Blakenhall has always been within the parish and township of Wolverhampton.  Its area has never been officially defined but we can say that it lies to the south of the city centre, on land rising steeply to Goldthorn Hill;  and that to the west is the Penn Road (and the Graiseley area) and to the East is the Dudley Road (and the All Saints' area).   The first articles we have here are:

A preliminary History of Blakenhall by Frank Sharman

The Powell Family of Blakenhall by Ang Johnson 

As Blakenhall has always been closely integrated with the rest of the city, this web site also contains, in different places,  information about various aspects of Blakenhall:

Blakenhall's Listed Buildings.  (Note that to get back to this page you will have to use the back button on your browser).

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