William White's 1851 History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire, and Melville & Company's 1851 Wolverhampton Directory, lists the following occupants of the squares:
St. John's Square

John Amery, clerk at Mander, Weaver and Company, wholesale chemists
Robert Bayley
Richard Bennett, clerk
Miss Jane Brooks
James Coley, manager at Crane Foundry
Charles George, traveller
James Gibbons, factor
Rev. William Hatton, Baptist minister
Mrs. Ann Heans
John Jeavons, merchant
George Marson, coal and stone master
James Meynell, brass founder
William Nicholls, wood turner, crate maker, Church Street
Mrs. Elizabeth Ratcliff
Misses Elizabeth and Mary Simcox
Miss Mary Stokes
Lucy Toy, stock locksmith
Thomas Toy, stock locksmith in Bond street
Mr. Samuel Walker
Paul Wilkes, confectioner
George Williams, japanner and tin plate worker


E. J. Allen, coal dealer
Samuel Allen Windle, schoolmaster
Samuel Allsop  Son, India and Scotch ale stores
Mrs. Bennett, school
Peter Bonneau, school
Francis Bradney, maltster
Briscoe and Son, merchants
William Cliff, carpenter, joiner, and coffin maker
James Coley, lock manufacturer
Lewis F. Day, professor of music & organist at St. John's Church
Messrs. De Loude and Son, surgeon and dentist
Earp and Wynn, general factors and wholesale ironmongers
John Gallagher, ale and porter agent
Charles Thomas George, agent to Mr. Hardwick, wine and spirit merchant
James Gibbons, factor
George Harrod, professor of music, at Mrs. Perkins's
Maria Harper, milliner and dress maker
John Holding, tailor
Jeavons and Smith, merchants and factors
James Lakin, merchant and factor, lived at Penn
Mrs.Sarah Mitchell, boarding house
Elizabeth Perkins, gentlemen's boarding house
John Poole, gentleman's school
George Rhodes B.A., classical, commercial, boarding, and day school
George Riley, merchant's clerk
Allen Samuel, gentleman's school
Ann L. Sweetman,  furrier
William Sweetman, tailor, foreman to Sydney and Dickinson
William C. Taylor, clerk
James Thompson, mining engineer
Frances Thornbill, boarding house
Samuel Tonks, brass and bell founder
John Tyrer, classical and commercial school
James C. Voss, portrait and historical painter
Sarah Jane White, ladies' school
Samuel Alan Windle, schoolmaster
Henry Yates, lock manufacturer

St. James' Square

John Armstrong, brass founder
Isaac Barnett, rabbi.
Robert Bowman, engineer
Mrs. Mary Brooke
Joseph Cooper, merchant
Daniel Harding, clerk
Henry Hercy, japanware manufacturer
Joseph Lees, clerk
Mrs. Sarah Lees
Robert Milliken, coal merchant in Horseley Fields
Henry Rogers, merchant
Mrs. Salter


John Bayley, gentleman's boarding school
Robert Horatio Bayley, schoolmaster, and member of the College of Preceptors
Monsieur Willenboard Buscot, language teacher
William Brooke, cabinet lock manufacturer
Mons. Willebord Buscot , professor of the French language
Thomas Bywater, maltster
William Elliott, currier and leather cutter
Samuel Norton Evans, miller
John Fell and Company, brass founders, plumbers, gas fitters, lamp, chandelier,
and beer machine manufacturers
George Garrington, key stamper
Misses Elizabeth and Sarah Ann Gibbons, ladies school
Richard Hames, boot and shoe maker
Henry Hercy, japanner
George Jones, accountant, house and commission agent
Charles Howard King, dealer in ales, porters, malt and hops, etc.
John Lane, victualler, George Inn
Harriet Newell, ladies' school
John Newell, currier and leather seller, lived in Temple Street
Olarenshaw James, clerk
Charles Frederick Pardoe, gimblet and bit manufacturer
Samuel Pearson, cabinet maker and upholsterer
Thomas Piatt, plumber, glazier, and painter
Elihu Price, file maker
Benjamin Purshouse, coffee and malt mill maker, etc.
Henry Rogers & Sons, hardware merchants
James Sanders, carver, gilder, picture frame maker, and shopkeeper
Joseph Smith, gentleman's school
Robert Smith, coal merchant
William Spilsbury and Co., factors and manufacturers of ironmongery
William Stretton, cork screw manufacturer
Charles Trevor, day and evening school
George Williams, printer

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