Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Netherton House

302 Bridgnorth Road

Listing: Dated 1747 with early C19 alterations. Central entrance - C20 Doric porch. Datestone under eaves inscribed SR/R: W 1747 (believed to be Sir Richard Wrottesley).

Comment: Take away the porch and you have an straightforward, stylish Georgian red brick house. For the Wrottesley family see Geoffrey Hancock, A Tettenhall History, Broadside, 1991, passim, with Sir Richard at p.31. He had a hot headed youth (taking after his early forebears) but later took Holy Orders and became Chaplain to George III and Dean of Worcester. His family had been major landowners in the area for centuries and he improved matters further by marrying into the Gower family. What part this house played in all this is not known but the Wrottesleys were great fighters, not great builders and there must have been some special consideration for Sir Richard to have ventured on this house, which was, of course, quite small compared with what he could have afforded to build.