Worralls “Green Dairy” in Bush Street, Darlaston Green

On the 1911 census we find George Worrall aged 48, a Dairyman, working on own account at home, with his wife Clara aged 45, and their five children ages 18, 17,16,13, and 3. Their address was given as Green Dairy, Bush Street., which was up an alleyway between Green Cottage and No.2 Bush Street and behind Green Cottage. Their son William Worrall, aged 18, was working at the dairy, as no doubt were the two daughters, Eliza 17 and Florrie 16. The Worralls had previously lost 6 children during their 25 year marriage.

On the 1901 census The Worralls had been living at nos. 25 & 26 The Green where George Worrall (40) described himself as a Publican, own account, at home. On the 1891 Census George was a puddler and pork butcher.

George was the elder brother of Robert and Moses Worrall whose family had been dairying at No.29 Horton Street for nearly 30 years, so he would be quite competent to set up and run the dairying operation

Bush Street from The Green to the Old Bush Inn on the 1918 OS Map. The Worralls’ address in 1911 was given as Green Dairy, Bush street. The dairy buildings are fully developed on this map.

In 1904 they took ownership of the property where the house now known as “ The Dairy” stands, on which were three small cottages and workshops. These can be clearly seen on the 1885 and 1903 OS maps. George Worrall built the existing house at that time, purpose-built for dairying, and it was reported on the 1911 census.

This house can be seen on the 1918 OS map with a number of additional buildings, which I assume were cowsheds, and the three cottages had been absorbed. The 1918 OS map shows the full development of the dairy.

“The Dairy”, looking back up the access alleyway across The Green. Photo Dennis Parker 2019.

The sign in the alleyway on the side of the building.

Photo Dennis Parker 2019.

The site, behind Green Cottage and Nos. 2 and 3 Bush Street, used to be called Court No. 1 and there were up to seven houses with workshops in there early in the 19th century, including the 4 houses behind Nos. 2 and 3 Bush Street ( Now No.21) that can be clearly seen on the 1885 OS map. The present owners of “The Dairy” think that nail-making may have been going on there due to the large number of nails evident in their garden.

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