When was Prospect Place built? Who built it? Robert/Moses? Look at deeds?
How many cows did they have.? How many horses? Did they have a cart?
How much milk did they produce. What dairy buildings did they have?
What did they do with the manure?
What happened to Robert Worrall?
When did Moses Worrall leave Prospect Place?
Are there any of original building left?
How many horses did Horace Cox have?
1921 Moses was living in New Street. Prosecuted for falsely claiming unemployment benefit with 6 others who were selling coal that they had collected from old coalmine tips. Fallen on hard times – post war slump. Lichfield Mercury 2nd September 1921.
1927 Moses was living at 31 St. John’s Road. Prosecuted for mistreating a horse which he had had for 20 years – Staffordshire Advertiser 12 Mar 1927.
Had previously been a cow dealer.
When did George Worrall build The Dairy?
What happened to George Worrall and Green Dairy post 1911?
1921 Kelly's – Mrs Clara Worrall , butcher, at 32 New Street (See Moses Worrall above).
1939 Mrs Clara Worrall living in Tipton aged 64, widow, with daughter Edith Worrall, 31. Kenneth Worrall. 11, and Lettie Cox ,4.
Who was Annie Worrall, wife of Horace Cox? Married 1919. When did they move to 18 Beard Street? What did they do at the property then?
Annie Worrall was the daughter of Thomas Worrall a lockmaker in Willenhall. I can’t find a connection with the Darlaston Green Worralls?
When did they move the forge from 95 The Green?
1934 Horace Cox fined £3 and 14s costs for allowing an old horse that he owned to be worked in an unfit state by a farmer for ploughing. Birminham daily post 16th June 1934.
1939 Horace & Annie Cox living at No. 18 Beard Street with daughter Ethel Irene aged 19 and possibly 3 other children.
1939 John Lewis Harris of 19 Beard street, fined for obstructing pavement during blackout Walsall Observer & Staffs Chronicle 4th Nov 1939. Also on census with Winsper family at no.19. I think that the house numbers have been switched when the street was incorporated in Midland road.
When did Horace Cox and wife pass away?
Moses Worrall. Any info?
Robert Worrall. Any info?
George Worrall. Any info?
Clara Worrall. Any info?
William Cox senior. Any info?
Horace William Cox, Annie Cox. Any info?
Any photos available of any of above and forge?
Can we find more info about the Andrews family dairy?
Who were the last 2 cowkeepers? Who was running 40 cows post WW2?
Does the cowkeepers register still exist for 1907 to 1949?

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