Appendix 5.  Who lived in Bush Street in 1911?

Note that the houses in Bush Street have been renumbered, odd numbers starting at No.11, 13, 15, 17,19, The Dairy, and 21. No. 21 is actually nos. 2 and 3 modified into one. It can be seen on the 1903 and 1938 OS maps that there were originally two more small cottages behind Nos.2 and 3 at the bottom of what is now No.21’s garden.

1903 OS map St. Georges Church and Bush Street.

Excerpt from 1938 OS map.

This research has been primarily based on the 1911 Census Returns, when all the houses in the photos above plus No.4 Bush Street existed. Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bush street were four of the original houses in the street and are shown on the 1885 OS map, being built around 1851. No.1 originally had a second house behind it which was recorded on the 1901 census and can be seen on the OS maps.

No.1 Church View Cottages:
George Cotterill, 32, Railway Servant, LNWR Cartage Inspector.
Martha Cotterill, 33, Wife of 8 years.
Maud Cotterill, 5, Daughter.
Lily Cotterill, 1, Daughter.
All born in Darlaston.

No. 2 Church View Cottages:
Henry Hemmings, 48, Bolt Machinist, Nut & Bolt Works , born Wednesbury
Sarah Hemmings, 47, Wife of 22 years, born Netherton, Worcester.
No Children.

No.3 Church View Cottages:
George Albert Wilkes, 37, General Fitter, Nut & Bolt Works.
Mary Wilkes, 42, Wife of 18 years.
Dorothy Mary Wilkes, 10, Daughter, at school.
1 child deceased.
Elizabeth Horton, 80, Wife’s Mother.
All born Darlaston.

No.1. Bush Street:
John James Walters, 58, Bolt Forger, Nuts & Bolts.
Harriet Walters, 55, Wife of 36 years.
James Walters, 27, son, Machinist, Nuts & Bolts.
Martha Lily Walters, 18, daughter, Bolt Screwer, Nuts & Bolts.
Arthur Clarke, 11, nephew, at school.
5 of 11 children had died.
Simeon Constable, 69, boarder, Bolt Forger, Nuts & Bolts.
Sarah Constable, 88, wife of 28 years, no children.
All born Darlaston. This family were also there on the 1901 census.

Green Cottage:
David Green, 55, Widower, Furnaceman, Nut & Bolt Works, born Tipton.
William Green, 27, son, Moulder, Steel Foundry, born Wednesbury.
George Green, 25, Son, Machinist, Nut & Bolt Works.
Elizabeth Green, 22, Daughter, Housekeeper at home.
Albert Green, 20, Son, Fitter, Nut & Bolt Works.
Annie Green, 18, Daughter.
3 children born Darlaston,
1 child had died. David’s Wife, Hannah, had died since the 1901 census.

No.2 Bush Street:
John Grainger, 62, Widower, Warehouseman in Ironworks, born Wednesbury.
William Grainger, 17, Son, Blacksmith’s Striker in Ironworks.
William Humphries, 26, Son in Law, Socket Maker.
Hannah Humphries, 25, Daughter, Housekeeper.
Annie Humphries, 2, Grand Daughter.
Mr. Pat Lee, 45, Boarder, Oliver Man, Nut & Bolt Works.
Mr. Eli Dowen, 22, Boarder, Blacksmith’s Labourer, Iron Works.
Thomas Dallow, 9, Adopted, At School

The Green Dairy:
George Worrall, 45, Dairyman, Own Account, At Home.
Clara Worrall, 45, Wife of 25 years.
William Worrall, 18, Son, Working at dairy.
Eliza Worrall, 17, Daughter.
Florrie Worrall, 16, Daughter.
Edward Worrall, 13, Son, At school.
Edith Worrall, 3,Daughter.
All Born in Darlaston. 6 children had died.
On the 1901 census George Worrall described himself as a Publican living at 25/26 The Green, Own Account, At home.
From Alice Hall’s account there was a Mr. Jones living at The Green Dairy during the first world war, and that at some point later after the dairy ceased operations it became known as The Dairy.

No.3 Bush Street:
Joseph Kimbley, 42, Rivetter in Bridge Works.
Phoebe Ann Kimbley, 41, Wife of 21 years.
Joseph Kimbley, 20, Bolt Header in Bolt & Nut works.
John Kimbley,18, Son, Bolt Heater in Bolt & Nut Works.
Leonard Kimbley, 16, Son, Bolt Stripper in Bolt & Nut works.
Herbert Kimbley, 12, son, At School.
Albert Kimbley, 8, Son, At school.
Florence Kimbley, 6, Daughter, At School.
Arthur Kimbley, 4, Son.
Emma Hartshorne, 20, boarder, Bolt Screwer in Bolt & Nut Works.
All born in Darlaston, 3 children had died.
The Kimberleys were at the same address on the 1901 census. They also get a mention in Alice Hall’s memoir on The historywebsite:

During the air raids we would go down the cellar of the house next door, where a family called Kimberly lived. (This house is still there now, next to Bowling Green Close, on the left as you look at the Close). Mrs Kimberly would say "bring some bread" she was always afraid we would be blocked in! The cellar was cleaned and whitewashed and there was a stone sill all around the walls where we would sit.

No. 4 Bush Street:
William Owen, 51, Labourer in Iron Works.
Emma Jane Owen, 53, Wife of 28 years.
Nellie Owen, 18, Daughter, Machinist in Nut & Bolt Works.
Florence Owen, 6, Grand Daughter, At School.
This is the house and family referred to in Alice Hall’s account.

Taking this as a representative sample of the inhabitants of the area excluding Publicans and Shop Keepers : Of 52 inhabitants, there were 29 people in work . None of the 8 wives were declared as working. There were also 5 children under school age, and 8 children at school. Occupations were declared as:

1 x LNWR Railway Cartage Inspector
Nut & bolt Works:
2 x Bolt Machinist
2 x General Fitter
1 x Bolt Header
1 x Bolt Heater
1 x Bolt stripper
2 x Bolt Screwer
1 x Bolt forger
1 x Furnaceman
1 x Socket Maker
1 x Oliver Man
Steel Foundry:
1 x Moulder
1 x Warehouseman
1 x Black Smith’s Striker
1 x Blacksmith’s Labourer
1 x Labourer
1x Rivetter
3 x Housekeeper
1 x Dairyman
1 x dairyman’s Helper
2 x Milkmaids








The 1939 Register for Bush Street.

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