Images of Guy Vehicles

A 1922 electric battery refuse collector, with a side-tipping, wooden back.

A 1923 Guy road-rail vehicle.

A fleet of wartime 'Vix-Ants'  delivering essential supplies.

A military 6-wheeler with the hood folded.

A fleet of 'Otter' tipper trucks outside the Paget arms in Park Lane, July 1952. Courtesy of Kevin Fullard.

One of a fleet of 'Otter' 5/6 tonners operated by the Birkenhead Brewery Company. Courtesy of Brendan Kinsella.

A 'Warrior' 8 tonner van.

The 'Warrior' 8 ton chassis.

A 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton van.

A 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton van. Lyons had a large fleet of Guy vehicles.

A 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton van.

A special-purpose body built on a 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton chassis for the Huddersfield Highways Department.

The 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton chassis.

A Guy 'Warrior' 14 tonner.

The Guy 'Warrior' 14 ton chassis.

A 'Vixen' 4 tonner.

A 'Vixen' 4 ton delivery van.

A 'Vixen' 4 ton mobile library.

A 'Vixen' 4 ton tipping truck fitted with hydraulic tipping gear, which was available as standard for the 10 ft. 6 inch wheelbase chassis.
A 'Vixen' pantechnicon built on a 4 ton chassis.
A removal van built on a 'Vixen' 4 ton chassis.

The 'Vixen' 4 ton chassis.

A 'Vixen' 4 tonner refridgerator van in Denmark. Courtesy of Brendan Kinsella.

A 'Otter' 7 tonner.

The 'Otter' 7 ton chassis.

A Guy 'Otter' tractor chassis with cab coupled to an articulated trailer.

The rear view of a Guy 'Otter' tractor chassis with cab.

An 'Invincible' 4-wheeled lorry capable of carrying a 14 ton payload.

The 'Invincible' 4-wheel chassis.

An 'Invincible' 4-wheel milk delivery lorry.

An 'Invincible' 4-wheel high-sided lorry.

An 'Invincible' 4-wheel lorry.

An 'Invincible' 4-wheel tipping truck fitted with a hydraulic tipping mechanism..

An 'Invincible' 8-wheel lorry.

The 'Invincible' 8-wheel chassis.

Another 'Invincible' 8-wheel lorry.

An 'Invincible' 8-wheel tanker..

An 'Invincible' 8-wheel lorry.

A final 'Invincible' 8-wheel lorry.

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