers, Walsall Street

Russell, Henry, Bull's Head Inn, Delves

Russell, James and Sons, original patentees and manufacturers of tubes for locomotive and marine boilers,
             Crown Tube Works

Russell, James, dealer in British wines, Bridge Street

Russell, John and Co., manufacturers of patent iron tubes, inventors and first makers of lapwelded flues for
             boilers, the Old tube works, Church Hill

Russell, Joseph, confectioner, Bridge Street

Sanders, John, shopkeeper, Walsall Road

Sanders, Samuel, gunlock maker, Forge Road

Sanders, Zachariah, music seller, Union Street

Sansome, Samuel, Fortune of War, Trouse Lane

Scholefield, Edward, auctioneer and surveyor, Bridge Street

Seaman, Frederick W., solicitor, Walsall Street

Sheldon, James, wheelwright, etc., Walsall Street

Sheldon, Joseph E., solicitor, High Street

Sheldon, Joseph, Bull Inn, Walsall Street

Shinton, William, beer retailer, Portway Road

Shorthouse, Thomas, beer retailer, King's Hill

Sidney, Matthew, shopkeeper, Camp Street

Silk, William, coach bolt, and nut manufacturer, Potters Lane

Simcock, Ann, tailor, High Street

Simkin, James, painter, etc., Holyhead Road

Simkin, John, Duke of Wellington, Bridge Street

Simkin, Joseph, Duke of York, High Street

Sing, John, beer retailer, High Street

Slaid, Joseph, shopkeeper, Union Street

Slater, Joseph, butcher, Holyhead Road

Slater, William, gunlock forger, Trouse Lane

Small, Thomas, Boat Inn, Dudley Street

Smallman, Elisha, mining agent, Old Park Road

Smith and Wood, maltstcrs, High Bullen and Walsall Street

Smith, Cornelius, gunlock maker, Cross Street

Smith, Edward, patent wrought iron tube manufacturer, Brunswick Tube Works

Smith, Emma, paper hanging manufacturer, High Street

Smith, Enoch, Scott Arms, King's Hill

Smith, Frederick, beer retailer, King's Hill

Smith, George, confectioner, High Street

Smith, James, hairdresser, High Street

Smith, John, postmaster, Bridge Street

Smith, John, grocer, Bridge Street

Smith, John R., hairdresser, High Street

Smith, John, tea dealer, King's Hill

Smith, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, High Street

Smith, Ruth, tea dealer, Darlaston Road

Smith, Samuel, shopkeeper, Trouse Lane

Smith, William, butcher, Trouse Lane

Smith, William, farmer, Delves Green

Southan, Charlotte, milliner, High Street

Southan, George, stationer and printer, Russell Street

Southan, Thomas, printer, bookseller, etc., High Street

Spencer, George, basket maker, High Street

Spittal, Alfred, gun manufacturer and ironmonger, Holyhead Road

Spittal, Henry, beer retailer, Earl's Lane

Spittal, John, gunlock filer, King Street

Spittal, Samuel, clothier, Union Street

Spittal, William, butcher, Union Street

Spittle, Frederick, Dolphin Inn, Darlaston Road

Spittle, Jane, Malt Shovel, High Street

Spittle, Joseph, maltster, Old Park Road

Spooner, Aaron, coach smith, Portway Road

Spooner, Ambrose, bolt maker, Potters Lane

Standley, George, shopkeeper, Portway Road

Stanley, William, grocer, High Bullen

Steatham, Joseph, manufacturer of gunlocks, King's Hill Fields

Stevens, Thomas, corn dealer, Market Place

Stevens, James, draper, Trouse Lane

Stevenson. Benjamin, builder, Holyhead Road

Stevenson, Frederick, provision dealer and painter, Holyhead Road

Stevenson, John, Cross Keys, Holyhead Road

Stevenson, John, general dealer, Trouse Lane

Stevenson, Silvas, gunlock maker, High Street

Stevenson, William, builder, Holyhead Road

Stockley, Richard, Lamp Tavern, High Street

Stokes, E. and W., tallow chandlers, Church Street

Stokes, William, provision dealer, High Street

Strutt, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High Street

Summerland, Elizabeth, milliner, High Street

Summerland, William, hosier, High Street

Talbot, George, tea dealer, Bridge Street

Tarte, and Co., coal masters, Hadymoor's Colliery

Tatton, Joseph, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Taylor, Henry, tobacconist, High Street

Taylor, James, auctioneer, etc., Russell Street

Taylor, Joseph, beer retailer, Portway Road

Taylor, Thomas, cabinet maker, Russell Street

Taylor, William, shopkeeper, Trouse Lane

Teed, Edward, fishmonger, Market Place

Thorp, James, beer retailer, Camp Hill Lane

Thursfield, John H., solicitor, High Street

Thursfield, Joseph, butcher, High Street

Thursfield, Henry, beer retailer, Trouse Croft

Timmins, Edward, coach iron maker, Church Street

Timmins, John, coach smith, Church Street

Titley, John, Rising Sun, Trouse Lane

Tolley, William, coal dealer, Walsall Street

Treivers, John, saddle and harness maker, Market Place

Trigs, Edwin, fishmonger, Market Place

Trow, William and Sons, wholesale and retail timber merchants and builders, Bilston Road

Trow, William and Sons, iron and brass founders, Union foundry, Meeting Street
Turner, John, butcher, High Bullen

Turner, Margaret, beer retailer, Wood Green

Turner, Thomas, gun lock maker, Darlaston Road

Walker, Jeredick, maltster and corn merchant, Weston Cot

Walker, J. and E., iron masters, Victoria Iron Works

Wall, Thomas, wheelwright, etc., Darlaston Road

Wall, Thomas, earthenware dealer, Cross Street

Ward, Daniel, blacksmith, Dudley Street

Warrender, Thomas, shoe maker, High Street

Watkins, James, beer retailer, Walsall Road

Watson, Thomas, George and Dragon, Oakeswell

Watson, William, beer retailer, Dale Street

Wearing, Thomas, Village Inn, Mesty Croft

Wells, John, Royal Oak, King Street

Westwood, Elizabeth, milliner, High Street

Wheatley, Thomas, miller, Church Hill

White, Charles, corn dealer, Holyhead Road

White, Elizabeth, Queen's Arms, Holyhead Road

White, Isaac, Angel, Bilston Road

Whitehouse, and Co., manufacturers of patent welded wrought iron tubes, Globe Tube Works

Whitehouse, and Caddick, soap manufacturers, Leabrook

Whitehouse, George, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Whitehouse, Isaiah, butcher, Bridge Street

Whitehouse, James, provision dealer, High Street

Whitehouse, James, beer retailer, Russell Street

Whitehouse, Jesse, maltster, Walsall Street

Whitehouse, Joseph, Turk's Head, and auctioneer, High Street

Wiggin, Michael, butcher, High Bullen

Willetts, Benjamin, shopkeeper, King Street

Williams, and Hammond, coal masters, Mesty Croft Colliery

Williams, James, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Williams, Philip and Henry, bankers, Bridge Street

Wilkes, Eliza, basket maker, Bridge Street

Wilson, Charles, grocer, Trouse Lane

Wood, James, general coach spring manufacturer, High Street

Wood, John, tailor, King's Hill

Wood, John, grocer, etc., Market Place

Wood, Joseph, baker, High Street

Woodhall, John, shoe maker, Union Street

Woodward and Son, solicitors, Walsall Street

Woodward, Benjamin, professor of music, Bridge Street

Woodward, John, Coach and Horscs, High Street

Woodward, William, White Swan, Bridge Street

Wooley, Tielas, tailor, High Street

Woolliscroft, George, Royal Exchange, High Street

Wright, John, beer retailer, Holyhead Road

Wright, Joseph, beer retailer, Church Street

Yates, James, Black Horse, King's hill

Yates, John, beer retailer, Holyhead Road




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