Some Crabtree Products

A Crabtree single pole 5 amp switch for surface mounting.

A Crabtree double pole 5 amp switch for surface mounting.

A Crabtree two-way 5 amp switch for surface mounting.


Porcelain bases for 5 amp switches, for hollow and solid surfaces.

The company's well known 'Lincoln' switch, and mechanism.


Other versions of the 'Lincoln' switch.


Crabtree 5 amp switches for flush mounting.

Ceiling mounted switches.

On the left is a Crabtree standard ceiling switch, and on the right is a Crabtree Lincoln ceiling switch.

A shockproof suspension switch and a Lincoln ceiling rose.

Standard switched lamp holders, and a batten lampholder.

Lincoln lampholders.

A rectangular pattern plug, and a circular pattern plug.

Crabtree round pin socket outlets.

A flanged socket outlet, and surface mounted socket outlets.

International flat pin plugs and a socket.

International socket outlets.

Crabtree 'Compact' switch sockets.

A standard switch and socket outlet, and two Lincoln switch and socket outlets.

Heavy duty armoured switches and sockets.

A cooker control unit.

An ironclad Crabtree 250 volt 'Fifty-Fifty' switch fuse.

Two Crabtree 500 volt switch fuses.

A single pole ironclad switch.

A 15 amp, 250 volt fuseboard, and fuse unit.

A motor starter unit.

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