A 1918 Trade Directory

The entry for Willenhall is as follows:

Academies, Schools, and Teachers
Perks, H. Colin, A.R.C.O. Somerford

Agents (House, Land and Estate)
Starkey, P. J., 21 Cheapside. Phone No. 101

Johnson & Baxter, 1 Walsall Street

Auctioneers and Valuers
Kidson, George H., 4 New Road
Law, R., 2 New Road
Starkey, P. J., 21 Cheapside. Phone No. 101

Starkey, P. J., 21 Cheapside. Phone No. 101

Ankers, Arthur, 5 Walsall Street; bakery Wednesfield Road
Cooper, W., 39 New Road
Holt, Joseph, 53 Wolverhampton Street
Magness, Ernest, 12 Lower Lichfield Street
Massey, Ernest, 26 Lower Lichfield Street
Massey, R., 7 Hall Street
Parkes, F., 1 Bloxwich Road
Williams, Leonard, 28 Church Street

Lloyds Bank Limited, New Road; open daily
London City and Midland Bank Limited, Market Place

Foster, J., 43 Alma Street
Lloyd, J., & Sons, 22 Birmingham Street

Booksellers and Stationers
Baker, R. A., 32 Cross Street
Cartwright Brothers, Market Place
Main, Richard, 80 Stafford Street
Starkey, H. J., 24 Stafford Street

Boot and Shoe Makers
Butler, George, 28 Cross Street
Evans, Ernest, 24 St Anne’s Road
Fellows, Joseph, jun., 47 Willenhall Road
James, Mrs., Crescent
Jobber, H. B., 19A Bloxwich Road
Jobber, P. L., 23 Stafford Street
Lansdale, Joseph, 19 Newhall Street
Marston, J., 30 Market Place
Oliver, George, 24 Market Place
Rowland, John, 31 Lower Lichfield Street
Taylor, Joe, 52 Wolverhampton Street

Beddow & Sturmey Limited, Crown Works, Clemson Street
Benton, J., & Company, Walsall Street
Hill, C. & L., Doctor’s Piece
Knowles, J., & Sons, Stringes Lane
Parkes, J., jun., Wood Street

Hickin, J., & Sons, Rose Hill
Lees, W. T., Wolverhampton Street
Moseley, Joseph, & Sons, Stringes Lane
Roberts, W. S., Market Place
Sneyd, B., 17 Napier Road
Tildesley, Thomas, New Road

Adey, Frank, 42 Market Place
Allen, Thomas, 35 Market Place
Bailey, George, 10 Wolverhampton Street
Brierley, George, 27 Lower Lichfield Street
Evans, T., 37 Lower Lichfield Street
Ford, J., 3 Cross Street
Jeffs, Richard, 73 St Anne’s Road
Millichip, H., 8 Lower Lichfield Street
Minors, A., 35 Lower Lichfield Street
Northwood, E., 20 Market Place
Rowley, R., 87 Lower Lichfield Street
Walker, Hy., jun., 81 Stafford Street
Walker, J. W., 39 Market Place
Woolley, Edward, 135 Bloxwich Road

Chemists and Pharmacists
Dudley, Richard, 76 Lower Lichfield Street
Sleigh, Fred, B., M.P.S., 41 Market Place
Walker, W. H., 82 Stafford Street

China Dealers
Bishop, E., 58 Lower Lichfield Street; also hardware dealer
Bishop, William, 79 Lower Lichfield Street

Bettley, Joseph, Upper Lichfield Street
Robinson, J., & Son, Excelsior Wheel Works, Stringes Lane

Colliery Proprietors
Pool Hayes Colliery Company, Willenhall

Brindley, S., 18 Clemson Street
Budd, John, 18 Stafford Street
Burley, S.,  8 Walsall Street
Fowler, M., 16 New Road
Grant, W., 31 Stafford Street
Griffiths, A., 15 Market Place
Grove, S., 75 Stafford Street
Harrison, H., 1 Lower Lichfield Street
Hawkins, A., 133 Bloxwich Road
Hodgkins & Company, 31A Market Place
Knowles, Miss, 22 Rose Hill
Ledsam, B., Chapel Green
Marsh, S. P., Harper Street, The Manor
Martin, Mrs. C., Peel Street
Morgan, David, 36 Union Street
Shazell, Henry, Stringes Lane
Wood, L., 21 Stafford Street
Woodward, Frederick, 11 Lower Lichfield Street
Wynn, E., 1 Cheapside

Roberts, D., The Cooperage, Lichfield Street
Roberts, James,  24 King Street

Corn, Hay, and Straw Dealers
Fortnan, George, Wolverhampton Street 

Currycomb Manufacturers
Atkins, Lydis & Sons, Eagle Works, Wood Street
Carpenter & Tildesley, Summerford Works, New Road
Tildesley, W. H., Clifford Works, Walsall Street
Wooley, S., 5 Bray Street

Cycle Makers and Agents
Amos, H. B., 36 Upper Lichfield Street
Morris, H., 84 Lower Lichfield Street
Williams, E. T., Wolverhampton Street

Door Bolt Manufacturers
Banks, Jonah, & Sons, London Works, Clothier Street; patentees of the nos. 77 and 99 Tower bolts; and of the
   London steel shelf bracket. Telephone No. 5
Dyke, G., & Son; office & warehouse, Doctor’s Piece; door bolts for home and export, phone no. 29
Tipper, Joseph, New Railway Street

Adams, S. A., 47 Lower Lichfield Street
Banks, Mrs. J., 15 Wolverhampton Street
Bant, Simeon, 2 Stafford Street
Bishop, E., 59 Lower Lichfield Street
Buggins, M., 64 Wednesfield Road
Duntom, S., 12 Temple Bar
Hill & Longstaff, 27 Cross Street
Hodgkins, G., 12 Stafford Street
Kingston, R., Cross Street
Lister, John, 2 Froysell Street
Lister, W., 69 Stafford Street
Lloyd, E. J., 86 Union Street
Macmillan, D., 22 Market Place
Moore, F., 4 Cross Street

Tildesley, Jesse, Limited, Crescent Works

Engineers (Electrical)
Dainty & Company, 75 Stafford Street
Eaton, William, 22 Wolverhampton Street

File Manufacturers
Cranes (Birmingham), Limited, New Road
Gogerty & Pugh, Field Street; cutters

Edwards, J., 108 Lower Lichfield Street
Mason, Joseph, & Son, 38 Market Place
North, G., Lower Lichfield Street

Fried Fish Shops
Cooper, J., 20 Stafford Street

Fruiterers and Green Grocers
Adey, G., 39 Lower Lichfield Street
Bates, Jas., 69 Wednesfield Road
Clarke, W., 5 Stafford Street
Coleson, W., 52 Walsall Street
Davis, E., 165 Walsall Road
Davis, T. E, 96 Lower Lichfield Street; waggonette for hire
Hainsworth, A., 35 Walsall Road
Johnston, M. E., 44 Lower Lichfield Street
Martin, Alfred, 44 Walsall Street
Merricks, T., 51 Lower Lichfield Street
Nicklin, H. S., Stafford Street
Riley, M., 4 Lower Lichfield Street
Roberts, S., 11 Wolverhampton Street

Furniture Dealers
Eccleston, J., Upper Lichfield Street
Enoch, W., 76 Stafford Street
Hortin, Thomas, 16 Stafford Street
Nicholls, T., 36 Lower Lichfield Street

Wedge, B. E., Gower Street; phone no.1, Willenhall
Wellings & Company, Limited, Wilson Street

General Dealers
Cotterill, Char1es, 43 Lower Lichfield Street
Evans, Clara, 5 Cannon Street
Hastelow, Mrs S., 16 Lower Lichfield Street; also confectioner and tobacconist
Hill, Miss, 65 Walsall Street
Jones, E., 42 Bloxwich Road
Midgley, W., 91 Walsall Street; also grocer and confectioner
Owen, William, 36 Church Street
Perks, William, 22 Lower Lichfield Street
Phillips, J., 4 Temple Bar
Proffitt, S. A., 102 Bloxwich Road
Shepherd, B., 136 Bloxwich Road
Stephens, John, 19 Bloxwich Road
Turner, W., 9 Lower Lichfield Street
Walker, S., 14 Lower Lichfield Street

Gridiron Manufacturers
Dasis, Mark, Portobello Works, near Willenhall
Ellard, H., & Sons, 38 Gomer Street; phone no. 18, Willenhall
Riley, T., 46 Gomer Street

Bailey, F. & A., Walsall Road
Batson, William, 85 New Road
Brindley, P., 43 Froysell Street
Broomhall, D., 84 Gomer Street
Budd, Mrs S., 43 Wa1sall Street
Cliff, M. A., 19 Market Place
Davis, John, 41 Gomer Street
Edwards, S., Walsall Road
Emery, Mrs A. and L., 55 Lower Lichfield Street
Evans, S. J., 38 Russell Street
Fallon, A., Portobello
Fallon, Herbert, Birmingham Street
Fox, Mrs A., 4 The Dale
Grundy, A., 52 Newhall Street
Huffadine, G., 34 Gomer Street
Humphries, S. J., 39 Bloxwich Road
Johnson, J., 18 Union Street
Jordan, J. E., Stringes Lane
Kidson & Sons, Lower Lichfield Street
Lloyd, F., 99 Newhall Street
Lloyd, Henry, Alma Street
Maddocks, Mrs, Peel Street
Matthews, M., Union Street
Nicklin, A., 19 Gomer Street
Orton, Ernest, 70 Stafford Street
Pedley, A., Lower Lichfield Street
Perrens, George, 50 Walsall Street
Price. G., 87 Gomer Street
Purser, W. I., 64 Wolverhampton Street
Rigby, Wm., 34 Market Place
Roberts, J., Bloxwich Road
Rowley, Miss R., Cemetery Road, north
Smith, H., 17 Market Place
Smith, J., 56 Wolverhampton Road
Smith, T., 19 Cannon Street
Thompson, S., 126 Bloxwich Road
Walker, Wm., 56 Wood Street
Whitehouse, W., 51 Bloxwich Road
Wilcox, A., 82 Bloxwich Road
Wilkes, E., 30 Church Street

Bishop, William, 116 Lower Lichfield Street
Wolverson, S. C., Market Place

Lion Hotel, Upper Lichfield Street
Lion Hotel, Cross Street
Plough Hotel, Stafford Street

Acorn, 16 Walsall Road
Albion, Crescent
Albion, Portobello
Albion, 9 Union Street
Angel, 27 Market Place
Bee Hive, Wednesfield Road
Bell 32 Market Place
Black Boy Inn, New Road
British Oak, Doctor's Piece
Butchers Arms 45 Wolverhampton Street
Castle, 38 New Road
Cross, Cannon Street
Crown Inn, 14 Cheapside
Falcon, Gomer Street
Forge Tavern, 118 St Anne’s Road, Spring Bank; W. Dallow, proprietor
George and Crown, Willenhall Road
George and Dragon, Chape1 Green
Gough Arms, High Street, Portobello   
Grapes, 48 Wood Street
Groves Arms, High Street, Portobello
Holly Bush Inn, 113 Newhall Street
Hope and Anchor, 8 B1oxwhich Road; Rose Shorter, proprietor
Junction, The Crescent
King’s Head, 91 Stafford Street
Lamp, 42 Froysell Street
Market Tavern, Market Place
Minerva,  Doctor's Piece
Neptune Inn, Walsall Street
New (The) Walsall Street
Old Crown, 29 Union Street
Old Oak Inn, Walsall Road
Prince of Wales, 57 Walsall Street
Queen's Arms, 42 Walsall Street; E. H. Painting, proprietor
Ring O’ Bells, John Street
Robin Hood, The Crescent
Rose and Crown Inn, Wolverhampton Street
Royal Artillery Inn, 42 Lower Lichfield Street
Royal George, New Road
Royal Oak, 6 Cannon Street
Saracen's Head, 104 Bloxwich Road
Seven Stars, Doctor's Piece
Shakespeare, Lower Lichfield Street
Spring Vale, Spring Bank
Star (The), Lower Lichfield Street
Summer House, Clemson Street
Swan, 33 Cross Street
Talbot (The), 5 Alma Street
Three Crowns, 73 Stafford Street
Three Furnaces, Lower Lichfield Street
Tiger (The), 68 Stafford Street
Turk's Head, Walsall Street
Waggon and Horses, Wednesfield0 Road
Waterglade Inn, Bilston Road
White Lion, 104 Lower Lichfield Street
Windsor Castle, Wednesfield Road
Ye Old Bulls Head, 50 Wolverhampton Street

Ash, A., & Company, Wood Street
Harper, John, & Company, Limited, Albion Works
Harper, Wm., Son, & Company, Birmingham Street; malleable and grey ironfounders, tel. add. “Star Foundry,
    Willenhall”, phone no. 25
Hill, H. & J., Walsall Road
Horton, James, Limited, Walsall Street, and The Dale. Phone no. 33. Established 1870
Lewis & Smith, Walsall Street
Pedley, Thos., & Company, Limited, Lower Lichfield Street
Perks, C., Croft Foundry, Stafford Street
Tipper, Arthur, Victoria Foundry, Stringes Lane

Henly & Company, 44 Market Place; telephone no, 82, Willenhall
Woodward, I., Stringes Lane

Iron Odd-Work Manufacturers
Ellard, Henry, & Sons, 38 Gomer Street; manufacturers of all kinds of tinned and Japanned iron odd-work for
    butchers, builders, etc. Telegraphic address, “Ellard." Telephone no. 18, Willenhall
Orton, E., Stringes Lane

Key Manufacturers
Baker, Jabez, 9 Gomer Street
Fletcher, J., & Company, Mill Street
Jones, J., 12 Russell Street
Marston, George, 20 Wednesfield Road
Reynolds, E. & J., 88 Walsall Street

Latch Manufacturers
Adey, Aaren.48 Gomer st.
Baker, Jabez, 9 Gomer Street
Beddow &; Sturmey, Limited, Crown Works, Clemson Street
Fox, H. & J., Moat Street, Stafford Street
Morgan, M., & Son, 79 New Road
Parkes, Josiah, & Sons, Union Street
Wakelam Bros., 38 Union Street

Lock Manufacturers
Adey, A., 80 Gomer Street
Anglo-American Lock Company
Anslow, George,130 Newhall Street
Arnold. J., & Company, 35 Wood Street
Baker, Jabez, Spring Terrace Works, Gomer Street
Baker, Samuel, Moat Street
Banks, Jacob, & Company, Excelsior Works, Wood Street
Banks, James, Rotunda Works, 13 Wood Street
Banks, J., & Sons, Temple Bar
Beards, D., &; Sons, Cemetery Road
Bennett, F., & Sons, 74 Wood Street
Benton, Joseph, 31 Doctor's Piece; manufacturer of all kinds of hand-made iron and brass mortice locks and
   latches; also special gate locks and brass ships' rim locks; differed and suit work. Established 1850
Benton. T., & Sons, Victoria Street, Little London
Braddock Bros., 1 Church Street
Bucknall & Nevill, Limited, Walsall Street
Bucknall, J., & Company, 1 New Street, New Road
Buggins & Sons, 5 Clothier Street
Butler, R. & B., Chapel Green Works, Chapel Green
Clark, W. H., 55 Gomer st.
Cluley, John. Argosy Works, Wood Street
Cooper, J., Back Lane
Dunton, J., & Sons, 11 Little London
Foster, A., Jubilee Works, Walsall Road
Fowke, G., Birmingham Street
Glover, J., 72 Wood Street
Hodson, R., & Son, 54 New Road
Humphrey & J. Fox, Moat Street
Hunt, George,   jun., Orchard Road
Jenks & Cattell, Gomer Street
Johnson, J., & Company, Cemetery road, south
Jones, Enoch, & Sons, Doctor’s Piece
Jones, R., & Company, Limited, Orchard Works
Legge, J., & Company, Colonial Works, Moat Street
Legge, J., & Company, Colonial Works, Stafford Street
Lloyd. Alex., &; Sons, 79 Stafford Street
Lowe & Fletcher, 39 Church Street
Marston, Albert, Wellington Works, Cemetery Road; manufacturer of locks for home and export
Millington, E., & Sons, 95 Newhall Street
Minors, John, & Sons, 26 Union Street. Phone no. 51
Pagett, D., 10 Doctor's Piece
Parkes, Samuel, & Company, New Road
Pinson, C. H., Reliance Works, Union Street. Phone no. 51
Pinson, E., & Son, New Road
Pinson, W. M., Cemetery Road, south
Rissbrook, Louis, 51 Walsall Street
Sadler, John, Clothier Street
Saunders & Haddon, 6 Stringes Lane
Saunders, Robert, Doctor’s Piece
Simkins & Hadley, Baltic Works, 72 and 73 Union Street:
Squire, G. L., Walsall Road
Starkey, Charles, & Son, 15 Upper Lichfield Street
Starkey, J., Back Lane
Tallow, J., New Street
Taylor, E., Jubilee Works, 84 Walsall Street
Tonks, E., & Sons, Temple Bar
Vaughan, H. & T., Standard Works, 27 Wood Street
Vaughan, W., & Sons, 75 Wood Street
Waine, Isaac, Manor Works
Waine, John, & Sons, Lower Lichfield Street
Wakelam & Sons, Arden Works, Upper Lichfield Street
Walsall Lock and Cart Gear Company, Limited, 90 Newhall Street
Ward, John, Wolverhampton Street
Worrall, John, & Sons, Lock Works

Lock Spring Manufacturers
Pace, J., & Sons, 92 Union Street

Malleable Iron Founders
Harper, Wm., Son, & Company, Birmingham Street. Tel. add. “Star Foundry, Willenhall. Phone No. 25
Horton, James, Limited, Walsall Street, and The Dale. Phone No. 33. Established 1870

Hill, F., Walsall Road
Jones, W. E., Walsall Road

Merchants (Coal)
Hobley, C. & S., Bloxwich Road
Longstaff, Thomas C., Cross Street
Staffordshire (The) Coventry Coal Company, 44 Berry street
Starkey, H. D., Moat Street

Merchants (Hardware)
Henly & Company, 44 Market Place; and oil merchants. Phone no. 82, Willenhall

Merchants (Iron)
Birch, E., & Sons, 7 Union Street
Griffiths, Samuel, 21 Stringes Lane
Knowles, A., Limited, Wood Street
Pedley, Isaac, jun., 3 Lower Lichfield Street
Starkey & Hawker, Hall Street

Merchants (Timber)
Hall, Henry, & Sons, Willenhall Saw Mills
Hill, G., Stafford Street

Merchants (Wine and Spirit)
Fairbank, John, 10 Market Place; wholesale and retail

Rushbrooke, J., 9 Stafford Street

Milliners and Dressmakers
Eaton, Miss, 70 Stafford Street
Roberts, Mrs J., 7 Stafford Street
Starkey, Miss L., 18 Cheapside
Wilkins, Mrs, 65 Wolverhampton Street

Motor Garages
Bettley, Joseph, & Son, Central Garage, Upper Lichfield Street

Clinton, S., 117 Lower Lichfield Street

Ashley Bros., 4 Wolverhampton Street

Pattern Makers
Butcher & Phillips, Cemetery Road
King, A., Moat Street

Baker, Athol V., Wednesfield Road
Garrington, Thomas, A., Stringes Lane
Mole, E. A., 19 Lower Lichfield Street
Nicholls, T., 10 Russell Street
Vaughan, Thomas, Upper Lichfield Street; clothier and silversmith

Picture Frame Makers
Southall, J. C., Market Place

Ashley Bros., Wolverhampton Street
Chesney, W. P., 5 Harper Street, The Manor
Tyler, John, & Son, 77 Stafford Street

Press Tool Makers
Dainty & Company,75 Stafford Street

Cartwright, Bros., 1 Market Place
Rowley, George H., Cheapside Printing Works, 20 Cheapside; also bookbinder

Central Cafe, 8 Market Place; W. J. Kent, proprietor
Sutton, J., 57 Wolverhampton Street

Harper, J. F., 3 New Road

Sliding Trivet Manufacturers
Davis, Mark, Portobello Works, near Wolverhampton
Pountney & Pitt, 14 Doctor's Piece

Baker & Meek, Market Place
Baxtor, J. H., 83 Walsall Street
Tildesley, Rowland, & Harris, 1 New Road
Vaughan, George, 1 Walsall Street

Stampers and Piercers
Dyke, G., & Son; office and warehouse, Doctor's Piece. Phone No. 29
Ellard, H., & Sons, 38 Gomer Street. Telephone No. 18, Willenhall
Grimley, G., & Company, Walsall Street
Ideal (The) Stamping Company, Gomer Street
Vaughan Bros., Eagle Works, Summerford

Tailors and Clothiers
Butter, G., Lower Lichfield Street
Fereday, John, 5 Wolverhampton Street; also pawnbroker, hatter, and outfitter
Johnson, W. H., Cemetery Road., south
Parkes, B., Lower Lichfield Street
Richards, J., 37 Market Place
Skelland, Alfred B., Limited, 31 Market Place
Wearwell & Company, 30 Cross Street

Burley, Mrs S., 8 Walsall Street; also fancy goods dealer
Edge, 22 Stafford Street
Green, 'A. M., 21 Lower Lichfield Street
Hawkins, A., 133 Bloxwich Road; also confectioner
Pelari, G., 13 Stafford Street
Preedy, A., & Sons, 83 Stafford Street
Tonkins, Moses, Stringes Lane
Watterson, A. H., Market Place

Ely, Thomas, Stafford Street

Varnish Manufacturers
Thomas, T., Somerford

Watch and Clock Makers and Jewellers
Davis, P. A., 17 New Road
Edwards, F., 34 Lower Lichfield Street
Wilkins, W. H., 8 Stafford Street

Bettley, Joseph, Upper Lichfield Street
Robinson, F., Reliable Wheel Works, New Road

Adam, J., Midland Brick Works; brick and tile manufacturer
Baker, J., Napier Road; furniture remover
Barker, J., & Company, Limited, Midland Works; iron and steel sheet workers
Bill, W. F., 118 Lower Lichfield Street; music dealer
Clifford Bros., Villiers Works; cabinet brassfounder
De Salis & Company, 63 Wolverhampton Street; hatters
Hulse & Sons, Somerford Place; finger plate manufacturer.
Purfield, A. B., Lower Lichfield Street; packing-case maker

From an old postcard.

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