An 1818 Trade Directory


Alexander John, coachman, Bilston Street
Andrews Richard, padlock maker, Walsall Street
Appleby Stephen, white lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Aston Thomas, rim lock manufacturer, Workhouse Lane
Aston William, rim lock maker
Atkins William, shoe maker, Walsall Street
Ault W., die sinker, Leave Lane
Babb Jeffery, key maker, Wolverhampton Street
Badger Thomas, locksmith, Botany Bay
Badger William, trunk and padlock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Barnsley Joseph, butcher, Stafford Street
Beckett Joseph, padlock manufacturer, Rodney Row
Beckett Robert, shoe maker, Walsall Street
Beddow Thomas
, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Beddow John, iron and brass locksmith, Mobs Bank
Biddle John, surgeon, Walsall Street
Biddle John, surgeon, Church End
Birch John, mortice lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Bird John, draper, Walsall Street
Braddock James, bolt manufacturer, Lichfield Street
Bratt Joseph, locksmith, Little London
Bruenton J., file manufacturer, Walsall Street
Bucknall John, padlock maker, Botany Bay
Butler Joseph, butcher, Newhall Street
Butler Simeon, padlock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Butler Edward, padlock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Butler Isaac, coffin handle maker, Walsall Street
Butler Richard, jun. key maker, Bilston Street
Butler Willes, shopkeeper, Walsall Street
Butler  Matthew
, padlock maker, Wolverhampton Street
Carpenter James, curry comb maker, Walsall Street
Cartwright Thomas, victualler, Turks Head, Walsall Street
Clark Thomas, joiner, builder and auctioneer, Newhall Street
Clemson John, corn miller, Wolverhampton Street
Coleman John, plumber, glazier, painter and confectioner, Stafford Street
Collett John, rim lock maker. Stafford Street
Constable John, rim lock manufacturer, Rodney Row
Cooper Benjamin, port padlock maker, Bilston Street
Cox James, joiner, Walsall Street
Daniel Ralph, box of wards manufacturer, Rodney Row
Davies Richard, butcher, Walsall Street
Duncombe William, victualler, Royal George, Stafford Street
Dunn Joseph, padlock maker, Bug Hole
Emery Samuel, rim lock maker, Welsh End
Evans John, bright lock manufacturer, Workhouse Lane
Farrington William, farmer, Stafford Street
Fisher John, maltster and shopkeeper, Wolverhampton Street
Fletcher John, farmer, Willenhall Green
Fort John, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Fox Lydia Mrs. and Son, factors, Lichfield Street
Freeth George, victualler, New Inn, Walsall Street
Gerrard Joseph, victualler, Cashmans Arms
Goodall Thomas, baker, Lichfield Street
Gosling Benjamin, padlock maker, Botany Bay
Grimley John, die sinker and key stamper
Haddock Thomas, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Hammersly Joseph, victualler, Bulls Head, (post office) Wolverhampton Street
Hartill Isaac, victualler, Neptune Inn, Walsall Street
Hartill Mark, padlock manufacturer, Willenhall Green
Hartill Thomas, padlock manufacturer, Bug Hole
Hartill William, padlock manufacturer, Bug Hole
Hartill Samuel, whitesmith, Stafford Street
Harwich Mary, shopkeeper, Stafford Street
Hincks Thomas, farmer and maltster, Bilston Street
Hincks Samuel, grocer, baker, cheese monger, and flour dealer
Hitchcocks Mary, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Hodson Joseph, victualler and padlock maker, Red Lion, Lichfield Street
Huntbatch George, rim lock maker, Bilston Street
Jervis Mary, dealer in British lace, dressmaker, etc. Stafford Street
Knowles Charles, mortice lock maker, Demingsdale
Lawrence James, padlock manufacturer, Cape of Good Hope
Lawrence James, farmer, Butlers Brook
Lawrence Hugh, grid iron and chaving dish manufacturer, Mobs Bank
Lea Thomas, corn miller
Lee Charles, stock lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Lees Priscilla, rim lock manufacturer
Lees Joseph, victualler and painter, Angel, Willenhall
Lees William, shopkeeper, Walsall Street
Lloyd James, rim lock maker, Walsall Street
Lloyd Thomas, bright lock manufacturer, Workhouse Lane
Londsdale Elias, locksmith
Lowe James, gardener, Walsall Street
Marson John, locksmith, Welch End, Wolverhampton Street
Marson Thomas, padlock maker, Little London
Marston Richard, rim lock manufacturer, Leave Lane
Marston Edward, victualler and whitesmith, Plough, Stafford Street
Martin John, whitesmith, Old Square
Mason Samuel, hairdresser and wood turner, Walsall Street
Mason Isaac, maltster and tray manufacturer, Stafford Street
Milward Thomas, tailor, Wolverhampton Street
Minors Thomas, bright lock maker, Walsall Street
Moreton Rev. William, Willenhall
Morgan Richard, stock lock manufacturer, Little London
Mottershaw Elizabeth
, stock lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Ordige Job, padlock maker, Botany Bay
Ordige Edward, padlock maker, Willenhall Green
Nevill Benjamin, file manufacturer, Wolverhampton Street
Parkes Samuel, padlock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Parkes William, padlock and varnish maker, Walsall Street
Pedley Henry, mortice lock manufacturer, Leave Lane
Pedley Richard, shoe and patten maker, grocer, and leather cutter, Wolverhampton Street
Perry John, brass founder, Walsall Street
Perry Anne, closet lock maker, Waterglade
Perry William, bolt maker, Lichfield Street
Perry Joseph, shoemaker, Lichfield Street
Phillips John, victualler, lock and key smith, Kings Head, Wolverhampton Street
Phillips Thomas, key smith, Old Square
Phillips James, key smith, Mapleford Lane
Pitt Richard, stock lock manufacturer, Little London
Pitt William, shoemaker, Walsall Street
Powell Thomas, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Pratt Mary, grocer, baker, corn and flour dealer, Bilston Street
Preston William, white lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Rabone Richard, factor, Walsall Street
Read Joseph, victualler and padlock maker, Stafford Street
Read Daniel, box of wards maker, Willenhall
Read John, varnish maker, Wolverhampton Street
Read Joseph, truss maker, draper, and locksmith, Bilston Street
Read Mary, straw hat maker, Lichfield Street
Read Silvester, curry comb maker, Lichfield Street
Roberts George, maltster, Lichfield Street
Robinson Edward, closet lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Rowley John, curry comb maker, Walsall Street
Rutter Joseph, padlock maker, Botany Bay
Sale Richard, butcher, Walsall Street
Sanders James, grid iron, chafing dishes, and latch maker, Wolverhampton Street
Shepherd John, Birmingham carrier, Ireland
Somerfield Thomas, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Stanley Thomas, cow doctor, Willenhall Green
Stevenson Samuel, blacksmith, Mapleford Lane
Stokes William, gentleman, Wood Street, Stafford Street
Stokes William, jun. maltster, Walsall Street
Taylor Robert, padlock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Taylor Joseph, bricklayer, Newhall Street
Taylor Ellinor, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Thatcher Job, governor of the house of industry
Thomas George, victualler, Swan Inn, Walsall Street
Thorneycroft George and Company, wrought iron manufacturer, Mobs Bank
Tildesley Thomas, grocer, baker and floor dealer, Walsall Street
Tildesley Samuel, factor and manufacturer, Welch End
Tonks John, padlock maker, Butlers Brook
Tristram John, grocer and chandler, Wolverhampton Street
Turner Joseph, victualler, plumber, glazier and painter, Angel, Wolverhampton Street
Veal John, curry comb maker, Walsall Street
Wakeham Thomas, victualler, and curry comb maker, Wolverhampton Street
Wakeham Henry, rim lock maker, Bilston Street
Walker Thomas, corn miller, Willenhall
Walker Elizabeth, lock manufacturer, Love Alley
Walter Thomas, gentleman, Wolverhampton Street
Walters James, padlock maker, Stafford Street
Walton Richard, cabinet lock manufacturer, Church Street
Walton Richard, key stamper, Walsall Street
Walton Sarah, victualler, Royal Artillery, Leave Lane
Wasdell William, padlock maker, Butler's Brow
Whitehouse James, victualler and maltster, Talbot Inn
Whitehouse John, latch manufacturer, Walsall Street
Whitehouse John, latch maker, Botany Bay
Whitehouse John, latch maker, Hall End
Whitehouse Thomas, spring latch maker, Bilston Street
Whitehouse Isaac, farmer, Stafford Street
Woodcock Edward, rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Woolley Mark, bright lock manufacturer, Ireland
Wootton Thomas, bolt and latch maker, Well Street
Wootton William, rim lock manufacturer, Workhouse Lane
Wootton Joseph, white smith, Wolverhampton Street
Wootton William, padlock manufacturer, Little London
Wright Gilbert, jobbing smith, Stafford Street

Coaches from the Red Lion, Willenhall:

The Prince Cobourg, (market coach) to Birmingham every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past eight
in the morning, returns at eight in the evening.
John Shepherd conveys goods to Birmingham every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from his house, Ireland 

Cross Street. From an old postcard.

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