Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Former Copes Wine Lodge

43 and 44 Queen Square

Listing:  Dated 1726 on rainwater head; mid/late C16 rear wing. Early Georgian style. North end of west elevation off Exchange Street has C16 timber framed gabled bay with brick underbuilding ... Interior of rear wing has chamfered beams and jointed cruck trusses.

Comment: This building, now occupied by a building society, is best remembered under the name of Copes, though that august company has not been here for many years. Others may remember it as Joan's Gowns.

The frontage to Queen Square and the first five bays (up to the pilaster) on the return frontage to Lich Gates, and the building behind those frontages, seem to have been built altogether; and the date of 1726 seems perfectly reasonable.

The three bays between the pilasters on the return facade are built in exactly the same style, as is the small return frontage beyond that, though the continuity with the roof line and the fenestration is not absolutely exact. It is, in effect, a false front, put up, presumably, in 1726. It covers a C16 building, which is, in fact, the same building as presents its original timbered front to Exchange Street. This sort of re-fronting was not uncommon. The idea was to update the building and make it look more fashionable. In this case it may also have been the intention to make the new building at the front look much bigger. In any event the new symmetrical front did not fit very well with the rooms and staircases behind it - but that was the price you paid for impressing the neighbours.

Large pottery beer jar from Copes Wines Lodge. 

The jar was made for them by G. Hunt & Co, potters, Brierley Hill).