An 1861 Trade Directory

The entry for Willenhall is as follows:

Willenhall is a town, with a railway station and a canal wharf on the turnpike midway between Wolverhampton and Walsall, about 3 miles from each of those towns. It is in the South Division of Offlow hundred, and is an ancient chapelry in the parish and parliamentary borough of Wolverhampton, but it has been divided into three district parishes. The manufacture of the place consists principally of locks, keys, bolts, latches, chafing dishes, gridirons, currycombs, etc. The chief branches are brass and other padlocks, South American, rim, mortice, cabinet, Dutch, portfolio, trunk door, dead, iron gate and carpet bag locks; also hasps, hinges, ferrules, files, snuffers, wood screws, bridle bits, cut nails, hooks, steel traps, box iron stands, for home and foreign trade. There are varnish works, maltings, and brass and iron foundries. The town is lighted with gas, and the population in 1851 was 11,924.

The church of St. Giles is a very ancient building, the living is a perpetual curacy; the Rev. George Hutchinson Fisher, M.A., is the incumbent. The new church of St. Stephen stands in Wolverhampton Street; the Rev. Thomas Woodcock Fletcher, M.A., is the vicar. Holy Trinity, Lane Head; the Rev. W. Lewis Rosenthall is the incumbent. St. Ann's Church, Spring Bank; the Rev. C. B. Twiss, minister. Wesleyan chapels, Union Street, Willenhall, New Street, Portobello, and Short heath; ministers various. Primitive Methodists, Russell Street, Willenhall, and High Street, Portobello; ministers various. Baptist chapels, Little London, Mr. F. Pearce, minister; Garner Street chapel, Rev. Joseph Davies, minister; New Road Chapel, Mr. Daniel Matthews, minister. Here are National, British, and other schools.

Portobello is a hamlet belonging to Willenhall, is ¾ of a mile westward. Little London, ½ a mile northward; also Short Heath, Lane Head, New Invention, and Little Island, all included in the parish of Willenhall, yet distinct places and some distance from each other. The neighbourhood abounds with collieries and ironstone mines.

Borough Members:

Right Hon. C. P. Villiers, President of the Poor Law Board.
Sir Richard Bethell, Attorney-General.


The Rev. G. H. Fisher, M.A., Incumbent of Willenhall; and R. D. Gough, Esq.

Magistrates' Clerk: John Mason, Esq.

The Petty Sessions are held every Monday, at twelve o'clock at noon.

The Local Board of Health:

R. D. Gough, Esq., Chairman, Messrs. H. W. Greader, John Greader, Jeremiah Hartill, Richard Foster, Richard Hodson, William Hodson, George Morgan, Abraham Thompson, James Tildesley, and Joseph Walker.

The Board meets on every alternate Monday evening, at six o'clock.

Public Officers:

Treasurer to the Local Board, Mr. Toovey, Wolverhampton.
Clerk, Mr. John Wright.
Surveyor, Mr. J. A. Hall.
Collector, Mr. Abel Hartill.
Poor Rate Collector, Mr. Daniel Thompson, New Road.
Registrar, Mr. Richard Foster, Little London.
Relieving Officer, Mr. John Osborne, Little London.
Collector of Assessed Taxes, Mr. Thomas Phillips, Walsall Street.
Exciseman, Mr. Joseph Wright, New Road.
Overseers, Mr. T. G. Healey and Mr. Sampson LIoyd.
Night Soil Contractor, Mr. Henry Quinton, Poole Hayes.
Town Crier, Mr. Charles Phillips.

Guardians of the Poor:

R. D. Gough, Esq.; Mr. Abraham Thompson, Little London; and Mr. John Greader, New Road, Willenhall.

Burial Board:

The Rev. G. H. Fisher, Chairman; Messrs. J. F. Seyde, Josiah Tildesley, Henry Hall, Matthew Tildesley, W. Jacks, Joseph Walker, and W. Porter. Clerk and Registrar, Mr. Thomas Lawrence.

New Waterworks Company:

Mr. C. Tomlison, Secretary, Worcester Street, Wolverhampton.
Mr. J. Tomlison, Manager, New Road, Willenhall.

Willenhall Gas Company:

Secretary, Mr. John Greader, New Road.
Foreman, Mr. D. Morgan.
Collector, Mr. Wilcox.

Post Office: Wolverhampton Street: Mr. John Tildesley, Postmaster.

Letters from all parts arrive via Wolverhampton at 7 a.m. daily, and are despatched at 11 a.m. Second arrival, via Wolverhampton, at 4 o'clock p.m., and despatched from Willenhall at 7.30, the box closing at 7.20. Letters despatched on Sundays at 11 o'clock in the morning from Willenhall, but may be posted at Wolverhampton to all parts as late as 10 o'clock on Sunday, as also every night.

Branch Offices: Short Heath, Mount Pleasant, Mr. Jonah Lycett. Portobello, High Street, Mr. W. Y. Pitt.

Gentry etc:

Anson, Alexander, Wood Street
Fletcher, Rev. Thos. Woodcock, M.A., Vicar of St. Stephen's, Little London
Gough, Ralph Dickenson, (Magistrate), Walsall Street
Huffadine, George, Union Street
Rosenthall, Rev. W. Lewis, Incumbent of Holy Trinity

Traders etc: 

Adams, Richard, grocer, Walsall Street, and Market Place
Addenbrookes and Co., iron and coal proprietors, Rough Hay
Adey, Thomas, tinman, Lichfield Street
Alexander, Edward, tailor, Cross Street
Allen, Bariah, brickmaker, Wolverhampton Road
Allen, William, padlock maker, Little London
Appleby, Edward, hasp and hinge maker Lichfield Street
Appleby, Henry, beer retailer, Short Heath
Appleby, John, Sen, cabinet lock maker, Short Heath
Appleby, Joseph, cabinet lock maker, Lane Head
Appleby, William and Son, japanned trunk and South American lock manufacturers, Perry House
Ash, William, dead lock maker, Birmingham Street
Aston, Isaac, cabinet lock maker, Short Heath
Aston, John, dead lock maker, Wood Street
Aston, Samuel, carrier to Wolverhampton, Monmore Lane
Aston, William, tailor, Stafford Street
Atkins, George, butcher, Walsall Street
Atkins, Grieves, corn dealer, etc., Portobello
Atkins, John, pawnbroker, Walsall Street
Auldon, Richard, dead lock maker, Walsall Street
Austwick, D. and E., padlock manufacturers, John Street
Austwick, Leah, padlock maker, Little London
Babb, Thomas, key maker, Wolverhampton Street
Bagnall and Sons, iron and coal proprietors, The Crescent
Bailey, Charles, beer retailer, New Road
Bailey, Israel, beer retailer, Hall Street
Bailey, Samuel, grocer, Gomer Street
Bailey, Thomas, grocer, Mill Street
Baker, Edward, pork butcher, Market Place
Baker, Emmanuel, dead lock manufacturer, New Road
Baker, Francis, carpenter, Portobello
Baker, George, Neptune Inn and carpenter, Walsall Street
Baker, Hannah, milliner, Cross Street
Baker, James, mortise lock maker, Church Street
Baker, John, hairdresser, High Street
Baker, Joseph, butcher, Cross Street
Baker, Samuel, builder, Walsall Street
Ball, John, beer retailer, Lane Head
Banks, Enoch, flat and round bolt manufacturer, Gomer Street
Barker, Charles, cabinet lock maker, Bentley Lane
Barnett, John, butcher, High Street
Bate and Son, iron and coal proprietors, Noose Lane           
Baugh, Joseph, iron and coal proprietor, Snaper's Lodge Colliery
Baxter, Henry, lock maker, Walsall Road
Baxter, Richard, key stamper, Union Street
Beck, George, botanical druggist, Walsall Street
Beckett, Benjamin, artist, Lower Lichfield Street
Beckett, John, butcher and greengrocer, Walsall Street
Beckett, Robert, shoe maker, Cross Street
Beddow, Mark, brass case lock manufacturer, Hall Street
Beddow, Silas, brass case lock and mortise lock manufacturer, Lower Lichfield Street
Benton, John, padlock maker, Doctor's Piece
Bettelley, Henry C., baker, Walsall Street
Bevan, Robert, beer retailer, Cannon Street
Biggs, John, provision dealer, Lower Lichfield Street
Birch, Alfred, mortise lock maker, Froysell Street
Birch, Edward, iron, steel and wire merchant, Union Street
Birch, John, mortise lock maker, Upper Lichfield Street
Bird, Frederick, chemist, Market Place
Blackmore, William, fruiterer and beer retailer, Market Place
Booth, Thomas, tobacconist, Stafford Street
Booth, Thomas, broker, Portobello
Booth, William, hairdresser and newsagent, Walsall Street
Boyce, Edward, railway van and improved rim lock manufacturer, Walsall Street
Bratt, Charles, iron gate, lock, bolt, and latch maker, Birmingham Street
Bratt, Randle, mortise lock maker, Little London
Bratt, William, ironfounder, Tame Brook Works, Wolverhampton Road
Brevitt and Jeffcoat, soda water manufacturers, Portobello
Brevitt, Enoch, butcher, Portobello
Brevitt, James, Maltster, Old Malt shovel, High Street
Brevitt, Joseph, carrier to Wolverhampton, Water Glade
Brevitt, Richard, wire drawer, High Street
Brevitt, Thomas, jun., grocer and soda water maker, Portobello
Brierly, George, baker, Chapel Green
Brindley, David, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Street
Brindley, Joseph, baker, Walsall Street
Brindley, William, padlock maker, Wolverhampton Street
Broadhurst, William, wood turner, Albion Street
Brown and Spittle, iron and coal proprietors, Rose Hill Colliery
Brown, Mark, baker, High Street
Bucknall, Samuel, trunk and park gate lock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Buggens, Daniel, key maker, Little London
Burns, Edward, padlock maker, Crescent
Burrows, George, gridiron and chafing dish maker, Wolverhampton Street
Butler, George, Turk's Head, Walsall Street
Butler, Richard, key maker, Walsall Street
Butler, Thomas, cabinet lock, key and latch maker, Wolverhampton Street

Care, Jonathan, beer retailer, Bray Street
Careless, Thomas, blacksmith and wheelwright, Portobello
Carpenter and Tildesley, patent lock and currycomb manufacturers, Summerford Works
Carroll, William, key manufacturer, Stafford Street
Carter, George, provision dealer, Market Place
Carter, John, butcher, Portobello.
Cartwright. Isaiah, shopkeeper, Walsall Street
Cartwright, J., beer retailer, Portobello
Cartwright, Thomas, key and coach key, and steel file maker
Carver, John, cooper, Wolverhampton Road
Chappelle, James, print and picture frame dealer, Mount Pleasant
Clarke, Ann, New Inn, Walsall Street
Clarke, Thomas, carpenter, Hall Street
Clewlow, John, trunk lock maker, Mill Street
Cliff, Thomas, pork butcher, Market Place
Cohen, David, painter and glazier, Market Place
Coleman, John, plumber and glazier, Stafford Street
Collet, Joseph, South American lock maker, Stafford Street
Collett, Phoebe, South American lock manufacturer, Stafford Street
Cookes, James, stationer and china dealer, Portobello
Cooper, Mary Ann, grocer, Walsall Street
Cooper, Richard, key maker, Gomer Street
Cotterill, Benjamin, rim draw back lock manufacturer, Little London
Cresswell, George, solicitor, New Road
Cross, Benjamin, hosier, and haberdasher, Cross Street
Crowshaw, Mary, beer retailer, Wolverhampton Street
Dalloway, Mary, rim draw back or dead lock maker, Lane Head
Darnell, Jonathan, leather cutter, Market Place
Davenport, John, blacksmith, Lane Head
Davenport, Samuel beer retailer, Lane Head
Davies and Son: iron and coal Proprietors, Neachells Colliery, Portobello
Davis, Mark, gridiron manufacturer, High Street
Davies, Richard, butcher, Walsall Street
Davies, Richard, farmer, Lane Head
Davies, Thomas; butcher, Walsall Street
Davis, Joseph, grocer and cheese factor, New Road
Deakin and Dodd, iron and coal proprietors, Monmore Lane Iron Works
Deakin, Mary, beer retailer, New Road
Dudgeon, Stephen, bookseller, Stationer etc., Station Street
Dudley, William, key manufacturer, Wolverhampton Street
Dugmore, William, key manufacturer, Walsall Street
Dukes, Mary, cabinet and trunk lock maker, beer retailer, New Invention
Duncombe, John, cabinet lock maker, Short Heath
Duncombe Joseph, Woolpack Inn and cabinet lock maker, Short Heath
Dunn, Aaron, rim draw back lock maker, Little London
Dunn, Edward and William, padlock maker, Crescent
Dunton, Abraham, boot and shoemaker, Market Place
Dunton, David, trunk lock maker, Union Street
Dunton, John, box trunk and South American lock manufacturer, Stafford Street
Dyer, Obadiah, beer retailer, Walsall Road
Dyer, William, grocer; Stafford Street
Dyke, George, die sinker, Union Street
Dyke, George, key manufacturer, Froysell Street
Edge and Barlow, corn dealers, Market Place
Edwards, Thomas, watch and clock maker, Walsall Street
Edwards, W. G. blacksmith and wheelwright, Wolverhampton Street
Eggenton, Thomas, file cutter, Wolverhampton Street
Ellis, Thomas, key maker, Alma Place
Ettherington, Henry, new and second hand clothes warehouse, Walsall Street
Evans, David, beer retailer, Chapel Green
Evans, John, boot and shoemaker, Portobello
Evans, Josiah, key stamper and padlock maker, Stafford Street
Evans, William, key manufacturer, New Hall Street
Fairbank, Henry, Talbot Inn, Market Place
Fallon, John, padlock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Fellows, Thomas, beer retailer, Lane Head
Fellows, William, mining agent, New Road
Ferguson and Bird, South American bolt makers, Lower Lichfield Street
Fisher, John, maltster, Portobello
Fisher, Thomas, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Fletcher, Joseph, fishmonger, Walsall Street
Fletcher, Solly, and Urwick, iron and coal proprietors, Sand Beds
Fletcher, William, shopkeeper, and brick maker, Market Place
Ford, Edwin, grocer and baker, Cannon Street
Ford, John, grocer, baker, and corn factor, Walsall Street
Fortnan, Frederick, grocer and baker, Market Place
Foster, Richard, registrar of births and deaths, and manufacturer of connecting shackles, and improved connecting links, Little London
Fowler, John, farmer, Sand Beds
Fox, Humphrey, rim and bow latch maker, John Street
Fox, John, latch manufacturer, John Street
Franks, Job, tailor and hatter, Market Place
Frost, Samuel and Co., iron and coal proprietors, Little London
Froysell, Joseph, surgeon, Market Place
Fryer, Benjamin, painter, plumber, etc., New Road

Gallayer, M., beer retailer, Portobello
Gibbons, Joseph, key manufacturer, John Street
Goodwin, Ann, grocer, New Invention
Gough, Henry, shopkeeper, and rim lock manufacturer, Lichfield Street
Gough, Ralph D., solicitor and magistrate, Walsall Street
Greader, Henry N., auctioneer and house agent, Albion Inn, Cross Street
Greader, John, maltster, Wolverhampton Road
Green, M. A. and E., hosiers and haberdashers, Walsall Street
Griffiths, Philip, haberdasher, Portobello
Grimley, W. and T., key stampers, New Road
Groves, Moses, beer retailer, Crescent
Hackett, Stephen, printer, bookseller and stationer, Market Place
Hall, Henry, builder, upholsterer and dealer in paper hangings, Market Place
Hall, Jeffrey Austin, surveyor to the board of health, and land agent, New Road
Hall, Thomas, draper, Walsall Street
Hall, William, grocer, and corn merchant, Cross Street
Harper, John and Co., merchants, and factors and ironfounders, and manufacturers of patent padlocks, mortise and thumb locks, registered Norfolk and thumb latches, bed keys, axle pulleys, tower barrel and spring bolts, Albion Works
Harper, Joseph, rim and dead lock manufacturer, Wolverhampton Street
Harper, Richard, saddle harness maker, Walsall Street
Harrison, John, baker, Gomer Street
Hartill, Abel, collector to the Board of Health, Stafford Street
Hartill, George, grocer, Crescent
Hartill, Jeremiah, surgeon, Manor House, Walsall Road
Hartill, Thomas and William, brass and iron padlock manufacturers, Crescent
Hartill, Thomas, padlock maker, Little London
Hawkins, James, key maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Hawkins, James, coal proprietor, Lane Head
Hazeldine, John, grocer, High Street
Healey, Thomas, grocer and draper, Market Place
Hemingsley, Thomas, commission agent, New Road
Henley, Joseph, boot and shoe manufacturer, Lower Lichfield Street
Henney, Isaac, mortise lock manufacturer, Little London
Hicken, Joseph, builder, Lane Head
Hill, Benjamin, brick maker, Wolverhampton Street
Hill, Isaiah, and Co., colliery owners, Welsh End, and Barcroft Colliery
Hinckley, Joseph, latch maker, Mortifal Lane
Hincks, Hannah, Royal George, Walsall Road
Hincks, Joseph, spirit vaults, Market Place
Hinton, Thomas, bolt manufacturer, New Road
Hodgkins, William, upholsterer, New Road
Hodson, Jamcs, builder, Doctor's Piece
Hodson, Joseph, White Lion, Lower Lichfield Street
Hodson, Richard, lock manufacturer, Hall Street
Hodson, William, brass padlock maker, New Road
Holland, Thomas, baker and grocer, New Road
Hughes, William, beer retailer, Ashmore Lake
Hulme, Samuel, file cutter, Union Street
Hulse and Lawrence, wood turners, New Road
Hunt, Henry, grocer, Portobello
Jackson, Amy, grocer, Little London
Jackson, John, padlock maker, Little London
Jeffcoat, John, hosier, etc., Portobello
Jeffs, Samuel, padlock maker, Mill Street
Jobber, Solomon, varnish maker, Wood Street
Jobson, William, dead lock manufacturer Walsall Street
Johnson, David, tailor and shopkeeper, Hall Street
Johnson, Henry, tailor, etc., Market Place
Johnson, Joseph, tailor and parish clerk, Walsall Street
Johnson, William, tailor, New Road
Jones, David, lock maker, Stafford Street
Jones, John, baker, Little London
Jones, Robert, grocer, Market Place
Jones, Thomas, beer retailer, Little London
Jones, Thomas Pitt, tea dealer, etc., Market Place
Jordan, John, butcher, New Invention
Kay, Thomas, butcher, Lane Head
Keates, John, broker and ironmonger, Walsall Street, and Cross Street
Kendrick, Henry, iron merchant, Wood Street
Kerrod, Edward, butcher, Cross Street
Knowles, David, boot and shoe maker, and currier, Stafford Street
Knowles, James, brass founder, Union Street
Knowles, Thomas, jobbing smith, New Street
Landsdale, William, mortise lock maker Gomer Street
Lawrence, Thomas, milliner, Stafford Street
Lester, Thomas, heel retailer, High Street
Lewis, Thomas, grocer, Stafford Street
Lindon, William, rim drawback lock manufacturer, Portobello
Linforth, William, grocer, Lower Lichfield Street
Lloyd, Alexander, and Son, lock manufacturers, key stampers, etc., Stafford Street
Lloyd, Daniel, staple and draw back lock maker, Little London
Lloyd, Harriet, Cleveland Arms, Wolverhampton Road
Lodge, David, chemist, Market Place
Lomas, Richard, grocer, Monmore Lane
Lycett, Jonah, boot and shoemaker, and postmaster, Short Heath
Machin, George, hay, corn, and straw dealer, High Street
Mainwaring, Richard, baker and confectioner, Wolverhampton Street
Marsh, Enoch, staple and drawback lock maker, Little London
Marsh, James, staple manufacturer, Stafford Street
Marsh, Thomas, beer retailer, Little London
Marston, Ann, Hope and Anchor, Little London
Marston, Charles, bolt maker, Union Street
Marston, Daniel, padlock maker, Mill Street
Marston, David, rim, drawback, or dead lock maker, Wolverhampton Street
Marston, David, die sinker, Little London
Marston, George, padlock maker, Froysell Street
Marston, Job, boot and shoe maker, Market Place
Marston, Joseph, padlock maker, Stafford Street
Marston, Philip, padlock manufacturer, John Street
Marston, Thomas, dead lock maker, Hale Street
Marston, Thomas and John, padlock manufacturers, Little London
Marston, William, rim lock maker, Union Street
Mason, Marian, beer retailer, Walsall Street
Mason, John, auctioneer, Walsall Street
Mason, William, dealer in poultry, Market Place
Massey, Charles, baker, Lower Lichfield Street
Maybury, George, grocer, Monmore Lane
Mills, Thomas, die sinker, Church Street
Miners, John, padlock maker, Union Street
Morgan, George, bow, rim, and night latch maker, New Road
Morgan, George, butcher, Spring Bank
Morgan, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Little London
Morgan, William, Plough Inn, Stafford Street
Morris, Edmund, wood screw maker, Old Albion Works

Nash, John, beer retailer, Newhall Street
Neville, Benjamin, file manufacturer, Tame Mill Works
New British Mining Company, Nimins Colliery
Nicholls, George, Waggon and Horses, Little London
North, William, mine agent, Wellington Place
Oliver, Samuel, jobbing smith, High Street, Portobello
Ordridge, Joshua, padlock maker, John Street
Orson, Thomas, tailor and outfitter, Stafford Street
Orton, John, manufacturer of all kinds of tinware, Stafford Street
Osborn, Benjamin, mortise lock maker, Little London
Osier Bed Colliery Company, Noose Lane
Pace, John, key manufacturer, and bridge maker, Union Street
Pakeman, John, timber merchant, Lane Head
Palmer, Alfred, builder, Wolverhampton Road
Partridge, Edward, Grand Junction Railway Station Master
Parkes, W. and T., iron merchant, and lock manufacturers, Union Street
Partridge, Joseph, Albion Inn, painter, plumber, etc., Union Street
Pearson, George H., butcher, High Street, Portobello
Pearson, Henry, boot and shoe shop, Lower Lichfield Street
Pearson, James, haberdasher, Stafford Street
Pearson, John, South American bolt maker, and grocer, Lower Lichfield Street
Pearson, Sarah, South American lock maker, Stafford Street
Pearson, Thomas, beer retailer, and bolt maker, Monmore Lane
Pedley, Henry, grocer, Walsall Street
Pedley, Isaiah, builder, New Road
Pedley, Richard, boot and shoe maker, High Street, Portobello
Pedley, Joseph, mortise lock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Pendlebury, William, farmer, Ashmore Lake
Perks, Charles, butcher, and Queen's Arms Inn, Walsall Street
Perks, George, tailor, and beer retailer, John Street
Perks, George, tailor, Cross Street
Perrin, George, grocer and provision dealer, Walsall Street
Perry, William, cabinet lock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Peters, Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, New Street
Phillips, Mrs, William, butcher, Little London
Phillips, Silvester, key stamper and finisher, and beer retailer, Lower Lichfield Street
Phillips, Thomas, collector of assessed taxes, Walsall Street
Pitt and Fletcher, iron merchants, Hall Street
Pitt, Benjamin, Shakespeare's Inn, Lower Lichfield Street
Pitt, James, key maker, Lane Head
Pitt, Samuel, key manufacturer, and stock lock maker, Little London
Pitt, William Y., file cutter, High Street
Pitt, William, Barrell Inn, Cannon Street
Porter, Sarah, Miner's Arms, Lower Lichfield Street
Porter, William, baker and grocer, Lower Lichfield Street
Potto, Thomas and George, saddle and harness makers, Walsall Street, Portobello
Price, Thomas, provision dealer, New Road
Pritchard, James, Whimsey Inn, Lane Head
Pugh, Abel, baker, grocer, etc., Walsall Road
Putman, John, sen., Saracen's Head, Little London
Quinton, Charles, surgeon, Walsall Street
Quinton, Henry, farmer, Pool Hayes
Ray, Thomas, jobbing smith, Birmingham Street
Read, Adam, key maker, Little London
Read, Daniel, sen., truss maker, Walsall Street
Read, Daniel, jun., manufacturer of grid irons, etc., Walsall Street
Read, William, key maker, Little London
Reynolds, George, wire drawer, Old Albion Works, Wolverhampton Road
Roberts, James, boot and shoe maker, Cross Street
Roberts, William, beer retailer, Wellington Place
Robinson, George, veterinary surgeon, Wolverhampton Road
Robinson, John, jobbing smith, Field Street
Robinson, John, blacksmith and wheelwright, New Road
Robinson, William, brick maker, Stafford Street
Rodgers, Edwin, and Co., grocer, etc., Wolverhampton Road
Rodgers, William, hairdresser, Wolverhampton Street
Rowley, John, Royal Artillery, Lower Lichfield Street
Rowley, Meshech, beer retailer, Walsall Road
Rowley, Joseph, carpenter, Little London
Rushbrooke, Joshua, grocer, miller and baker, Stafford Street
Sanders James, gridiron maker, Mill Street
Sansome, Henry, chemist, Walsall Street
Satterthwaite, George, fishmonger and fruiterer, Market Place
Seyde, John, chemist, Market Place
Sheppard, John, brass padlock maker, New Road
Silk, Richard, jobbing smith, King's Head Inn, Stafford Street
Simcock, John, cab proprietor, and file cutter, Walsall Street
Simcock Thomas, beer retailer, and builder, Doctor's Piece
Simcock, William, beer retailer, Crescent
Smith, John butcher, Market Place
Smith, Joseph, hinge maker, Union Street
Smith, Joseph, cabinet lock maker, and grocer, Short Heath
Smith, Samuel, glass and china warehouse, Market Place
Smith, Thomas, padlock maker, Bilston Road
Smith, Thomas, cabinet lock maker, and beer retailer, Short Heath
Smith, Thomas, varnish maker, Church Street
Southall, John, hatter and cap maker, Market Place
Squire, George, cabinet lock maker, New Invention
Squire, Henry, iron merchant, and cabinet lock maker, New Invention
Squire, Thomas, cabinet lock maker, Bloxwich Road
Squire, Titus, cabinet lock maker, Short Heath
Stanley, Isaac, back lock maker, Little London
Stanley, Job, beer retailer, Little London
Starkey, John, brass and iron padlock maker, Gomer Street
Starkey, William, beer retailer, Bray Street
Stone, Samuel, drawbacks, and rim lock manufacturer, Wednesfield Road
Stringer, Charles, mortise lock maker, Upper Lichfield Street
Stringer, Richard, mortise lock manufacturer, Union Street
Sturmey, Thomas, brass case lock manufacturer, Little London
Swinborne, Frederick, baker and grocer, High Street
Tarbuck, Charles, cabinet lock manufacturer, New Invention
Tarbuck, William, The Gate, New Invention
Tart, Henry, beer retailer, Monmore Lane
Taylor, John, builder, New Road
Taylor, Thomas, key stamper, Doctor's Piece
Taylor, Thomas, farmer, Sand Beds, Lane Head
Taylor, William, padlock maker, Little London
Thompson, Abraham, padlock manufacturer, Little London
Thompson, George, curry comb manufacturer, Stafford Street
Thompson, Isaac, iron merchant, Little London
Thomas, Jeremiah, commercial academy, Little London
Thornhill, John H., surgeon, Walsall Street
Tildesley, Charles, draper, Market Place
Tildesley, Elizabeth and Sons, iron, steel, and wire merchants, Walsall Street
Tildesley, Jeffrey, Bull's Head, Wolverhampton Street
Tildesley, Josiah, draper, Market Place
Tildesley, Thomas, brass and iron foundry, Cross Street
Tomkinson, Charles, rim lock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Tonks, E. J. and Co., locks, latch, and bolt manufacturer, Union Street
Tonks, Samuel, key maker, Little London
Tonks, Silas, beer retailer, Spring Bank
Tuckley, Humphrey, key maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Turner, Enoch, beer retailer, Newhall Street
Turner, John, iron gate lock maker, Water Glade
Turton, William, hasp and hinge maker, Common Street
Tyler, John, plumber and glazier, Walsall Street
Tyler, John, shoe maker, New Road
Vaughan, Abel, beer retailer, and mortise lock maker, Wood Street
Veal, Edward, Three Crowns, Stafford Street
Veal, George, butcher, Cannon Street
Veal, Horatio, currycomb maker, Hall Street
Veal, Jesse, curry comb maker, Walsall Street
Veal, Thomas and Son, curry comb manufacturers, Walsall Street
Wain, John, padlock maker, Lower Lichfield Street
Wakelam, Thomas, Angel Inn, Market Place
Wakelam, John, lapidary, grinder, and polisher, near Railway Station
Wakelam, Samuel, curry comb maker, Union Street
Walker, James, farmer, Pool Hayes
Walker, Jonathan, mortise lock maker, Gomer Street
Walker, Joseph, varnish maker, New Road
Walker, Thomas, grocer, New Road
Wallis, Lake, key stamper, John Street
Walters, Enoch, beer retailer, Portobello
Walters, William, butcher, Market Street
Waltho, William, shoe maker, Little London
Walton, Jabez, lock manufacturer, John Street
Walton, Samuel, die sinker, Union Street
Ward, John, beer retailer, Bilston Street
Ward, Thomas, Water Glade, Bilston Road
Ward, William and Son, New Priestfield Iron Works, and at Priestfield, near Wolverhampton
Webb, Stephen, grocer, Market Place, and Portobello
Welch, William, painter, plumber, and glazier, Union Street
Wellings, Harriet, baker and confectioner, Wolverhampton Road
Whitehouse, Thomas, latch maker, Bilston Road
Whitehouse, William, lock and key manufacturer, Stafford Street
Wicklain, Benjamin, key stamper, and earthenware dealer, Stafford Street
Wilcox, William Day, gas collector, house and land agent, New Road
Wilkes, Job, builder, Lower Lichfield Street
Williams, George, mortise and dead lock maker, Gomer Street
Williams, George, cabinet lock maker, and grocer, Short Heath
Williams, William, mortise, and iron dead lock manufacturer, Union Street
Williamson, John, jun., key stamper, Church Street
Wolverson, Daniel, butcher, Wolverhampton Street
Wolverson, William, pork butcher, Cross Street, and Market Place
Wood, William, grocer, Wolverhampton Street
Woodcock, Edward, lock manufacturer, Birmingham Street
Woodcock, Thomas, beer retailer, Walsall Street
Worsey, Edward, grocer, Portobello
Wright, John, bookseller, stationer, and printer, Stafford Street
Yates, Thomas, cabinet lock maker, beer retailer, New Invention

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