Holland's Dairy at No. 22 Addenbrooke Street

On the 1911 Census at No. 22 Addenbrooke Street we find William Holland, aged 50, a carter, with his second wife of 6 years, Florence aged 29. With them are William’s 3 sons and a daughter from his first marriage aged 19, 14, 16 and 12; and the 3 children of his marriage to Florence aged 5, 2 and 2 months, one child from this marriage having been lost. The occupation of the 14 year old Joseph Holland was given as Milk Seller. No.22 Addenbrooke Street must have been built between 1903 when it did not appear on the OS map, and 1911.

Sam Holland, standing in the yard entrance at No.22, in 1997.

On the 1939 OS map Holland's house can be seen as a pair of semi- detached 2 up/2 down houses standing alone on the right hand side of the road, specially built for dairying, with a wide entrance in between and outbuildings which included cowsheds at the bottom of the plot.

Front view of house with wide arched entrance.

The entrance.

Yard and outbuildings.

Cobbled yard through the arch.

Cowsheds now used to house chickens.

Photographs of No.22 Addenbrooke Street in 2010 showing the house, yard and cowsheds, now used for chickens. Mr. Samuel Holland kindly allowed us to photograph the house and outbuildings in 2010, just over 100 years from building. (Photos by Dennis Parker).

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