Somebody once told me, but I forget who, that when this estate was built this road was named after the highland cattle which Alderman Bantock kept on his hobby farm where Bantock Park now is.  This is a nice story but if the developers had the cattle in mind, would it not have been Highland Road?

(Frank Sharman)

HINCKES ROAD, Tettenhall.

Named after Theodosia Hinckes 1792-1874 , spinster daughter of the Rev Josiah Hinckes who, was a members of the well-known Wolverhampton family of that name.  She built Tettenhall Wood House between 1831-6 on 91 acres of land now partly occupied by the Woodcote Road eastate. The house was demolished in 1969.

(Keith Cattell)


Albert Holland, the foreman/manager of one of the large machine shops at Bradleys (Beldray), thought the road was named after him, he being one of the first people to live there.  But others may say that it was named after his wife, Mrs Hattie Holland, a JP and local councillor who represented the New Town Ward on the Bilston Urban District Council.

(George Philpot)


This road runs through the area of the same name, the name being that of one of Wolverhampton's open fields.  "Ley" is a common place name ending in these parts, it usually being taken to indicate a clearing made in woodland for the purposes of agriculture.  One is doubtful about saying that this clearing was associated with horses, as earlier forms of the name, if they are ever found, may show a different derivation.

Mander records Horseley Field as one of the open fields of the town. But he also notes it as being called Horselow Field "named, it might be supposed, after some long forgotten tumulus in the area.  Whether Horseley Fields (now a street) is the same name in origin, is uncertain".

(Frank Sharman)

HUGHES AVENUE, Birches Barn Estate

Alfred Hughes lived in the Wergs Road. A long serving member of the Council, he became Chairman of the Housing Committee when Mr F H Skidmore died.  

(Peter Hickman)

HUGHES ROAD, Green Lanes

Named after Walter Hughes.  Several roads on this estate are named after councillors and probably it was mainly his service as a Conservative councillor in Bilston that this street name records.  But he was also Managing Director of a local engineering company, ran a furniture store, was a JP, a county councillor, a churchwarden of St. Lawrence, President of the Rotary Club, etc..  In addition to all that he wrote science fiction novels, mainly for children and young adults, under the pseudonym Hugh Walters.

(Tom Larkin)


Named after Harold Humphries, who was the last mayor of the Borough of Bilston in 1966.

(Tom Larkin)


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