Wolverhampton's Locally Listed Buildings

Edward VIII Post Box

125 Aldersley Road

Listing: Locally listed, approved March 2000. Post Office Box of Edward VIII.  1936.  Made by Carron Company, Stirlingshire.

Comment:  This is a "National Standard" pillar box and the only unusual thing about it is the royal cypher.  Jonathan Glancey, in his book "Pillar Boxes", Chatto & Windus, 1989, says "Edward VIII's cypher is rarely seen at all".  Martin Robinson, in his book "Old Letter Boxes", Shire Publications, 2000, says "During the short reign of Edward VIII 161 pillar boxes were cast, although only 14 of the larger 'A' size are known still to exist".  This one seems to be the smaller 'B' size but it is still an interesting rarity.