Pattern Books

What follows is a selection of pages from the company's pattern books, all from about 1900. The pages display illustrations of actual adverts and signs etc. that were produced by the company. They gave prospective customers an idea of what could be done. There were no general price lists because each order was for a unique design, each requiring different operations, and differing amounts of work. Some of the signs were marked "Chromo Wolverhampton", usually in the bottom right corner, but often they were not marked. It depended upon customer's requirements.

Chromographic produced a wide range of tram signs, a few of which can be seen below:
Some of the company's advertising signes:
A selection of general signs including a clock face, a ship's control dial, and signs with a spike that could be knocked into the ground:
All of the signs were made to order, in different sizes, with differing fonts and character sizes, and different colours, all to each customer's specification.
Examples of decorative plates for porches, ceilings, walls, and grates:
Wrought iron work was also available for decorated screens, and ornamental hanging signs. Skeleton letters were also produced for people wanting to make their own signs. They were available in sizes between 1 foot and 6 feet high.

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