Wolverhampton's Listed Buildings

64 - 70 Tettenhall Road

Listing: terrace of 4 houses, c.1850. A good example of a mid C19 terrace. The basement dwelling are an unusual feature. Rear has projection on arches with basement, set back with small-paned casements and entrances; they were used as separate dwellings.

Comment: The upper picture shows the original, and now listed, terrace. The terrace was falling apart when a local developer, Peter Maddox, bought the whole lot. Presumably to finance the restoration, he got planning permission for the extension shown on the right of the lower picture.

There are basically two ways of treating such an extension: build an exact copy or go for broke with totally modern.

What seems to have happened here is that a building has been produced which would readily pass muster in some styles of post-modernism but which is such a close copy that, at first glance, you do not notice that it is a different time; at second glance, its obvious. This is a neat trick if you can do it and the architects here could.

The whole is now occupied by H M Customs and Excise; and the block as a whole is called "Deansgate"