Industrial Relations and the Welfare Club

The senior management at Guy Motors always had an excellent working relationship with their employees, most of whom enjoyed their time in the factory. Because of this Guy had an industrial relations record second to none. There were no strikes in the factory.

Guy Motors was a good employer, and one of the first companies to voluntarily initiate holidays with pay for all staff. The company also ran a staff profit sharing scheme. All of the worker's children were given an outing in the summer, and a party at Christmas. There was a welfare club run by a committee, and extensive sports and social facilities including football pitches, tennis courts, a hockey field, and a bowling green, on the sports ground which stood next to the factory.

A cricket match in progress.

The canteen stood in the centre of the sports ground and had an up-to-date kitchen and equipment to cater for 500 people. The building was also used for concerts, whist drives, dances, table tennis, and snooker. There was a garden of memory next to the playing fields, which served as a memorial to the fallen in both World Wars.

The canteen.

Another view of the canteen.

The garden of memory.

A long service certificate.

Long service certificates were presented to every employee with 20 years service.

By 1954, 293 employees had received certificates, 62 of them having over 30 years continuous service, and still with the company at the time.

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