F. H. Lloyd & Company Limited

F. H. Lloyd's James Bridge foundry was the largest steel foundry in Europe, if not in the world. It produced a vast range of steel castings of all sizes and made such projects as the Thames Barrier possible, without having to source castings from abroad, as we do today. It was an old established Black Country firm which grew from small beginnings into a vast foundry with an output of 25,000 to 30,000 tons per year.

The firm acquired other businesses, and by 1971 had a foundry group with six foundries and a total capacity of over 60,000 tons per year. There were foundries in Burton on Trent, Cardiff, Darlington, Derby, Pontypridd, and in India, as well as several large factories around the Black Country. It was an important local employer with a staff of over 7,000.

James Bridge Steel Works.

Sadly it closed in the  1980s recession, and all traces of the once great foundry have disappeared beneath Junction 9 Retail Park.

The F. H. Lloyd story is told in the following parts:

I would like to thank Margaret Roberts and John Harrison for their invaluable help in producing this section.

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