Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Old County Court

Queen Street

Listing: Grade II*. 1815. First storey added for Assembly Rooms in 1829 by L. Vulliamy. Wolverhampton Council first met here, 22 May 1848.

Pevsner: dates from 1813 and was given its upper floor in 1829 by Vulliamy. It was built as a library and assembly room.


Originally built by public subscription as a library and newsroom.

The assembly Room on the upper floor was added later. It became the county court building and this is the name by which it is best remembered.

When the county court moved to the new combined courts building, this building was put on the market and became a night club, called Chancellors, and currently goes under the name of Walkabout.

The main court room furniture was given by the purchasers to Wolverhampton Law School, at the University, where it was reassembled as a moot court.

This view of the rear of the building shows that the assembly rooms, added on top of the then existing building, is held up on four thin cast iron columns.