Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Bingley Junior and Infant School

Aston Street

Norfolk Road frontage.

Listing:  Locally listed, approved November 2001. Built c.1910. Good example of transitional architecture incorporating a Gothic frontage with Queen Anne style windows.  The rear is symmetrical displaying the beginning of neo-Georgian form.  The buildings form an important part of the character of the surrounding area which consists of late Victorian terraced housing.


The buildings here occupy almost the whole of an island site in a near-grid pattern of small terraced houses, which seem to have been built in the 1890s on land which formed part of the Graiseley Old Hall estate.

These buildings, which are mostly as near as could be to the pavement edge, do much to emphasise the crowded nature of the area, in which some open areas are direly needed.  Currently one part is occupied by a primary school, as its temporary home while its own home is rebuilt; and the rest by community uses.

Another view of the Norfolk Road frontage.