Over the years, many Willenhall postcards have been produced by local printers. They provide wonderful views of the old town, and give us an insight into what life must have been like during the last century. I have included a number of them here, which cover different parts of the town.
On the left is an old view of St. Giles' Church, and on the right is a view of the Tumbledown Bridge Inn which stood in Railway Lane, off New Road.

In the doorway is the landlord Arthur Wheatley, and his granddaughter.

A fine view of Willenhall's second cinema, The Picture House in Stafford Street.

An interesting view of New Road from the early years of the 20th century, complete with tram lines.


Two views of the former Union Street Methodist Church, now The Life and Light Christian Centre.

A view of Banks Street on the Manor estate, looking towards Thompson Street and Harper Street.

Another view of Banks Street on the Manor Estate.

The old Market Place.

A view of The Picture House, looking into Market Place.
Another view of the Market Place, from the north, looking towards the memorial clock.

An old view of the memorial clock.

Coltham Road, Short Heath.

A view of Willenhall Coachcraft from the 1930s.

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