Although this street may be a 19th century creation, its name reflects Ablow Field, one of the great open fields of Wolverhampton, which lay in this vicinity.  Mander gives an alternative name of Abley Field.  But at another point he says that "low" as a suffix indicates the presence of a barrow and cites Ablow as an instance.  So Abley may have been a corruption of Ablow.  Stebbing Shaw records that a Mr. Huntbach passed by this way in the late 1700s and noticed a large tumulus still existing somewhere near this spot. 

(Frank Sharman)

ASPEN WAY (Graisley)

The present, wide, Aspen Way was pushed through in the redevelopment of the 1960s as an extension of Brickkiln Street and a completion of the stub of road that joined Merridale Road.

(David Clare)


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