Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

Bredon House

321 Tettenhall Road

Listing:  House now office.  c.1810.  House set back from road, possibly indicating original line of road before it was re-routed by Telford in 1820s.

Comment:  The current line of the road can be seen in the photo and not far off to the right are the bridges at Newbridge.  The only clue to be got from Patrick Thorn's "Newbridge and its Bridges", Staffs and Worcs Canal Society, nd., is a quotation from Fullwood's "Remanants of Old Wolverhampton" to the effect that, at a date unspecified, "the traffic was diverted into a new wide road ... about 50 yards away".  This seems to tie in.  But equally if the road had been moved and widened this may have been something to do with the turnpike commissioners rather than Telford. In any event, in 1810 this house was well out into the country and may have been built back from the road in order to provide a carriage drive.