The Online Austin Seven Car Club
I am now involved with the Online Austin Seven Club. Early in 2014 we decided to have a stand at the Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Car Show, featuring my little Bernard Matthews C Type, 1928 Turkey Van.

The Theme was a 1930's photo shoot with members of the club cut out in life size mannequins, with Laurel & Hardy driving the van.

The event was a great success for the club, which won the prize for the best Classic Car Club Stand at the show.

The Online Austin Seven Club display on Stand 12-435.

Another view of the stand.
The press release:

An Award For The Online Austin Seven Car Club, Lichfield Group.

The Online Austin Seven Car Club, had a Stand at the 2014 Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Car Show. It was the first time the club had participated in such an event. The display took the form of a 1930's press day release photo shoot. The back cloth was Lickey Wood, representing the Lickey Hills, that surrounded the Austin Longbridge factory. Centre stage was the 1928 Austin 7 C Type, Bernard Matthews Turkey Farm Van, with Laurel and Hardy in the front seats. The van was surrounded by life size mannequins, with early flash light cameras. These flashed intermittently with LED lights giving an effect of the real thing. The mannequins were all photographs of club members enlarged to full size, mounted on polystyrene. Also there were paving slabs, with hand prints of members, not included in the photographs. The stand carpet took the form of a letter A representing Austin.

The other Austin Sevens on the stand were as follows: a 1932 Box Saloon, a 1930 van undergoing a full restoration, a 1929 fabric saloon in 'as found' condition, complete with dirt and a bird's nest, in the rear corner by the spare wheel. Finally a 1929 Austin Seven Chummy. At the front of the stand was a sectioned Austin Seven engine.

During the course of Saturday afternoon, four members of the club were invited to attend the awards presentation at the Metropole Hotel. At this event the Online Austin Seven Club was presented with a Silver Salver and a Certificate for the best club stand at the show.

The display was put together on a shoe string budget of about £300, and achieved by the member's dedicated effort and hard work, to ensure a high standard. This award made all the effort worthwhile and gave everyone a great sense of achievement.

A final photograph of the stand, showing me standing beside the centre-piece, my 1928 Austin 7 C Type, Bernard Matthews Turkey Farm Van.

In October the Bernard Matthews 1928 Austin 7 Van was sold.  The proceeds were used to carry out the restoration of a 1955 MG Magnette ZA Saloon, that was purchased in September 2015. The restoration was completed by April 2016.

The 1955 MG Magnette ZA Saloon.


Most happenings related to the 1949 Mk 6 Bentley Park Ward Convertible. At the end of April,  a call was received from the BBC, asking if  they could have the car for 3 days filming of the Father Brown TV Series, in May, we duly took the car for filming on 3 separate occasions in May. It was Dennis’s car, the actor was Martin Kemp. It was most interesting to see how it is done. The car did a total of 500 miles and ran very well indeed.

The car on location.

Another view taken during one of the filming sessions.

Just before the father Brown event, my dear cousin Peter Lisle, brought along a painting of the Mk 6 Bentley, that he had finally completed. Peter, is nearly 90 years old, and not in the best of health. I feel it is a great honour that he has done this for me. It must have taken a lot of effort on his part, I will always treasure the 3 pictures that he has done for me over years.

Peter Lisle's lovely painting of the Mk 6 Bentley. Please excuse the reflections from the glass in the picture frame.

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