Final Expansion

By the late 1960's the E.C.C. had several other factories, both in Wolverhampton and abroad.

The factory in Shaw Road.

 A control gear factory was built at Shaw Road, which was only about 400 yards from the main works. The factory was laid out for the flow production of contactor type control gear, to cope with the heavy demand for power station equipment and specialised automated process equipment. 
Examples of some of the products produced at Shaw Road. The display includes the range of EC/ED contactors and star delta motor starters.
A display showing some of the EC series of contactors, built into control centres.

Another view of the factory.   

The factory at Fordhouse Road.

Two associate companies were set up in a new factory in Fordhouse Road Bushbury. The companies were E.C.C. Moulded Breakers Limited and Federal Electric Limited.  The factory was about 1 mile from the main works and produced a complete range of medium voltage switchgear for use in electrical distribution in industry, hospitals, shops and houses etc.

Production started in 1959. The products also included fuse switches and moulded-case air circuit breakers.



Another view of the factory.    

A Stablok distribution board.

A Quadbreak panel-board.

A CDPR 600Amp, 3 pole circuit-breaker.
A plug-in circuit- breaker.
15 to 100Amp moulded-case air circuit breaker.
15 to 225Amp moulded-case air circuit breaker.
125 to 400Amp moulded-case air circuit breaker.
125 to 800Amp moulded-case air circuit breaker.

A drawing of the South African factory.

E.C.C. also had a factory in South Africa. The South African company was appropriately called E.C.C. South Africa, Proprietary Limited. A wide range of E.C.C. products were produced there.

This piece of switchgear is one of the many E.C.C. products that were made in South Africa.

The New Plymouth Works.

E.C.C. Transformers & Controls Limited was set up at New Plymouth, in New Zealand. Many types of transformer were produced there, the key staff being trained at the Wolverhampton works.

Arthur Gill, leading hand - L.T. winding.

Peter Langley, Test Department.

Jack Webster, painter.

Lindy Vango - H.T. connecting.

David Wright, transformer assembly.

The transformer core building team.

The E.C.C. also had overseas offices at Toronto in Canada and Melbourne in Australia.

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